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The dual- round grille from ' '93 Cabriolets can be installed on ' '87 Cabriolets. For convertible top seal information, please go to the Convertible Top page. Archived from the original on 13 March Removing the bumpers Disconnect the front turn signal wires from their harness connectors. Archived from the original on 23 September You cannot use the USA bumper bolts.

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The rear axle differential differential gear gives power to the rear wheels at a certain ratio more acceleration or more top speed and can be ether open one wheel peel in the winter or limited slip that makes both rear tires spin simultaneously. First, it can be due to the rubber mounts that connect it to the axle or the drive shaft connector, Second it can be do to and increased wear in the differential.

Old oil may be responsible for the noise also try replacing it with good fresh oil. Sometimes the gasket on the differential leaks so check it and tighten it or replace the gasket if it is leaking! With too little oil it will break. Worst case scenario a used diff can be had used for roughly dollars. The Guibo and the center bearing dampers vibrations from the driveshaft. If there is a defect in the guibo, then usually impacts in the driveshaft become noticeable. The sound maybe be coming from the differential so check both.

The parts cost approximately 50, — EUR. The transmission of the E30 is prone to leaks especially at the oil gasket of the gear output shaft. The new gasket is about 10 EUR however plan accordingly because you will have to take off the exhaust and driveshaft also.

It is common to have the front doors not work but the trunk to work. If there is a defect, then the cause could be a defective control motor, oxidized cable connections on the control unit. Used parts should be cheap to get, however it is a common problem so depending on what is broken try getting new parts if possible. The wishbone, or more precisely the outer ball joint of the control arm, is worn in uniform routine. A typical BMW weakness. It is a relatively easy and cheap repair, but is the development arm of the advance.

The ball joint can be replaced except for in the aluminum m3 control arms. However it might just be better to replace the whole control arm which comes with the balljoint for roughly dollars. There are often leaks for the vehicles with power steering. Best case scenario it is only a loose hose connection, and power steering becomes resealed again.

However a full rebuild is usually in need. You can usually do it yourself seals are about 50,-EUR. The fan of the E30 is not driven constantly, rather mechanically by viscosity clutch which engages and disengages. Thus less power is robbed from the engine. However, there is one drawback, the coupling is a commonly a breaking point. A new one is roughly while used it can be had for When in storage the fan should be left standing because if you lay it down the oil could leak out and make it useless.

The Front shock mounts connect the shock to the body. At high mileage and even with lowered vehicles the mount is worn. The six-cylinder M20, i, i, i, e the headgasket or head is prone to failure a very easy way to identify if this has happened is to check if there is coolant in the oil take the oil cap off it you see milky looking stuff on the cap then run and run fast….

Do not forget to change the timing belt water pump and tensioner at least every 60, miles , km. If it fails say goodbye to your engine. In the first four-cylinder models is the old M10, M40 and the newer modern M42 engine to distinguish between. The newer M40 engine is very prone to broken-cams. It can be avoided with good maintenance. First and foremost, we will demonstrate the usual areas for rust, but also the technical weaknesses of the body are shown here.

The baur top cabriolet takes a privileged position. When speaking purely about the body it is technically very similar to the 2 door coupe, the baur is covered at the end of this subsection. Generally speaking, edges rust almost always on older vehicles. Consequently, there will be no extra mention of such areas. When inspecting the car all edges should be searched;all door edge, hood edges and trunk.

Rust and its control is a very large topic. I here at rtsauto I believe the correct way to avoid rust is to rustbullet or POR as much of the car as possible; that includes but not limited to, under the carpets, the trunk, the under body, under trim not over paint , etc.

Unfortunately the e30 is prone to rust on and around the sunroof. It should be looked over closely at the seams sunroof open for rust that may already be present.

A repair is extremely expensive. These repairs are extremely complex in such areas. Consider if the car is worth dumping an extra few thousand dollars into. Later years had galvanized Front valances but not all, stone chips are inevitable especially if your car is lowered.

With a really low car the paint may be scuffed off which will induce rust to form quicker. A replacement is still relatively easy to find, usually relatively Inexpensive.

A swap is just time consuming but can be done fairly easily. The side mirrors are a real weakness. Without external influence, it rusts here more quickly. The water accumulates mostly on the left and right in the side tanks of the trunk battery area on the right, and on the left the area where the factory jack goes ,in the spare wheel well, and under the carpet where the battery wiring goes into the cabin on the right.

Thanks to carpets water usually stays for longer then it should which thus accelerates rust. There is also sometimes rust around the taillights, catch it as soon as possible the bigger it gets the more it costs to fix. The seals cost a few Euros and can be changed by almost anyone. Look around where the 2 lights are that illuminate the license plate in the back. Then open the trunk and look under the plastic at the edge of the trunk, then check under the trunk seals. All these places are VERY common places for rust.

Be careful when lifting the trunk seal as it may be old and brittle, it may break apart instead of lift up in one piece. The U shaped holder seems to be the culprit for inducing rust around this area. The fenders are major areas for rust because it usually is struck by rocks flying off the tires and a haven for water to get trapped after it flies off the tire I recommend OEM mudflapps. Here, too, seems to be Factory weakness.

A very common area is one the left and right A pillars; fix it ASAP and remember because its probably rusting from the inside out its probably a hell of a lot worse than it looks. The windshield should be removed in case of rust repair to make sure you are getting all of it. Almost anyone can do this. Motor-gear replacement is about EUR. However it is often that around the plate underneath rust seems to form. At rtsauto as I stated before the best solution is to por15 or rust bullet the living hell out of such areas.

In Touring and Convertible rear wheel arches are often places to look for rust. Severity ranges from surface rust to all out swiss cheese. Unlike the sedan and Touring, a convertible is structurally weaker because it lacks the top portion of its body. I highly recommend getting a strut brace for the engine bay. It makes your car more ridged by keeping the struts from.

The tailgate of the Touring is certainly no masterpiece of BMW. Adjust valves, replace the dried out seal to keep water out and you should be fine. The washer fluid tubes may very well need to be replaced at this age you will need about 3 meters worth. And check the hinges themselves for rust. They were offered at BMW dealerships as a conversion for Euro to the 2 door. Essentially it is a more ridged convertible. First of all one: Here hooks break from the manufactured zinc die a lot.

These three positions are particularly vulnerable and therefore are rare. Otherwise make sure the trim on the outside of the B-pillar is not missing and the rear side windows are intact, and both are the real deal; because normal sedan windows almost look identical to the real deal. The actual conversion in the body area is nearly indestructible, because the places that were converted were galvanized. Generally, even when buying a Baur: The M10 engine is the oldest of the four-cylinder E It was originally in the E21 and was available in the E30 until the introduction of the M40 in a carbureted and fuel injected form.

It is the most reliable engine in the family of 4 cylinders and was even used as a basis for Formula 1 cars. Even with its age it still manages to get less than 10 km per k More than 23 miles per gallon. A convertible was never offered with this engine.

If the water pump fails then it will stop circulating coolant and you will realize a fairly quick rise of the coolant gauge needle. Replacing can be done by a do it yourselfer, a lot time for draining the coolant and refilling it.

Unlike the M40, M42 and M20 the M10 has a timing chain instead of a timing belt. Periodically check the tensioner. A potential fault of all these engines, usually caused by neglected maintenance; The M10 however is the least destructible of all of the engines mentioned. Its one tough motor! Just like the M20 engine the M10 also has rocker arms if one breaks say goodbye to your cylinder.

It can be done by almost anyone. Although the piston bearings are not a typical weak point, it should still be mentioned. In general, all piston bearings in engines are wear parts also the bearings of the crankshaft.

The M40 engine is the smallest in the E30 family. Being hydraulic unlike the m10 and m20 the valves train adjusts itself and is practically maintenance free.

It is normal for it to make a clacking noise during warm up and should be mistaken for being broken: However, if after warm up the clacking continues then the hydraulic system has most likely failed.

Any repairs here are recommended to be performed by a shop. The camshaft is very vulnerable in the M If the motor is not regularly serviced oil and filter change if not done then the oil film will become virtually nonexistent.

Power loss is the result. An exchange of the camshaft is needed which is very expensive.

Cash-out steps: