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I feel like this is going to be a long term relationship haha. When using these products and you have lost weight. The two founders of Isagenix International, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover, were well versed in the multi-level marketing industry. That was the worst part. When those are flushed from the system. For every serving, you obtain 8 grams of fiber, 24 grams of protein and 11 grams of sugar. Well after having banished my scales a few years ago concluding that my worth can NOT be summarised by a number — I had to rely on my ole faithful measuring tape.

What Is Isagenix?

How I Detoxed Using a 9-Day Cleanse

The rest of the time you are drinking shakes that taste sickly sweet. I tried chocolate, strawberry, mango, mocha and vanilla chia. The people that sell the stuff are so brain washed by the training and events they attend and incredibly forceful.

I dared to say something negative in a Facebook group and they deleted my comment immediately. Beware the hard sell to also distribute the products as that is how they make money. It is also difficult to get off the auto ordering system. There are better ways to lose weight that are far more affordable and better for your health. I used isagenix for a few months and started to experience heart flutters and light headedness at work I did an ECG electrocardiogram of my heart which had some serious changes indicating muscle ischemia altering the electrical conduction of my heart.

I know these changes did not previously exist as I had done one at University some time before. I immediately stopped taking all isagenix products and took ECGs at 1 month, 3 month and 6 months post cessation and all cardiac changes had resolved overtime. Verified Purchase Great tasting and fast food. Ive been using the products for a year and have lost over 12 kg and kept it off. Im a busy mum so having a shake in the morning is awesome.

It has been incorporated into my daily routine to give me balance, For me it was a about finding a product that helped me to keep the balance and still enjoy food and wine etc. Be Careful - Do your homework before purchasing! The Mocha I really liked is only a special limited flavor now not available. There replacement bars are taste nice. I dont like any of their berry products. Having said all that, I experienced serve reaction to the accelerator and the Isonix drink that is to be taken morning an night and the flush tablets.

I did ask the consultant if the products contained Ginesing as I am allergy to it. However as the consultants appear to have no knowledge of the products or medical, health, nutrition experience, it is very alarming that these everyday people are giving advise on products they don't understand. I had to stop taking all the other products, however the shakes and bars dont effect me I still use them today, until they are finished.

They will tell you that these reactions are the body detoxing and will stop in a couple days that was not the case for me the second bout was much more serve then the first. So if you choose to try these products listen to your body. They are probably not the healthiest choice as all these types of products have chemicals in them.

I will be going back to making my own smoothies with almond milk and fresh fruit naurual whey protein powder much healthier option. You can call and have auto ship removed.

I did and order when you want if you want it's your choice. What was promised was not delivered. I tried the premium pack for 30 days which was also included vitamins that you can take morning and night. My main goal was to have energy again as i have been experiencing fatigue and insomnia for sometime. I found my energy got better after the initial couple of days, but then plateaued again.

My sleep did not improve and i did not notice any changes to my body, i may have lost 2 kg max. I have always been quite active and a healthy eater, so i did not need to change my diet drastically. I felt that i knew more about health and wellness than my coach and she was unable to answer most questions or never followed through. As i was not getting results i decided to utilise the 30 day money back guarantee, which i was told that Isagenix are so confident in their products that they would give you your money back.

They will only refund your left over products and you need to send all the products back, postage paid by you. This in itself is not giving the buyer a opportunity to use the products and this is not a money back guarantee. I was not asked about my personal health and when i was having a bout of asthma, i was told an ingredient in one of the products actually triggers asthma attacks, that would have been nice to know earlier.

My experience with the whole company has been very poor and I hope they would have been open and transparent when you sign up for 30 days, you are not knowing you have also paid membership fees ect. Consult a health professional. Products taste great but I have started to experience severe hair loss since using the products and so have decided to stop using them Poor after sales service and pushy reps. Terrible causes gut health issues. The products are full of fillers, sugar, and hidden chemical developed candida and spent a fortune trying to resolve it.

If your after solution to improve your health do it the right way and see a professional. Isagenix is the real deal!!!

Isagenix has changed my life in so many positive ways!! I have more energy, sleep better, have lost weight, can keep up with my 3 kids. It has helped with cravings tremendously!!

The cleanse is not as hard as it sounds and after I feel amazing!! I have shared this with many people that I love and they all live it as well!! I was granted everything that I was told I would!! I started with the 9 day cleanse package and it was great! Lost those last few stubborn kilos. Hardest part was on the cleanse days, your not hungry just mentally miss eating. I now use it as a meal replacement in the mornings, chocolate and strawberry isa lean pro taste amazing.

Only disadvantage is the price. Shipping is also quite expensive. Used correctly this product is amazing, you will definitely loose weight but it comes with a price. We were happy with the product but wanted a one off order as we were travelling. We continued to receive orders and were told we could only be refunded for one order. The refund was a long time coming and did not go close to the purchase price. Poor after sales service and the consultant we spoke to initially did not have great product knowledge.

Would not use this again. After sales are disappointing. Me and my partner ordered isagenix together and I have been using it and everything has been going fine.

My partner however has been having hairloss problems since she has been taking isagenix products so whatever is in these products are not doing her any good. So she contacted isagenix today asking for her money back on the 30day money back guarantee and they said no.

She has been to the doctors and they have said to stop taking the products and since then it has improved. That has shocked me and now I am going to stop using this product because of how disappointing there after sales are.

Just a big money grabbing scam. The products are purely glorified and marketed to the inch of their life. Well done to Isagenix though, they have marketed this to be something more than it actually is.

After our trial period ended, and after I finished the shakes, we didn't hesitate to turn our back on them. We didn't want to associate with companies "feeding" off peoples emotions and who have more interest in the RRP than value. That was the worst part. The shakes in general tasted really good! The soy alternatives were also ok coming from someone who doesn't mind soy products. But you can buy the same products protein shakes at half the price in supermarkets or leading protein supplement stores brick and mortar or online.

My advice, learn how to read nutritional information labels and compare products. Nutritional cleansing system of products. I started because my brother had been doing it for a month or so and was loving it. The 30 day cleanse. My husband came along for the ride. It's nice that I am losing all the weight, but my favourite thing about it is that I feel so great.

Formulas like the one used in Burn TS give you more than many others on the market. Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with professionals in the weight loss industry and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.

Do Not Send Email Notifications. No caffeine, efedra or mau haung…all natural herbs….. Diane the original source of these products was a chiropractor in Chandler who is very hard to reach. I was wondering where you life, I am in Tempe but do not mind driving as bit to get products.

Does any of these products contain caffeine or any other stimulants? Keep in mind that natural ingredients can also be stimulants. Caffeine is naturally a part of coffee. I agree, the chocolate shake made me wired! Not the acceralor, not the cleanse. I believe it is the caffeine in the cocoa. Next order will be vanilla. Good luck in your weight loss journey — if I can be of any help just let me know.

I just started today, this is my first day with the shakes, I will be doing the cleanse on Wed. I feel fine, hope I can make it to the end, need to get 30 lbs off. Steve, It is now the end of February — I wanted to know how how you have progressed over the last month.

Did you stick to it? How much weight did you lose? What are your updated thoughts on Isagenix? My hubby and i started on friday a 30 day cleanse. He was at kg down to I am healthier, have great energy, more lean muscle and my immune system is strong. How long were you on it? I just started 6 days ago and I do feel better then ever and just want to know what others are doing that makes the most of the 60 days I have bought of it! Do I have Heidi Flagg?

What products are you using with isaganix? I am using the product too. Just wanting to utilize more fully. I started the day program recently and would love to hook up with someone that I can share my journey with. If you are interested, let me know. I also started on March 9 and I will be 55 next week. I am contemplating just sticking with the program minus the cleansing stuff.

Both the liquid and the powder made me sick! I love the shakes! I have lost 10 lbs and do feel better overall. I am a nurse and am really skeptical about the whole cleansing thing.

What would you do? Maybe try eating a IsaSnack before you take your accelerator on your next cleanse day. But as Always make sure you talk with your cleanse coach that signed you up. You wrote this in July How did it go? Did you stick with it? Did you keep the weight off? I am staunch skeptic on things that claim to be natural and come out of a bottle. My best friend signed my fiance and I up for a 30 day. We know how to lose weight without these products, but I am doing it for a health challenge and see if it has results on my next blood test…i.

Added bonus if we lose weight for our wedding in June. Let me know how you go. My products should arrive today or so. Allergic reactions appear to happen. Yes the money back guarantee is only for the first 30 Days. Auto-ship is not necessary to get the 30 Day guarantee though you get the very best prices on auto ship!

Isagenix is extremely good at honoring this policy. The shake mix is rather high carb and high in cellulose but better when mixed with their whey powder.

In my opinion, any time you choose not to eat for a day or two you are going to lose weight, slow down your metabolism and most likely gain it back. I will tell you that doing the cleanse as directed is key and eating organic balanced meal. The 9 day, 30 day and maintenance program make it easy. My whole family loves it and non of us have caught cold knock on wood.. I personally coach all that signs up with me.

Just eating normal food. How often do you and your family get colds? Your losing weight because you are controling your calorie intake. You can do that with real food. You will actually find losing weight HARDER if your system is sluggish and inundated with the kinds of toxins that come from common additives and preservatives.

When those are flushed from the system. Kinda like flushing out an engine. I am sure it is. But you may find your efforts a little easier with a cleaner more effecient digestive system then not. Surprise, surprise we all need to look better on the outside to be happy. I needed what it did on the inside. My energy, my recouperation time, my mood. All these are the best they could ever be.

The whole world is fat! I believe that cleansing is key. Nutrisystem is real food? The best way to lose weight is through sensibly reducing your calories, adding more fresh fruits and raw vegetables, and cutting out a lot of meat and dairy. The fastest way you can lose FAT, is 3 lbs a week. Try to keeping down….. Look at the studies. They are there and I have medical background.

This was recommended by my doctor. I have been exercising several days a week, watching my diet and still not losing. I really need to go to work. Tracy, isalean shake is all you need on shake day.

Mixed with 8 oz of water and fruit. Isagenix is the only thing i have ever done that worked lbs total weight loss and kept it off for 2 years! Totaly changed my life!!

I got extremely ill on this product…threw up and it took me a week to recover. My doctor says that a lot of these herbs are not good for people…obviously that was true for me. As I was throwing up and in bad shape my Isagenix person was calling me on the phone and telling me to continue…she didnt care about my or my health just about making her commission. They want you to do 2 days of precleanse recommended. I never did that I broke daow and ate dinner.

It does make people nausous. You have the choice of drinking it straight then water. Thats what I do. It sounds like you jumped straight into the Cleanse, which is too abrupt a change for some people.

You were in the middle of cleaning out your body! When you change the oil in your car, what comes out? Exact same thing happened to me. This happens to me everytime and I know the reason. I was just full of junk! You were most likely allergic to one of the ingredients in the product, since there are a lot of them. That is not uncommon. Isagenix should not do that to you at all. You are just unfortunately possibly allergic to one of the ingredients.

And if she set you up with a membership she was truly looking out for you. Sounds like she was just trying to be your cheerleader and that she wanted you to be successful with your cleanse. Sounds like the isagenix associate was being a great cheerleader and trying to help you through cleanse symptoms. I myselfcoached someone who became sick after two precleanse days and two liquid cleanse days. She asked if she could take something for her symptoms and I told her to go ahead.

By this point we knew she was sick because she was on shake days food and still having symptoms. I told her if she had to take anything for her symptoms to go ahead but if she still felt bad when the last 2 days came up not to do them. It just seems like we live in a paranoid world where everyone thinks someone is out to get them.

I signed her up as an associate, for her benefit, so she could save money. If you are an isagenix rep you know the commission is sooo much less than it would be to sell it retail.

Myself and my friend tried Isagenix myself for a month and my friend for a week we both became uncharacteristically aggressive and are wondering what is in this product to cause such a mood altering reaction?

I am on the 8th day of my 9 day cleanse, and I can promise you I feel amazing! So I thought my body would go into schock without them, but I have never felt better. The inches are coming off everywhere, and even though I know I may not be able to maintain the weight loss, just feeling better and getting all the toxins out is worth the price for the cleanse. Hi, please refer to the Isagenix official website to reach their supportive customer service for details on product usage.

On the shake mix? I like the vanilla you can do more things with it. It is a nutritional program that helps to clean your body from toxins. I know people that have had diabetes and now they are healed. I have had eczema for 10 years and now my skin looks great. In 14 days I lost 12 pounds of fat and i feel super.

You control diabetes thru diet and excerise. Type II diabetes response differently than Type I. I think this needs clarified. Many people have been cured of all kinds of chronic diseases from diets consisting of whole plant based foods. There practice is geared to treat symptoms, not cure diseases. If they cured disease then they would be out of business. I agree you cannot cure diabetes. MOst of what you lost in the first week was water.

Not to discourage, but you will be discouraged later in the program. Hard work always pay better dividends then quick soultions. I have been using Isagenix for 2 years with the 30 day diet. It does not cure, or treat any disease. People feel relief, and if your replacing junk food with a nutritious program you will feel better but not cured. This is not water weight as one reader said.

If that is the case I was carrying 60 lbs of water. Price is an issue? Funny how it is not an issue when you go to an expensive restaurant.

Your health is worth something. Isagenix has helped people lose up to lbs. I am 83 years old and have been drinking a shake once a day and the cleanse at night. I find this a very satisfying and beneficial product. I dont need to lose weight. I do drink alcohol on weekends. Just want to detoxify and be more healthy, dont really want to lose weight.