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A Kid's Guide to Life Sciences: The Human Body Systems
The platelet plug will serve as a temporary seal to keep blood in the vessel and foreign material out of the vessel until the cells of the blood vessel can repair the damage to the vessel wall. Taking a sumpplement is one of the easiest ways on how to keep the respiratory system healthy. Hi, Who wrote this? All living systems are based. Ovaries produce female sex hormones and eggs.

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Cardiovascular System

A 5-ounce serving of wine contains to calories. A ounce serving of beer contains 95 to calories. By definition, phytochemicals include all nutritional and non-nutritional components of edible plants. See Vitamin , Mineral nutrient , Protein nutrient.

An inadequate amount of a nutrient is a deficiency. Deficiencies can be due to a number of causes including an inadequacy in nutrient intake, called a dietary deficiency, or any of several conditions that interfere with the utilization of a nutrient within an organism.

In the United States and Canada, recommended dietary intake levels of essential nutrients are based on the minimum level that "will maintain a defined level of nutriture in an individual", a definition somewhat different from that used by the World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization of a "basal requirement to indicate the level of intake needed to prevent pathologically relevant and clinically detectable signs of a dietary inadequacy".

In setting human nutrient guidelines, government organizations do not necessarily agree on amounts needed to avoid deficiency or maximum amounts to avoid the risk of toxicity. Governments are slow to revise information of this nature. Recommended Dietary Allowances; higher for adults than for children, and may be even higher for women who are pregnant or lactating.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Substance that an organism uses to live. This article is about Nutrients. For Nutrition in humans, see Human nutrition.

For Nutrition in animals, see Animal nutrition. For Nutrition in plants, see Plant nutrition. Plant nutrition and Fertilizer. Essential nutrient Food composition Nutrient cycle Nutrient density Nutrition Nutritionism List of macronutrients List of micronutrients List of phytochemicals in food. Retrieved 12 October Understanding Nutrition, 10th edition , p. Retrieved 14 October Handbook of plant nutrition. Retrieved 17 August CRC desk reference on sports nutrition.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 14 September , at Filtering your home's air is one of easy ways on how to keep the respiratory system healthy. Some common sources of pollutants in your home include:. Temporarily, air pollutants may contribute to respiratory irritation and asthma.

In the long time, they are associated with respiratory diseases. Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide. Caffeine is a bronchodilator that means it can help you to open the airways in the lungs, and then allow you to breathe easier.

Some studies found that even a small amount of caffeine such as your morning black tea and coffee, can improve your lung function for about 4 hours.

Another way on how to keep the respiratory system healthy is to pay attention to your breaths per day. With every breath you take, smoke, irritants and air pollutants can enter the lungs, and then cause damage. Therefore, you should consume antioxidant-rich foods as well as avoid pollutants to keep your lungs strong and healthy. Similarly, it is important to make your immune system healthy, because this is the best defense of your body to keep your lungs functioning optimally and healthy.

There are a lot of other simple yet effective ways on how to keep the respiratory system healthy presented in the next part, so keep reading! Chili peppers including serrano, jalapeƱo, or poblano contain a moderate level of the compound capsaicin that makes peppers burn when you put in your mouth, and that helps clear out your sinuses.

In addition, pepper is a great source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, which benefits the immune response, reduces the duration of your respiratory symptoms and provides some instant effects against influenza. It is important for you to avoid smoking and second-hand smoking. Quitting smoking is the most effective method you can take to keep your respiratory healthy.

Inhaled smoke can damage your cilia, hair-like fibers in the trachea that prevent allergens, mucus, and dirt from reaching your lungs. Every cigarette includes over harmful substances which decrease the functioning capacity of the lungs. If you are not a smoker, beware of the effects of inhaling second hand smoke. According some studies, passive smoking exposure is linked to chronic respiratory diseases, like bronchitis. Making some changes in the current diet plan will help you improve respiratory system naturally.

High-fat foods can trigger asthma attacks while interfering with medication taken by sufferers of respiratory diseases. In order to enhance your defenses, you had better consume foods which are packed with various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

In fact, vitamin works effectively in reducing inflammation and fighting off the oxidative damage caused by cigarette smoke. Thus, snacking on fruits, nuts, or adding fresh vegetables as well as grain to your meals are good nutrition ideas for better respiratory system. In other words, if you want to prevent respiratory diseases beforehand, it is better to avoid consuming dairy product regularly because there might be a link between the increased formation of mucus and the blocking of airways.

Additionally, a large number of individuals are allergic to dairy products and to the antibiotics present in milk. So, drinking milk could lead to asthma attacks and also contributes to the poor health of the respiratory system. There are many alternatives for the lactose intolerant. The most popular allergens are pollen, dust mites, mold, and animal dander.

Because most of them are found at home, so it is critical for you to have a cleaning routine in your own house. If you want to get rid of seasonal allergies , then do not overlook free tips in our website. Normally, respiratory diseases like cold or pneumonia are usually transmitted because of poor hygiene or inadequate hand washing.

The bacteria and viruses harbor in various types of surface; thus, to decrease the risks of transmitting a viral respiratory disease, you need to wash the hands before eating, after using public transport, sneezing or coughing, and after using the bathroom.

Take advantage of hand-sanitizer or alcohol-based antibacterial gel to reduce the risk of contracting any infectious respiratory disease. You might not think that even telephone headsets can be a potential source of infections that many people disregard it. Exercising is also an effective tip on how to keep the respiratory system healthy you must know.

Though those people who are suffering from respiratory disease might avoid doing exercise because their problems, a lot of respiratory ailments could improve with regular aerobic exercise. You can take a walk, jog, ride bicycle, and swim in order to oxygenate the lungs and bronchi, and steadily promote the capacity of the respiratory system.

Nevertheless, just beware of exercising in the polluted area. If you avoid this, you will lessen the risk of breathing in harmful fumes. If you are allergic, try not to do exercise outdoors during a hay fever season. It is the best for you if you can consult the physician before choosing a proper kind of exercise.

As studies pointed out, those people who live in a polluted area have reduced lung functioning. The urban smog causes bronchitis, asthma, and lung cancer. If you are living in a modern city, wearing a face mask regularly will protect you against pollution.

This way, your respiratory system will not be affected seriously when the pollution is too high. Herbs are used as all-natural remedies for improving respiratory, in particular, and the whole body, in general, for thousands years. The most efficient infusions are those which are made of thyme, echinacea, fenugreek, liquorice, and eucalyptus. You can use hibiscus tea which contains vitamin C in order to keep your respiratory system in its mode.

Have a cup of tea each day during the cold season. Or, you can buy Pulmonaria tea to enhance your bronchi-alveolar passages. This was developed in Eastern Europe for years to defeat respiratory condition, cough, and bronchitis. If you stay hydrated, the lungs will dilate to make up for the water deficiency, their functioning will be laborious and weak.

So, it is great for you to drink from 6 to 8 glasses of water each day to flush toxins off the respiratory system. Also, getting the right intake of fluids will assist your body in preventing mucus formation.

Yet, keep in mind that chlorinated water might induce asthma attacks. Similarly, water with fluoride also causes asthma attacks. Because most water in the cities is treated with those, so you had better drink bottled or filtered water to prevent asthma beforehand. Investing in a reverse osmosis water filter is a good idea to promote the health of your respiratory system.

Alcohol reduces the fluid in the human body, and its consumption weakens the immune system, making consumers prone to respiratory disease. If you drink alcohol regularly, your risk of suffering from pneumonia and poor respiratory health will be increased. Additionally, heavy alcohol consumption may make the lungs vulnerable to infection and blocks the upper air passages.

Quit or limit alcohol consuming if you want to have better respiratory health. As normal, excess weight will put more stress on the lungs and compress all respiratory muscles, making them work much harder and less efficiently.

Ensure that your diet is nutritionally sound, and most critically that works so you could maintain a healthy weight.

No matter what exercises and nutrition plan regime you opt for, just take it seriously and lose excess pounds for a healthy weight. When it comes to learning how to keep the respiratory system healthy, it also means learning to improve lung capacity. Are you a shallow breather? If most of your breaths come from the chest area, then you are so. It is essential for you to learn how to take deep, long breaths which can send fresh oxygen deep into the bottom of the lungs.

By this way, you will not only help the lungs function much better, but it also brings on a sense of calm. This could be quite excellent exercise for the lungs. Over time, this breathing yoga exercise will boost your lung capacity. Keep track of your own respiratory system! Just remember that the above tips on how to keep the respiratory system healthy will not succeed if you do not have the will to pursue your target and to discipline yourself.

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