Crockpot Chicken and Stuffing Recipe

Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

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Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

It makes it extra amazing!!! I am trying it now in the crock pot for the first time! Thanks for the idea! Kristy — what is your recipe for making this in the oven? What temperature and for how long. I will have something else in the crock pot on the day I want to make this so if it works well in the oven I will give it a try! I have made this in the oven as well. Not with chicken breasts though because I use the stock created after baking the seasoned chicken wings in a deeper dish with just a little chicken stock on the bottom season your chicken breast to taste..

Bake the wings until they begin to brown. In a large bowl combine 1 can of soup, dry stuffing, and the stock from the chicken plus any additional to get close to the amount suggested on the box. I bake it on until the stuffing browns a little on top about 30 minutes.. I made the recipe a followed it step by step. Then I read the comments and saw that you need to add bread crumbs.

When do you add them and how much? I JUST got done eating this. Used cream of mushroom instead and used canned green beans. If I double this recipe, should I keep layering the ingredients, or just double it, and put in like the original recipe? This recipe looks really good! I would have to leave out the green beans, though. Great recipe but I replaced the canned soups with my own cream sauce and cooked mushrooms to control the sodium level.

Sorry, I missed the part about how much bread crumbs. Do you substitute them for the second box of stuffing or do you add the bread crumbs too? I made this tonight for dinner. The only change I made was using boneless chicken thighs. I use them because they never dry out in the crockpot. Unlike other comments I did not feel it was to salty, I used healthy request cream of chicken soup so that may be why. This will definitely be in my crockpot recipe rotation! Just wanted to tell you that this recipe rocked our socks off!!

We rely on crock pot recipes during the busy week, and this one is now on our repeat list. Thank you for sharing it….. I made this tonight and it was awesome! I just added some poultry seasoning on top of the chicken. I saw this on pinterest. I made this tonight and followed the recipe and directions exactly. My husband and son loved it! I am wondering if i cut the recipe in half do i also need to adjust the time it cooks.

I was planning on using the low setting instructions. I am not fond of chicken breasts in the crockpot. I think I am going to try this in the oven, and maybe cut it in half as ot is only me.

It really sounds good! I loved it but instead of green beans I used peas, corn, carrots, potatos, broccoli and onions. Next time I will add some more veggies. Made this tonight but added a few items as we love our veggies in this family. Added a chopped onion below the chicken, frozen carrots and fresh sliced mushrooms on top. Easier to add if you want. Tried this recipe this evening and we enjoyed it, however it was a little bit too salty.

I cooked it for a little over three hours, the first hour on high and the remaining time on low and it was definitely over done. Chicken was dry and stuffing too mushy. I would totally use fresh green beans. Let me know how it comes out! When mixing the soup do you add water or milk to it or do you just mix the can with the sour cream?

Has anyone frozen the leftovers? Does it freeze well? The stuffing might be mushy after freezing and thawing, but I think it would be fine. I also cook for just me and most recipes are not designed for one person use so I freeze a lot of things. We made this last night for a dinner party and it was stunning, the stuffing mix over the bread crumbs was something that I had not thought of. Chicken is fantastic for the body. If addition, how much more? And finally, fresh breadcrumbs or dried? I like this idea since the mix I am using is for cornbread stuffing.

When I make stuffing from scratch, it is half cornbread, half bread. This was so good! Thank you for such a great, easy, simple, affordable crockpot recipe! I made this with plain nonfat greek yogurt instead of sour cream. It was delicious and I calculated it to be only calories per serving. I used Greek yogurt when I made this and it was very good. Has anyone figured out how to reduce the salt.

Maybe if there is an ingredient that could be used instead of cream of soup. Just looking for suggestions. There are low sodium soups available. I made this for supper tonight and it was a big hit!! I did not have frozen green beans, but had box of frozen mixed vegetables, so used that instead!! I suggest using a slow cooker liner as did someone in a another person …. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe!!

Pinned this from Pinterest and made it tonight. I followed the recipe and was able to fluff the stuffing an hour before it was supposed to be done. I also stirred in chicken broth because we like our stuffing more moist. A super easy recipe for a weeknight. I did add celery and onions to this, as when I make homemade stuffing I add that to it. I need a bigger one!! I am substituting frozen broccoli!

I made this yesterday with the exception I did not use the green beans and I did not use sour cream. I mixed my soup with about 1 cup of milk. It was delish and lots of praises.

Could this be put together the night before, kept in the fridge, and then cook it in the morning? It really only takes about 5 minutes to through it together and set it to cook. When it comes to the studying, do you just put in the dry breadcrumbs and leave out the seasoning pack that comes with it? Or do you add both? Made this tonight for supper. The chicken was so moist it shredded itself as I took it out of the crockpot. Thank you for sharing! If you are not around to fluff the stuffing…how will that affect the end result?

What do you recommend for someone who will not be home during the cook? I used crockpot liners in my crock — major clean up saver!! I will have to try this recipe!! This recipe is so good! I do not use sour cream…I add water or broth throughout as needed throughout the cooking and it turns out super moist!

You can use either. You may want to add a little bit more water or chicken stock to substitute the water from the frozen green beans though. I typically use frozen chicken breast.

If I skip the defrosting process, how long does this need to cook? Does it add a couple of hours onto the cooking time? I would used cream of Mushroom to give an earthy flavor, and chicken stock instead of water!

Also lady with the sour cream issue, try mayo. This looks very good. What could I use instead of sour cream? My husband and son will not eat sour cream. Could I use frozen corn instead of the green beans? Do you think it would cook for the same amount of time if I used boneless chicken breast? I am looking to make this for 6 people, so that would be easier than trying to fit enough chicken on the bone in the bottom of the crock pot. Could I cut this recipe in half or do you think it would burn?

Not a dumb question at all. Just for a little clarity, how many ounces of soup are needed? Also, how big were the chicken breasts? You could use 2 of the small cans I used 4 large sized chicken breasts for my recipe.

They covered the whole bottom of the crockpot the photo shows this so you can get a better idea. Easy Chicken recipe made with stuffing in a crockpot! Yes but the cooking time may end up being a bit longer.

Huge hit at my house. Made biscuits and applesauce to go with. I know what is dinner for tonight. Any one pot meal works for me. Could I make the chicken and stuffing without sour cream? Yes but you might up to water amount a bit more. Can i use canned beans? Can you use a bag of stuffing instead of Stove Top?

I only have a 3qt. This looks so good! I want to make it this week! Let me know how it comes out. I did corn it was yummy.

If I use 5 frozen chicken breats, do you think I can get away with cooking for 8 hours on low? Could you use other frozen veggies in this? Like peas or or corn or even broccoli? When you mix the soup with the sour cream do you add the water to the condensed soup first?

No water is added for the soup. You will get enough water from the frozen veggies. Ours is usually gone pretty quick but we are a big family. Anyone else freeze it? Do you just sprinkle the stuffing seasoning mix over the bread crumbs? Doctors providing opioids without proper documentation: Olivia Newton-John reveals that her breast cancer has returned. Why Jennifer Garner's nutritionist starts every day with a smoothie.

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