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Strengthening and implementing the nutrition monitoring and surveillance: lessons from the field
Currently, anthropometric and mortality data on children and adults is combined with information on diet and coping strategies to allow a close monitoring of populations under stress. The Global Nutrition Monitoring Framework GNMF includes a set of indicators approved by the World Health Assembly to monitor the global nutrition targets to be achieved by and to support countries on setting their national priorities and measuring progress towards these nutrition targets. Expected outcomes Common understanding of the nutrition monitoring and surveillance landscape and lessons learned from nutrition monitoring and surveillance initiatives; Development of a joint global initiative on nutrition monitoring and surveillance to increase efforts to generate data and resources for in-country nutrition information systems; and Commitment to maintain integrated sustainable monitoring and surveillance systems with updated data for in-country programming which will also contribute to better monitor WHA global nutrition targets and SDG reporting. This meeting will primarily focus on lessons learned from various nutrition monitoring and surveillance initiatives. After you enable Flash, refresh this webpage and the presentation should play.

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Nutrition Surveillance and Assessments

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