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I have a steak or fish and low cal veggies. I got off track easily though and gained it all back plus more. I tend to eat healthily but had a terrible time with snacking. I like what you did with the belt, I have a pair of jeans very sexy ones that i want to get on and done up!! I hope I enjoy it as much as last time. I work shift work 12 hours too and find it difficult on day shift to get insanity exercise in.

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You can have pizza and salad but make sure you have lots of salad. Maybe have some fruit and yoghurt after too!! It all depends how sensible you are. If your a person who is mentally strong I would go for it. However, if you suffer from a mental illness or have a tendency for bulimia I would say no.

I have suffered from mental illness myself last 10 years but am improving and mentally strong. Your choice, maybe consult your doctor or an elder first as you need plenty of discipline but the results are worth it. I meal a day in the evening, exercise HIT exercises are good, cut down on sugar and carbs, more protein in your diet.

Your weight will drop off. I was on a different diet a few years a go. It made me miserable even though I was losing weight. I started the one meal a day diet in I was weighed at the hospital I have really bad stomach problems and weighed 69kg. A month or so later after doing this diet I was at 64kg.

The nurse asked me how I lost all that weight in such a short time. I came across this diet on another site and wanted to try it so I could eat what I want to. I have a question though. My thighs are still really big, mainly the front upper part.

Does anyone know how to get rid of the fat on there? If you follow the diet you will lose weight everywere, not necessarily in the time order you want but nevertheless it will happen. One meal a day with my current appetite due to my social life and being a student, seems quite doable as long as i keep the right motivation.

Anyone wanna join me today? My tip is to weigh yourself every day. If you pig out one day, cut back the next!! I started Jan 18th at my highest weight But healthy snacks and small portions all day is torture — leaves me hungry and not knowing where to draw the line. Keep your stories coming!

I weigh 65 KG on plateau and on a Low carb high fat way of eating, i have started today, i only eat at My goal is to weigh 55 by April my birthday wish me luck. I did this several years ago and lost around 80 pounds and by sticking to this plan kept it off for several years.

Going back to one meal a day. I started with one cheat day and progressively started cheating here and there until eventually the diet was blown and I gained all the weight back, plus some. Hi everyone, I started yesterday, eating one meal a day. My goal is to do this for the next 6 months and lose pounds which equals out to 2 pounds a week hopefully by August. For maintenance weight once I get to my goal, my plan is to eat fruit or yogurt for break fast and lunch and stick with a meal for dinner of what I want but usually meat and salads and drink lots of tea.

I want this to be a lifestyle change. I have two protein shakes a day- one in the morning made with GNC protein, almond milk, and a lot of ice to make it thick calories.

This seems to tide me over until like 2 or 3pm when I have my second shake- premade GNC shake calories. Maybe calories worth of food or less. I may be less now. I have tried so many diets and ended up falling off the wagon now day two and feeling fab. Hey someone help I started this yesterday now on my second day. I could mentally do this everyday no problem but will this really be good for me as an athlete or no? If you make sure you have a balanced healthy meal and you feel good then have trust that you will be fine.

I did it before last winter and was really surprised. My energy stayed up. Once a day eating is sooo simple, and I look forward to a satisfying full meal at night! I found that after a while my capacity for food even once a day, was way down and I was satisfied with way less food. I have been doing this for months and I am almost back down to a 25 BMI. I have done this off and on my whole life, but sometimes cave in to social lunch pressures.

My blood sugar is normal again it always crashed during the day when I eat lunch and my blood pressure is right on the money. Once you get past the first 3 or 4 days, it becomes normal again. I agree with others that the stigma is hard to overcome and it is easier to just say I already ate lunch.

This is not a diet; it is just better for my overall health and I can eat whatever I want within a 1-hour window. I started this 9 days ago and lost a total of 10 lbs at weigh in this morning. I had 70 now 60 to lose. Here is how I do it: I have no snacks—Nothing to fall back on.

Around 8pm I go out to eat at a sit down restaurant every night. I have a small steak or fish. I talked to the chefs there and they only cook the bare meat. No added salt or butter or any of the other goodies they put on in a restaurant. They do lavish with herbs though! You can get that a number of places. I get it at my grocery, but Amazon and Ebay has it too. Portion sizes if a steak is 6 oz. A lot of chicken is injected with salt. Oh I forgot to tell you about my dessert!

With my dinner they give me a piece of dinner bread. And so I get a half of dry texas toast and add one of those little jelly cups they have in restaurants on top. I vary the taste of the dessert by choosing different jellies. BUT I never lost any significant weight on the systems. I lost it on strictly following the diet. I drink a calorie free drink. The kitchen is closed. I drink a lot of filtered water. I like to keep fluoride out of my diet, so I use my zero water pitcher and drink a lot of water, calorie free tea and calorie free coffee.

If you doctor your coffee, Walden farms also makes a calorie free coffee creamer, but I usually drink coffee black. I went serious on the diet because I had never been that heavy before. I may change the meal some in case it gets boring, but so far so good. I usually eat the meal as late as possible, usually 8, mainly because I like to go to sleep with a full belly.

Others find a heavy meal mid-day works for them. I can change the time of the meal if I want. Since we need a lifestyle change, why not start it now? I am going to the gym because I sit a lot all day. I usually use the treadmill and power walk on it and I lift a few of the lighter weights.

When I get to my goal weight, I might go to 2 healthy meals to maintain. I was on diets where I was eating 6 or more times a day. No, this way is so much better. Was losing, but not as fast as the first 9 days, so I decided to change things a bit. I moved dinner to 6PM so I could get an extra energy boost for a later night work out. I have a steak or fish and low cal veggies. I suppose if I feel like I want a dessert, I can go back to the other restaurant and make one out of my dinner bread or just order it at the new restaurant.

This has been brilliant. There is absolutely nothing I can eat here. If I feel a little dizzy which is rare , I sit down and have some filtered water. I think a lot of this dizziness is caused by dehydration. So after 14 days and 14 meals, I have lost 15 lbs. I have 55 more to lose. The doc is going to be so surprised when I go back.

So grateful for this diet. It sure saves time and money even with eating out and I eat healthy food that I love. Sometimes I get really hungry if I work out too much. I have cut back workouts, and that helps some. I had to make myself slow down and chew the food more carefully. The hunger problem I thought would be gone, but it comes and goes and it seems to have to do with physical activity.

Gotta have my eyes on the prize…. My blood pressure is already going down. When I go to doc will ask if I can take a lower dose of it in future. I originally started out on a ketogenic plan, have stuck with that, as it keeps my pre-diabetes from going full blown.

I then moved to a intermittent fasting schedule, then to , then to Congrats on losing that weight. I kind of went on how I felt too and I tried a lot of things. Also my blood sugars I was pre-diabetic when I started this diet are very good all day long and even post-meal they go up a bit as they should, but then resolve nicely.

I stopped checking daily now because my blood sugars have been acting normally. Back when I was eating 6 meals a day, my body could never rest from having to produce insulin all day long.

Would it be okay if I ate just 3 nature valley oats an honey bars plus drink 2 bottles of water a day? Besides most of that being sugar and carbs, as those bars are essentially candy bars, calories a day is firmly at anorexic levels. That means your body is not getting the energy not to mention nutrients it needs to function at a basic level. The point of the One Meal a Day plan is that you eat your daily calorie allowance during one pre-determined period daily.

Meaning you need to eat at least between calories, depending on your current weight, age, sex and activity level. To lose weight, you need to have a calorie deficit. That means you need to burn more calories than you take in. Whether you eat all your food once a day or in smaller meals, the key is to take in fewer calories. The One Meal a Day plan helps people who find themselves unsatisfied by smaller meals throughout the day.

And to clarify, that 1,, calorie figure I gave above is for a slender, sedentary woman. I eat one meal a day as a lifestyle, but allow water, tea no sugar , protein drink calories during the day until 3pm and eat one meal no restrictions.

I ensure I include veggies, fruit, meat, breads, dessert. On weekends my meal will be a little more quantity. It works great for weight loss and maintaining. Could that be it? I have 2 cups of tea with milk to break my fast- at about 5pm Have some cold meat to snack on curry and rice for dinner and a biscuit and tea after- stop eating at 8pm. Am having water and black tea during the day.

I just want to make a change that I can maintain for the rest of my life for once. One of the other big reasons I am doing this is because I truely am addicted to eating.

My diet for the last month has been eating crisps, fried food, chocolate, loads of alcohol and just everything stuffed with sugar and carbs. It made me miserable! This caused a weight gain of 5 kg in a short period of time. I never feel stuffed until I get sick, so as other repliers have also said: I realized that hunger pangs are temporary and that they are gone after 15 minutes or so.

When I was eating that delicious bag of calorie crisps in the afternoon, I would still get hunger pangs, so what is the use of stuffing yourself all day long then? Also my energy levels today were pretty high and I managed to walk 11, steps on an empty stomach. What is difficult, however, is to eat the required calories per day. I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits for the healthy nutriënts but also I try to eat at least 70 grams of proteins each day to try to prevent muscle loss.

I lost 7kg over the past few months whilst doing HIIT exercises 6 days a week and intermittent fasting I have been doing OMAD for the past 12 days but I have not lost the amount of weight some people are reporting.

I lost 2 kg within the first 2 days, however weightloss has been rather slow ever since and I think I have lost another half a kg in the last 10 days. I do admit that my OMAD consist of whatever I can grab but always include a protein, a fruit, a veg and dessert. I am wondering why the weight is not dropping off faster? Some people have reported incredible weightloss in a short amount of time, did anyone experience lose skin?

You can absolutely lose weight on this diet. However it does not mean that this is a healthy way to diet. People should always look at both sides before following a new diet. Two studies found that It can raise both blood pressure and blood sugar higher than the typical 3 meals a day plan. In other words it can set you up for diabetes stage 2. Not to mention the lower amount of minerals and vitamins you will get. Plus it puts an additional strain on your wallet. But that is not the point I am arguing.

Based on the available evidence…there are drawbacks you would do well to consider before starting or staying on this diet. Has it worked for the past 30 years since Ancel Keys told us that fat and saturated fat is bad?

And then all the grocery stores filled with junk low fat sugar laden food. Has it hellped us or put us in the worst situation of 1 in 3 people overweight now?

The diet associations tell us to eat 6 meals a day which taking us to grave sooner than our time to die. I did this last year and it worked well considering that I ate anything I wanted in a 4 hours window. I lost about 15 lbs in about 4 months doing it only during the week. Then, in a matter of weeks, I put on the 15 lbs back and then some because I was always taking a little bite here and there and I had stop running due to illness.

When he learned that I did it last year, he told me that it was not good for me, that it was not sustainable, etc. It was pretty easy to follow last time. This time, I will stay away from chips and walk 30 minutes every lunch time at work to avoid the questions and to keep moving. If you do not wish to tell your husband about it, yet wish for transparency…why not tell a supportive friend or two?

Then you have accountability and transparency…and once you lose about say 20 lbs or so you can tell your hubby and display your weight loss as proof positive that your diet works. As an aside, were I you, I would engage in some other activity besides walking. Walking will definitely burn calories, but it will soon plateau as your body gets used to it.

Milimelo, I saw your comment and feel the same way. My wife loves us eating together. I am all for it and sometimes she wants to have breakfast and dinner. Maybe have a designate friend to eat your meals for you instead ha no one can complain about free food right. Without coming off insulting.

I think your husband support is the biggest thing. The best thing to do is to do your research and allow him to do his.

Go get a physical or at least check your blood pressure and see what you are on day 1. What you put in the shake can be nothing more than perhaps crystal light and water.

Is window eating of pm considered Omad? Or it means the food in your plate that you can only consume,then after that no more eating. I decided this was the best way to try to lose weight.

I am about 20 pounds over weight but would like to drop 40 pounds. I remember when I was younger I hardly ever ate. My normal was eating 1 meal a day. I weigh hoping to get back down to I started eating 1 meal a day 8 weeks ago. I eat at 8pm with a1 hour eating window and then eat again at 8pm the next day 24hr. My dinner meal is a lean protein and a salad or steamed vegetables. If no more than calories.

I drink 2 litres of water every day and 2 long black coffees during the day. First thing in the morning I have 2 multi vitamins, 2 vitamin B tablets, 2 Garcinia Cambodia,and 3 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar. II love this program it definitely works. I have done this before and lost lbs. Do not worry about what you eat in the beginning of this diet. Your stomach will shrink in time. I was under so much stress in a bad marriage that I gained my weight back. I now have had triple bypass surgery and I have diabetes.

Eat what you want in that window of eating because your body lets you know what it needs. I drink bullet coffee in the morning and green tea and water throughout the day until 6: I will have broth or bouillion if I get hungry but I have not had it as of yet.

I can tell my body is changing. I eat from 6: This is the easiest way to lose weight that you will ever encounter. Willing to give it a go. I am 59 years old. Morbidly obese cm. It appeals to me, this way, easy less bothersome, cheaper. Question is, how on earth does one cram from cals. Even I would have a hard time doing that. Saying so, any way, I have focused on this, and from this day, 8th January , this is my goal.

I will log in and chart my statistics, if any one is interested lol. I started yesterday at lbs. My goal weight is lbs. My weight today is lbs. I will weigh again on Friday. I plan to do an Omad keto type program. My goal weight is to get down to pounds by march 31st! I drink coffee and water and lunch I eat whatever then I workout for an hour a day cardio and weights.

Comments I tried this a few yrs ago and lost 23lbs in month. Sorry no, anything over 10 calories takes you out of fasted State. Just have your coffee black.

Can i eat anything or does it have to be a healthy meal? Will you lose the weight in fat or muscle? And is this advised for an 18 year old? This way of eating trains your body to use the fat as fuel first. For me this has become a lifestyle choice.

Best accident that ever happened to me Take Care Liz. Can you eat your once a day meal during lunch instead of dinner? Did you eat what you wanted at the weekend?? I did this back in and lost 25 lbs in 4 months! Thanks a lot for the great tips. The eating once daily diet is a healthier choice than what doctors prescribe.

Keep updating your progress start date 11 july my stats are , start weight — kgs weigh on 20 july — kgs. Can I eat once a day but at lunch time? Not a dinner time? Thank you so much Carol. Thank you Neil, I am now eating once a day since I started doing it.

Thanks for turning my mad moment into something that could actually work! Honestly, that sounds absolutely horrible, but different strokes. Yup this works for me. I drinks lots of water during the day. And eat some fruit. I love this technique.. For you I would look into food combining in conjunction with the once a day eating. Would I be able to drink coffee with a touch of skim milk through out the day?

Will this affect my weight loss? Please read Jason Fung book on obesity.. Because you eat too Little. You must eat calories, minimum. Thanks Comments Much Appreciated. Gonna try this method today. Will update you after a week.. Good health to everybody. I started two days back, I need to lose 22 pounds as first stage. I want to ask, what can make my lose fast at least 2 pounds a week??

I noticed that, my lose in grams like grams,, not more so please tell me if there is ideas to lose faster I am not exercising till today and I am eating carbohydrates like pasta and bread. Can you eat fruit if you become hungry throughout the day??? I only have the one meal and have only water in between. Currently at lb. You can eat what you want within reason. Just dont go over board!! Hello can I drink squash sugar free throughout the day or will this hinder weight loss?

Thanks for posting on this. Keep you updated about my progress! Sounds too good to be true. Thank you all for your comments. There are some negative effects to be aware of. In other words it can set you up for diabetes stage 2 It also lowers your immune system as a third study found Not to mention the lower amount of minerals and vitamins you will get. Hello everybody, I did this last year and it worked well considering that I ate anything I wanted in a 4 hours window.

Is there anybody who had the same problem? What did you do? Sorry a bit confused. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Are there any suggestions to bes divide up the 5 meals throughout my day? Hi Cyndi, You use the containers tp portion your meals or snacks. Protein is red, berries are purple. Hi Joann, It will work, you just need to stick with it and if you have to make adjustments until it does work. Hi Sarah, your results will be different.

But, I mean if you eat a piece of cake everyday durring the program your results would be different too. I have a question about family meals. I stay home with my 2 young boys and want them eating healthier, but I have no idea where to start as far as caloric intake, portions with them, etc.

Is there a resource you know of that has reliable information for how to calculate their daily needs? Do you think I need to be as strict with them as far as portion sizes? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Hi Meghan, You should not have to restrict the portions. Hi I just ordered 21 day fix. Unfortunately Shakeology is very expensive but I do have a nutribullet and make my own kale shakes will that work for the moment?

If not what can I use? You will have to break down the ingredients in the kale shake down to what they would count as in the containers. Going to try the 21 Day Fx Challenge Pack glad to here the pack contains Shakeology too, looking forward to posting back here on my results. Particularly referring to ingredients and the expense.

Just a suggestion I have really. Why not point out that when u order the challenge pack it includes the Shakeology? I mean a bag of Shakeology costs almost the same. I only say this because I balked at the price too, til my coach made the above suggestion.

Even my joints feel better!! Hi Danielle, Glad to hear Shakeology is working so well for you, I got my botfriend to start drinking it too and he said the same thing as you, that his joints felt better and were not cracking as much. With the different colour containers and foods for each container, do you decide on what to eat for each meal? Basically you create you own recipe? Hi Danielle, Yes the 21 Say Fix is flexible in that it wants you to be able to eat what you enjoy.

So you get to be creative, and it does come with a fex basic recipes to get you going. Hi Kathy, black coffee is best. Splenda is artificial sweetener and is not recommended. A tsp of organic coconut oil is what I recommend to people.

I would just need some clarification on the serving for this program…. Great website— thank you. Hi Rose, yes it is a cooked cup, so half a yellow dry, will come out to a full yellow when cooked.

I start the program on Monday October 13 and I purchased shakeology but the individual bags does that count as one scoop like if I would have the container?? Hi Gaby, yes the individual bag servings are a red container.

To get a little more bang for your buck you could order a day bag and seperate out servings into your own plastic bags. Hello- looking at your shopping list. Hi Kimberly, whole grain cereals only. You can usually find these in the health food section at your grocery store. Hi Tania, after doing some research on Optifast, I would strongly advise against drinking it.

It not only has two different sugars listed in the top three ingredients, it also has a lot of chemicals you should not be putting into your body…especially every day for breakfast.

If you do want want to purchase Shakeology, just buy a pure whey protein powder and add in some fruit to your daily shake. Im thinking of trying the 21 day fix. I have been doing some research. Also, im thinking about doing different cardio classes throughout the week instead of doing her workouts.

What do you think Bethany. Hi Pam, Shakeology and idealShape are different in ingredients. You do not have to followe her workouts to follow the portion control eating plan.

One being I hate Greek yogurt, so what do you do about the foods suggested that I hate? How about exercise, does the exercise I do on my own power walking three miles a day count as exercise? Or does it have to be her exercises only. Does my calorie intake go up if I exercise more or less? Can I eat what I make for my family or do I have to eat differently? Also, I hate artificially sweetners refuse to put into my body, what to do about that. Thanks for your time in advance.

Hi Victoria, you do not have to eat greek yogurt, that is just a sample of what I would normally eat. I would suggest not eating the foods you hate and opt for a foods in that category that you enjoy.

Power walking is exercise. You might not have the same results if you only did the walking as the 21 Day Fix is cardio and strength training. Calorie intake depends on your goals, if you want to lose weight you eat what the 21 Day Fix program recommends for containers, maintain or gain eat more, the guide book that comes with the program contains all of this information. The whole family should be able to eat foods from the 21 Day Fix eating plan.

What exactly is shakeology? Is their protein in it? I want to try the 21 day fix, however I would complete my workout first thing in the am, so should I have a protein right after? Hi Michelle, if you search Shakeology on my sidebar, you will get a few blog posts all about it. But, yes it contains protein. I use it as a meal replacement for breakfast during the week. And, I do think everyone should get in some protein post workout, especially after workouts that are strength based.

I have type 1 diabetes and this is the only balanced program out there that helps me to be very aware of the portions as I try to lose weight. I gained a lot of weight after major surgeries on my feet and because I couldnt move, I gained. I use an insulin pump and this program is very carb couner friendly because of the portion sizes you can easily figure out the carbs to take a dose of insulin.

I did a lot of research on this diet before I purchased it— definitely a great diet for people with BOTh types of diabetes. Do you know how greek yogurt with fruit counts? Hi Amy, Greek yogurt with added fruit is not allowed. I just wanted to say Thank You for all the good info on the 21 Day Fix.

I am awaiting shipment of my 21 day fix. Hello, A friend and I are going to start the 21 day fix and could not be more excited. However neither of us can afford to order the shakeology. I looked into alternatives and one of them was Garden of Life Raw organic protein. Will this have the same affect of shakeology? Hi Ashley, the ingredients are not the same. Also, nutritionally Shakeology looks to be way ahead of the Garden of Life, probably why you see the differance in price.

This seems to be more of a protein shake then a total meal replacement. Whole foods are always going to be best.

I like to describe Shakeology as the missing link that fills in nutrtional gaps, but it is never going to make up for a poor diet. In the end, Shakeology like the Garden of Life are supplements to your diet, not necessities. Hi Bethany — is it ok to move down a calorie level while on the plan? Hi Beverly, no absolutely do not move down levels. If you drop calories to low your body may go into starvation mode and instead of dropping weight your body will actually store body fat as a survival mechanism.

Plus, in the long term the best way to lose and keep weight off is slow and steady. I just started the day fix and I really like it so far.

I ordered the chocolate Shakeology but it seems to be really not agreeing with my stomach. Can I exchange it for the vegan? HI Patricia, the return policy is days. All information is on the receopt that canme with your order. My caloric intake is off the chart so I round down to Along with portions, my real problem is what and when I eat.

What is the problem with not eating all the food? According to the calculations my calorie intake should only be Do I need to limit the amount of containers that I eat being that the grid starts on a calorie intake?

Hi Julie, no you need to round up to calories. Consuming less calories for an extended amount of time can cause damage to internal organs. I understand that other protein powder does not have the same nutritional value and does not come close. However can it be used as a red? I am just wondering because I can not afford shakeology right now but need a quick and easy meal for breakfast.

Hi Kathryn, yes a protein shake is red. Having a shake for breakfast to replace a meal, you want to look for a shake that contains protein sources from a couple different sources and be sure to mix or have something else to eat too, as a single protein shake will not keep you full for very long. It sounds gross but its really good..

Precut your fruit and you can grab ad go. Its a fast one. GNC makes a pre-bottled protein shake called Lean Shake You need to be careful with these ready made drinks as they are often high in sugars and use lower quality protein sources. When I get a scoop of shakeology the scoop itself counts as one red, correct? Then anything I add in such as milk, berries, etc would just correspond to the colors they fit with right? I also want to know can shakeology just be made with water as a snack, and if so is it still a whole scoop or half?

Hi Andi, Shakeology by itself is a red container. I would consider it a snack if you made it with just plain water, it would be a whole scoop of Shakeology that you would use. If you did mix in other foods you would count the corresponding food containers.

Hope that helps, Bethany. Straight out of the 21 day fix book is a recipe that states the recipe of the Almond Paradise Shakeology drink as 4 fluid oz of unsweetened almond milk, 4 fluid oz of water, 1 tsp all natural almond butter, 1 scoop of strawberry or tropical strawberry vegan shakeology, and ice 8 oz glass of ice. Blended together is one red, one yellow and one teaspoon.

So you can be creative but you just have to account for what you intake. If she is doing 8 oz she does count it as a yellow. I love Shakeology but today a friend is taking me to a new Herbalife Shake shop. Would I count the shake as a red container? Hi Tonya, looking at the harbalife shake nutrtion profile, it looks like you would need to drink two shakes and even then you are not getting the same amount of nutrtition.

It looks like these shake also contain fructose and dextrose, two fast acting carb sources. It would be best drink something like this immediatley aftrer your workout.

Most people get their recommended iodine from iodized table salt. How would a person compensate for that? The diet is pretty restrictive on iodine rich foods such as dairy products.

Seafood, dairy foods that are not processed can get you the daily amount of iodine the body needs. If you are overly concerned, you might want to take a look at a mulitivitamin that contains iodine. I did look into the multivitamin option.

Unfortunately, only a little less than half of the multivitamins out there actually contain the recommended dose of iodine. This is important to me because I suffer from hypothyroidism.

Just one half of a teaspoon of iodized table salt meets the recommended daily amount. Is that out of the question for the 21 day fix? Hi Tiawana, no not at all. Like I said the 21 df wants you to cut out the processed foods that have salt added to them.

You should always listen to your doctor. I know this post was a while ago but I feel I need to respond to this.

Most foods we eat contain iodine in them. I have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer and had to go on a low iodine diet before having a radioactive iodine treatment. This was an extremely restricted diet. Same thing with tofu products. Breads were off limits unless i made my own because most of them contain ingredients that have iodine in them. Obviously any seafood and also some fruits and vegetables. And this is just a small sampling of the entire list.

If hypothyroidism is a concern then you should probably be taking a thyroid replacement such as synthroid. I thought you could only have milk 3x a week?

Hi Heather, This is just a companion post to the meal plan to give people ideas. My wife is allergic to ALL fresh fruit and gluten. My question is, what should we substitute for her fruit portions, and can she eat gluten free pasta, bread, crackers, tortillas, etc in liu of regular whole grain products?

Also, are we not allowed any sugar or salt? Hi Tiffany — eating gluten-free versions of foods should be fine — or you can opt for naturally GF grains like quinoa, oats, amaranth, millet, rice, etc. Just try to opt for things without refined sugars in them or unhealthy chemicals. As for fruits, if she has OAS, she could eat cooked fruits or canned versions if she is able to tolerate it — it all depends on the severity of her allergy.

There are ways to incorporate the health benefits of fruits, you just will have to do some research and be a little creative. And no, sugar and salt are not allowed — remember this diet plan is to get you eating healthier for life, not just for three weeks.

I hope this helps. On the 21 day fix infomercial it claims you can have dessert and wine as long as you eat in moderation of your colored containers…is that not correct? Hi Marie, There is 21 Day Fix approved desserts, they are treats not everyday finds though. I notice in your schedule that you only have one yellow on the days you drink Shakeology.

Is hat because you make it with milk. I was thinking of making it with unsweetened almond milk which would be a red and a yellow—is that right? Hi Tori, I doubled the yellow container at dinner on Monday through Friday. And, yes you are right, you can count Shakeology with almond milk as a red and yellow.

I am not sure why you would only be allowed one yellow a day. Even in the lowest caloric intake level of calories, you get 2 a day. Stick with Autumn original plan and check out pinterest for 21 day fix and you will get some really good info!

Shakeology is a red not a yellow. Like the article says, I did two yellow containers at dinner. If you blend it with almond milk yellow you do need to account for it.

I drink it like that everyday. I use 1 red, 1 yellow and 3 purpels. This works great for me. I will be starting this program on Monday the 1st and just doing as much research as I can before hand. I was wondering why you would use 3 purples for the shake? I would recommend only to mix in one purple fruit container at a time with the shakes.

Thank you for your blog! I have recently purchased the 21 day fix and I am having a hard time getting started with the meal plan and containers. I love your demo up top with options of how to lay out the plan.

My question is can you tell me your time line for when you start breakfast and what time your last meal is? Also do you have a suggestion for me because I work nights on Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Just curious if you have any suggestions on how to approach the meal plan for that schedule. Hi Carolyn, great questions. I have breakfast aorund 7 in the morning, I try to sneak in a snack around 11, lunch at 2, another snack on the ride home and then dinner around 7 as my last meal. I just ordered the program but did not get the shakeology. What are some breakfasts that would work instead of the shakeology?

I usually just make my own fruit smoothie in the morning, will that work just as well? Hi Martina, the portions are pretty generous honestly. But, the real take away from the program is, it teaches how to eat a well balanced diet. I had the same question. You advertise its about the portions but I need to know what each color container equals.

Hi Theresa, I guess you could add water to each container and measure them out that way, probably would not be exact, but give you a good estimate. I am lactose intollerant…I am guessing the shakes have milk products in them.

Do you get the same results without the shakes? Also will using lactose free products yogurt sadly there is not a lactose free greek yogurt. I know there is a coconut greek style and it is NOT good at all and milk make a difference?

Hi Stephanie, Chocolate Vegan, or Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology are made with plant protein instead of dairy, so those two might be okay for you. If you can get the same results, is a hard question to answer.

And, it is really not something to worry about, just do your best and your results will be great! With the lactose free products, you really just want to watch out for added sugar and you should be okay. Have you actually tried Greek yogurt? Yes, it has lactose any real yogurt will but it has less than other styles. Hi what is the white box? Hi Marion, I am not to familiar with the herbalife shakes, I took a quick look at the nutritional values of the vanilla flavor and it looks like you would need to drink at least two to four herbalife shakes to equal the nutrtional values of shakeology.

Thanks for all the great info! Can I have any of the shakeology shakes? I love the Maple Pecan one. Hi Lori, yes Shakelogy is a staple of the 21 df program. Maple Pecan Shakeology sounds so good right now! Can you substitute Shakeology with just normal protein powder?

I dont have enough money for both the fix and Shakeology…. Hi Kelly, protein powder is not a replacement for Shakeology. With that said, you can do the 21 day fix without Shakeolgy. Shakeology is recomemended because it has the ability to fill in any nutritional gaps and is very convenient when you are short on time.

Eating this mangy fruits and veggies and whole foods it seems very unlikely one would be missing anything. Telling people that Shakology is the very best option seems very irresponsible to me. Hi Brandy, I am assuming you are reffering to a comment that I replied to.

I never say anywhere that the shake is the best option, I said whole foods are the best investment. I was talking personally about my nutrition in relation to a gap. I would not spend money on a shake that contained these ingredients no matter the price or would I recommend others to.

Can we do a fruit smoothie in the mornings with frozen berries? Thank you so much for this reply!! I have struggled for a year doing Atkins and only loosing 20 pounds. Yes I do workout! I am going to do this eating whole foods! I am making my list right now! Hi Alison, Usually water, sometimes unsweetened almond milk depending upon what else I am mixing in. Actually I believe Shakeology is the best out there and nothing else can compare to it.

Its always an option to do your workout with it, but in my opinion it makes a huge difference in your reulsts. Hi Bethany, I started the 21 day fix about a week ago. What is your sujestion so can get support?

I get n this depress mood I want to just give up. Hi Joann, The scale is not the best for actually measuring results. I prefer pictures and measurements. If you think it is working, it is! Just take it one day at a time, and you will get there. Hi Lena, unfortunately, there is currently no GF diet plan version of the Fix, but you could easily create your own GF diet plan by using items on the very generous food category lists that conform with your dietary restrictions.

I hope that helps! Hope this helps, and good luck whether you decide on the Fix or on another plan. I am finding it really easy doing this gluten free. Partially because going gluten free did mean cutting out a lot of carbs. That being said I am exploring even more foods since starting this. Quinoa, amaranth making homemade polenta makes great pizza crust lots of optuons for sure. I am 71 years and soon to be 72, i am quite heavy and have a lot of medical problems with heart,kidneys,and lungs , i cannot do the exceriseing like other people, what can i do to get in that portion of the 21 day fix, i have just started this 2 days ago and so far i am impressed with the fullness that i feel but would like to have some recipes to help guide me in the proper way to prepare them , would like very much if y9ou could help me, also i dont drive so there is a problem with me getting to the store, coouldi use the canned fruit that is in its own juice or no sugar added , that type of thing.

Hi Carol, Unfortunately, you really need fresh or frozen fruit. Canned fruit has nearly no nurtitional value as the canning process destroys most of the nutrients. Here is the link to my profile if you like to follow me https: Carol, I just wanted to add that anything you do is better than doing nothing. If all you can get is canned fruit than it is better than snacking on chocolate chip cookies or potato chips!

I understand where Bethany is coming from but you have to do the best you can do with what you have. While fresh fruits and vegetables will always be best for you, as long as you watch what you eat and keep moving, you should be able to take off some of that weight. Try calling your local city or community help center. They might also have organic farmers that do the same. Hi Bethany I want to try tbe 21 day fix but im not sure its right for me. Hi, Results will vary by individual.

The people I see that get the best results are those who follow the diet as is and push themselves in the workouts. Im soon to be starting 21 day fix. Also, ordered the shakeology box with the individual packets. I am a little confused, so if I make a full packet am I supposed to fill a red cup? Or am I suppose drink the whole smoothie? If I drink the whole smoothie does it have to be substituted for any other cups besides the red? Hi Rena, Yes, one packet counts a red container, no need to measure it out.

You would also count any other foods that you add with their corresponding colored containers. If you have not started yet contact a Beachbody coach and ask about the deal! Thanks for pointing that out Alexis. Here is the order link to the deal, seems to happen every months.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You may also like. My 3 Day Quick Fix Guide for the LiLi February 26, - 2: Bethany Lyn February 26, - 2: Allie February 9, - Bethany Lyn February 9, - 4: Jose June 29, - 8: Bethany Lyn June 29, - 8: Kharla January 11, - Bethany Lyn January 11, - Caitlyn May 12, - 5: Bethany Lyn May 12, - 6: Sue October 17, - 8: Bethany Lyn October 18, - 8: Bethany Lyn April 24, - 6: Deidre October 16, - 2: Bethany Lyn October 17, - Ros August 18, - 4: Bethany Lyn August 19, - 9: Cherie Roberts August 10, - 2: Bethany Lyn August 11, - 7: Liz Hernandez July 5, - Bethany Lyn July 5, - 1: Chantelle June 23, - Bethany Lyn June 23, - 2: Ruby June 17, - 5: Bethany Lyn June 18, - 9: Jessie May 19, - Bethany Lyn May 24, - 9: At you would be at 2 tsp for the day.

Shirley G Bosley May 9, - Bethany Lyn May 13, - Krissy April 25, - 3: Bethany Lyn April 26, - 9: Debbie March 30, - 5: Bethany Lyn March 31, - Bethany Lyn March 14, - 2: Nicolee March 10, - 2: Bethany Lyn March 10, - 2: Sara March 7, - 2: Bethany Lyn March 7, - 3: Bernadette Ortega March 1, - 6: Bethany Lyn March 3, - Valencia February 19, - 1: Can I drink fitmiss delight. Bethany Lyn February 19, - 9: Nadine February 15, - Bethany Lyn February 17, - Elena February 1, - 2: Bethany Lyn February 1, - 4: Laurie January 31, - 7: Bethany Lyn January 31, - 7: May January 23, - 8: Bethany Lyn January 23, - Burnace January 13, - 1: Bethany Lyn January 14, - 9: Bethany Lyn January 12, - 9: Zara January 12, - 2: Christine January 11, - 7: Kimberly January 7, - Bethany Lyn January 11, - 9: It's really THAT easy!

Most of the time I am cooking separate meals for the family, what can I say they aren't fully converted yet hahah. So this makes it easier for me to have the right food I need on hand and still keep the fam happy too! You may see boring but I see simple, cost effective, and easy prepping. It's not everyones cup of tea I also created a weekly meal tracker you can use to track your meal plan. This is a editable PDF that you can fill out online of print off and right in! All the works are around 30 minutes long, full of low impact modifications, and pack a serious PUNCH!

You will also receive Plyo fix when your order through me or your Team Beachbody coach. The workouts are simply AMAZING not only are they easy to follow they are perfect for someone just starting out and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Let's just say I haven't had a program work my muscles like this since insanity! The best part is, I didn't feel like I was killing myself during the workout. The schedule is easy to follow and the workout variety if the perfect combination for a total body workout.

Here is a peek at the Schedule I am already seeing results come in from my first test groups of pounds lost in just 21 days!

Are you ready to see what all the hype is about? I would love to hear what you think! Take the challenge and join one of my NEXT groups! I spend a LOT of time making sure my challengers get the best possible results!

It's all about moving forward in a way that benefits you, your health, and your family! If you're hesitant I get that, I understand, and honestly at one time I was right there with you! NOT sure if this program is for you?

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