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This depends mainly on how fast your weight loss is. The age-related decline in resting energy expenditure in humans is due to the loss of fat-free mass and to alterations in its metabolically active components. Do not skip anything or jump ahead. Even medically-supervised very low-calorie diets have a high failure rate when it comes to keeping the weight off. However, there are serious health concerns associated with all three Boost your heart health: A Simple Diet Plan.

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Hi I am a mother of three just had my recent child he is one now I am 5,6 and i weigh I think the information here is incredibly irresponsible. How can you tell somone to go into diets at calories without telling them to sign up to a Eating Disorder support group because this is the first step to getting one. If all you want to do is be skinny and not healthy, this is for you.

TO be fair, there are some true things in here like lifting heavy is best and interval training is best but not to lose 4lbs a week. Not too mention the havoc it creates on ones mental status I suggest the owner of the stuff start doing some actually scientific research before giving out any more potentially harmful advice.

Yes, it may be healthy for a pound female to lose less than 2 pounds a week but if take a female she's going to lose more than 2 pounds a week on a less than calorie diet ALONE! I just turned 34 and I've been struggling with my weight for a long time and I've been having trouble losing weight especially when I'm always on the go.

Is there anything that I can fix that's quick and healthy that I can eat on the go? Hey, Im 18, i weigh nearly pounds which is portioned all overs. What should I do? And how should I start? I'm 5'2 and lbs.

I want to lose 14 pounds. I've already lost about 30 lbs and seem to have hit a wall. Hi I been trying to loss weight but i Am like yo- yo please help I been dieting for years and I can't make it please help me!!!! I am 37 yrs old 5. You should consider reverse dieting fisrt and build up your metabolism because you have probably severely damaged it. Build it up over time, then fatloss will be much easier. Also look into flexible dieting I am 58 yrs old, lbs and diabetic type II.

I need to loose belly fat but have a large ventical hernia. Otherwise have a good back,joints etc. Can you suggest a diet and exercise plan. Hi My my height is 5. I want to loose 20kg to 22 kg. I'm 31 years old male. I just started gymming; want to loose some belly fat and build on my muscles as well.

Please suggest me a diet plan. I'm 25 years old standing at 5'11 and weigh between lbs and I want to lose lbs. How can I go about doing this? And also what supplements and proteins should I take? I only have dumb bells and an elliptical. Hi I am 23 years college going student and I weigh lbs. I am 5'2" I want to shed 15 lbs and a few inches. My husband and I are looking for weight loss plans we can do together. I am 25, 5'4 and lbs- looking to loose 45lbs. My husband is 28, 6'0 and looking to loose 50lbs.

Click to Comment of Comments. Dar I am trying to lose weight. Thank you August 07, Adrian Bryant these options hsould help August 07, Adrian Bryant use this emergency weight loss plan here July 16, Aly I'm 10 and any tips to help me?

Adrian Bryant 38 weight loss tips June 19, I am trying to loose weight for my brothers wedding in December, help March 15, Adrian Bryant then start here March 16, What do you recommend? Jodi I forgot to mention that I want to lose weight obviously. Adrian Bryant i recommend this January 01, Krystal Im 44yrs old stand 5'4 and weigh lbs and need help losing this weight. Adrian Bryant the help u need October 11, Sharon Schrudder I am 70 yrs old, 5 ft 2 in, lbs. Adrian Bryant then starrt here September 13, Tonya Hey Adrian, I'm just starting on my weight loss journey n no clue where to start.

Adrian Bryant start here September 08, Rebecca Hi Adrian, I need to lose weight. Thanks April 10, Adrian Bryant Yes but start here April 10, Krystal hello my name is krystal, I'm a college student and want to lose weight.

I weight and im 5'6 April 14, Adrian Bryant start here April 15, Adrian Bryant start here March 26, Keto Diet eBooks Accelerate your weight loss with our premium keto diet plans. Free KetoDiet Guide with any of our premium keto diet plans Take the guesswork out of healthy low-carb eating. What to eat and what to avoid on a ketogenic diet. Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Answers to frequently asked questions. All payments are processed with PayPal. PayPal accepts all currencies and most debit or credit cards. Sign up to our newsletter to download our free keto diet plans Email Address. Find out more about our free diet plans. All our premium diet plans are: Designed for accelerated fat loss for the vast majority of people, especially women. Full of healthy snacking options for those with higher calorie requirements, such as physically active individuals.

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