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Automate your admin work Create professional questionnaires, meal plans, and reports with a few clicks. General Number of computers you can install the software to on a single user license. NutriAdmin is the result of this collaboration. Coping Skills Training is designed to assist the adolescent in building awareness of the. NutriAdmin is fully customizable to adapt to your practice. View data for any food item located in the spreadsheet view of the live nutrient data in a single-screen view by double-clicking on it?

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Free email and phone product support? Free updates for the version purchased? Food Labels and Canadian Food Labels. These labels comply with the new formats that become mandatory beginning January 1, It can track progress for an individual or a family and does not provide many of the high-end features of the Pro Editions. It is designed for individual and family use. General Number of computers you can install the software to on a single user license. Does the software let you collaborate by sharing your real time data Food Logs, Recipes, client information, Meal Plans , etc.

Does the company's web site provide an Update History page that indicates all changes and enhancements made to the software this century? Price for a single-user edition of the software. Nutrient Database Number of unique brand names. Total number of brand name foods. Number of unique restaurants. Total number of restaurant menu items. Total number of UPC bar code nutrient data items.

Does the software include data from the Canadian Nutrient Files? Has the data from the nutrient database been published in millions of nutrient information books? Does the software display color-coded background Alerts for excessive Sodium, Saturated Fat, and Cholesterol values? Ability to display the complete nutrient data for more than one food item at a time as a result of a search across the software's nutrient database?

A Nutrient Density View that allows you to compare - in a spreadsheet view - the nutrients from for all foods at a serving size defined as a specific calorie-level or gram-level of each food?

Is the displayed nutrient data keyed to indicate where the nutrient information came from? Ability to conduct searches within your search results? Can you conduct your food searches across any or all databases, including: Ability to jump from a given word or phrase within your search results? Ability to sort all the food items you are viewing live from high-to-low based their values for any nutrient by clicking the column header for that nutrient?

Then reversing the sort order by clicking the header again? Does the software flag nutrient totals that include values from food items with missing values for any nutrient values in reports? Ability to define which nutrients get displayed as a result of searches in the nutrient database? For example, can you display only the saturated fat , sodium and cholesterol values for all the foods located by a search of the nutrient database?

Ability to search on either food names or brand names? Search screen that permits you to search by food name, brand name, Recipe by ingredient or by name , or Meal by ingredient or by name? Ability to add an unlimited number of foods to the program? Ability to view live nutrient data alphabetically, by food name in a tabular, spreadsheet format of columns and rows? Ability to re-sequence the columns of live nutrient data by dragging-and-dropping their column headers and have the software remember the new sequence for you?

This allows you to compare the nutrient values, on-screen, for several similar foods at once. Ability to resize column-widths of live nutrient data by dragging the right edge of column headers left or right in the nutrient database? This allows you to display more columns of live data on the screen at once.

There are step-by-step tutorials, videos, and FAQs at your disposal to help you. Contact us whenever you experience an issue with the software or have a question. A product developer will be available to assist you and solve your query within a day. I am the owner of a small private practice and have welcomed the assistance that NutriAdmin has provided. I have been using NutriAdmin software for a few months now and it has helped me manage client information, formulate new client and health history questionnaires, and provide a platform for recipe creation.

The software offers so many customizable options and is easy to use. Diego and the NutriAdmin team provide a high quality program that offers users easy to follow tutorials, system updates, and new features.

They are fast to respond to any question and truly care about making sure the program is beneficial to each user. The quality of customer service is beyond exceptional and I look forward to incorporating more of the functions into my business. NutriAdmin has really changed how I work, and amalgamates my work into one system which is great!

Being directly designed for Nutritionists, the system really understands our unique requirements, and you can even use it for Functional Medicine principles. The best bit about it though I think — is the super simple interface, from which you can have your own designed questionnaires sent to the client automatically together with proposed appointment slots.

Customer service is on-call at all times for any queries you have and they are always open for suggestions and seem to be able to meet any individual demands I have for amendments! The ability to use my own logo and branding when communicating with clients creates a professional appearance that I really appreciate.

The customer service is unprecedented; my queries are answered quickly and efficiently to ensure my practice runs smoothly — NutriAdmin will always be my first choice! Let NutriAdmin take care of your paperwork for free for 14 days. Users can add an unlimited number of new foods and modify existing foods. Automatic nutrient analysis for up to nutritional components, plus food exchanges, labels - Canadian, U.

An SQL database allows the program to keep recipes, labels and ingredients as separate, distinct files. Searching is easier, organizing is cleaner. For instance, with the SQL edition, network administrators can manage the database independently of the program.

About the Database Nutrient research is an important part of our commitment to quality nutrition software.