Nutrition 1: Food and the Digestive System

Characteristics of Fungi

Digestive system
Both the small and large intestines are characterized by numerous villi protruding into the canal as excrescences of the two innermost layers, and absorbing the prepared nutritive fluid. The Peripheral Nervous System Tutorial One of smooth muscular fibres, longitudinally arranged. Realizing that fungal taxonomy and nomenclature will remain somewhat fluid until new species and data are analyzed and integrated, most mycologists generally accept the classification below. Most fungi produce a vegetative mycelium filamentous thallus composed of hyphae that branch and extend via tip elongation, although some groups like yeasts consist only of individual cells. Over backfile articles of NRC Research Press journals from to are freely available to all Canadians.

Fungal Nutrition: Saprobes, Parasites, and Mutualists

Nutrition, digestion and excretion

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