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Further, when sensor-based image stabilization technology improves, it requires replacing only the camera to take advantage of the improvements, which is typically far less expensive than replacing all existing lenses if relying on lens-based image stabilization. Share your thoughts with other customers. August 17, at 6: In a standing discussion, a person stands with arms akimbo with feet pointed towards the speaker could suggest that they are attentive and is interested in the conversation. So, thank you Art de Vany, for first bringing IF to my attention.

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Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I cannot say enough on how happy I am so far.

I hope it lasts me at least 2 years. I tore my Glut muscle slipping on ice- 2 days after the injury I got this machine thank Gawd it came early! I used it 2 times in the morning and twice at night for the next 3 days and felt a LOT better- so much so that I felt like it healed- only to pull it again So I cannot say what it can do for weight loss but I can say if you have a pain in your butt and its not your spouse , this machine is really great for speeding up the healing process of really injured muscles.

I bet it would do the same for legs and maybe backs?? I just feel a whole lot better after using it. Its sturdy and very quiet and I have it in my office so when I'm sitting at my desk can just switch it on low and get some circulation going. I highly recommend it. If Crosslinks reminds me in 12 months maybe Ill come back on and tell you how its lasted This is fantastic, I am bothered by arthritis in both knees, hips, and back. This is hands down the best purchase I've ever made to relieve arthritis pain.

I've only had it one week and it's worked wonders. I love this machine as an alternative to traditional exercising. When I'm watching TV, I can use this machine. My body feels good after this exercise.

The machine is quiet and I enjoy this every night. Item took ten minutes, without instructions, to assemble and it is so easy to use. I was so excited when I bought it and I can already tell you I'm not disappointed.

This review is influenced primarily on customer service. A representative called me the day after I had ordered and was just verifying my address. It arrived the following evening! I was naturally excited to try this thing out and so far so good! This technique shifts the electronic image from frame to frame of video, enough to counteract the motion.

This technique reduces distracting vibrations from videos by smoothing the transition from one frame to another. This technique does not affect the noise level of the image, except in the extreme borders when the image is extrapolated. It cannot do anything about existing motion blur, which may result in an image seemingly losing focus as motion is compensated. Some still camera manufacturers marketed their cameras as having digital image stabilization when they really only had a high-sensitivity mode that uses a short exposure time—producing pictures with less motion blur, but more noise.

Others now also use digital signal processing DSP to reduce blur in stills, for example by sub-dividing the exposure into several shorter exposures in rapid succession, discarding blurred ones, re-aligning the sharpest sub-exposures and adding them together, and using the gyroscope to detect the best time to take each frame. Many video non-linear editing systems use stabilization filters that can correct a non-stabilized image by tracking the movement of pixels in the image and correcting the image by moving the frame.

Online services, including Google's YouTube, are also beginning to provide ' video stabilization as a post-processing step after content is uploaded.

This has the disadvantage of not having access to the realtime gyroscopic data, but the advantage of more computing power and the ability to analyze images both before and after a particular frame.

This is a rare example of digital stabilization for still pictures. A technique that requires no additional capabilities of any camera body—lens combination consists of stabilizing the entire camera body externally rather than using an internal method. This is achieved by attaching a gyroscope to the camera body, usually using the camera's built-in tripod mount. This lets the external gyro stabilize the camera, and is typically used in photography from a moving vehicle, when a lens or camera offering another type of image stabilization is not available.

This has been integrated into camcorders by allowing the sensor and lens assembly to move together within the camera housing. Another technique for stabilizing a video or motion picture camera body is the Steadicam system, which isolates the camera from the operator's body using a harness and a camera boom with a counterweight.

A camera stabilizer is any device or object that externally stabilizes the camera. This can refer to a Steadicam , a tripod , the camera operator's hand, or a combination of these. In close-up photography, using rotation sensors to compensate for changes in camera-pointing-direction becomes insufficient.

Linear accelerometers in the camera, coupled with information such as the lens focal length and focused distance, can feed a secondary correction into the drive that moves the sensor or optics, to compensate for linear as well as rotational shake.

In many animals, including human beings, the inner ear functions as the biological analogue of an accelerometer in camera image stabilization systems, to stabilize the image by moving the eyes. When a rotation of the head is detected, an inhibitory signal is sent to the extraocular muscles on one side and an excitatory signal to the muscles on the other side.

The result is a compensatory movement of the eyes. Typically eye movements lag the head movements by less than 10 ms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on January 12, Retrieved March 16, Retrieved December 31, Optomechanische Bildstabilisierung , German , Optomechanical image stabilisation , in: Retrieved 5 November Retrieved 17 October Retrieved October 17, Canon Global News Releases. Retrieved from " https: Unfit url CS1 maint: I know that a healthy serving of mixed vegetables will get me all of the vitamins and minerals that they list on their powder.

And the great thing is, my body was already built to digest food that comes from nature. Rather than food that comes from a lab. But what do I know? I just eat everyday. Last week, I got a sample packet of the 90 day challenge from another woman.

This evening, I poured the powder into a glass of lukewarm soy milk, mixed it up and drank it. Never threw up in 18 years! And I eat everything edible! I was a little hungry and wanted a quick meal equivalent because cooking dinner was a lot of work with my final exam coming up on Monday. The packet said that I could mix one packet of Vi-Shape with ounces of milk and have it instead of a meal.

Sounded like a good deal to me. The expiration date on the packet is in If it works for you great! There is such a way of healthy mindful eating though.

Thanks for the great video showing the obvious data manipulation body by vi is using to dupe consumers. I saw the video and suspected it myself…. I have been annoyed by the body by vi thing for some time now.

I have gone from friend to dollar signs to these people. Regarding the BMW bonus. Those who qualify for this bonus must maintain their status in order to receive the monthly bonus designated to cover the monthly payment.

Pride cometh before the fall. I too prefer to chew my food. Reconstituted powder is just not my thing. You bring up a great point. I have 2 friends that started working the BBV circuit for the extra money and bmw. They both ended up reaching their goal and got their keys. It is only an allowance towards your own multi-year lease. Sure enough, both friends had some of their customer stop renewing their products and no longer get their car allowance.

They are both now stuck with a car they cant afford and are fighting to gain ANY new customers they can. Nutrition and healthy lifestyles are the furthest thing from their mind.

If you cannot afford the car, then you simply cannot. Your friends should have taken the cash bonus or the trips instead of signing a lease they could not afford. Check the link above for more information on that. You are right, for many these shakes are a great alternative to the terrible nutrition or lack thereof that they normally would ingest on a daily basis.

First, if the product only have 12 grams of protein, 2 chicken breasts beats that hands down. Anyone who has base knowledge of nutrition knows that. Second, congratulations on people success using the product not selling the product in their weight loss.

Something is better than nothing. Replacing a meal of Mcdonalds with something healthy even if its benefits were extremely exaggerated and exercising is a good thing. If your sales drop, they no longer pay for the car. The car is repossessed. I appreciate you putting this together. Do you by any chance have something similar for JuicePlus? Sadly, both of my parents, a few siblings, and a peppering of extended family are on the BBV bandwagon.

Probably a dozen of my fb friends fill my wall with their new found religion and this strange god named Vi. It was near impossible to obtain information without going to one of their meetings or watching a video red flag.

Apparently it turns once vibrant minds to mush. Those posting saying you need actual food you chew, you certainly do.. No where in any of the ViSalus videos does it say to use their product and their product only for nutrition. But I did point out the lie that they tell in their marketing video. Of course I promote another company. I primarily promote Stockton Aloe 1 since I own it and believe in the products. I also promote my Chiropractic Clinic since I own it and believe in the benefits of chiropractic.

With my large family we buy gobs of Beyond Organic food since we truly believe it is the best. And considering my profession, I am obligated to teach people.

And since I am teaching it, I choose to profit from those things I teach. I suppose that if I taught people to supplement their diets with soy protein, I would probably recommend a product similar to ViSalus.

I would always be questioning if what is on the package labels is also a lie. But I did not bash them. I just exposed the truth regarding a false claim. As a teacher, that is one of the things I do.

BTW, ever notice how average and generic the Vi reps look in candid pics? Another friend had forwarded me an article from a nutritionist regarding the dangers of soy in products like Body by Vi, Herbalife, etc.

How many more people are going to harm their bodies now? Are they all the same people? I would love to see something other than gastric bypass or the gastric ring as a weight loss solution but honestly, people need to learn self control and have discipline.

Some of my patients use this product. Most have gotten good results or NO result. In either case, the ones who began using this product months ago have already stopped. I would also like to point out a deception. The deception of taking the time to make a video about a shake that has more benefit to a normal person than most fast food meals and TV dinners which is for the most part what Visalus shake replaces along with GMO foods and TV dinners.

Yes I agree that looking at the video the presentation is deceptive but what the Visalus company has successfully done is move people away from a much more un healthy lifestyle. Most people who are replacing meals with the shake and followed the program also start eating better as a result and in the end maybe stays on shake a day as a supplement for good protein and fiber.

So the real deception is maybe they are deceiving people to be more healthy by starting small. Do some research on GMO and how people have no idea when they are eating Genetically modified corn and soy etc. The list goes on but please spend some time and do some videos on what the real problem is Obesity! Are you suggesting that it is OK for ViSalus to lie since it is for a good cause? They already lied once. Regarding your suggestion that I should focuson GMO and the likes — Mosanto, fast food… have you ever looked at how much time and content I have spent on those issues?

In fact, you might want to read some of my material about soy and how we already get way too much estrogen forming foods in our diets. Not to defend Body by Vi. But you should take a look to Shakeology ad in beachbody but they market their shake exactly the same way as BbV does..

I would say that this has been rather informative really. I have read all the posts and enjoyed the wisdom and thoughts displayed. Do the research, know the risks, keep your eyes open, and most importantly make decisions that are rationally based around your own situation. I understand Body By Vi is not for everyone and trust me I was rather distrusting of the product. But, after suffering from severe thyroidism and lupus for many years, I was unable to loose the lbs I put on.

My weight gain was NOT the result from over eating or simply bad food choices. In three weeks I have lost I combine the shakes with following the diabetic diet and the two combinations seem to be working. Do I want to be a promotor? But I am willing to spend the bucks each month to loose weight and to feel better about myself.

Haley for this video. This really look like a unsafe way to lose weight. Let alone keep off. Haley forgot to mention one important element. No one has checked that there is any of the nutrition in that shake they say is in the package.

Oren Hatch is from Utah, the largest producer of natural supplements. This is nothing new for the industry to overblow their product. I wont say if these shakes are nutritious or bad for you but i do agree with haley thats this is more business than helping with nutrition. Yes i think most people will lose weight by drinking two shakes a day from body by vi for a large fee per month,but i also believe anybody can do this by themselves at home with protien shakes and fruits and vegtables fresh from the store.

We are a lazy society and just want that magic pill to loss weight and when you mix social media into that then people start to believe there is a magic pill and do not want to cook or prepare fresh foods, they just want it to be easy and will believe all the hype.

Believe me i have been caught up in it a time or two. I have wanted that too but have come to realize that its not there and and you have to work at it to lose weight and be healthier about the things we eat.

I have a whole bunch of relatives and strangers trying to sell this to me. No one has touched on the lost of friends and family that is lost by trying to sell this stuff. I know of one marriage this broke up because of the time and money it took from the family.

They teach you to start the lying with friends and family. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. What else are they lying about? May 10, at 9: May 26, at 1: July 5, at 3: July 10, at 7: August 2, at August 9, at 8: