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Arterial hypertension determined by ambulatory blood pressure profiles: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Total. Trends in nutrient intake among adults with diabetes in the United States: Yogurt must not contain more than 23 g of sugar per ounce. Timing of solid food introduction in relation to eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis, and food and inhalant sensitization at the age of 6 years: Smoking during pregnancy and lactation and its effects on breast-milk volume.

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Here in NH we have one such person, and he may well lose his practice. He had a license and then surrendered it because he knew he was going to have it taken away. David, what do you think? Everything that I have read from Dr. Fung so far makes a lot of sense to me, Donna. I particularly like his emphasis on intermittent fasting. I am curious about your opinion of the work of the late Dr.

Nathan Pritikin, and his Pritikin Diet. I used to be a serious runner, doing marathons annually and a host of other road races. I tried 6 different ways to rehab the knee, but nothing worked, so I turned to coaching other runners. My error was to remain on the same diet I had been using when running marathons!

High in complex carbs, low in fat, and moderate in protein. Over the years, my weight slowly increased. The following month, my own physician had me take another A1C test, and it registered as He told me to immediately change my diet.

I followed that advice. By April, my A1C was don to 7. In June it was down to 6. Surprisingly, in July it went up a bit to 6. However, this morning it registered as 6. The only real difference now is that I am working out at the Y about 4 times each week, usually putting in 4 or more miles each time on the treadmill. That program started about a month ago, so perhaps that is the reason for the drop back to 6.

Oddly, my weight has not budged since starting to work out. I am not taking any medication for the sugar problem, nor do I wish to do so if I can avoid it. It seems that the knee is holding up on the treadmill, as I have added in some jogging at MPH…nothing overly fast, and for seconds at a time before slowing down to 4. In this one month, my heart rate is significantly lower than it was at the same speed, so it is obvious that my conditioning is starting to come back…even though I will never again be a real runner.

Interesting that you ask for comments on diet — without writing what your diet is! However, I will comment on Nathan Pritikin, who advocated an extremely low fat diet. First, you call him Dr. I can forgive this because it is an all-to-common mistake. In fact, Pritikin was no doctor. Thank you for all the good info. Collapsed and have been extremely weak in bed and very little sleep for 6 weeks. Started eating mixture of foods with melatonin before bed: Have managed to get up for a little while each day depending on sleep for past two weeks.

And I used to run circles around all my friends! Now I am happy if I slowly walk 3 blocks away in late eve. My fasting glucose is 92 , A1c is 5. My challenge and question is how to gain weight, get enough calcium, and D3. Trying to balance all this needs a PhD in fitness and nutrition!! I am shocked about the osteoporosis diagnosis I am an outside person and have had a difficult time figuring out my limits and absolutely bewildered and frustrated with the prediabetic numbers. Do I need to simply be patient with my slow progress, relax and learn to say NO!?

Stress can make your health problems so much worse, Charlotte. It could be what you need to address first. The way I deal with stress is through meditation, which can in fact help us in many ways. Actually, I would be surprised if you need more protein because almost all Americans get too much. But as someone who knows how hard it is to LOSS weight, I can highly recommend avocados, nuts and seeds, and cheese to help you gain weight.

They work too well for me. When people get diagnosed with diabetes, Tina, they are either scared or in denial about it. Being scared is better! Only uncontrolled diabetes does. Your A1C level of 6.

Mine, for example, was So, of course, in my case it was essential that I brought it down to normal as soon as possible. You, on the other hand, have much less work to do than I did when I was diagnosed.

Where to start is indeed the right question. I would hope that your doctor has prescribed a diabetes medicine, particularly metformin or insulin shots. These are the usual starting drugs — insulin works very quickly to bring down our blood sugar level to normal.

But when you take metformin, you have to increase the dosage very, very slowly in order to avoid nausea and other stomach upsets. When people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which I assume you have, they weigh too much. What is your BMI? If it is above normal, it is a major contributing factor to your A1C level being above normal. Weight loss is essential as a start for you then. Metformin is usually weight neutral or can help you lose a little weight.

Insulin and most other drugs for diabetes on the other hand lead to significant weight gain. A relatively new class of drugs, however, can help you lose weight.

When I took Byetta for about 2 years, I was able to lose a significant amount of weight. Eventually, however, I realized that any drug can have negative side effects, some perhaps not yet discovered in the general population. So I decided to lose weight — and control my diabetes at the same time — by switching to the only other feasible alternative for me — a very low-carbohydrate diet.

It is essentially only carbohydrates that cause our blood sugar to be too high, so a low-carb diet works wonders for both weight loss and blood sugar control. I could go on with more information. In fact, I have in the thousands of articles I have written about diabetes in the past 20 years.

But these are the essentials of what you need to know to start. Yes, Carmen, your level is far too high. You need to bring it down very quickly in order to avoid some very serious complications that will come from your uncontrolled diabetes.

To bring down your level right away there is only one way: You must get your doctor to prescribe them. You will not have to take insulin shots for the rest of your life if you eat right. Eating right for people with diabetes means eating very few carbohydrates.

I have written many articles about a very low-carb diet that I encourage you to read here. It is difficult, but not impossible to manage your diabetes on a vegan diet, Rivka. I have been able to do it on a vegetarian diet, because it gives me the amount of protein that I need from eggs and dairy. Your A1C level is much better than I would have thought from being diagnosed so recently, but it is certainly higher than it should be.

The normal level is certainly 5. If I were in your shoes, I would immediately study one book: Hi David, I will have to look up this Dr. Bernstein of wich you speak… however, in the meantime, maybe you could answer a few questions for me?

My caloric intake is around daily. My last a1c was a 5. She looked confused… does Dr. Bernstein say anything about this? If you help me, or even just point me in the right direction that would be great! You ask some excellent questions, Amber! First, your A1C and weight numbers are wonderful. Second, your doctor may be confused about the basis for a normal A1C level. My guess is that it is not above 5. Bernstein thinks that it is around 4. The problem is to find and test people who are young, thin, and apparently healthy, because these people are about the closest we can get to normal.

I look into this in depth at http: This post has a lot of comments too, many of which are quite valuable. I am about 10wks pregnant. My dr did an a1c test and said it came back boarderline. My question is would this make the results of the test not be accurate.

Should I request that she retest me before sending me to a specialist? But, no, your sickness would have very little impact on your A1C level. Eating a high carb diet for a short time would also have little impact.

But it certainly will, if you stay with it. Am 57 6 foot 3 at male. Was a commercial truck driver for 14 and on the road most of the time. Uncureable lost my leg from the knee down Recently noticed my A1c was too high for a DOT card at 8. Now changing doctors medicare begin. I take Invokana and simvastatin for diabetes control. What exactly is the problem carbs, medicine or both? Carbs are the problem. The Invokana medicine helps to bring it down. My a1c a year ago was I am on metformin 2, a day and Glipside twice a day.

But I have been exercising 4 days a week. Just not losing weight and my sugars are running a little higher now around What can I do to get it lower and lose weight. I am sure that you know your basic problem. With the height and weight numbers you provided your BMI is You have two good choices, and the best is to immediately begin to follow a very low-carb diet, as I have written in many of my articles here.

Actually, what worked best for me and for many people it to do both. Cardio, weights, core body and swimming- normally swimming 2 days a week. Well, I guess I will be cutting a lot of that out. Finally, I know I do not get enough sleep ours daily. BTW- there is no history of diabetes in our family.

After reading your blog, I have several questions; 1 How worried should I be about my A1C developing to an uncontrollable level diabetes. An A1C of 5. You are smart to be taking action now because you have a good chance of never getting diabetes, which has no cure.

Pre-diabetes does have a cure. By poor diet I mean eating foods that will impact your blood sugar level. Those foods are the ones that are high in carbohydrates, including the grains, like rice and anything made from wheat. Potatoes also have a great impact. While technically, there are many types of sugar, the problematic ones are fructose and sucrose. My AC1 is 7. I understand that I need to control carbs but am more confused if my medication is effective.

He or she wants you to bring your A1C level down to no more than 7. Increasing the amount of your medicine is necessary unless you reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat. It should be effective and the metformin part of the medicine is the safest medicine for diabetes of all except for insulin, and the dosage your doctor prescribed is the standard maximum level.

The Glyburide is, however, a medicine that I would not want to take because of some suspicion that it might burn out the beta cells of your pancreas the cells that make the insulin in your body.

Glyburide, like all sulfonylurea drugs, do that. Thanks for all you do. First blood test ever. Typically walk miles weekly plus winter hiking. Peppermint Schnapps and beer. I also smoke on those 3 nights I typically drink. I am glad to help. Beer could indeed be your problem causing you to consume too many carbs. It is far higher in carbs than any other alcoholic drink. And it is a decided plus that you will not be smoking any more now that you have stopped drinking it.

You can indeed get your A1C down into the normal range by reducing the amount of carbohydrate you eat and drink. Keep testing your A1C level regularly for confirmation.

The rise in your blood sugar was probably due in large part to stress. If so, this makes it all the more important not to get stressed out about it. You have shown that you can control your blood sugar once, and you can certainly now do it again. Again, thanks for all you do to help diabetics and those who hopefully may avoid diabetes through education. In the last three months, I went from a personal low A1C of 5.

I am a type 2 diabetic, taking metformin only, at mg. I have lost a lot of weight, but my weight has stabilized. I did recently have some stressful things in my life, including having gallbladder removal and starting a new job. Could that really make my A1C jump that much in the course of four months? Dear David, I followed you, and Dr Rollo when my daughter got diabetes at 10years old. She is 32 now, and her 4 year old son has Type 1 diabetes as well. I am almost 69 and got type 2 about 9 years ago.

I went on insulin almost immediately. I suspect latent type 1. I set up my own insulin regimen and see a regular physician. My a1c is 5. I have decided I should see an endocrinologist however as there seem to be so many new developments on the horizon. Could you recommend some endos in the Kansas City area? Dear David, I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my A1C was 8. My diet consisted of mostly carbs white bread and pasta and lots of soft drinks. Since being diagnosed I have completely changed my lifestyle.

I had one Dr. You will need to get down to a low body mass index i. You are doing great and are on the right path. But you will almost certainly need to go farther. Whole wheat bread and brown rice are in fact little if any better than the usual.

Unless you eat very little of these flours and grains you will find it very difficult to manage your diabetes. The good news is that you can give up the grains and feel much better too.

A1C 13,stopped taking insulin because I could not for 13 years get my shoulder fixed,stopped exercise,now I went to a DR outside of the VA,surgery on hand scheduled soon,pre op screening means I must take insulin again,how much insulin is safe to take 2x a day.

You need to discuss it with your medical team because there are so many variables. I am a 44 yr male. I was currently diagnosed with type two. I been walking two. Three miles almost daily.

Trying to eat right. With my changes in diet and exercise will this lower my numbers. When I walk numbers come down. Meteformin reduces the numbers with good results. Nervous abourt this disease. If you cut down on your starches grains, potatoes and eat less, your A1C will indeed come down to normal. Thanks for your response David I appreciate it. No I am not overweight my BMI is like a 19 or I weigh only pounds and I am 5 ft 5 inches tall.

I am afraid if I start on a low carb diet I will lose weight but I am more afraid of diabetes. Do you know what types of foods I can eat that can help me avoid losing weight and still keep my A1C levels under control. The doctor said I was at risk for pre-diabetes will take this test again in a couple months. What you need to eat are exactly those good foods that I usually have to sacrifice in order to get my weight down to my goal! I try to stay thin and keep my BMI at When I do have it down there right now after lots of travel I have 3 pounds to lose , I eat avocados, cheese, and macadamia nuts.

All of these foods, and many more, have lots of the best fats. Hi I am a 49 yr old female 5ft 5inches pds. I have always had good glucose levels and numbers. I just got my A1C test back which was 5. I am not a diabetic do have family history of it. Your choice, part 1, is to lose weight if you are overweight, i. In any case, your best course of action is part 2, to eat fewer carbohydrates, particularly those with a high glycemic index see http: I have an A1C of 6.

My cholesterol is borderline high as well, and I was told to stay with whole grains because of the valuable fiber content. Is it the whole wheat by itself that raises glucose or just the amount you eat?

Fiber may be useful, although not everyone agrees and we certainly have been ways of getting it in any case than eating grain. Nuts and seeds and even some fruit like avocados are loaded with fiber. Michael Eades has an eye-opening post on fiber too.

The glycemic index studies all show this. It will change your life. I am a skinny diabetic. I am 6 feet, one inch and weight lbs. I am a male. My last a1c was 6. No wonder that so many of us get complications from diabetes. At my last doctor visit, my a1c came back at 6. I already eat fairly low carb so is increasing my exercise my best bet? I take of Metformin a day, no other diabetes drugs.

I agree with you that 6. We can do better and reduce the risks of complications. But I think that going even lower carb will make more of a difference than exercise, except perhaps after meal exercise like I just wrote about today at HealthCentral. I had labs done last Friday and my A1C is 9. I was given a two week period of time to get the A1C going down — what are the best foods to do this?

Foods high in carbohydrates are those that raise your blood sugar level. These are particularly grains, especially wheat and anything made from it bread, muffins, cake, pasta, etc. Those are not all, but are the worst ones for you. I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies and after second, did not go away. But I generally try to keep postprandial readings under Is that too high? Many people would say that is not too high. But you can do better on a very low-carb diet even without drugs, by cutting out the starches and sugars.

I know that my level is usually and rarely above The whole problem with diabetes is the complications. Diabetes itself causes nothing. But high blood glucose causes the complications. The best studies there are show conclusively that blood glucose levels above normal can cause complications. Please read my entire article about what a normal blood glucose level is. Bernstein says, and it has really worked well! I can even have a small amount of whole grain bread!

Your comments and information is inspiring! I have never been obese but have lost approx. I know that I ate too many high carbs this past summer so I know that I contributed directly to that number. On top of that I have other digestive problems which mean I cannot eat several foods i.

I have seen stats that some drugs and insulin can cause weight gain of up to 22 lbs. Do these numbers indicate I should be moving directly to insulin? The drugs that you take are some of the best in terms of not leading to weight gain although Byetta and Victoza are much better, because they can help you lose weight. The main things that you need to do to bring your A1C down to a normal level is to follow a very low carb diet, like Dr. You can do it! Then came the news that diets low in carbs but high in fat were not healthy, so I switched over to what I thought was the best of the best and began following a diet based on the glycemic index.

I was no longer successful losing weight, it seemed, and somewhere along the way, I developed Type II. At least I was eating healthy, so I thought. My blood pressure is still too high and my cholestral numbers are still backwards what should be lower is higher; what should be higher is lower. In fact, I feel ill whenever my meter reads a score of or less! As usual, I have found inspiration at your website and a renewed passion to begin again, something I had lost along the way as I began to despair.

Thank you for your continued efforts to share your knowledge of living with diabetes with the rest of us. I feel encouraged now. I have ordered a copy of Dr. David, I agree with the others, you look fantastic! To me, this means you have reached a significant milestone in your personal battle with Type II. The last I knew, you were taking Byetta. Please expound on where your life has taken you since then. You can find the best short explanation of what changed in my life since Byetta at http: I thought we were to consume grains, vegetables,etc.

I am so confused. I am supposed to meet with dietition. I also Take Metaformin. I do mean LOW carb — about 40 to 60 grams of carbohydrates per day. Yes, the American Diabetes Association and most dietitians would you have a low fat diet instead. But it is the carbohydrates, not fat or protein, that raises our blood glucose levels and makes us unhealthy. Hi David, Thank you for this web site. Diagnosed with type 2 last year and had a recent a1c of 5.

Even though my a1c is good, could I still benefit from meds? Was on Junovia at one time and felt better. Since your A1C level is in the normal range, I wonder if something else is going on. If I were in your shoes, I would ask my doctor for a complete checkup. Is anyone out there using symlin? But I have found that exercising after a meal helps more than anything.

I would like to hear from others using symlin. It has not been the miracle I was hoping for, but I have reduced my insulin. White tea might be even better than green; see http: I love green tea and use several types including Genmaicha green tea with popped rice for a nutty finish and green teas with various floral and fruit rinds for flavoring. Since I use loose leaf tea and steep directly, would I get a enough carbohydrate from the popped rice to matter?

I just drink the tea, and use the solids for compost. My fasting glucose has never been above mid 80s. However, my A1C is 5. Bernstein says in unnacceptably high.

Both my parents and only sibling have type 2 diabetes. My sibling and mother are obese, my father slim. I do take thyroid meds for hypothyroidism. I eat low carb to control my weight but since I am very slim and more active in the summer — I tend to overeat fruit in the summer. I try to take long walks every day — these range from 30 minutes to over an hour.

I also tend to binge on nuts. My triglycerides are always very low — 45 or even lower — 22 at a recent test. How worried should I be about the 5. I have a female friend who is also slim like you who is also concerned about an A1C level in the same range. But that range does seem to be a normal level, according to everything that I have been able to find.

Normal, but perhaps not optimal. With a very low-carb diet, you can, as Dr. Bernstein recommends, bring it down to an optimal level. I do follow a very low-carb diet like Dr. Bernstein recommends, which is no more than 42 grams of carbohydrates per day. I also get a lot of exercise. Without both, it would be hopeless for me.

I knew you lost weight, but the picture is inspiring!! I have a question regarding how you are maintaining your weight. Specifically my question is 1 are you following Dr. The difference from an A1C of 6.

So, then, how quickly can a 6. How much time do I have? And, I also sent an email reply. Did you get it? As to chocolate, not likely. In the first place, chocolate per se has little effect on blood glucose.

The sugar in most chocolate does, but only to much extent among people who have diabetes. You have been warned by your doctor that you are on the road to full-fledged diabetes.

Please take the necessary steps now to avoid it. Those steps are most importantly to get a lot of exercise and control your weight by eating right, i. I have always had a normal glucose level. This year it was which my doc said was high. They did an A1C which came back at 6.

I am wondering if eating a lot of chocolate during the previous 4 months would give an abnormal test result. I am just barely 62 and no more overweight now than I was the last 30 years of my life. Just wondering whether a chocolate binge affected the test result. June 17, by David Mendosa Share. David Mendosa I am a freelance medical writer, advocate, and consultant specializing in diabetes.

Previous Post Next Post. LifeScan Gets it Right. Reply Patti April 15, at Reply Paula April 1, at Reply David Mendosa April 1, at T March 31, at 9: Reply David Mendosa March 31, at 9: Reply David Mendosa March 17, at 4: Reply Violetta March 12, at 4: Reply David Mendosa March 12, at 7: Reply Violetta March 16, at 5: Reply Hussain March 15, at Reply Violetta March 16, at 6: David Mendosa March 16, at 8: Violetta March 16, at Reply Patti April 17, at 1: Reply Nuyurk March 20, at 8: Reply David Mendosa March 20, at 8: I reduced my A1C by avoiding high-glycemic foods.

Reply Don June 6, at 5: Reply David Mendosa June 6, at 8: I am glad you shared your good news here. Reply Keys Green March 10, at 7: Reply David Mendosa March 11, at 1: Reply Violetta March 16, at Reply cathy June 6, at Reply David Mendosa June 6, at Reply Vicki April 15, at 4: Reply David Mendosa April 15, at 6: Reply Minnie March 15, at 7: I take metformin and glyberide.

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It instead favors multi-grain and sourdough breads, legumes and whole grains that are converted more slowly to glucose in the bloodstream. It has been suggested that the removal of carbohydrates from the diet and replacement with fatty foods such as nuts, seeds, meats, fish, oils, eggs, avocados, olives, and vegetables may help reverse diabetes. Fats would become the primary calorie source for the body, and complications due to insulin resistance would be minimized.

It has been shown that a high fiber diet works better than the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association in controlling diabetes and may control blood sugar levels with the same efficacy as oral diabetes drugs.

The Paleolithic diet has been shown to improve glucose tolerance in people with diabetes type 2 , [66] ischemic heart disease and glucose intolerance , [67] and in healthy pigs. A low-fat vegan diet improves glycemic control similar to the ADA diet.

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