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How to have a healthy liver and good digestion without a gallbladder

Alcohol contains a lot of sugar—or it turns to sugar, therefore our bodies are not going to tolerate it as well as before. My girlfriend just ate some her lips and throught started swelling up and she is freaking out!.. She has debated having an operation for hiatus hernia. Jessah September 27, at 4: I started having bouts of diarrhoea so I stopped the medication. I had soups on 1st and 2nd day and added greem chillies for taste asbi am used to eating very spicy food.

GM Diet Day 3 Lunch

Lost spunk, vim, vigor, and worse, ambition. Not depressed because even that is gone. Still care, but without passion. All after gb surgery. Feel like the gb may be more important than we recognize. The Doctors should have explained the consequences of ripping out our gall bladders without our informed permission in most cases or try a diet alternative first in the hope of reversal and the fact we now need digestive enzymes to help us digest our food properly.

If I had not found an alternative practitioner who taught me about gut health and told me that i had to completely change my whole way of life particularly what to eat without your GB to stay healthy I would probably still be overweight, high blood pressure, sick most of the time with diarrhea and insomnia.

Thanks to his care and teaching I am normal weight, no blood pressure, sleep well, eat a natural nourishing delicious healthy diet and have my energy back. Shame on our medical doctors for not disclosing all the facts about taking this Majorly Important Organ out of our bodies. Could you please share the lifestyle changes that you made. Im experiencing all the negative effects that you mentioned. Wow this sight has helped me tremendously. My doctor acted as if it was all because of getting older.

I take vitamin d-3 because of a deficiency. And have no sex drive. My husband has seen a huge change in me but we never ever associated it to having my gall bladder removed.

I went throu mine from the age of 45 and was told by my doctor that is not unusual to go throu at that age. I broke my back and was put into menopause overnight after waking up from general anesthetic for many many hours…. I immediately started having hot flashes night sweats changes in skin and hair forgetfulness and other extreme menopausal symptoms immediately after within a day of surgery.

My sexual urge gas completely died. Early menopause occufred immediately afterward! Hi there, Had my gall bladder removed a week ago today. I often have a sore back either side of spine, and after eating. I feel bloated and gassy.

I still have my plasters covering my wounds but have bandaged my whole stomach as I feel I need to support it all the time. My surgeon told me the day after surgery to eat normally…I was quite surprised. You need to start taking Livatone Plus caps 2 twice daily and Ox Bile in middle of meals. You should also take NAC 2 caps twice daily well away from food. These can all be purchased at http: You need to eliminate or reduce refined grains, sugar and processed foods from your diet.

Focus on eating good protein sources, good fats and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. For more information you should read our book: Raw juicing is also excellent. Jessah — what would you recommend for a vegan to do after gall bladder removal please? I would recommend Livatone Plus 2 caps twice a day, and Ox Bile three times a day in middle of meals.

You will need to eliminate or reduce sugar, dairy and processed foods. The supplements I mentioned and the book are available at http: I had my gallbladder removed a year ago. I have been getting upper back pain bra line area also pain under my breast area. Also just recently when I eat it feels like my food does not go down like I have something stuck in my throat. I have never had it before. Your swallowing concerns may be reflux and we recommend you remove all gluten from your diet for weeks and see if this symptom goes away.

Hi Mary Salazar, i have exactly the same problem that you are feeling BUT i have not yet removed the gallbladder my doctor says it is the one which is giving me those problems. To reduce the chances of any issues occurring, make sure to avoid or reduce refined foods, sugar, alcohol and processed foods.

You will need to focus on a diet with plenty of protein, good fats and fresh fruits and vegetables. My gall bladder has been removed for over three years now. Intense pain under right rib, no control over stools, gain weight even after running so much to toilet, always tired but cant sleep, if i dare to laugh pain increase under right rib, pharmacist explain to me today that it could happen that my body cant digest all the bail currently in my body, cant run or walk far before loose stool end up in my running shorts, embaressing and interfere with life expectancy.

Was in good health for three years, winning 5 kilo marathons, now it seemed that gastro ruled my life, the weight gain terrifies me. Pharmacist put me on liver and gall bladder problems solution and salts of natura and had i have to switch to a high protein diet which i will start tomorrow, i do not like meat but if it is going to help to get rid of the weight gain, pain under right rib and continuous running to the demm toilet i will change my lifestyle.

So, tomorrow i will start my day with oats, two eggs, eat meat more or less near raw, with patats and white rice, no more cheese, milk, berries or nuts or joguurt. How boring, but what can one do? These supplements and book are available at http: I have put on heaps of weight.

Im scared when I go out for tea because of everything goes through me. And slot of pain lower back and rightrib. I want my life back.

Got a question for any one who has their gallbladder removed. A friend told me they used to eat onions all the time, but since losing their gallbladder eating them, even in a soup causes problems. Has anyone ever heard of this. It took almost a year after my gallbladder removal for multiple symptoms to arise. It has been 40 years since my GB surgery. From day one I had trouble digesting any food in cabbage family, including onions. But in last few years I have had difficulty digesting even a very small amount of onion.

In addition have many food intolerances in last 10 years. My symptoms are reflux during night affecting quality of sleep, some nausea, bouts of diarrhea. We recommend you follow the dietary guidelines in the above article. Super Digestive Enzymes 1 to 2 in the middle of meals to reduce digestive symptoms and improve nutrient absorption.

Livatone Plus 1 cap twice daily to improve liver function. You need to avoid sugar, processed foods and grains. Focus on eating foods high in protein, good fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Raw juicing is excellent also. I recommend you take Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily and Ox Bile capsules with meals.

I had my gallbladder removed and also border libe creatinine can i take the can i take the ox bile capsule and livatone? Becuase nausea and abdominal pain and now i had this very disturbing pain in my back. I had my gallbladder removed a year and a half ago. I am living with regret at not pursuing other options besides surgery.

Anyway, some days are better than others but most days I have diarrhea at some point, itchy skin, peeling on my fingertips and constant feeling of very low energy along with general, weird pains and discomfort throughout my abdomen.

I currently take a daily liver rescue pill, a pro-biotic and a multi vitamin. Again some days are better than others but, it is quite demoralizing having this constant feeling of general malaise.

Does anyone else have this problem? You need to avoid sugar, grains and dairy products. You should take Livatone Plus 2 caps daily, and Ox Bile in middle of meals. You should also start Raw Juicing. When I was in my late twenties had my gallbladder removed had gallstones lots of them my weight went from lbs to 97 lbs it take me years to get back to lbs im older now and having a problem with the weight loss no skin problems is anyone else having problems with weight loss?

Dr Cabot has written the definitive book giving you instruction on gallbladder health and you will then understand what you are best advised to change to dissolve your present gallstone and keep your gallbladder in a stone free state for the rest of your life. Hi Matt,We have had several conversations about the need to keep it positive when building a new business as many of us are doing here.

We are what we think we are. I love visiting here to read your uplifting wrlgsngs. You need to avoid sugar dairy, gluten and processed foods. Focusing on increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet, as well as getting adequate protein and fat. You should also take Ox Bile one or two in middle of meals. You should also start raw juicing. There is plenty of useful information in our book: Let me know how you get on. I had my gall bladder removed a little over 2 yrs ago.

This weekend I had set back which mimicked the gall Stone attack, just not quite as intense or painful, but extremely uncomfortable none the less.

I drank Smooth move tea with peppermint last night and today I am having some diarrhea and my whole right side and lower intestines is in so much pain! In tHoughton it was gas but it had me curled up on my bed almost sweating and feeling sick. Pain is definitely a 9 right now. You may be passing a liver stone, but we recommend you go to ER to make sure it is not something that requires medical attention.

Did they find a stone? I have been told that I have sludge in my gallbladder and also have a fatty liver. Surgery is rarely necessary for gallbladder sludge. It is probably not required unless the walls of your gallbladder are inflamed or infected, or sludge is blocking a bile duct.

I have recently had my gallbladder removed… one of the symptoms I am finding is a loss of apatite and nausia , is this normal? Yes, these are common occurrences. This includes giving up sugar, grains and dairy. For further information refer to our book: I have removed my Gallbladder five years ago I am getting Paine in my both shoulders specially night time.

Pain in the shoulders responds well to: This article brought me so much hope. I had my Gallbladder removed in and have had every symptom mentioned reoccurring diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, low energy, and I am always sleepy. After a visit to my Physician, I left feeling like I might be losing my mind as my doctor feels it can be 1 of 2 things, Anxiety or a vitamin deficiency. I have lab work schedule that will hopefully confirm this so I can begin treating the causes and be done with these symptoms.

Please let me know if you get an answer! I had my gallbladder removed September and currently experiencing symptoms very similar to yours. Finger numbness is very weird! Am struggling with a baby and young boy to look after and desperately trying to find a way to cope. Have a simple blood test done by a functional med doctor to determine whether you have food sensitivities.

Will omega 3 supplements no be absorbed at all if I take them? Without a gallbladder, absorption of essential fatty acids will be impaired. Digestion of fats can be improved by taking a good liver tonic such as Livatone Plus and supplementing with Ox Bile.

High triglycerides are often associated with Syndrome X, elevated insulin and fatty liver. Following a low carbohydrate diet — avoiding sugar, flour products, processed and fried foods and increasing vegetables and fibre can help reduce triglycerides.

What is the treatment if you still have stomach pain nearly 10 months after gallbladder removal? He mentioned a sachet of something, any ideas? What are the essential supplements that are needed once the gallbladder is removed.

Is it ox-bile, livatone, liver detox,glutathione, digestive enzymes. The list goes on and on. Which one would you recommend? Your email address will not be published. Simply click on the button below to download your free ebook The Vital Principles of Liver Cleansing.

Simply click on the button below to download your free ebook the Liver Diet Guide. Simply click on the button below to download your free ebook Hepatitis and Aids. Jennifer June 26, at 7: Jessah June 26, at 5: Val February 23, at 2: Jessah February 26, at 4: Z Rojas March 3, at 9: Jessah March 4, at 4: Ailine February 10, at 4: Jessah February 11, at 3: Amanda Nadeau January 26, at 9: Jessah January 28, at 3: Connie January 11, at 6: Penny January 28, at 8: Jessah January 14, at 3: Tracy February 4, at 3: Sara Campbell January 9, at 9: Jessah January 9, at 3: Jessah December 4, at 3: Sarah DuBoise December 5, at 3: Jessah December 5, at 3: Teresa Sweetwood December 23, at Kyra November 18, at 9: Jessah November 19, at 4: Jessah January 21, at 5: Cheryl January 22, at Rebekah Rangel-betancourt March 2, at 3: Lou May 31, at 3: Jessah October 9, at 3: Whisper October 15, at 6: Heather Collins October 26, at 7: Dave M November 6, at 9: Rachel December 14, at Jessah December 18, at 6: Wendy December 28, at Mike February 10, at 1: Janet February 24, at 2: Maria September 23, at 3: Jessah September 24, at 5: Ann December 4, at 3: Jennifer Banaszak September 20, at 7: Jessah September 20, at 9: Karla December 7, at 2: Hosanna Croker September 14, at 9: Jessah September 17, at 5: Teresa April 16, at Helena September 11, at Jessah September 11, at 4: Char October 9, at Jillian August 3, at 5: Jessah August 6, at 4: Gladys Richardson January 9, at 9: Barry August 18, at 1: Michelle September 2, at 6: Sally July 19, at Jessah July 19, at 5: Kenny August 4, at 5: Kathy September 19, at 2: Stephanie July 19, at 8: Jessah July 19, at 4: Sarah July 15, at 1: Jessah July 16, at 6: Simone July 18, at 1: Jessah July 18, at 4: Carol July 10, at 9: Jessah July 10, at 4: Robin August 2, at 8: Sherry December 30, at 5: Janet February 24, at 3: Jane July 10, at 7: Kay July 1, at 1: Jessah July 2, at 8: Lorie June 29, at Jessah July 2, at 5: Stephanie June 22, at 8: Jessah June 25, at 4: Cynthia June 15, at 1: Jessah June 18, at Haley June 7, at 1: Jessah June 7, at 4: Edie May 31, at Chasity June 5, at 2: Penny Daum May 25, at 1: Jessah May 28, at 5: Scarlet May 18, at 3: Jessah May 21, at 4: Fee May 31, at 3: Jessah May 31, at 4: Crystal May 1, at Jessah May 1, at 4: Crystal May 11, at Jessah May 14, at 4: Crystal May 16, at 7: Anna April 18, at 1: Jessah April 18, at 4: Jessah April 17, at 8: Ray April 13, at 6: Jessah April 17, at 7: Ankit Jaiswal April 13, at 3: Leo March 30, at 9: Jessah April 2, at 5: Mike March 12, at 4: Jessah March 12, at 6: Me Me March 11, at 8: Astrid March 9, at 7: Jessah March 12, at 5: Kathryn March 7, at 7: Jessah March 7, at Kelly March 8, at 4: Kinga March 2, at 4: Jessah March 5, at 6: David Tichelaar March 6, at 1: Jessah March 6, at 3: Yolanda March 1, at 9: Jessah March 1, at 3: Steph February 26, at Steph February 26, at 5: Jessah February 26, at 6: Cassie February 21, at 7: Jessah February 21, at 8: Jessah February 13, at Ben January 22, at 7: Jessah January 22, at 8: Gina January 17, at 9: Jessah January 31, at 5: Goyo February 4, at Boris January 10, at 1: Jessah January 10, at 4: Boris January 12, at 1: Jessah January 29, at 8: Cindi January 17, at Jessah January 17, at Rosanna Gonzales February 15, at 7: Jessah February 15, at 3: Rico January 7, at Jessah January 9, at 5: Faris January 17, at 9: Jessah January 17, at 3: Topher February 26, at 6: Edwin Cunanan January 7, at 5: Jessah January 17, at 7: Jessah February 19, at 4: Mary January 6, at Mary Salazar February 25, at Doreen January 6, at 8: Jessah January 8, at Tina Douglas January 4, at 4: Terri January 3, at 8: Jessah January 15, at 3: Jessah December 5, at 7: JES December 6, at 6: Mike December 31, at Jason January 3, at Sandra January 4, at Tracey January 8, at 4: Doreen November 30, at 1: Ben November 22, at 2: Dawn November 23, at Emmy December 2, at 8: Michelle December 28, at Jessah January 8, at 8: Natasha November 15, at Jessah November 15, at 4: Julie December 2, at 5: Mandy Viljoen January 3, at Siox November 4, at 1: Jessah November 7, at 4: Kristina November 3, at 9: Jessah November 7, at 6: Ginger November 1, at 8: Jessah November 7, at 5: Maril January 18, at Jessah January 22, at 3: VLB October 19, at 1: Jessah October 23, at 3: Ana October 17, at Migdalia October 17, at Angela Blair January 4, at 1: Carrington February 1, at 9: Amy October 17, at 6: Jessah October 30, at Erica November 7, at Amy October 17, at 4: JayX October 18, at 7: Amy October 20, at 4: Mel October 27, at 9: Sonia November 19, at Srenee January 12, at 6: Andrea December 23, at 3: Lorene February 26, at Amy October 17, at 3: Gail Keepa October 16, at 7: Jessah October 17, at 4: Jessah October 18, at 3: Mary salazar October 6, at Jessah October 9, at 4: Nono October 11, at 1: Forever February 26, at Jessah October 4, at 3: Tessa Raath October 3, at Kathleen December 26, at 5: If so, OTC or prescription?

Local health food store suggested HCL with Pepsin. Hi Peaches — sorry to hear you too have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain. With your previous history of AP I would guess or at least hope that they again did blood work that checked your amylase and lipase levels.

You could be experiencing residual symptoms. The damage may have been enough to cause minimal change CP. CT is a great test but sometimes misses minute damage. EUS endoscopic ultrasound is often better at showing minimal damage and diagnosing early stage CP. I do take OTC enzymes. There are probably others that will do as well. Thank you for the kind words and God Bless you back.

I wish you better health and times. GI dr said AP attack may have been from the bacterial infections. I have family history both grandmothers passed from digestive issues. I read there can be a genetic disposition. Honestly, I must give you credit because in between my 1st and 2nd bout to the hospital is when I came across your blog while on Curezone. I just woke up felt fine, went to the bathroom and then all hell broke lose. I literally stayed in there all day. Over 15 hours before I made it to the ER.

The second time was this annoying, agitating tender pain, nausea and lose of appetite. Since I was released the 2nd time I started taking your recommended supplements. Failed to mention test showed kidney stones. Too large to pass so will have to be removed one day. Kidney specialist said they are non obstructive and not the cause of my pains.

Would you ever consider starting a foundation? I have no thoughts about a book, I am a horrible public speaker and get stage fright lol. Hi, I am having my blood checked for lipase and amylase levels. Would they always be high or only after you eat?

Would all foods trigger a pancreatic attack? What are somethings I could look into besides these enzyme tests? They do NOT elevate simply because you eat nor are they always high. Foods high in fat or alcohol are usually the foods that cause inflammation in a damaged pancreas and lead to an acute pancreatitis attack or a chronic pancreatitis flair.

That usually safe food would NOT normally trigger an attack or flair IF the pancreas was not already highly inflamed due to alcohol or high fat foods previously eaten. So do grapes cuase an acute attack? Do vegetables cause an acute attack? Do carrots and apples combined cause an acute attack? In essence it is theoretically possible for ANY food to trigger an attack but it is NOT likely unless a high degree of inflammation is already present and the fuse of the underlying bomb is very short.

Hi Lukus again, I have read more things on your blog. First let me back up to when it all started. Back in Oct of i started having a pain, a mere stitch in my side on my left side. It would come and go, more annoying than anything. Then it started happening more and more. I finally went to the doc, she said Pancreatitis. Ordered some enzymes tests, they came back normal. I kept having this pain like someone inflated a small balloon in my left side all the time.

It got worse when I tried to eat and I had a beer. I came back tot eh doc, she said it was probably an ulcer. Put me on meds Omeprezole. Stupid me, I took them without having an endoscopy. Anyway At someone point in December I have severe pain in my left side thought it was an ulcer — an endoscopy later revealed no ulcer went to the ER, the pain went straight through me to my back.

I cried, i rarely do. I was given morphine etc. However they did an ultrasound on my abdomen, several different times no indication of anything — or atlas they never mentioned it I even had a contrast CT at one point. However that mysterious night that the pain came out of the blue makes me wonder. I changed my diet drastically mostly to heal my gut- i still eat meat not as much and absolutely no junk food or alcohol anymore and on occasion I have mild pain not sure what to think cause of the leaky gut causing IBS symptoms.

Is it possible to have mild inflammation? Maybe I should do the diet and eliminate fat and see if the pain goes away. Hi Lukus — hey my thoughts are that if you went on the diet and your symptoms disappear your condition obviously responds to a diet low in fat.

Now that could be liver disease, gallbaldder disease however your pain is in the wrong spot for GB issues , the sphincter of oddi also causes abdominal issues that can be mild or very severe, including acute pancreatitis. Depending upon where the pain is exactly it could also be kidney stones or a spleen issue or IBS.

Lipase elevation of 3x normal is considered enough to diagnose AP. And yes atrophy means your pancreas has shrunk which can happen as we age whether or not one has pancreatitis.

The creon is also an interesting prescription. Have you been diagnosed with EPI? Or do you have an intestinal disorder that has caused malabsorption? I find that life is passing me by as i feel unwell most days and yet can not get a proper diagnosis.

It also sounds like you have more rough road ahead. I am truly sorry you are having to go through your ordeal. I KNOW it sucks. I also do not know what to suggest as a possible solution except what I have already said in another comment.

There are forms of pancreatitis that can present FIRST with chronic pancreatitis type symptoms instead of acute and so likely go undiagnosed for years. Get diagnosed with a concrete diagnosis that actually fits the symptoms and makes sense.

So dr wants to look at my gallbladder function. I never have pain on the right only the left and feel it radiate to my back with nausea. The catch is they want me to eat bacon and eggs the morning of the scan. Am petrified to say the least. Hi Stacey — dang that would scare me too! She experienced no pain. Do you know of whether this is true. I have a case study somewhere about an old man who presented with severe vomiting but no pain and he died. Diagnosis was on autopsy. So yes I have heard of painless acute pancreatitis.

Painless acute pancreatitis is rare and usually ends up fatal because the hallmark clinical symptom pain is not evident and so it rarely gets diagnosed in time.

Painless acute pancreatitis mimicking pancreatic carcinoma. It is tender and feels swollen. Sometimes have 1 bad day 1 good, interspersed with a few weeks of awful.

I have had 2 CTs, an ultrasound and too many blood tests to count! Have had 2 lots of fevers during this time which have lasted about days. The pain appears unrelated to food but hard to tell!

Celiac and autoimmune have all been ruled out- currently testing for Crohns. I was just wondering about the chances of having chronic pancreatitis having never had any pancreatic problems previously? Hi Lu — sorry to hear you are not well. All I can say is that there is definitely inflammation somewhere because your CRP is elevated which clearly indicates inflammation.

Neutrophilia could be indictive of any number of infections, even though slight. There are certain types of pancreatitis that can start out with symptms more like those a the chronic form. Have you done any genetic testing for hereditary or acoholic pancreatitis? You do NOT have to be an alcoholic or even a heavy drinker to get alcoholic pancreatitis if you have the gene varaiant. Sorry I am not more help. The discomfort is dead center in my upper abdomen, and does not radiate to my back.

Undiagnosed, as all GI tests came back normal. SOD sphincter of oddi dysfunction can present with very similar symptoms to acute pancreatitis and does actually cause pancreatitis. It could be neither yet is a harbinger of things to come.

I have abdominal pain radiating to my back especially after food, soft stools, dizziness and have seen a number of doctors. I have had a CT scan, two MRI Scans and an ultrasound endoscopy and they have all come back saying my pancreas looks normal. My bloods are also normal. I was told the ultrasound endoscopy would definitely show if I had a problem with my pancreas. Is it possible to have chronic pancreatitis when all the tests have come normal? I am also worried I have malabsorption issues as my bones have begun to hurt a lot and I am wondering whether undiagnosed pancreatitis has resulted in osteoporosis.

Is there anything you would suggest for malabsorption other than juicing which I am trying to do as much as possible. Hi Jen — The problem is that there are more than one condition that offer those types of symptoms. Your pancreas may or may not be involved.

Endoscopic ultrasound is a very good test. Both of those conditions can cause acute pancreatitis as well. Yet with the tests you have had a gallbladder issue may have already been ruled out. SOD can also be seen not always on those tests. Things sometimes get missed. Gallstones can pass leaving nothing to be seen. Blood enzyme levels have been known to be elusive rare. Thank you Health Guy. Could that be responsible for my symptoms? Bile is made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. If your liver is toxic the bile probably is as well.

Good liver cleansing herbs are mint, parsley, garlic, chives, shallots, basil, coriander and small amounts of thyme and oregano. IF that is gonna work you should see some results within 30 days. Do you think getting my gallbladder removed would result in a lessening of my symptoms? Thank you so much for your help. I seem to get better advice from you than the consultants I have seen! After a week or so the pain slowly started to go away and turned into a mild, but constant burning sensation under left rib and in upper stomach in general.

If I eat really big meals or junk food it may comes out in a diariha shape. The sympthoms are still there. Again, I understand you are not a doctor but from what I see online for the las months you have more info than most of them! Do you have any advice for me? What do you think? I know it can be frustrating to be ill and not know why. Did the docs check you for celiac disease or IBS? Were you ever in the ER? If so … Did they draw blood and check your lipase and amylase levels?

It may not be pancreatitis. It may be an intestinal or liver problem left lobe. Hi Health Guy thank you for the response. I heard stories about people that had mild symptoms for years and than one day their pancreas was so damaged they needed to remove it completely. If that is the case with me, i want to make a change before its too late.. Never been to the ER because the pain was and still tolerable. They are from the stomach, mostly from the place of the burning pain — under my left rib.

Just for giggles and grins have him test you for celiac disease blood test. Read this whole article from the Cleveland Clinic. By the way — go to the store and buy some Mylanta antacid. Take a dose twice a day for a couple days and see if that burning pain goes away. If it does it could indicate an ulcer, or a problem with your esophagus.

I had esophagus pain left and right side that feels like it is something other than the esophagus that was relieved by Mylanta.

I also had reflux at times. By the way — even though most of your symptoms do NOT indicate pancreatitis as yet they may be signs of things to come. I have dropped my grape seed extract for now because the milligrams I feel were way too high. I need to keep reading and visiting the beatingpancreatitis website because importantly for my state of mind I need hope.

Hope that I can heal too. Hi Stacey Wykes — I was just asking the Lord yesterday about you! I mentioned to Him that I had not heard from you and asked that He made sure you were ok.

You can always try the Now Foods Super Enzymes. It may give you the relief you need. Just ask the doc to start you off with a low dose and see what happens. Such a great quote from the bible and very true. Because of your good work and wonderful effort I think God led me to your website very early in my illness and for that I am so grateful. Anyhow I will see my dr tomorrow check the creon dosage is low and then try them. I feel ok am still following the diet not as good as I know I can so I need to get myself organised.

Need to get the inflammation under control and do my food diary. You can do it! If so, it could be slowing his system down. One of my dogs swallowed a sock whole. He became constipated, eventually did not want to eat and began to lose weight. It took the sock a couple weeks to pass. So you want to keep an eye on your baby. My little toy poodle has a large mass surrounding bladder, urethra and is constipated as a result.

Waiting to hear back on the results of the biopsy. She is on stool softener. I have put her on a vegetable diet, purée. I have no pet insurance and I want to keep her alive by shrinking this tumor. Does anyone have any suggestions!?

Boy, she is quite a trooper. What has the vet said about the tumor? Can it be removed? Maybe the vet is waiting for results, then can prescribe something to help or suggest a path to take. Please keep us posted with her results. Maybe then someone can best offer suggestions. My dog got into some cheese, thus she is constipated.

We have been walking her to see if that would help. She is drinking water ok. What else do I do? You can add some plain no spices canned pumpkin to her food.

It helps with both constipation and diarrhea by adding fiber back into her gut. My dog is constipated and I gave her a few licks of milk and she went a little bit. What should I do?

Both of my dogs are constipated. I changed their food recently because my brother stopped sending me the Good Kind for a about a month and for the last 3 days they havent really had a bowel movement and the pee is not a continuous flow…. He took his temp and everything…. For my 3 year old shih tzu he prescribed doxycycline because he said he had a throat infection and for his joints.

I thought it might be lyme disease because my grass was so high at one point and they were out there all the time. I saw ticks and fleas on both of them. See if your dogs will eat some green beans. That can relieve constipation. Also plain canned pumpkin — not the kind with spices, just plain pumpkin.

Also be sure they have plenty of water. If you are feeding them dry food, add some water to their dry food and let it sit for a few minutes before you feed them. Dry food absorbs liquid during digestion and constipation can be a result of not enough liquid in their digestive tract to make regular stools. It can be a simple imbalance. As for the ticks and fleas… there are a couple options. Short grass also lets the sun bake out some issues.

Works with cats too. She has passed small hard stools yesterday but nothing much at all really! So i have been reading all your helpful tips and will now try olive oil in her breakfast and see if that helps.

I have some pumpkin in the fridge that i shall cook up also in a couple of days if Olive oil doesnt work. This is wonderful information thank you.

You can use the plain pumpkin straight out of the can. No need to cook it. Also green beans can help. One of the main causes of constipation is insufficient water. Is she drinking water? How often and how long do I feed my boy the canned pumpkin or,same question if i choose the olive oil method. He is 3 years old. These are remedies, so you would do them for maybe a day or two after you get the result you want.