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Girls must wear a leotard to class. However, girls may wear a pair of fitted shorts over the leotard if desired. Students in Tumbling or Back Handspring classes or attending Open Gym are encouraged to wear a leotard, but other athletic attire which will allow maximum movement is acceptable.

All students are to have their hair tied securely off their shoulders and out of their eyes, be barefoot and no wear jewelry. When moving throughout the gym; walk in a single-file line and do not step onto any mats or in front of equipment being used by another group. If you do not understand something ask questions. If you are afraid or do not feel well tell the teacher. Make-up Classes and Closings Make-up Policies: Classes need to made-up prior to the last day of the current session, and cannot be carried over into the next session.

Or you may choose to attend an open gym as the make-up. If you need to schedule a make-up, please call or stop by the office ahead of time, so that we can ensure there is available room in your desired class or open gym. When you arrive at the gym for your make-up class please check in at the main office.

No monetary reimbursement is available for classes not made up during the current session. If the gym is scheduled to be closed for a holiday, there are two options: The session may have been prorated, at the time of enrollment, for students whose class fell on the holiday.

A make-up schedule will be distributed by the next class, with the date and time the make-up class will be held. If this time is not convenient, then you may individually schedule your own make-up class with the office, or attend an open gym for no charge.

Other Activities Open Gym: We currently offer an Open Gym on Fridays, from 7: Instructors are available to assist students, but they are permitted to freely choose the events and skills they would like to work on.

Non-enrolled friends and siblings can attend with a waiver signed by their parent! Spaces fill quickly, so we recommend calling in ahead of time to reserve your spot! You can host your birthday party at Universal Gymnasts! Please stop by the office or check out our website for more information! Each summer we offer summer camp, the week in between our Spring 2 and Summer Session! It consists of 4 fun-filled days of gymnastics, theme-related activities, and water-day!

All Students are invited to join us as we march and flip in the Upper Arlington 4th of July Parade each summer. Throughout the year we will host several special events, such as an Easter Egg Hunt or Halloween Party. These events are open to current students, siblings, and friends and are always a blast.

Keep your eye out for flyers or check on the website! Throughout the year we will offer skill clinics. These may vary in length and are usually focused on specific skills or events.

They are a great way for students to get extra turns on skills they may be having trouble with! Private lessons are only available to currently enrolled students.

Nate Taylor Ninja Zone Instructor. Adrian Lawrence Recreational Instructor. Cheryl Myrda Office Manager. Danny Collins Ninja Zone Instructor. Parker Dean Ninja Zone Instructor. Donna Minor Preschool Instructor. Bethany Montenaro Preschool Instructor. Bill Widman Level Assistant Coach. We pride ourselves on providing excellent coaching while building a positive self image and confidence in a fun and safe atmosphere. Level 9 Eastern Nationals. Level 5 State Champion Kennedy B.

Level 3 State Champions Riley S. Level 8 Champions Jenna O. Level 7 Champions Keira P. Level 3 Champions Kylie G. Level 4 Champions Brynn W. Level 5 Champions Brenna C. Recreational Team This program is for recreational class gymnasts who want a little more out of gymnastics and enjoy competition. Level 2 Team Scary. The Rockets Recreational Competitive Teams. UGI has given to the following charities and organizations. Gallery Click on the photos to enlarge for a better view.

Brittany Wenzel - Andie VanVoorhis - Sydney McGlone - Morgan Hunker - Rose Hoffman - The University of Pennsylvania. Taylor Newland - Allie Morgan - Olivia Rapp - Sasha Kuehn - Baylie Lawrence - Katie Harper - Annalise Khandelwal - Tory Vetter - Universal provides the following: Additional time available for an additional fee.

Birthday Party Welcome Sheet Call for details You must reserve your date 10 days prior to the party. Google map of U. Here are directions on how to access your account: Click on the Parent Portal link above. The new window should ask you for your username and password. Your username is the email you supplied to us on your registration form last year. A new temporary password will be sent to your email.

Access your account with the temporary password and follow the prompts given. We will still need hard copies of our Registration Form each year so please remember to fill those out before enrolling for a class. We hope you find the Parent Portal useful! As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at or office universalgymnasts. Special Needs Class Info.

About this program This program is designed to support and empower children with a variety of different types of abilities and disabilities. About the class This class will be instructed by a highly trained staff member with gymnastics and special education experience. When Call to schedule a time. Both organizations strive to provide a safe and healthy experience for youth participating in gymnastics and to enhance the quality of life for these gymnasts within the Hilliard community.

The entire team of experts will deliver cutting-edge and comprehensive sports medicine services, resources and education.

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