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I lost weight on my first week. And also thanks for the tip on letting it flush a second longer for the 1. I completely forgot to measure to see how many inches I lose, but I definitely lost 4 pounds. My existing toilet is 12 inches approx. Try to finish them all. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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I don't understand the long running comment because they refill in 10 to 15 seconds at my house. Maybe he has a water pressure issue. The larger than normal hole in the toilet removes large waste with easy. I have read that you should avoid putting any chemical or blue release tabs in any tank, as this can degrade seals, valves. The written warranty is 5 years, but I like the design so much I hope I get 20 years out of them.

Hard water is also hard on valves. That's actually really good that it only takes seconds for the water to refill after flushing. Most toilets are never that fast. At least mine aren't. The only thing that bothers me it that it hums really loud when refilling. Can anyone tell me Why? And is there a fix for the humming? Thank you for your help. I'm not sure why it hums really loud after being flushed, but maybe that might be normal for this particular model.

We bought half-a-dozen including one for the church that lets us use their facilities for homeowners association meetings. We like the one-piece because it is easier to clean but is a little heavier to install squarely on the floor bolts due to the extra weight.

We suggest not using the two-piece model and have someone else install the one-piece if you're not strong enough. You will quickly save your investment. Watch as we develop our URL for observations on living in a homeowners association HOA including water conservation and other economical alternatives. Before I buy, I need to know the dimension for the bolt holes to the wall.

My existing toilet is 12 inches approx. Thanks for any info you can give me. CostcoWeekender is a blog about anything Costco. We have product reviews, descriptions, Costco coupon books, deals, and price comparisons on items sold at Costco and tips on surviving and shopping at our favorite wholesale warehouse store. We cover products including Kirkland and great deals from everyday items to electronic gadgets in order to give you more savings.

We make every weekend into a Costco weekend. Tuesday, February 2, at 6: Newer Post Older Post Home. September Costco Coupon Book. When I first joined the Air Force, there was a doctor that my buddies and I all joked about. Banged up your knee…. At the time I thought this was really funny.

Ten years later, I realize the doctor had a great point. Most people don't drink enough water, and the positive effects of proper hydration can be startling to most people. Being hydrated can make a huge number of your body processes go smoothly. Water in your body transports nutrients, maintains your body temperature, assists in digestion and absorption, and is a key to good circulation.

Every serious weight loss plan tells you to drink more water. Look at any diet plan and you'll see they recommend a high intake of water: They all say you should drink more water. Because more water helps with the process of losing weight. Water helps the body efficiently process the food you eat. This is due to muscle fatigue because you're decreasing the balance of electrolytes and fluids. It is essential to consume water during exercise to replenish the fluids you're losing. Consume water before it's needed and you'll avoid the negative effects of dehydration that occurs through sweating.

When exercising create, a "early and often" attitude about water to stay properly hydrated. According to this New York Times wellness article, a moderate increase in water consumption can clear sodium, urea and toxins from the body, decreasing the likelihood of kidney related problems and even kidney stones. The University of Wisconsin touts drinking water as a way to keep great looking and youthful skin.

However, they also recommend using water in an external moisturizer in addition to consuming the proper amounts. If your body is short on fiber, your body will pull water from stool, giving you constipation. According to studies , even before you begin to feel thirsty, the effects of mild dehydration can decrease energy, mood and thinking. The more dehydrated a body gets, the lower the energy levels will ebb.

Frequent headaches may be caused by other symptoms, but they could be caused by chronic dehydration. They all cost money. While you CAN buy premium water that can cost money, it is usually less than other drinks and freely available in many places. Depletion of potassium 2. Increase your water intake and you'll avoid one of the major causes of cramping.

There are quite a few immune system benefits from proper hydration. That is in addition using other sources, such as fluoridated toothpaste. This is very imprecise, but can be a decent guide. The CDC has a more complete guide to daily water consumption needs. But in a nutshell: Most of our water needs come from drinking water and juices. Coffee and soda DO give you some of the water you need, but they also have a mild diuretic effect in addition to the calories they pack on.

Most frequently this happens to people participating in extreme endurance sports. These drinks DO count toward your daily water requirements, but they're often full of empty calories. It can get boring to drink eight glasses of water every day. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can easily add this habit without turning it into daily grind I am a firm believer in tracking.

If you don't track a habit, it's easy to backslide or forget about it. This is the difference between making a lasting change or letting things slide when you get busy. There are quite a few ways to track your water intake. There are mobile device apps that you can use to track daily tasks. You can make an Excel spreadsheet and keep it updated. Or you can use an "old school" technique like the water card. Create a word processing document or Excel to make a 9X5 card with grids, include the days of the week and a block for each 8 ounce glass of water or equivalent.

You are more likely to succeed if you turn the water habit into an easy process. Here are nine ways you can make water a convenient resource in your life:. I have a big sign on my refrigerator. Every time I make lunch, breakfast or dinner, I see this reminder and remember to have a tall glass of water. Reminders in any shape and form can help you to get in your daily water.

Put it on "to-do list. Set audible reminders on your PC, watch or mobile device. Do whatever it takes to remember this new routine. Or try Crystal Light which has a variety of different flavors. But, I also have the habit of being a "two-fisted" drinker--one tea and a glass of water OR one beer and a glass water.

This routine serves two purposes. Second, it helps me maintain my daily hydration. T his one is simple and easy to follow. I like a good jolt of caffeine in the morning, but I make myself drink three glasses of water before indulging in caffeine. Here are 3 of the best water filter pitchers you can use at home. Your body can be a bit sneaky. Sometimes when you need water it can feel like you are hungry. Some people grab that Mars Bar and slam down unneeded calories.

It's far better to drink a bit of water the next time you feel hungry. Then, if the hunger persists…eat and drink water while eating.