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My CashBack Login Register. Total Carbohydrate 0 0 Dietary Fiber 0 0. Great for meal replacement and weight loss. They are delicious as is, but are also highly customizable. CowtownCookie, March 13, My A1C dropped from 10 to 6. Even with working out 5 days a week, my dress size wouldn't budge.

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Some exclusions may apply based upon merchant policies. Healthy Protein to Keep You Going. Rate It Please rate.. Out of every single protein that I've ever tried, Premier Protein is the best that you can buy. I buy it three cases for cases a month I drink them. I go back the next month and I buy more. I love the banana cream. I love the vanilla and if you're using this for a weight loss like I am, you mix this with the cappuccino from the weight loss center and I'll tell you something or last you all day and it's fantastic with 30 G protein and 5 carbs you can't beat anything else so buy Premier Protein.

Good for hflc diet. Kills the sweet urge. Has more protein than any other drink I've found. I love premier drinks! I decided to try, convinced that there was no way these would be satisfying or keep me full. I started replacing breakfast and dinner with a shake 4 days ago, and eating a salmon patty and roasted broccoli for lunch. I've lost 8 pounds in 4 days, and I am so motivated to stick with it.

It's a very restricted diet but I'm not starving. In another 10 days I will increase my caloric intake and get back to working out. I highly recommend Premier Protein shakes for anyone like who are struggling to lose weight! FrisbeeFlinger, June 26, This is one of the best.

Waterlife, August 25, Great way to help eat healthy. I have been drinking these for the last 2 months as part of a new healthy eating program along with other changes including no meat. My A1C dropped from 10 to 6. I have lost 20 pounds but I am not looking for it.

My new program is helpin me eat healthy and improve my 58 year old body. MikeinLockport, May 1, Yummy on its own or added to coffee. Having had bariatric surgery last summer, I am limited in how much food my tummy can hold at one time, and I cannot eat in a hurry.

Being required to get a full 60 grams of protein a day is difficult, as I work part-time, always through lunch. The premier drinks are perfect for both situations. I have half for breakfast before work and half on my minute break at work, sometimes with coffee or English Breakfast tea.

Policies & Plans