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How do we protect visitor information? Links Meal Replacement Shakes has not reviewed all of the sites linked to its Internet web site and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. Disclaimer The materials on Meal Replacement Shakes web site are provided "as is". So whereas you think you are doing something good towards your weight loss goals with these calorie free sweeteners, studies show they may actually LEAD to weight gain. I mix the vanilla mix with my kale shake in the morning, a healthy lunch, and for the evening I make a treat with the chocolate mix almond butter and a banana. I never had any worries that I was getting proper nutrition, and have felt SO good after my meals. Peter Parker May 30th, Sodium is a little on the high side and a deal breaker for me.

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I am down about 45 lbs. I can't tell you how much the Sunfare program helped me. At a time when the last thing I wanted to think about was food, I actually looked forward to my well thought out meals. I never had any worries that I was getting proper nutrition, and have felt SO good after my meals. My compliments to the Chef; the Sunfare Program has been very successful for me. Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed ALL the benefits of your great food and service.

I have lost 14 lbs and feel and look SO much better than I did 2 months ago. I am back to exercising and my old clothes finally fit me again. Yum Please may I have more While in recover at hospital. I was given this product and I Loved it. I continue to drink it at home now. I enjoy the taste and fill it is helping in my recovery.

Thanks Peggy Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Jer8 from Good flavor I love ice cold milk chocolate Ensure after working out in the yard!! Rated 5 out of 5 by jussd from Best Flavor Best flavor and very good nutrition. Great for late night cravings. Rated 5 out of 5 by Hyac from Taste and nutritional value of ensure. I will always make Ensure a part of my diet I have it straight as a delicious shakes, I use it with strawberry, mango, soursop, papaya, banana, or other fruits to make a variety of nutritional shakes.

I enjoy Ensure, and always have every last drop in the glass. Thank for making these convenient healthy, meals. Glucerna Glucerna En Español Nepro. They are tasty and do not leave an after taste like most protein shakes. Rated 5 out of 5 by Raymond from Ensure is one refreshing drink! I've been drinking Ensure for some time, and it energizes me.

As well as being refreshing. As a breakfast drink it fills me up for the beginning of the day. Ensure has the vitamins you need to keep you going. It is a great drink for health and everyday enjoyment. Rated 4 out of 5 by Nikki from It really helped me. There is a slight aftertaste but it is not bad When my late parents were both still alive I would make them drink Ensure, all different flavours with high protein, regularly for 2 to 3X a day, to keep them healthy, especially knowing they won't be getting enough nutrients with there meal.

I can rely on Ensure to keep them healthier and live longer Their physician,mentioned their health has improved. I owe it all to Ensure meal replacement drinks. Rated 5 out of 5 by shouse from I like the extra protein in this product. One of the things recommended after surgery is to get lots of protein. This helps do that.

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