Bardia Closed System Drain Bag - 2000cc | 802001, 802002

What Is A Closed Feed System?

Cleft Feeding Instructions
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The easy-to-use ChemoLock system helps you keep patients and clinicians safe without having to change standard nursing protocols. The ChemoLock system remains mechanically and microbiologically closed all the way through disposal, to help eliminate potential drug exposure to you or the environment.

The needlefree, mechanically and microbiologically closed system fits seamlessly into your workflow to help you minimize exposure to hazardous medications during reconstitution and preparation, while simultaneously preventing any outside environmental contaminants from getting into the mix. ChemoLock helps speed preparation times by eliminating the need to assemble multiple components. The system snaps together with an audible click to ensure a safe and secure connection.

To maximize patient safety, ChemoLock maintains the sterility of the drug during transport from pharmacy to nursing. With the ChemoLock system, there is no complex assembly required at the point of care for the system to remain closed throughout administration. This makes it easier to ensure compliance with safe handling guidelines while improving both nurse and patient safety in the process. Since all ChemoLock components contain passive self-sealing mechanisms that cannot be deactivated by the user and remain protective from preparation through to disposal, it is easy for you to choose the combination of components that best meets your needs.

Large vent offers better flow rates and reliability; skirted configuration available. Allows for access to small vials with 13mm closures and automatically equalizes pressure. Please contact an ICU Medical representative for information regarding directions for use of this product.

We recommend contacting the manufacturer for clarification. Shain Gillet Admin on May 1, 7: Product Reviews Tell us what you think about this item: What do you like about this item? Enter your Pros, separated by comma.

What do you dislike about this item? Enter your Cons, separated by comma. Mary 10 Have been using this bags for my father for over 3 years.

I have tried many other bags, most are either to pricey or fail What do you like about this item?: TLW 04 Product exactly what I needed. I've used these for quite sometime and never had any complaints because of the product.

CB 05 I have been looking for something that really helped me drain my G tube port and I decided to try these one day. I had been making homemade bags from old feeding tube bags but I have so much bloating it was impossible to use. I found I needed. I won't buy any others. Really pleased with this bag. Draining is easy too, just open the lock and it drains easily into the toilet.

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