Why I Switched from Weight Watchers to Medifast

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Lean and Green Taco Salad Recipe
I am highly motivated. In this way you can keep your blood sugar low and consistent without having to "eat" every hours. I too added Jalapenos…. My husband and I are on day five and have not been hungry at all! Please keep posting yummies for us to try out! At the moment, FreshDirect offers over 3, varieties of fresh food items.


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I am not it now.. Yes, medifast does work. Takes a few days for the starvation to go away. Thanks for that awesome taco recipe!! I am done I need the change. First of all, wow at not liking the food. I like a lot of it smores…mmmm yummy, pretzels, chocolate shakes…all good. I have been on the med plan for 5 weeks lost 27 pnds im 50 yrs old. For those who expect the food to taste as good as the crap we have all been eating it dosent.

But Im hardly ever hungry and the bars and shakes arent to bad. I love some of these recipes and will be trying the out. Medifast works, no doubt. This was one of my first favorite recipies also. I have been on for 6 weeks and lost 40lbs. I did medifast once before and lost lbs in 6 months. Wow I am so sorry you are disappointed with this diet plan.

The first few days were really rough but once your body stabilizes it not that difficult and the food is not that bad if you find healthy ways to tweek it. We love this taco salad and we have done it with both turkey and lean beef.

Please explain your experience in more detail. I have to agree with christopher on this one. My first 2 weeks I thought I was going to die but I stuck thur the worst part and doing like it says to do and I have done it to get off meds as I really dont need to lose the weight and I still lost the weight and still not taking meds.

Maybe try again and be honest with your self on what your eating or how your eatin. Is the food gourmet food? Of course not but its good food and more important, its good for you which is more the reason i am on this program.

I want to be healthy first. The weight lose is only a product of that. Maybe you should give another try but this time, have your mind set right and do the program as specified.

I have had wonderful success with Medifast. Lost 30 pound then went off for about 6 months during a big move. Now I am back on and I feel so much better.

It is work, but it works and you really do feel good if you stay on plan and make interesting dinners like the ones on this site. I too find that hard to believe…I have tried MANY weight loss programs and this is the first time I have actually lost any significant amount of weight…20 pounds in 5 weeks!! I guess my only reply to you is this…If you can lose 30 pounds on another weight loss program… then do it! In response to your post, I started this program and after 7 days, weighed myself and lost ZERO pounds.

Followed or thought I did the plan exactly as I was told. Drank at least 70 ozs of water every day and ate every 2 — 3 hours. I thought you could eat any of the medifast meals 5 a day but found out NO you cannot. I ate 2 — 3 bars and everyday plus what I was suppose to. Just found out from a nutritionist for medifast that NO you cannot eat 2 — 3 bars a day and lose weight. So, yes, I feel for this person that said she lost no weight. Granted, I weighed after 7 days, and was completely depressed, especially when I read that other people are loosing 5 — 13 lbs the first week.

Just wanted to put my 2 cents in. I feel her pain. After a year on the program I and my family have lost a total of The most important thing is to just stay focused and be honest with yourself…. Shame on you for trying to discourage those that are trying to lose weight and get healthy!

Oh Mattie thats so sad. If you want quick, healthy weight loss and are willing to be true to yourself, I guarantee you WILL lose weight on Medifast. Some things may not taste like the processed fake food we all are use to…but eating on this plan and learning to use the spices put on our earth to make food taste good instead of the stuff you read on the back of the processed food packages…will help YOU change the reason we are over weight to begin with.

Despite increase in exercise, my loss is slowing a lot. It feels harder to manage hunger the closer I get. Congratulations on your progress! These are awesome results! Right now I have 22 pounds to go, so we are at about the same stage. Congrats on the 52 down, but what do you mean despite increase in exercise? Doing exercise will make you go into starvation mode and lose muscle unless you have a coach that is helping you adjust your meals and your intake to make up for some exercise.

Stick to the plan and wait on the exercise, the weight will continue to drop off and then when you reach your goal you can exercise to your hearts content. I was having the same problem, April…keep on program. I was at a stand-still for a whole month.. No exercise till you reach your goal weight? That was not my understanding? It said If you did not exercise before then no exercise for 3 weeks and if you did exercise before the plan then cut it in half for the first few weeks till your body can adjust.

I am new at this so I am hoping I read that correctly? I also asked my coach who gave me the same information. Since April is in month 5 she is well into the stage where she can work out. I would say take your measurements not just your weight as you might be building muscle at this point. Seems when I work out My hunger increases as well so I would also be interested in knowing a solution for this…. Thanks for the meal idea. I have twenty-five pounds to lose.

I lost some weight last year basically quit dieting then gain little back so here I go again determined to make my goal weight this time. I thought the structure of this program would help me break some bad eating habits. Trish — Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment! I think the structure of Medifast is great for helping you to rewire your brain when it comes to eating and health.

I am working on a post about this and will publish it soon. I too, just started Medifast as my last resort to weight loss. I have lost about 10 lbs, gained 2 lbs to a total of about 8 lbs lost. I have regained control of my eating again and back on track.

Good luck to all peoples who struggle with weight and weight loss. I need more recipes…getting bored but wnt gve up. New 2 this program…on my 2nd week. If you substitute ground beef for the turkey, you will need to reduce the amount of meat. The turkey tastes great, you should give it a shot! I made this for me and my husband and it was such a nice change from grilled chicken and salad!

We are both going on week 2 and I am down 5 pounds, my husband is close to 9. Thanks for the recipes!!! I have been on Medifast for 8 weeks and have lost 28 lbs. At this point I am always looking for ways to change up my lean and green.

I tried this recipe and enjoyed it. Glad for recipe though — really struggling with the shakes — help there would be appreciated! I was getting really bored with the shakes.

When I started using the Rocket Blender , I was surprised how much better they were. Have you tried that? I can now actually drink the french vanilla shake and enjoy it when I add some caramel flavoring to it. So now I have ice cream a couple times a day! You can also try a bit of mint extract in the chocolate shake…that is really yummy. My daughter likes a bit of instant coffee in hers with ice and makes a Mocha Freeze! Just made this meal for my sister in-law who is on medifast diet and three other people who are not, including me, and all of us loved it.

I did make some sautéed onions on the side with a tbls of olive oil, fresh jalapeños and garlic that added some more spice. Will definitely make this again for myself. I'll have to try it for sure. I started on the Medifast program in early '06 and by Christmas '08 I had lost I'm getting ready to make this yummy recipe!! Thank you and keep the Medifast recipes coming LOL!!: She made me laugh. Let us know how you like the recipe!

I am definitely hooked on this one. Probably my favorite Medifast recipe so far. I will probably continue to make this long after I am off program. I tried this recipe on day 2 of Medifast. What a great dinner!! My favorite meal is tacos, so I was very excited after trying it, because I knew from that point on I was going to be okay. My husband and I are on day five and have not been hungry at all!

Thanks for the recipe! I just made it for supper and my wife and I both loved it. I've always liked Taco salads and now I can still enjoy them while on MF and for the future. I am on the medifast meals and excercizing and this is an amazing diet and a great recipe. I am on my 4th week and have lost 28 pounds it is so worth it. I too added Jalapenos…. This was the first day for son 2 and I. He is thinking world is coming to end. He loved the salad, so I am hopeful we can make it through the first week without a major blowout.

How's your son doing on Medifast? I know when I was younger, I would have probably freaked out. Glad you like it.

Take a look at the recipes section because there is some good stuff in there. Now that my travels are over, I'm going to try to document some recipes.

But to be honest, the taco salad is still my favorite because it's so good and so easy. I really liked this one. I have already had it twice this week and its only wednesday!

I just found this blog monday while searching for some new recipes. I have officially been on mf for 1 week today. I couldnt be more excited! The lady who hadnt lost couldnt have been on plan is all I know! Well he lost 10 pounds in the first week but decided it was waaaay to limiting for him. I can't force him to continue… but I think it's planted a seed for later.

We'll see I guess. I am still truding along though…. I was wondering that too.. I think the more water you drink the more you increase your weight loss in the beginning.

But I love turkey meat and I miss my turkey tacos so im gonna give this a shot.. Can somebody please email me other great ideas for medifast plans the strawberry shake is awful so are the soups and brownies and eggs yuck: Toya…the strawberry shakes are definately yucky! This is the first time I 'm here at this web site. I'm happy to be reading everyone's remarks. I went to medifast chat for over a week to see how it works. I ordered the variety box. I started on Saturday Feb. So that makes me on my 25 th day.

I have lost 10 pounds. I love the plan. I will be very happy to look at the different ways you can fix foods. I love different recipes. If you were on the Medifast diet for two months with no weight loss, you weren't on the Medifast diet… you either did know what you were supposed to do or you just plain didn't stick to it as recommended.

Personal responsibility is what it is also about. I'm a little confused with the amount of meat… aren't you supposed to have 6 oz. That would mean that measuring out 5 oz. I purchased an electronic scale at Walmart Biggest Loser brand and it is a blessing. You put your plate on the scale and then turn it on.

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