Do You Really Need A Vitamix?

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It is still super easy to carry it into a hotel. I was told about the nutribullet by my mom so that should have old me it was awesome my mom always gave me the scoop on healthy gadgets, it this article confirmed it. We all have our priorities. I may find room for the Vitamix. January 2, at I ran around telling everyone how much I loved my Vitamix.

Costco Coupons January 2017

Have you tried clicking on the images? They expand a couple times, and you can see them just fine!! Thanks for the information! Glad there are some in here who try to help others and do not insult. But I guess that is the nature of the human condition. I found the images to be really clear on my PC. If your images are not clear, the problem may be the resolution of your screen. I agree, in the past it has never been blurry.

If the author changed their process or wordpress changed theirs i feel like they would like to know if their website is not running properly. Can you actually print these and take them to the store to get the discounts?

Is there a way to see the bar codes that these usually have on the back? I was waiting for this special for a while. I truly hope there is mistake.

Home About Contact Subscribe. Costco Coupons January December 28th, Insider. Posted in Coupons Tags: Costco Coupon Book January Costco December 28, at December 29, at 6: December 30, at 2: December 30, at 4: January 1, at January 2, at January 3, at 7: January 1, at 8: January 4, at 9: January 5, at 6: January 5, at 1: January 5, at 2: I love my NutriBullet in so far as ease of use and clean-up is concerned and I will probably stick with it.

I have not experienced the rust issue mentioned above, but have only had my Bullet for about 9 months. I have read that in order to get the highest nutritional value, a green smoothie should be consumed in the first 10 — 15 minutes after blending, so I have no interest in making more than one at a time and I am completely happy with the smoothness of my nutriblasts. I like the small size of it and the large cup is perfect for one green smoothie. You can not completely clean the stuff from the base once it leaks.

Since I use mine on a daily babsis, I fully expect to have to replace it befor it is 18 months old and will certainly do it. What are your thoughts on the ninja? I looked into both machines too and even though the Vitamix costs a lot more I think you get what you pay for.

I have the watt Nutribullet and love the drinks it makes. I was making a healthy smoothie for breakfast every morning and really felt better. After one week the gasket in the blade assembly came loose, wrapped and knotted itself around the blades, and blew chunky liquid all over my kitchen.

And it sounds like lots of people have had this happen, or had the motor overheat and catch on fire. So it sounds like the Vitamix is well worth the money. I have the Nutribullet and I absolutely love it. So far, no one seems the least bit disappointed. While it is true that it makes a single serving, it is really a good sized portion and, if you want to make another for someone else, it takes almost no time at all to throughly clean it, and make some more.

And being healthy is the main reason why people make smoothies in the first place? I started out with just a plane bullet. About a year ago I bought a Vitamix.

I got it at Bed, bath and beyond. I absolutely love mine. There are times I skip the meal and just have 3 big glasses. I actually crave my juice during the day. At 50 I feel better than I have in years. If mine broke tomorrow I would be getting another right away. I have read that the Ninja works pretty real also.

Im thinking about getting a vitamix. Would it work to make single sized smoothies in the vitamix? I knowbthe nutribullet is great for single size, just wondering if can do the same in the vitamix or if it wont work properly for small amounts? Also i love the fact that with the nb you can first grind your flaxseed in the milling container amd then add it to your amoothie and blend. Can one do this with the vitamix if one doesnt have the dry container?

Please advise as very torn between which to get — nutribullet sounds great but i love the sound of making soups and sorbets in the vitamix…. Hi Fiona, you can definitely make small amounts in the Vitamix. At first I was elated at the low price, smaller size, portability and ease of cleaning. Then a few days ago one of the little chips on the side of the tall cup fell off, making the cup unusable so I have to be on the hunt for a new cup.

Not happy about that, what else is going to fall apart so quickly? Thank you so much for this simple article. It just helps confirm a lot for me. The NutriBullet to me is too small and not enough versatility. And just for those who are seeking that more pricey investment, QVC has Vitamix every few months and split into 5 payments!!! Very worrying for someone who is health conscious.

In comparison, my wonderful Vitamix has a fully stainless steel blade. I use it about 4 times a day for various smoothies, nut milks, chopping veggies for stews and soups and much more. I was at Costco the other day and they had vitamix for sale I stayed for about 20 min or more and tried a whole meal.

Smoothies, soup, vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream! I was so blown away. I run a small church and I make alot of food. I felt this would make my life a million times easier! I also justified the cost because it would service many people of the church and it is a church investment. I dont know that i would buy it if i only used it myself. I would buy it if I could afford it for only myself! I previously had the ninja. I did not like the clean up and the plastic pieces broke after a bit making it a pain to use.

I never could get it fully clean. I got my vitamix not from costco but via their website. Sometimes you have to be wary about that. The company may not build or use the same materials as the more expensive option. Many places will make a cheaper version for certain stores. But I can think of several brand that do this. I have a question about the Vitamix blender. Can you use the big cup to make single servings? So far not a single problem, other than the lid that has the little lever broke, no big deal.

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