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I thought all would be cured by avoiding gluten, so I started cutting back my Savella dosage. Measure out one of the items. Many of these use herbs or celery and other juicy low- calorie vegetables. Increased sodium means increased fluid retention, as we all learned in high school biology. I do not buy a whole lot of squash as no one here likes to eat it. And I am taking Metformin Extended Release pills every day.

What Are the Treatments for Gallstones?

Understanding Gallstones -- Diagnosis and Treatment

It has really simplified my life. I think this was helped by eating more healthy fat and Omega 3. So give PHD a try if you want to feel better and be healthy too. I highly recommend it — it really has worked for me. Thank you so much, Paul and Shou-Ching, for all you do! Lost a lot of weight, but staying on it was difficult.

Last year I came off a bout of depression determined to beat it without drugs. I stopped eating sugar and surprise! Since exercise is also helpful to depression, I thought that it would be better if I kept losing weight to reduce my chance of injury while exercising. Along the way I found that many of the things that are recommended in the Perfect Health Diet greatly helped me in losing weight. I lost a total of seventy pounds. This is due in large part to the dietary recommendations in the Perfect Health Diet.

What is even better is that the recommendations in the Perfect Health Diet led to removing the last things that were contributing to my depression. I believe now that grains and omega-6 in vegetable oil was making me depressed. To go back to the beginning, the Atkins diet had two flaws which undermined long-term weight loss:. The Perfect Health Diet is written so that you can read to whatever depth of scientific detail you want to.

I am about done with my third time through. My particular health issue is depression, and the Perfect Health Diet has many links to dietary causes of depression. The most helpful aspect is that it is written from the perspective that this way of eating is a PERMANENT change, and that this way of eating is based on sound science, including cultural and epidemiology studies, not just lab experiments.

The only qualification that I would add is that the book recommends eating a lot of fish rather than using supplements for omega This recommendation is based on the observation that most fish oil capsules are stored at room temperature and the oil may go rancid without you knowing it.

Again, as a person who has lost seventy pounds and now enjoy a life free of depression. I wholeheartedly recommend the Perfect Health Diet. Following your PhD diet I have continued to lose weight at a rate of one half pound per day!

In 27 days I have miraculously lost Overall it has been consistent but on the days when I increase my probiotic intake it seems that the loss is considerably more rapid!! While there were some days in the beginning that were very rapid weight loss, I expected it to even out and slow down by now but in fact yesterday I was surprised to find i had lost 1. I must tell you, that being insulin resistant, I was a prime candidate to become a pre-diabetic patient.

Jon Weight loss hadrion I decided to give Perfect Health Diet a go first and see where that takes me. My skin is clearer and less red. What I would encourage any of you dealing with inflammation or who feel extremely bloated after a meal with wheat in it is to try to avoid gluten and see if your body feels different.

I had gone gluten free before but all I did was replace wheat bread with gluten free breads and I paid no attention to the oils used to make the products. The Perfect Health style of eating with safe starches like potato, sweet potato and white rice makes following the diet easy and pleasurable. We even made Perfect Health ice cream which uses rice syrup in place of sugar and it was delicious and totally satisfied any lingering sweet tooth.

So far, following the plan set out in the PHD has led to some nice results. I bought the draft version in September My health has improved a lot. Picture of me in summer of and Just want to thank you guys for all that you do. After my thanksgiving binge I finally decided to get serious and add in about g of carb per your recommendation and my cravings for sweets had decreased a lot.

Being able to eat starch got rid of the feeling of deprivation and I no longer feel the need to eat dessert after every meal. Keep up the good works…. I also am taking the supplements Paul had recommended after I emailed him to ask what I can add to the one I was taking.

One of the things I immediately noticed after doing PHD is that it improved the quality of my sleep used to keep waking up several times at night and that is now a thing of the past because I now sleep uninterrupted for hours ; and no more cramps in my calves that used to happen occasionally after a heavy work out ; no more menstrual cramps as well.

I usually get a big, really deep and hard to get rid of pimple just before or during my monthly period and my husband or a dermatologist would actually help me get it out especially if I had an important function to attend to.

I was thinking that may be IF and the removal of wheat in my diet did greatly help me in seeing immediate improvement in my sleep. So yes at least in my experience, a great improvement in my over all health since I incorporated the principles that I learned from the PHD book. And to top it all off, I lost 3 lbs in the last 4 weeks losing the 15 lb excess weight is not even on top of my list because I am trying to get pregnant.

I simply want to eat healthy and trying to figure out what diet works best for me. And I found it! Thanks to the Jaminets! And yes, I am sticking with PHD for the rest of my life….

I just hope I keep losing the last few fat I wanted to shed off. Btw, I only weigh myself once a week at the same day and time without fail and I also use a Digital Body Fat Caliper to measure my body fat. So yes, I am definitely losing some body fat and no muscle loss! My trainer was very impressed when she weighed me last week.

I am definitely seeing positive results since I started the PHD! The elimination of wheat, sugar and cheese which I used to eat a lot everyday has done great wonders in my body.

Extremely gratifying to find a way of eating which is sustainable, totally satisfying and results in natural weight loss. And, I have yet to add high intensity workouts to my normal morning and afternoon walks. I have been talking to anyone who has expressed interest as the potential of the diet is obviously tremendous!!

I strongly suspect PHD played a pivotal part in my wife getting pregnant naturally, just prior to starting her next round of IVF. As soon as I added back starches, my desire for alcohol diminished greatly. I was very strict Paleo for a good 8 months, and yes felt fantastic and lost 10ks etc. But then started feeling tired, moody.

Did I put on weight. Essentially now I eat what my body craves. I can listen to it now and it responds accordingly. It knows when it needs more carbs eg.

And it knows how much as well. My low-level depression and anxiety have completely disappeared and the diet is considerably more varied and easier to stick to than VLC. BG , improved my bowel function, and improved my mood. I also reduced my grocery bill which in turn made for a more harmonius family life because I instantly desired about one-third of the protein I used to eat. Of all the symptoms of glucose deficiency the most concerning was the flat mood.

Many thanks to Paul! I found a fungal infection which I treated with two bottles of ProEnt I found bacterial overgrowths, which I treated with Natren probiotics. I was also positive to toxoplasma, which I have not treated due to cost and efficacy of treatment.

Maybe down the line? I had a sudden severe arthritis flare and have been on low dose pulsing Doxy for it, successfully, since My guess is improving iodine status and other micronutrient status, plus knocking back infections are the major contributors. I used SAM-e successfully, for years at mg per day, upon waking to help with low mood…. In my case, my labs tends to improve a bit ahead of symptoms.

Good luck to you! There are often many pieces to the puzzle! You may find it helpful, as did I, to minimize your variables, and track your protocol to the best of your ability. Infections, arthritis, hypothyroidism, anemia, mood Anonymous also here I have Borderline Personality Disorder BPD and am taking a very low dose of risperdal same drug in higher doses used to treat schizophrenia.

Just this morning, I took my A1c home test by Bayer which includes two tests in the box. Because of the unbelievably low result of first test, I took the second one different finger, different hand to check… Results:. Type I diabetes, energy, mood Brian P. Hypothyroidism, energy, adrenal fatigue, bowel function, mood. I included each recommended supplement in my morning cocktail as it arrived in the mail. Within a few days after I was on everything, I noticed a major change, not physically, but mentally — a major reduction in OCD symptoms and general anxiety.

I was first struck while I was driving to the food store. I had a feeling of competence and ease. I was not gripping the steering wheel. I was, in fact, steering with one hand. This is not something I do. Generally, I drive waiting for an accident, acutely aware of my killing potential. And it took a little mental work for me to accept that perhaps I felt like a competent driver because I am one, not because I was suddenly drugged and delusional.

A few days later, I began to feel that I was perhaps a bit too mellow. In poking around a little, I learned that the recommended dose for magnesium for women is mg mg is the recommended dose for men. Also, I have low blood pressure, and I was concerned that too much magnesium would lower it even more. So I bumped my dose down. That felt more natural. Then, the real test: I was upset for a bit, processed the situation, and moved on.

This was major, and completely unexpected. I may in the near future try eliminating selenium for a bit to see if my OCD symptoms ramp up. If you grapple with OCD, you might want to give selenium a try. Note that too much selenium is toxic, so monitor your intake. And if you regularly eat Brazil nuts, you are already getting a big hit of selenium, so be careful.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety Anonymous also here I have Borderline Personality Disorder BPD and am taking a very low dose of risperdal same drug in higher doses used to treat schizophrenia. I thought an update was due. Got off steroids in Oct after 14 months on an almost zero carb diet.

Glucose deficiency symptoms led me to your site. Added in safe starches in November and started to implement PHD with recommended supplements. Did a home fecal transplant in December. Both are now in the normal range.

The results were disappointingly good: My observations convinced me that it was an infection and research indicates mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis MAP is the most likely pathogen. Coli counts in my stool test seem to confim this. I have very little tummy pain now. I do still have some diarrhea but that is probably due to the high fat content of my diet. Thanks for all your information, Paul. My sister continues to be free of eczema. Thanks so much, again. I have been following your diet for a few months and in many ways feel much better.

Last year at this time I could barely walk 29 years old. I was diagnosed with Crohns along with several other autoimmune diseases including a lesion on the spinal cord. Thank you so much for the fantastic information! I am one of the new followers of the PHD. I listened to the your interview with Dr. Mercola and wanted to learn more.

I bought your book and started reading it immediately. I was on this for roughly 7 years and just up until recently I started experiencing more and more heartburn and a boat load of other problems. I was tested and poked and prodded and what the doctors came up with is that my gastric levels were elevated.

I did this for 3 more years but recently I started getting uncontrollable heartburn all the time. I then checked out your interview about 2 weeks ago and started on the PHD for about a week now and have not had to take my ranitadine in 5 days. It almost seems to good to be true. I am very grateful for the information in your book. Thank you very much! Skin redness, bloating, weight loss, eczema Brian Paul, Many thanks for the excellent work and great book. I started PHD a few week before Christmas, and even with a few holiday wobbles, I can honestly say that I am already starting to see a number benefits.

Gradually over a few shorts weeks the aforementioned issues have either gone or dramatically subsided. Eliminating wheat and reducing fructose has been surprisingly easy, reducing vegetable oil exposure more difficult. Beginning the first week I could feel the difference in terms of energy and better sleep.

Infections, arthritis, hypothyroidism, anemia, mood. You will remember 12 days ago I asked you about my sister who has CFS and was taking mls a day of safflower oil to keep eczema under control.

My guess is that there is a high level of oxidative stress which is diminishing AA levels, and the safflower oil makes more arachidonic acid and relieves the problem.

So the strategy I would try first is a supplementing antioxidants…. Your advice was spot on and the results have been miraculous. Within 24 hours her eczema was much improved and she began reducing the safflower oil.

Now 10 days later she is down to 10 mls of safflower oil and is confident she can discontinue it completely in a few days. Her eczema has completely cleared and her skin is looking good. Not only that, but some of her CFS symptoms have improved. Her constant headache is not as severe, irregular heartbeat episodes have almost completely stopped and she is tolerating slightly more physical activity. Needless to say she is absolutely delighted and wants me to pass on her deepest gratitude to you.

Once again Proverbs Words seem inadequate to express thanks for that. I hope she will also follow up your advice to treat any underlying infections. That has been replaced with feeling nauseous even at the thought of the oil. Obviously her body no longer needs it. In searching the net I found this paper that seems to support your advice: Determination of fatty acid levels in erythrocyte membranes of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Thank you once again, Paul, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and your time. The effect is life-changing. Joan chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema Brian Paul, Many thanks for the excellent work and great book. Many thanks headaches, acid reflux, fatigue, bloating, weight gain Brian P. After a few weeks of little improvement, I experienced my first normal bowel movement in a long time years? After more changes to my regimen, I now have normal stools on most days.

The greatest improvements coincided with the times I added fermented tubers and later ThreeLac. I also think that cranberries, turmeric, increased amounts of safe starches, the Now Foods anti-fungal, and removal of my beloved coconut oil were all quite helpful. My victory is not complete — I still get diarrhea fairly easily and the occasional hard stool — but the improvement is incredible. Many thanks, Paul, for helping me fix a problem that has plagued me for a long time.

I wish you, Shou-Ching, and all your readers the great health and happiness you deserve. In a world full of useless and confusing information, having a good source is such a godsend. Thank you for all that you do.

She recently stopped taking birth control and her menstrual cycle just stopped. I started doing some research on her results from multiple blood tests and found her TSH has been slowly increasing and was at 3.

So we started supplementing Iodine, starting about a month ago and slowly increasing the dosage each week, as well as eating about carb calories a day from white rice, taro, and cassava all covered in pastured butter.

Some mornings now her temperature has reached as high as I had one final symptom that was chronic all my life. I e-mailed you last week and you offered up some suggestions.

I am, and will be forever grateful. Addition of starchy roots and a bit more animal fat did not help the situation. Once I reintroduced rice 1 cup on a daily basis , the problem was solved. This week — no more constipation for the first time in many, many years — amazing! Thank you so much! You helped my mom who has suffered with chronic constipation for 60 plus years. She had taken Senna for decades.

I read your post about using Magnesium Citrate instead. It works like a charm and she is no longer taking toxic Senna. At that time, I had a toe fungal infection which made the toenail of my right toe nearly black, plus it made my foot half-numb. After six months of PHD eating, some of the fungus had receded and some feeling had returned to my foot.

Recently, after a discussion or two on your blog mentioned Epsom Salts, I added a nightly foot soak in Epsom Salts. It seemed to me that almost immediately there was a reduction in both the visibility of the fungus as well as a reduction in the numbness.

As of today, most but not all of the feeling has returned to my right foot. Although I suspect the most recent improvement resulted from Epsom Salts, it might also be due to other changes which finally registered results. Those changes, in reverse order most recent changes first: I have been taking mg of Diflucan along with 2 caps of Kolorex for almost 2 weeks now… so not much time but I have seen some very significant changes in that time period.

Before when attempting this high carb diet, my digestion went to hell. Never diarreah but not well formed, etc sorry to be TMI.

My sebhorreic dermatitis would flare up even though my skin was more moist and healthy maybe increased oils flared this. Allergies seemed to be worse. Sleep was sometimes better and easier, sometimes worse. I went high carb because I seemed to develop some thyroid symptoms on low carb that were easily erased with a high carb PHD.

Now, two weeks into Diflucan, my digestion is almost perfect. No IBS like urgency at all anymore. Better athletic performance, smoother healthier skin the seb derm redness has vanished but there is still some minor flaking… upping the bone broths, vit C, vitamin A to speed healing.

Congestion is much much better and my gums have stopped bleeding! I also added in a number of their recommended supplements. I have noticed my temperature has increased since starting PHD — I used to be always cold and being warmer feels much, much better — being constantly cold is a miserable way to live. The first doctor who helped me did so by diagnosing me with fibromyalgia. I was informed that my previous doctors did not believe fibromyalgia existed, since it could not be tested with a blood sample.

I began to have a disdain for most doctors. I improved on Savella, and was told to do a cleanse diet to detect food sensitivities.

Many people with fibromyalgia have food sensitivities as well. I did not have the will power to execute this plan properly. However, I was not going to rely on doctors anymore, so I began my search for healing on my own.

I tried a few different things, natural supplements, and diets. Some gave no help, some gave a bit of help, then I plateaued. Most importantly, with regard to the food restrictions I tried, I had such cravings that I did not care about my fibromyalgia pain and just indulged.

Then, when I was full, I cared about my fibromyalgia pain again. I learned of the Perfect Health Diet from a friend in the summer of I did not think I would be able to do it all, knowing my failures in the past.

So, I started small. I had a friend with celiac and was most convinced by the section on the toxicity of wheat and other cereal grains. Thus, I began by eliminating these. I noticed an improvement within a few weeks: No more Dragon NaturallySpeaking for me!

It was not carpal tunnel, in fact, I still have bumps that come and go in my elbows and have to limit my weightlifting when I use my biceps in any way. Still trying to figure that one out, but typing is not a problem anymore, as you can see here. In light of my previous failures, the key that made the avoidance of wheat and company successful was that I could eat a lot of fat.

After a few weeks, I had some cravings for bread, but nothing as strong as my cravings for things excluded in other trial diets. Now I have no cravings for bread. I thought all would be cured by avoiding gluten, so I started cutting back my Savella dosage. When I got down to none, I felt fine for a week, then I slowly started to feel bad again.

I decided I would put more effort into the other parts of the PHD. Next in line was vegetable oil. I had been eating a lot of salads, and I loved ranch dressing. With a few false starts, I finally broke the habit of vegetable oils, and was encouraged by some weight loss.

Next, I went half in on the supplements. I noticed the magnesium had significant effects on my muscle soreness and neck stiffness. I read the post on constipation and decided to add selenium, vitamin C, NAC, copper, etc. Finally, I got started on working up to high dose iodine, with the recommendation of starting low and doubling every month. I used to stand up very slowly, and limp for a bit afterward because of pain in my hips.

I used to try to play volleyball, but could not move suddenly or land the wrong way lest I feel great pain. Nestle Waters North America Inc. New Holland Brewing Co. New York Produce Inc. New York Spring Water, Inc. Corp Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. Nifty Home Products, Inc. Nostalgic Food Distributors, Inc.

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In most cases, treatment of gallstones is considered necessary only if you are having symptoms. Of the various conventional treatments that are available, surgical removal of the gallbladder is the most widely used. Some alternative treatments have also been found to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of troublesome gallstones.

When deciding what course of action to take for symptomatic gallstones, doctors usually choose from among three main treatment options: Watchful waiting, nonsurgical therapy, and surgical removal of the gallbladder. Though a gallstone episode can be extremely painful or frightening, almost a third to half of all people who experience an attack never have a recurrence. In some cases, the stone dissolves or becomes dislodged and thereby resumes its "silence. Even when the patient has had repeated gallstone episodes, the doctor may postpone treatment or surgery because of other health concerns.

If your surgery has been delayed, you should remain under a doctor's care and report any recurrences of gallstone symptoms immediately. If you are unable or unwilling to go through surgery for a gallstone problem that requires treatment, your doctor may recommend one of several noninvasive techniques. Note that though these methods may destroy symptom-causing gallstones, they can do nothing to prevent others from forming, and recurrence is common.

Some gallstones can be dissolved through the use of a bile salt, although the procedure can be used only with stones formed from cholesterol and not from bile pigments. The drug Actigall ursodiol is taken as a tablet; depending on its size, the gallstone may take months or even years to go away. Because some stones are calcified, this treatment often doesn't work. Another nonsurgical technique, shock wave therapy, uses high-frequency sound waves to fragment the stones.

Bile salt is administered afterward to dissolve small pieces. This therapy is rarely used.

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