Plexus Slim Review 2014 – Dangerous. That’s What This Is!


To lose weight, you must take in fewer calories than you burn. This can also help minimize the potential side effects. March 20, at 9: May 9, at Low-carb dieters can skip the starch and eat more veggies. Download Get the Mobile App. Furthermore, for those who actually succeed in stopping the use of the shake, the results and those are rare experienced during the periods they were taking the drink are more often than not nullified.

Reset Your Routine.

Though some Slim Fast shakes are made with artificial sweeteners, many of the flavors contain a large dose of sugar.

The Strawberries and Cream, French Vanilla or Milk Chocolate flavors, for example, each have 18 grams of sugar per serving, which translates to 4. That's three-quarters of the daily 6-teaspoon limit for women and half of the daily 9-teaspoon limit of sugar for men, as recommended by the American Heart Association.

If you drink the two shakes recommended as part of the diet each day, you'll go overboard on sugar intake. High sugar intake is associated with a higher risk for heart disease. The sweeteners used in sugar-free versions can also cause side effects, like gas or diarrhea, in some people, notes Harvard Medical School. Slim Fast shakes look like rich, decadent milkshakes, but they contain a fairly high dose of added sodium. The Cappuccino Delight flavor, for example, has milligrams of sodium.

That's 14 percent of the 1, milligrams of sodium you should consider your daily upper limit, according to the American Heart Association. Too much sodium can raise your blood pressure, leaving you more susceptible to heart failure and stroke. Other flavors of Slim Fast shakes contain between and milligrams of sodium per serving.

Following the Slim Fast meal replacement weight-loss program means you'll consume about 1, calories a day, which classifies it as a low-calorie diet. It can be difficult to stick to this low calorie count. It will most likely require you to keep careful track of how many calories you consume from the shakes and the snacks and one sensible meal you eat each day. Eating a low-calorie diet can leave you feeling hungry and fatigued as well.

If the daily meal replacement aspect of Slim Fast shakes seems too extreme for you, make the shakes an occasional part of your diet instead. This can also help minimize the potential side effects. The best deal is at Walgreens all month long, 6 ct. Use the item search to find all the other slim fast deals near you. It is telling me the only way to get it is to download it to a loyalty card. Is anyone else having this problem? Try clicking on link above.

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