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How did she lose weight? A solution for men and women.

Weight-Loss Programs Work for Severely Obese
The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. American Medical Association published 24 July Once glycogen is depleted the body begins to fuel the brain using ketones, while also metabolizing body protein including but not limited to skeletal muscle to be used to synthesize sugars for use as energy by the rest of the body. At the time of publishing this post, these are the 5 weight loss programs we believe are more suited to women. We do not like crash diets, fad diets, suspicious products or anything that does not promote healthy and permanent weight loss. National clinical guideline for diagnosis and management in primary and secondary care". As such, it requires long-term treatment to lose weight and keep it off.

What's Her Weight Loss Secret?

Weight loss

If you have tried dieting and exercising, but are still struggling to lose weight, luckily we have options for weight loss available at our clinic. In conjunction to nutritional counseling we incorporate certain weight loss programs depending on your needs. AppTrim and AppTrim-D are medical foods geared to help with appetite and satiety. These weight loss formulas contain a proprietary blend of amino acids which are the building blocks of the neurotransmitters that help regulate food intake.

Obese patients frequently take in increased calories because they lack enough of the key amino acids that make the neurotransmitter precursors that control appetite and satiety. AppTrim contains caffeine, while AppTrim-D is caffeine free. NanoLean utilizes scientifically-validated ingredients to create a multifaceted approach to weight loss. It is designed specifically to support your metabolism, reduce stress and body fat, and provides you with the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

HCG for weight loss was discovered by British endocrinologist, Dr. Simeons in the s. Simeons theorized that HCG must reprogram the hypothalamus part of the brain that helps regulate hormones to lose fat, not muscle, by promoting mobilization and removal of abnormal, excessive fat deposits. We have based our HCG diet on his original weight loss protocol.

This restriction prevents the adipose tissue from storing new fat while you are actively on the diet. Our nutritional plans provide up to 1, calories daily and contain carefully planned foods that provide a balanced nutritional plan rich in vitamins and minerals and low in refined carbohydrates, fats, and sodium. Caloric restrictions are determined by degree of obesity, health profile, sex and age.

A post-reduction maintenance program allows us to fortify the behavioral changes taught during the weight loss period for long term results. Do you live to far from one of our locations? Make an appointment for a consultation for our at home program. One on one counseling in the privacy of your home.

You will have your own counselor counseling you via the internet one on one. You can ask questions and she will be answering you and following up with you on the internet or the phone if you prefer. You can call her anytime and she will be calling and emailing you on an on going bases. Our At-Home Program is structured yet flexible and provides up to 1, calories daily, along with being rich in vitamins and minerals and low in refined carbohydrates, fats and sodium.

This program provides the balance; variety and moderation that you need to achieve your weight loss goal. Most importantly, you will learn and adopt new eating habits and behaviors that will enable you to control and manage your new healthy weight.

Purchase your 4, 6 or 10 week program here! Or Schedule your free At-Home weight loss consultation today! Click to Call - Slim4life Facebook Twitter. Unique Weight Loss Programs for Unique Needs Our Weight Loss programs are designed to help you maintain optimal nutritional balance while you lose between three and five pounds per week, and to develop healthy eating habits that you can adhere to long after you reach your goal weight.

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