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More by this author Alon Shabo. Thank you so much for sharing them. You can journal every day and then pass this legacy on to loved ones later in life. My blog post … brain booster pills. There was no difference in weight loss. Now you must be wondering how to make a choice between the two.

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Maybe even not that much too much. Now I weigh Anyway, that plus the quiz games and skits makes me feel like I'm in Sunday school again, which I did enjoy.

When I was Now that I'm thir- uh, 27, it just makes me cringe. As the old saying goes, if you teach a man to fish, you don't make any money off of selling him fish anymore. Weight Watchers isn't as blatant as Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig about it and actually teaches you some skills you can use on your own, but they still stand to lose money if you stop attending. To keep you around, they point you toward those exact dismal statistics I quoted earlier, about how so few people manage to keep the weight off, and insist that you need group support to avoid falling into that trap.

If group support kind of freaks you out, fortunately this kind of goes in one ear and out the other. I mean, what if they make me hold someone's hand? The other strategy they have is the Lifetime Members program. If someone reaches their goal weight and keeps it there for three weeks, they become a Lifetime Member and get to participate in meetings for free forever.

While Weight Watchers doesn't get any membership money from that person, that person does get to shop the food selection every week, as well as stand before struggling members as a shining example of how "Weight Watchers works. I see Weight Watchers as one of those animal rescues that rehabilitates orphaned condors. Those centers care for the birds' injuries and train them to fly and look for corpses or whatever, all for the purpose of eventually releasing them into the wild where they can do it on their own.

Teach a bird to find a corpse Weight Watchers can help cure people of crazy ideas about portion size, train them in counting nutritional stats and then should get them ready to do it on their own, wherever they live their lives.

Trying to keep the condors around forever is no good. It's kind of sad to keep a wild bird tied down like that, and besides, if they ever escape, they're fucked. I think condors are a good analogy because they kind of look like someone who's lost too much weight.

This comes back to the main point: Society wants you to be fat, and the weight-loss industry is part of that system. So while restaurants and grocery stores want to sell you food, remember that exercise equipment manufacturers want you constantly buying new machines to replace the old ones that didn't make you thin, and weight-loss programs want you hanging around forever. That won't happen if you join for a couple of weeks, learn portion control, then spend the rest of their life a healthier and happier person.

Which is not to say it can't work. I lost about 15 pounds over 12 weeks since I joined That was as much as I could tolerate, but the key was that I didn't use that as a reason to stop watching what I ate.

I took what they taught me and ran with it, and just getting in the habit of tracking calories in and calories out helped me think about the consequences of my decisions instead of making imaginary bargains with God every time I wanted a snack, or making excuses about exercise.

I might gain that weight back -- almost everyone does. But at least nobody's holding a sticker over my head about it. How can you lose weight? Spend all your money on our book and you'll have no cash for food. For more from Christina, check out 'Plus Sized' Clothes: Trying to change the world? Make way for the bozos who don't understand what you're doing. There's a fine line between an epic achievement and a pointless waste of time. Don't make me do this again.

Don't have an account? Please enter a Username. I agree to the Terms of Service. Add me to the weekly newsletter. Add me to the daily newsletter. Link Existing Cracked Account. Use My Facebook Avatar. But if you are on a low-salt diet, you will have to read labels to be sure you stay within your limits. The Best Life Diet calls for cooking and eating a wide variety of tasty foods. You will even be able to treat yourself on this plan.

Eating out may be a challenge. If you have a medical condition or take any medicines, talk with your doctor before starting any supplements, especially if you are on blood thinners. What you will have to invest is some time and energy if you are going to be successful with the Best Life Diet.

It starts with a moderate amount of exercise and works up to almost an hour on most days. The Promise Could the plan that worked for Oprah work for you? You'll go through three phases: Baby Steps at least 4 weeks: Prepare your body for weight loss by being more active, revving up your metabolism , getting rid of six "problem foods," and increasing the number of calories you burn.

Get Moving at least 4 weeks: Keep calories in check by increasing your activity at least one level, understanding emotional reasons for hunger , introducing "anything-goes calories," and portion control. Your Best Life ongoing: Add even more activity; cut back on saturated fat , sodium, and added sugar; eliminate trans fats ; and include wholesome foods.

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