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Best Inversion Table 2018 – Our Top Picks, Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
Inverting your body may cause harm to the unborn baby and is highly discouraged. Does not have lockout system for working out Does not allow accessories to be installed on it. Invertio aims to give you quality for your money with robust inversion tables meant to withstand consistent use. Sturdy and capable to hold heavy weight of over lbs. However, it is not uncommon for people to experience a certain degree of discomfort especially if they remain suspended for long. The fast rate if pain relief is triple the power of most other tables out there. Although this may be due in part to the users not reading or understanding the proper instructions for it.

10 Best Inversion Tables

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The answer to this question may vary from one person to the other. As you get comfortable, increase the time gradually. Most individuals will keep their bodies hanging upside down for five to fifteen minutes once or twice every 24 hours. In short, there is no time cast in stone as to how long you should stay on an inversion table. However, be sure to listen to your body. Return to the upright position when you start to feel uncomfortable.

However, consider stretching and moving your body to optimize on the benefits inversion therapy has on your joints and ligaments. The slight movements help increase flexibility and improve re-hydration. Besides, moving your body helps realign your joints during compression, thereby causing better posture and body symmetry.

Most inversion tables on the market come with an instructional DVD to ensure that you use your unit properly. You can do it early in the morning before engaging in other activities and just before you retire to bed. The best way to do it is to make inversion part of your regimen. Hanging your body upside done is an excellent way to recover after high impact, rotational or compressive exercise.

You must be patient with inversion. Allow your body enough time to heal from within. Just like any other fitness program, it will take some time before you can start to experience tangible results. The secret is to remain consistent and patient. Focus on making your body relaxed when inverted. Again, the time it takes to experience the results vary from one individual to the other. Some people may feel the benefits after a few inversions while other may take two to three weeks before they can learn how to relax and decompress.

The more balanced you are on the table, the more the control you have over its rotation. If you struggle to find balance, you will not fully enjoy the benefits of inversion therapy.

Plus, perfect balancing helps you stay relaxed to enjoy the whole experience. Your body type and weight distribution determine your ideal balance setting. If your lower body is heavier than your upper body, you may have to shorten the main shaft so as to the best rotation response.

Increase the length of the main shaft when your upper body carries more weight. Start slowly between 20 to 30 degrees beyond horizontal for a couple of weeks as you learn to get comfortable.

Move to 45 to 60 degrees once you can relax at the first angle. As you gain experience, shift to the magic angle where your body stays parallel with the rear A-frame legs. This equates to hanging your body upside down at an angle of 60 degrees. For you to use an inversion table, you will have to suspend your body through the ankles. However, it is not uncommon for people to experience a certain degree of discomfort especially if they remain suspended for long.

If this happens to you;. Yes, there is nothing wrong with this feeling. If anything, it is good for you! The high pressure is as a result of increased blood flow in the eyes and the brain. You should, therefore, consider taking breaks if you get overwhelmed. As mentioned, you may also consider staying inverted for not more than two minutes. To make the most out of your table, it is important that you stay inverted in a way that your back and neck areas will feel the most impact.

For the lower back, consider performing exercises that will move the connective tissue and the muscles in the lower body. When partially inverted, rotate gently from one side to the other.

You can also rock your pelvis backward and forward. The best way to ensure that the upper back pain goes away while hanging upside down is to relax.

You can also involve another person to massage your shoulders. For the neck area, be sure to rotate your neck from one side to another. Again, get a third party to press the base of your head and back. Do this by placing your arms behind the head at the base of your skull. Choosing the best inversion table comes down to knowing what you want.

Even though inversion therapy works to relieve back and neck pain, seek to understand what it is all about. At times, you can even opt to choose an inversion chair instead. Well, while the two provide similar benefits.

The best inversion chair is easy to mount. You then get into an inverted position much faster. A chair would be an ideal option if you have physical injuries or are suffering from chronic pain. Staying with inversion tables, it is important to check the latest features. Whenever possible, choose a table with most recent updates because it is going to serve your needs better. Here, we will keep combing the market for the latest models and keep you in the know. Our aim is to get the best possible value for your money.

Also, stay tuned as we well keep sharing helpful inversion table tidbits. That said, our best inversion chair guide will help you get started on the right footing.

Happy shopping as you start your endeavor to kick out back, joint and neck pain! Are you currently suffering from lower back pain that travels down your leg? When it comes to chronic body pain, gravity is our worst enemy. Standing upright the entire day with a steady force pressing against us leaves many people with unbearable pain. Best for Heavy Users. Product Dimensions 84 x 29 x 86 inches. Product Dimensions 46 x 28 x 63 inches. Product Dimensions 49 x 26 x 65 inches. Weight Capacity lbs.

Recommended User Height 4'8" - 6'6". Recommended User Height 4'10" - 6'6". Recommended User Height up to 6'6". High-quality inversion table made by Teeter. Great features improve experience and provides better ankle comfort while inverting. Quality inversion table with one of the most affordable prices.

The safety pin provides a secure inversion experience. Sturdy and capable to hold heavy weight of over lbs. Best used by comfort demanding users.

The highest quality and premium features make it the best on the market. Best suited to those searching for the best-quality regardless of price. Expand to see more The kit also comes with a Lumbar Bridge that further enhances the traction.

Teeter EP Product Variants. The price is expensive, but worth it for the added features. Expand to see more Instead of straps, the Innova ITX uses a pin to lock down 5-choices of inversion range. No accessories; strictly let you enjoy inversion therapy only Requires longer assembly.

Expand to see more Aside from that, the inversion table also has longer handles. Feels very firm and steady High weight capacity of up to lbs Extra long handles to help you up with distorting leverage Patented easy ankle securing system Comes with removable lumbar Memory foam backrest for extra comfort The price is worth the money Foldable. Unable to perform exercises at partial inversion without the lock system Product Weight. Expand to see more Apart from the extended ankle lock handle, there is also the presence of Ergo-Embrace Supports that are one of the best ankle support clamp for comfort.

This Teeter inversion table is the third party certified and FDA cleared. EZ Reach to lock your ankle; less bending Extra-Long Stretch Max Handles for control Traction Handles for oscillation Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge included Patented cam locks, ankle locks, and pivot bearings Precision balancing with full lockout for exercising Precise rotational control Preset rotations Strong, sturdy heavy steel form Easily foldable for storage FDA cleared Third party certified Quick and easy 5-step assembly.

The price puts it in the expensive range. Expand to see more From the backrest, we can feel the foam is soft enough to give enough comfort to whoever is lying on it while still supporting the spine.

Quite affordable Foldable for storage Safe and secure ankle pin-lock system Exceptional long handles for easy rotation Heavy-duty steel frame Scratch-resistant Easy to understand assembly methods.

Does not have lockout system for working out Does not allow accessories to be installed on it. Expand to see more Weight capacity at lbs and height range from 4'10" to 6'6" like most that have been mentioned so far. Heat and vibrator massager lumbar increases the inversion effect Inversion uses safety pin system of 5 choices Very adjustable for backrest, height, inversion, to lumbar Comfortable ankle lock Heavy-duty steel frame Extra-long handles.

Not as affordable as the Innova ITX The additional massager increases the price of the inversion table Does not have lockout system for working out. Expand to see more The backrest is made of memory foam, and provides a type of comfort that is not found in many. Memory foam for extra comfort Comfortable ankle U-shape lock system Safety pin with 5 inversion options Still pretty affordable Exceptionally long handles Foldable for storage Compress purchased separately — further helps relieve back pain.

Doesn't have lockout system for working out The use of memory foam which retains heat can make inversion uncomfortable. Expand to see more Next unique thing about this guy is the removable back support. Removable, vertical lumbar shape to those who love it Better comfort with the heat lumbar Comfortable, thick backrest without lumbar Extra-long handles Pivot arm placement Foldable for storage Easily moves the table with two supporting wheels.

The lumbar is vertical which may or may not be useful Oversized rollers do not fix ankle discomfort problem No full-inversion. Expand to see more Handles are long for beginners to safely get up from the table and the backrest is designed to be wide enough to handle people of different shapes.

Ankle uses pin-lock system which requires bending forward Light inversion table might not actually hold too much weight. Expand to see more The table still uses tether strap to limit the distance of the table's rotation for your safety. Ankle lock uses a pin that is very low; bad for those with chronic lower back pain Light and will probably feel like it cannot handle lbs well Padded roller will probably still hurt more if you are lbs up.

Benefits of an Inversion Table. Below, we look at significant advantages. It Improves the Lymph System. On their official website, the National Arthritis Relief says that staying in an inverted position helps eliminate a significant amount of waste from the lymphatic system. Just like the blood, the lymph system transports waste in one direction, so inverting your body allows it to flush out lactic acid and other waste that may bring you pain.

An inversion table works to reduce back pain by providing full spine traction. It repeals gravity that causes compression to the spine. The table also lessens the occurrence of pinched nerves.

Inverting your body mimics spinal traction by stretching the spine, thus lowering the pressure subjected to the discs. Relives Static Nerve Pain. Tingling sensations and numbness characterize static nerve pain.

With an inversion table, however, you can reduce the contraction of muscles in the lumbar area that presses against the sciatic nerve. Plus, it can lessen the narrowing of the spinal canal thereby keeping the pain at bay. Because an inversion table helps stretch stiff joints and muscles, it can also increase flexibility.

The realignment of the spine also allows you to sit in an upright position. Helps to Clear Your Sinuses. It does so by; Improving circulation which by extension helps to increase the amount of oxygenated blood that reaches your nasal passages. That way, not only do your nasals remain moist but also work more efficiently Increasing the amount of blood reaching your head thus helping to clean your nasal passages.

It Boosts the Immune System. A proper lymphatic system helps improve the functioning of the immune system. In fact, studies show that those who use inversion tables get sick less often. And this makes sense in every word of it because a body free of toxins wards off infections better. It Improves the Quality of Sleep. Reduces Fatigue and Increases Energy. Helps Deal with Mood Swing and Depression. To understand how things work, we look at various aspects.

The therapy can also help treat other conditions such as; Scoliosis abnormal curving of the spine Sciatica pain in the hip and legs as a result of pinched nerves in the lower spine Lordosis abnormal curving of the spine in the opposite direction Contraindications — While an inversion table will help you deal with back pain, there are some contraindications.

Inversion Table Buying Guide. Your body offers the weight required to stretch your joints and back. Because you will be hanging from your ankles, be sure to look for a model that can support your weight. How are the Clamps and Platforms? Ideally, you will stand on a platform before securing the clamp around your ankles.

And, because your feet are not of the same size, ensure that the platform is adjustable. Does the Table Have Back Pads? How About the Motor? High-end models such as the Ironman inversion table enable you to move up and down at the touch of a button. Does the Table Have Vibration Pads? These are critical for a muscle relaxing work over. Vibration pads are the latest addition to most inversion tables. What is the Market Saying about the Table?

What is My Budget? Some inversion table brands are more popular than others. Over the years, these brands have proven to be more trustworthy and with a knack for quality. It is not surprising, therefore, that customers keep coming back. Below we look at some of the most sought after brand names in the inversion tables circles.

Their models get appraisal by; Static load test Functional endurance test Ease of assembly Ease of rotation Ease of lockout in full version Their tables, according to the website can withstand up to 30, cycles. Innova Health and Fitness. How Long Should I Invert? Intermittent Traction — This ought to occur during the first two minutes of using the table.

Oscillation — This involves moving your body up and down in a rhythmic motion. Stretching — This can be full or partial using torso rotation or the frame. It has sugar which we know is not good for us.

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