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Nutrisystem (NTRI) Q2 Earnings and Revenues Surpass Estimates
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NutriSystem (NTRI) Issues Quarterly Earnings Results

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Ultra Life Batteries, Inc. Case Studies SEC v. These distributions were based on claimants who filed in the following two actions: The firm received 13, claim forms and distributed 11, checks to court approved claimants in The firm was appointed the Administrator of the seven Distribution Funds. Securities Litigation, case no. The firm assisted Defendant's Counsel in the set up of a disbursing agent bank to disburse the qualified settlement fund to Class Members.

The team assisted Class Counsel in the mailing of Notices to current or former employees who lost money in their retirement accounts held by Lucent through Fidelity Investments. The firm worked exclusively with them on numerous questions concerning their options. The firm is working exclusively with them on numerous questions concerning their options in this settlement.

With over 45, Class Members in this settlement, the firm is handling opt-outs, objections, correspondence, change of address requests and all questions and concerns, including telephone calls, e-mails and letters via mail and fax. The firm assisted Defendant's Counsel in the mailing of the Notice of Class Action Settlement to women who are or were employed as sales professionals or district sales managers for sanofi-aventis in the United States from May 12, through March 23, With over 5, Class Members in this settlement, the firm is handling correspondence, change of address requests and other questions and concerns.

The firm will also calculate the applicable federal and state employment taxes on the distributions and send applicable W-2 forms to the payees. The settlement payments reimbursed retirees for the premiums paid on and after January 1, through December 31, for coverage under the company's plan or other programs of medical coverage, or for medical expenses that were incurred but not reimbursed or covered by Medicare or any other program of medical expense coverage.

The claims administration process requires the firm to procure claim forms and a medical review by a participating physician of a relevant echocardiogram, for the approximate 40, Category One class members who have been identified by the AHP Settlement Trust.

The Service Team has developed both an electronic and paper Proof of Claim form giving Class Members a choice of the type of claim form to file. They designed an interactive website for Class Members to file Proof of Claims and receive current status reports on their claims.

Custom software has been designed to read and collect measurements made by a participating physician from a Class Member's echocardiogram, and a plan to recruit and train Level 2 cardiologists on the newly created software was initiated. Correspondence with either Class Members or their counsel regarding the results of Medical Reviews was handled by the Team. Upon completion of the claims administration process, the Team will coordinate the final distribution of the Net Settlement Fund to eligible Class Members and their representatives.

The firm received a listing of plaintiffs from Class Counsel and was instructed to mail claim packages to each plaintiff requesting that they complete the forms and return them directly to Counsel.

Class Counsel notified the firm of any claims received from plaintiffs. They created a database file to store the claimants' information and to ensure that all plaintiffs had responded with a claim. At the direction of Counsel, the firm mailed reminder letters to any plaintiff who had not responded to the claim request.

Over 1, claims were received and keyed into the database. A detailed Settlement Fund Analysis was created to assist Counsel in determining the amounts to distribute to Counsel, as well as the available amounts to distribute to claimants. The firm coordinated publication of a summary notice in printed and electronic media in various publications through the United States and Canada, and printed and mailed over 34, Notices and Proofs of Claim to potential class members throughout the United States and Canada.

The website provides all relevant documents, FAQs and allows for class members to submit claims and requests for information through the website. Class Members were requested to complete the claim form identifying all expenses incurred relating to the purchase of recalled pet foods, the medical expenses incurred to treat their affected pets, and any additional economic damages they incurred as a direct result of the alleged contaminated foods. Currently, the firm has received and is currently reviewing and processing over 12, Proofs of Claim.

The Asbestos School Litigation claim form required the claimant to provide detailed information on their expenditures of asbestos abatement, encapsulation and monitoring, along with costs of certain defendant products that were installed. Except as required under applicable law, StoneMor assumes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements made herein or any other forward-looking statements made by it, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Experts discuss the challenges facing the world. Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements Certain statements contained in this press release, including, but not limited to, the effective date of Mr.

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