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Having both of these provided in one pa By providing everyone with the tools necessary to achieve the balance, symmetry and harmony needed in our lives and to maintain these qualities so that we can optimize our individual potential throughout our entire LifeSpan. XOWii is an MLM company based out of Costa Mesa, California, that markets three separate juice based vitamin and neutraceutical enhanced drinks, designed to help promote weight loss, boost energy, and provide the body with essential vitamins. The company website, dated , states that distributors are offered the opportunity to earn income from 12 streams; with generations forming one step up from independent distributor, and company matched checks starting 4 tiers up the ladder. Distributors may buy at wholesale and sell at retail and earn Override Bonuses based on personal sales and their entire team's sales with no minimum thresholds for earning override bonuses. Harmonde is a division of the Trevoca Corporation and is the exclusive distributor of Resensa Green Iced Tea worldwide. From Company Website "Whether it's taking control of your future, having more freedom, or meeting financial goals, Achievers provides real solutions to life's challenges.

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It was super easy and fast to get a quote and then purchase the insurances. I was looking for business insurance and just googled comparisons.

The simplicity and costings were the big winners. Easy to access, no problems with the web site. Loved the Reporting at the end. Invoices and docs were available The product was competative and reflected my needs.

Great company, good pricing and communication. Quality product at a reasonable cost. At last an affordable and sensible common sense approach to assist small business to be able to afford the necessary cover to exist and grow. Everyone is a winner and can grow their business with confidence. I searched for 4 quotes for public liability and professional indemnity insurance and this firm offfered the fastest, easiest, best value product of them all. I saved my small business hundreds of dollars and a lot of time.

The gentleman who sold me this insurance was very pleasant and friendly to talk to and he made the extra effort to answer my questions. Initially, I just wanted another quote but the price was great for the cover. I almost paid twice as much somewhere else, hope I won't ever need it but so far so good! We found the web site very easy to use and friendly. Response times were quick regarding queries. The insurance policy was great value as well.

I am very happy with the service of Express Insurance. Express Insurance picked up that a premium had been paid twice and organised a refund easily. Very good with return email to advise policy.

Very efficient organization whose product fits my requirements at a reasonable cost. We are current customers and needed contents insurance for our business we didn't hesitate to get in touch with express insurance the team were very helpful, friendly and an offered a affordable price.

Great experience so far. Great easy web experience and Daniel is a great company advocate. The service was really fast, and the premium price excellent. Seamless, hassle free renewal. Have used express insurance now in the past and will do so in the future as they are very friendly, responsive and can tailor their insurances to your needs.

The premium cost and the renewal process are both excellent. Express Insurance was the cheapest for the same policy with the ease of online policy purchase. Great way of renewing your insurance. Very simply to use and provides quick comparison quotes that allow you to make informed decisions. I found this provider's website easy to use and the prices were fair and reasonable. I have used other companies before and while none of them were terrible, Express were the cheapest for what I wanted.

I have been with them for 4 years now. Keep up the good work!! You made it very easy to get a quote, on what is traditionally a very complicated process. Have been with Express Insurance for the 3rd year in a row now and happy with their competitive price and quick response to customer inquiries. I have used them for a number of years.

I have found their customer support to be very good. I think they understand what I need from an insurer and offer it for a very reasonable price.

Easy to do, easier to renew. Easy to get an online quote, with the translation profession specifically identified. Not many other insurers recognise our profession without making us go through personal non-standard channels. Cheap , quick and easy to obtain. A daunting thing to think about but easy to choose and to understand and to arrange and pay and now easy to renew.

Recommended to me by an associate, products were cheaper than what I was paying elsewhere. The whole process for the last two years has been seamless.

I do not work in a risky area and this company makes me feel my business is valued. Been with express for 5 years now and don't see myself going anywhere else. Everything is great about this company inclding pricing. Easy to renew online and cover suits my needs.

It's all in the title, very happy with the service I received. This company was able to meet my needs the best at a price not available with others I researched.

I have very good experience to my questions. Easy to complete information request. Pricing competitive and reduced from last year. Good follow up system to ensure I knew insurance was due for renewal, without being too intrusive. Express Insurance have provided excellent service to my business for the past 3 years, providing clear and concise policy wording and swift transactions.

Super easy to review requirements and make subsequent purchase. Dealing with Richard at Express Insurance is nice and easy. In a world of bureaucracy and process, it's refreshing to have easy online access, and support from Richard and his team. All applications were done online and the process was fast and almost instantly received Certificate of Currencies for both policies.

Very easy to follow instructions and very professional Service. Great service at a competitive price. Contactable as well if needed. The guys on the phone were willing and able to help which made buying your product easy.

I renewed our Professional Indemnity Insurance online. Took a matter of moments. I didn't need to make any changes so there's no reason why it should have been hard. Got all the relevant documentation - including receipt for payment back very quickly.

All insurance renewals should be like this. I have been using Express Insurance for 6 years I find it very easy to renew. Everything is done for you you just have to answer a few questions. You can renew your insurance within a couple of minutes no fuss. Easy to deal with. Easy to contact when necessary. Express Insurance is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive solution for all your PI needs.

I find they remind me when my insurance is due, they make it easy with prefill and links. They even call me to check. Then they follow up after complete. Express Insurance is very professional and easy to deal with in both renewals and processing potential claims. The established systems of organisation are easy to navigate and we are very happy with the level of service we receive.

We would certainly recommend Express Insurance. The guys were great, had all my needs sorted within the hour. Found it easy and quick for an estimate of charge and conditions. Policy renewal process is very easy to use, and premiums seem fair.

Correspondence when necessary has been friendly. However, buying insurance is the easy part, and claiming is the hard part. Never had to claim from Express, and hope I never do. A reminder is sent through and then it is just clicking through. The pricing was very competitive, and the renewal process couldn't really be easier.

Cost effective and efficient online service. Backed up by top notch personalized service. Couldn't recommend them more highly to small businesses and consulting professionals.

I have had a very pleasant experience in renewing my PI Insurance recently. The pre-populated form in the link was easy to check and update. Payment was easy via credit card and I received the renewed insurance very promptly. Keep it up, well done. My insurance needs were met immediately.

Some changes were required to the entities in the insurance contract - changes made instantly. No fuss, no drama. It was easy to get a quote, excellent value and great customer support. Quick to respond and reliable customer service. After getting several quotes Express Insurance was fair cheaper by far. Their website was easy to navigate though and when I did have a question I called their number and the friendly staff member helped me in no time. A very simple process compared to complexity required with other brokers.

Just easy stuff really well done. Good service - worked through issues leading to satisfactory solution. Renewal was easy and quick. Easy, quick, very competitive price with all inclusions that I need. Express insurance were very easy to deal with and I got the cover I needed for a really really good price. If all online transactions were as simple, comprehensive and clear as Express Insurance, then life would be far less stressful.

A pleasure to deal with once again. I have used Express Insurance for the past 4 Years and they have made purchasing professional insurance a breeze. Minimal fuss and always available to assist. I highly recommend their services. Online system made it quick and easy. A supportive and capable team of people who are focused on ensuring a good customer experience. Hassle free on line quotations and renewals all done very efficiently and with immediate policy information.

Added bonus of extra months cover for the same premium cost. All insurance needs covered in the policy. Always a pleasure to deal with Richard and his team, they answer promptly and always follow up to ensure that you have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Always been fast and easy to deal with, I've never had a problem with ExpressInsurance.

I recently needed to change the kind of insurance I have for my business, and Richard worked hard to help find an appropriate solution, and then sort out some of the problems with the details. I've always found him friendly, responsive and clear. And the policy is well priced. They were very helpful and quick in organising my cover. I had to get a compulsory policy required by my employer, most annoying.

However things were expedited very quickly by this company and I'm most grateful. Decrease in frequency of urinary tract infections. Reduction in side effects related to antibiotic therapy. Effective treatment for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth SIBO. Diminished duration of diarrhea in children 3 to 36 months of age Reduced incidence of irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea.

Immune response to adenovirus and influenza-A in-vitro. Improvement in pain scale in Rheumatoid arthritis patients. Improved growth of the natural flora. Improved digestion of food and a thus improved? Production and absorption of critical nutrients —? Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Detoxification of the intestinal tract. Helps control bacterial overgrowth. Detoxifies the intestinal tract. Assists in the reduction of cholesterol.

Provides immune modulation for the prevention and treatment of infections, allergies. Studies from the Human Microbiome Project and world leading probiotic experts, have found that in order for a supplemented probiotic to be beneficial for its host it must: Be an organism that naturally exists in the gut already.

Be supplemented in a higher concentration than what naturally exists in the gut?. Be able to survive the harsh environment of the stomach acid and upper digestive tract. Should naturally occur in our environment and be stable in both the gut and the environment.

The Solution-Spores Bacillus spores are the most widely prescribed prescription probiotics in the world. Are a normally occurring organism in the gut Exist with a typical population of about 2 million cells so supplementing 4 billion is a much higher concentration than what naturally exists in the gut which will cause the stimulation we require for the probiotic effect. Below is a brief description of each: MegaSporeBiotic contains the first commercial probiotic strain that produces a significant amount carotenoid antioxidants in the digestive tract where it is efficiently absorbed.

This amazing nutrient factory is the first use of a probiotic to deliver highly bioavailable, essential micronutrients. I'm only a few days into the first bottle of Mega sporebiotic. It has already had a dramatically positive effect on my gut function.

This seems to have been the missing link to getting my digestive issues resolved. After all of these changes I still had lingering issues. I have visited gastro specialists etc, had ultrasounds etc. My stools have changed for the better and no more spasms. CoreVital International has a mission to build communities of healthy people. Their nutritional products are focused on restoring pH balance through alkalization.

LFVN is a publicly traded health products company based in Colorado. Our vision is to be a leader in science-based health and wellness products. We will develop products that deliver significant benefits to our customers.

LifeVantage's Director of Science, Dr. McCord, is one of the foremost authorities on the body's antioxidant defense system and co-discovered the enzyme Superoxide Dismutase SOD in These enzymes effectively and efficiently neutralize free radicals inside the cells where free radicals are produced. Natural Health Trends Corp. The company is comprised of NHT Global. NHT Global is a marketing company in the direct selling industry creating and distributing personal care products with an emphasis on skin care, lifestyle enhancement products and health and wellness products.

We also have offices and facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and Branson, Missouri. The international expansion will be fueled by product promoters around the world. The propriety energy blend formula that is a "herbal clean energy" is considere. MXI created Xocai and market it as a health promoting antioxidant.

MXI's website states that their products incorporate the most powerful antioxidant form of chocolate, an all natural process cocoa powder in combination with the powerful antioxidant Acai Berry and other fruits. Poga International is based in Montgomery, Texas. Their key product is Poga Moonga, a beverage made from the leaf and seeds of the Moringa tree, with additional ingredients of pomegranate and aloe vera. Poga Moonga distributors earn commission on retail sales, and may sell directly from their replicated Poga International website.

ZU-B Markets nutritional supplements. Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, ZU-B offers a forced matrix payout structure to their reps with bonus payouts. Lyon Legacy International is committed to establishing and maintaining the balance of life's energies through the combination of bio-energetic and colloidal technologies as well as magnetic therapy.

Lyon Legacy distributors may simply buy at wholesale or build a home based business. Distributors make profit on personal sales and earn commission on purchases and sales by distributors in their downline. The GBG business and personalized Internet store is provided free to all representatives who maintain an active monthly auto-ship, which is needed in order to qualify for commissions.

GBG was officially launched in After ten years, the founders chose to change their product line to health and wellness and relaunched under GBG with their new product, GBG in-One. Each new Nexagen USA distributor is provided with a customized web site with retail store, marketing tools and wholesale store, as well as collateral sales support materials such as videos, business cards, brochures, Point of Sale Displays, and e-mail demonstrations and presentations. Distributors are compensated using the Nexagen USA Pay Card, a debit card with a personal account used to wire distributor compensation on a weekly basis.

GoYin's flagship product is a functional drink created from a patent-pending formula that is based on traditional Asian medicine. GoYin is headquartered in American Fork, Utah. Representatives are compensated with a multilevel sales marketing plan.

Zrii is a liquid nutritional supplement containing Amalaki fruit. The company business philosophy is based on Ayuveda - a health system they state is years old and aims to create dynamic balance in all areas of health. Livinity, launched in August , markets personal care, wellness and home care products.

Members can choose different levels of involvement, from Customers who receive a discount on products, to Business Builders, who can earn cash bonuses and sales incentives. Lim Siow Jin, sells dietary supplements and personal care products through independent distributors.

DXN is an MLM company with the "One World One Market" concept, which permits distributors from anywhere to sponsor and be included as direct downline those distributors in another region or nation. Nature's Youth distributes dietary supplements. Individuals interested in becoming distributors should email the company at sales naturesyouth. NHT Global markets personal care and wellness products through independent distributors.

Distributors may buy at wholesale and sell at retail and earn Override Bonuses based on personal sales and their entire team's sales with no minimum thresholds for earning override bonuses. From the Peak Energy website: Robert Marshall, you join a company that has 30 years of experience, credibility, respect, and financial stability in the field of clinical nutrition.

We have long ago passed the pioneering stage where many new companies fail. Seabiotics markets wellness supplements which are manufactured and bottled in a pharmaceutically-licensed facility in Norway. They are shipped to Seabiotics' US warehouse and await distribution in a controlled environment. Products are sold direct to consumers through Seabiotics Members. From the company website: There is a general agreement in the scientific and medical communities that future discoveries in health and medicine are going to be found deep below the ocean's surface.

Lexli MD markets an Aloe based skincare line and wellness formula created by Dr. Lexli MD associates receive a discount on their personal purchases as well as commission on their sales. Our company is strong and firmly positioned for rapid growth and tremendous momentum. Good Life International sells liquid nutritional supplements through independent distributors.

Good Life International's stated mission is "to provide a superior product line and business format so that people can affordably support a healthy lifestyle,increase their time spent with loved ones, and experience a higher quality of life. Dynamite products do not contain chemical preservatives and are formulated to provide maximum efficacy.

Dynamite supplements are sold exclusively through a national network of independent distributors. Alive Worldwide is a new company being launched by Scotty Paulson. The primary product is Cheia Vida, an exotic juice and tea blend. Cheia Vida is made with real brazilian Acai. AVAR Direct is a direct sales company based in Las Vegas which offers immune-boosting products through sales by affiliates - individuals and organizations who can earn additional income for themselves or their organizations.

AVAR Direct offers training to its affiliates focusing on key areas that will enhance the ability to have success in every area of life. Biometics International, a privately owned company based in Camarillo, California, sells liquid nutritional products through Independent Distributors. Positive product results continue to be the primary driving force of our business and the sharing of product results has come to be the premier feature of the Biometics business.

According to the SeaAloe website, SeaAloe began operation January and holds an exclusive arrangement to manafacture and sell a proprietary liquid whole food nutritional product. Created by Robert H. The products contain a compound called Accelamin derived from a blend of Aloe Vera extracts. Uni-Body International markets LiquiLean. All Uni-Body associates participate in the company compensation plan and earn direct and multilevel commission on sales of the LiquiLean product.

From the Solutions IE website: Enzacta offers products for health and well being. Their goal is to offer the best products and services through their Individual Businss Owners and help them build a profitable home business while helping others lead a healthier life. AlpineV markets a dietary supplement drink made from the Alpine Sandthorn Berry. AlpineV Distributors earn commission on sales of the product various channels including in-person retail sales, online retail sales, downline sales, global pools, and other incentives.

Greenwood Health Systems neutraceutical supplements are blended to provide the most beneficial results. Greenwood Health Systems does not have any group volume requirements for their sales reps. Total Wellness International TWI has marketing nutritional products they call "inch loss" instead of "weight loss" through health practitioners and health food stores since Total Wellness International has recently expanded into the direct sales and home business market space by creating an associate sales program for their products.

BioNovix has a prelaunch event scheduled for January , According to the BioNovix site " wealth of established research shows that xanthohumol acts as a potent wellness agent in the body and plays an active role in counteracting a wide range of conditions associated with chronic health problems.

MeridiumXN is the first and only health product that makes xanthohumol available in a form you can metabolize. From The Balance Company website: The company is based in San Mateo, CA. ViaViente's primary product is a blend of natural whole fruit purees, minerals and herbs that is high in antioxidants. To purchase product, you must be recommended by an existing customer.

ViaViente has a seasoned team of executives with diverse professional backgrounds. Take Shape for Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medifast, Inc. Medifast owns and controls its FDA-inspected manufacturing facilities - as well as significant warehousing facilities. United Herbal Sciences independent distributors may attend meetings, seminars, conferences, social events and educational trips, where they can meet people with common interests, goals and desires.

United Herbal Sciences has a focused program that can help distributors achieve financial independence, personal growth and recognition from fellow distributors at quarterly and annual meetings. From the BioPro webpage: By utilizing the fascinating field of Bioenergetics, our company's mission of enhancing the overall quality of life worldwide is being realized.

Through the vision and voices of the corporate team, the independent consultants and our customers, we truly are "elevating" the energetic state of processes and people across the globe. Our products are designed to improve health and well being while reducing physical stress and environmental assaults on the body.

The exclusive Breakthrough Personal Development Program enhances and accelerates our individual and collective personal growth. From the FemOne website: One woman's passion to help women look and feel their best, one woman's unwavering love of family and friends, and one woman's deep desire to inspire women to achieve their dreams and goals has led to the creation of one of direct selling's hottest new companies, FemOne, Inc..

This fantastic female-driven company established in May , was passionately created by one woman, Daran Grimm From the Youngevity website: This stability provides a solid foundation for your business.

The company uses a simple, proven approach to help you introduce our state-of-the-art products to people worldwide. Imagine waking up each day full of energy and vitality, functioning at top form, both mentally and physically, having that unmistakable glow of radiant good health. YouthFlow founded their company with the goal to provide superior pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals made from the purest quality natural sources to enhance and manage health. From the Affinity Lifesyles web page: Affinity Just-2 is the company that does more than just sell quality, health giving products.

We work hard every day to realize our corporate purpose of elevating the lifestyles of our Associates through enhanced relationships, better health and nutrition, and increased wealth.

LifeSpan International markets skin care and dietary supplements. The vision of LifeSpan grew from a desire to educate and empower people everywhere so that they may recapture the harmony and balance of life.

By providing everyone with the tools necessary to achieve the balance, symmetry and harmony needed in our lives and to maintain these qualities so that we can optimize our individual potential throughout our entire LifeSpan. AwarenessLife markets nutritional and wellness products for weight loss, basic health, adult nutrition and the cleanse and rebuild. Total Life Changes is a privately held company founded in Total Life Changes markets nutritional and skin care products.

The vision of the Company is a focus on helping individuals achieve success with easy and affordable products and business building systems. There is no sign-up fee to become a member of TLC. An Independent Business Owner's first product order assigns them a rep number and entitles them to participate in the compensation plan.

Total Life Changes has a binary compensation plan. In order to qualify to earn commissions, TLC IBOs must make a monthly personal purchase of a qualifying product, and must have personally sponsored two IBOs that are currently active in each leg. Chicken Soup for the Soul Supplements was formed through a licensing partnership with New Health Systems, LLC, an emerging company in the nutritional supplement marketplace.

The company markets a variety of wellness products in the areas of Bioenergetics, Nutrition and Beauty through direct sales channels. The ITV Ventures concept is simple: You get paid to connect purchase-ready customers with the products they want. Abundant Health Ltd commenced in to produce the highest quality natural health supplements available. Zavita is a new division of FirstFitness, a year-old debt-free company. Zavita markets its product through a nationwide network of Independent Distributors.

RBC is a 15 year old publicly traded nutritional and wellness company. The company was started and is run by Dr. For Ultimate Nutrition Unlimited Inc. FUN Unlimited was founded in with one clear and simple goal in mind, and that is to improve healthy living.

Ky-äni Sun's mission is to share the "Miracle of Alaska" with families around the world, offering health-enhancing products and a fun and rewarding business opportunity. SeAcai is a division of Total Life Changes. From the SeAcai website: Total Life Changes is a privately held company led by two industry experts with over 20 years of combined experience.

The vision of the Company is dynamic and exciting with a focus on helping individuals achieve success with easy and affordable products and business building systems. TLC has built a world class company that offers people a business that is free to join no sign-up fees , free websites and a top tier compensation plan for the cost of one bottle of product each month. Univera Lifesciences is now Univera.

Management and other company details have changed. Please see the Univera Profile for current information. From the Univera website: Oasis was born out of the shared vision of the right people in the right place with the massive financial and natural resources to make their vision a reality. But it all began with the dream of one man, Bill Lee, founder of Oasis LifeSciences and one of Asia's wealthiest businessmen.

Harmonde is a division of the Trevoca Corporation and is the exclusive distributor of Resensa Green Iced Tea worldwide. Freedom America markets a variety of nutritional and personal care products. From the Freedom America website: The FA Team comes from a experienced sales and marketing background,as well as business management. This creates a great leadership team for our company. FA has the foundation for operating a large, financially sound, debt-free company that is currently experiencing explosive growth.

The FA Management Team brings all of their knowledge, experience, and a unique marketing plan that people from all walks of life can understand. The hallmark of the company is a distinguished product line that makes Freedom America an organization with a vibrant future!!! Orenda International markets All In One nutritional products. Orenda International exists to lift people by helping them to discover and develop their God-Given Power to enhance the quality of their health, their thoughts and their lives and return to them control over their time, finances and career.

Founded in , Vitamark International was founded by former network marketing distributors and corporate officers David Bertrand and Jana Mitcham. From Amigo Health Website: This product is formulated and manufactured "in house". With nearly 20 years of experience in formulating, and private label manufacturing of natural supplements for naturopathic physicians, and healthcare practitioners.

This insures the highest quality control standards and maintains a consistent product. Amigo is co-founded by a software development company exclusively dedicated to programming for the network marketing and direct sales industry. Amigo distributors have "state of the art" free business tools to enhance their marketing efforts. Including video conferencing, video email and contact managment sofware.

ViSalus Sciences, which launched in , calls its Body by Vi Challenge the "original 90 day challenge. Participants in the Body by Vi Challenge choose from five kits, each designed to address a specific nutritional or fitness goal. Some kits also include products to support metabolism, appetite suppression and energy. Anyone who participates in the Body by Vi Challenge can receive their product for free each month by sponsoring 3 or more people who purchase a kit of equivalent value.

From the Nussentials company website: The mission of Nussentials is to positively impact the life experience of individuals by introducing new and revolutionary products that enhance personal health and wellness, add distinguishable quality of life, and provide financial opportunity through a network of Independent Marketing Representatives. Nussentials provides health and wellness products based on all-natural stabilized rice bran.

The products nourish your body by providing an incredibly potent mix of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. The company utilizes a cooperative marketing and distribution model. Part of the direct selling industry, Nussentials distributes it's products through a network of Independent Marketing Representatives. LoCarb5 is dedicated to being authorities on Wellness, Diet and Nutrition and disseminating research-based knowledge in the development of healthy low carb foods and wellness products.

The 5 in LoCarb5 stands for the five areas of life that LoCarb5 feels are important. Vergance, Inc markets the Natrience and Quickcare wellness products. The Vergance website states their mission as "To educate and empower people to take control of their health and achieve well-balanced, healthy lifestyles using superior quality wellness products and services.

The Remedyblue website states that their nutritional supplements are derived from key nutritional elements every body needs. Remedyblue only uses elements found in nature such as grape skins, vitamins from meats, plants and vegetables. Qing Mei, Inc markets XING a beverage made from the qing mei fruit and exotic fruit juices, plus antioxidants and vitamins and minerals.

Denali Health Systems markets two primary products, Denali Blue and Denali Red, through network marketing distribution. The Denali websites states that founder Jay Sampson wanted to bring the world products that actually made a difference in people's lives.

ForeverGreen manufactures and markets FrequenSea, a blend of marine phytoplankton, ionic sea trace minerals, aloe vera, and other organic and nutritional elements. StemTech Health was founded in StemTech markets a phytoceutical dietary supplement called StemEnhance.

Waiora promotes healthy living - their philosophy is to eat well-balanced meals with foods high in fiber, like fruites, vegetables, and grain, excercise regularly, and incorporate a nutritional regimen that addresses aging at the cellular and biological level.

From NutriSource International website: NutriSource International is dedicated to bringing you the very best fuel for your body. From the latest in clustered water products and all natural energy beverages, to a complete line of Low Glycemic meal replacement shakes, herbal formulas and natural dietary supplements, our high standards for product quality, taste, price and performance combined with a special attention to ingredient detail sets us apart from the rest.

Make the commitment to your health, vitality, and well-being. Make NutriSource a part of your daily life. Passport was founded by Robert "Bo" Short. Passport offers a variety of competitively priced skincare and nutritional products that are distributed exclusively through Passport. XELR8 markets nutritional products for the active lifestyle.

From the XELR8 wbsite: They contain only quality ingredients and no potentially harmful substances such as creatine, ephedrine, steroids, androstene dione, or aspartame.

Each was developed with one goal in mind: XELR8 is managed at the corporate level by an experienced team of business professionals, and is allied with some of the greatest sports figures in Olympic and professional athletics today. XPI markets an anti-oxidant formula in convenience single serving packages. From Extreme Research Corp's website: At Extreme Research, our product mission is to develop products that will positively impact peoples lives.

This requires due diligence in product selection and formulation as well as continued commitment to quality control at all levels. From the Cutting Edge Vitamins website: The Company has exclusive partnerships with some of the most respected scientists in the industry. And specializes in conducting its own product research and development.

Marketing has been done through TV and Radio. We are a product driven company that deeply believes in the marketing effectiveness and the social value of Network Marketing. This industry represents the finest opportunity for any one to improve their lifestyle. From the Pro Image website: Pro Image offers a unique opportunity to people that are interested in trading a little time to acquire significant, long term earnings.

Our business model is built on a simple philosophy that can be readily duplicated and built upon. Provide top quality products that provide real world results, backed by real scientific data and happily reordered month after month, year after year. Aggressively compensate those that refer others to Pro Image products in an easy to understand, straightforward, long term compensation model. Provide ample training, web sites and tools, all designed to get new members into positive cash flow within 30 days.

TriVita offers a variety of products for healthy living with a business model that focuses on an ongoing commitment to success.

The TriVita business model is built around the proven practice of acquiring and servicing customers while continually growing your business. At URI International, we are committed to providing only the highest quality products to you, our customer. The URI product line is formulated and manufactured using only the finest raw materials.

Because of our strict commitment to quality, URI International offers the best nutrition in the industry. The basis of our product line consists of natural, fresh whole food concentrates from an abundant variety of greens, fruits, vegetables and other select ingredients in a synergistic blend. URI International is the only supplier in the health food industry to offer a complete line of premium, nutrient dense whole food supplements.

Each URI product is manufactured at the rate of demand, assuring that our customers receive the freshest whole food nutritional supplements available. NaturScience is founded on the principles that science can unlock the secrets of nature, and that they can provide a vehicle for the deams and passions of their distributor partners.

Today it is a privately owned and funded corporation distributing structured water and superior liquid nutritional products through network marketing.

Vitacube provides meal replacement powder and nutritional dietary supplements via direct to consumer, telelvision and radio, and network marketing.

Their products include VitaPro meal replacement powder, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs. They arrange their supplements in a delvery system known as VitaCube. From The Wholefood Farmacy website: Agel Enterprises markets a product line of nutrient Gelceuticals - concentrated nutrients in gel form.

JGO markets a line of nutritionals. From Oasis Lifescience website: Fruta Vida International markets nutritional juices. From the Fruta Vida website: Fruta Vida International offers a unique opportunity to people interested in trading a little time to acquire significant, long term earnings. Our business model is built on a simple philosophy: Provide a top quality juice product that provides real world results, backed by comprehensive scientific data and happily reordered month after month, year after year.

Aggressively compensate those who refer others to Fruta Vida International in a straightforward compensation plan without qualification loop holes or sponsorship qualifications. Provide ample training, free websites, and tools, all of which are designed to get the new member into positive cash flow within 30 days.

The corporate team at EpicEpic Network is made up of current presidents and CEOs of a leading nutritional manufacturing facility, a high-end technology company serving the network marketing industry, and a leading MLM research and analysis company. All four members of senior management have both field experience one was the 1 distributor in his company seven straight years , as well as MLM corporate experience.

From the Zija website: Whether you're a health-conscious athlete or a zealous fast-food lover, Zija is right for you. This amazing drink comes from a company created specifically to extend the benefits of the Moringa plant to people across the world, both young and old.