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8 Ways To Save Money On Nutrisystem
Email Nutrisystem here to find out how to join: Thanks for the info!! You will pay more of a premium, but if taste and quality are important when it comes to the food that you eat, then they should definitely be at the top of your list. The South Beach Diet 1. Click here to learn more and to activate your savings. A lot of people know about the Jenny Craig diet, which is named after a famous weight loss guru who established a weight management, weight loss, and nutrition company in

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Cheaper Alternative for NutriSystem?

Nursing mothers are allotted more points, for example. Dieters who have posted reviews on the Diets in Review site give Weight Watchers a 75 percent approval rating for reasons ranging from never feeling food-deprived to learning to eat in moderation, making smarter food choices, relishing the "free" fruits, and being confident that the pounds won't come back.

The opportunity to eat what you want, optional group meetings with other adherents that hold you accountable for diet-related decisions, and guidelines that lead to lifestyle and behavior changes are cited as some of the plan's strong suits in comments posted at Viewpoints. Weight Watchers reviews also point out that the plan is easy to follow when eating away from home but note that constantly counting points becomes wearisome if you want to stick with it long term.

The support component of Weight Watchers is critical. Many Weight Watchers followers credit a good meeting location and supportive peers for their success and suggest trying out different meetings to find one that feels simpatico. Weight Watchers Online offers access to forums, activity trackers, workout demonstrations, more than 4, recipes, and other tools.

With Weight Watchers you can eat, in moderation, from all the food groups. Its four-pronged approach involves food, exercise, behavior, and support. Indeed, Weight Watchers asserts the program works because it's not a diet but a way to learn how to eat right and live healthfully. The strong support element of Weight Watchers and the proven results, even in the maintenance stage, are points in its favor.

Another plus is that no food group is completely off-limits, which saves you from passing on tempting desserts or snacks. A low-carb, high-protein diet that stresses good fats instead of unhealthy fats, South Beach Diet proceeds in three phases that slowly bring carbs and other foods back into your life.

Get guidance from the paperback book or use the online tools and support for a fee. Many South Beach Diet followers report rapid success and easy maintenance. South Beach Diet reviews concede that the first couple of weeks are tough, but go on to crow that seeing it through has its rewards.

Weight loss is quite rapid during the first phase of the diet, when food intake is limited to protein such as lean meats and low-fat cheese. An endocrinologist recommended the diet to one reviewer who says a regime of mostly eggs and vegetables during the first phase caused the pounds to fall away. Still, a number of South Beach Diet commenters extol its value as a route to rapid weight loss shortly before a big event, while others call it a life-saver for the long haul because it teaches healthy habits.

This diet allows three regular meals a day plus snacks, with no limit on portion size. The South Beach Diet replaces "bad carbs" and "bad fats" with "good carbs" and "good fats. Instead of foods laden with saturated fats, including certain cuts of red meat, dieters are told to opt for lean meat alternatives and fish and healthy fats like avocados and nuts.

There are three phases to the plan that can be followed in book form or with a weekly online membership. The recent addition of a mobile app for members and the growing online community which already counts more than 25, members may help folks who start the diet to stick with it. The app lets users plan meals, quickly find recipes so they know what to buy at the grocery store, and track their weight. Another big benefit is the ability to ask nutritionists for advice in the members-only forum.

This weight-loss plan temporarily restricts certain foods and requires some focus to maintain a target weight. But if you can get past the early stages and make this diet part of your everyday routine, the chances of getting on track to a healthier lifestyle are good. SparkPeople is a huge online community of weight-loss and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. Success with this program stems from what followers say is a very supportive group environment and incremental nudging towards more exercise and better food choices that eventually become habitual.

Joining and participating is entirely free; books and products are reasonably priced. SparkPeople reviews extol the breadth and depth of the online supports designed to help members lose weight and adopt healthier lifestyles, and they hold out special praise for the large and active member community. The site is associated with a book, The Spark Solution, which earns a solid four stars at Amazon , where SparkPeople reviewers report they have lost 50 pounds and more and learned to make regular exercise an ongoing habit.

Moreover, adherents add, SparkPeople recipes are varied, easy, and tasty, and the online tracking tools for things like nutrition, weight, and fitness keep them informed and motivated. Reviewers also value the surprisingly simple and understandable approach that downplays the notion of dieting and boosts the concept of long-term fitness and health, all underlined with reams of information and customizable tools.

Four mobile apps for iOS and Android devices let users keep tabs on their goals and find workout routines and recipes at any time or place.

Members of the online community sign up for free can join one of the many SparkTeams organized by criteria such as age, location, hobby, or favorite exercise regimen. Although the early stages take commitment and the transition can be tough, participants report at Diets in Review that the cheerleading, reinforcement, and advice provided by like-minded people helps them stay with it. SparkPeople members earn SparkPoints for remaining involved and completing tasks on the site, and can use the points to enter into friendly competition with others and to send electronic gifts.

Although SparkPeople is really an online program, some members join offline exercise-focused meet-ups that have been facilitated by the community forums. Basically, the SparkPeople diet plan focuses on changing daily habits in the service of a healthy lifestyle.

The SparkDiet is divided into four stages: The first lays the foundation -- finding achievable nutrition, fitness, and motivation goals that suit a personal profile and can be reached in two weeks. There are no particular off-limit foods but the site lets users track the nutritional content of whatever they eat and stresses portion control and drinking lots of water.

The third step involves incorporating the new learnings as a constant in their lives, identifying potential setbacks and how to overcome them, and finding healthy ways to reward progress.

Step four asks followers to give back by providing other members with advice and encouragement. The SparkPeople program also appears in book form. This is an online program, and the lack of face-to-face accountability may be hard for some dieters. The lack of rigid rules and the massive amount of information may also pose a challenge. Still, SparkPeople meets the needs of beginners, those who have been living a healthy lifestyle for years, and everyone in between.

Its members are fervent believers. This is a home-delivery meal plan that claims to help you drop one to two pounds a week. Many users say the food is unpalatable and the system provides only minimal help in learning to make better food choices. A portion of Nutrisystem reviews report success with this food delivery plan, but many others are quick to voice complaints.

Nutrisystem reviews at Consumer Affairs and elsewhere are divided. Some reviewers describe the prepared food as unpalatable and critique the high level of preservatives and sodium.

Others gripe about customer service, claiming that attempts to withdraw from the plan after trying some of the meals or experiencing delivery problems results in a hefty cancellation fee and resistance from sales agents. Another downside to diet-food delivery plans in general is that dieters don't learn portion control or how to make proper food choices because meals arrive pre-cooked and in carefully calibrated serving sizes.

Plans are tailored to your gender and can be suited to vegetarians and people with a diabetic condition. You can create a day menu of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts -- or have foods pre-selected for you -- from dozens of options. Meal components range from breakfast bars and cereals to salad and soup lunches to chicken, steak, and pasta dinners. Clients are expected to supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy bought locally.

Support options with Nutrisystem include an online community, weight-loss tracker, daily fitness plan, and daily food log. A weekly online guide supplies clients with expert advice, tutorials, quizzes, video testimonials, polls, tips, and weight management information.

The mobile app lets members track their weight, exercise, water consumption, body measurements, and keep a journal while on the go. Although many dieters commend this plan, the large number of negative Nutrisystem reviews panning the cost, food quality, and customer service suggest there are better routes to losing weight.

It earns mixed reviews because of the stringent restrictions on carbohydrates and concerns about its long-term effect on your body. Experts also express concern about the diet's lack of sufficient nutrients and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables, which constitute a small portion of the plan, and about inadequate amounts of fiber and calcium.

On the other hand, many consumers who posted Atkins Diet reviews report significant weight loss. At Top Diets, for example, followers write about losing weight quickly, especially in the first phase when you go cold-turkey on carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, cereal, rice, and even fruit. Some dieters tell of initial success but trouble staying with it; many caution that the weight returns once you depart from the prescribed food plan.

The Atkins Diet has been around since the s and an updated version was released in that does a better job explaining how to incorporate the diet into your everyday life. The diet involves four phases: In each phase dieters can add tiny amounts of carbohydrates back into their meals, although the total allocation in the last phase is still less than half the average American adult's daily intake of carbs.

The diet is heavy on meat, poultry, fish, eggs, some cheeses, butter, salad vegetables, and oils, which makes it appealing to men but largely useless for vegetarians. Caffeine is allowed but alcohol is banned. According to Atkins Diet reviews, you can lose up to 10 pounds in phase 1 and about three pounds a week in phase 2; after that, weight loss slows until you hit your goal. The Atkins Diet offers a free online support system. The mixed expert and consumer reviews and the extremely limited food options are reasons to pause.

This is one diet you might want to think about twice before embarking on -- and definitely consult with your doctor first. Louis DeNicola is a freelance personal finance writer who specializes in credit, debt, and practical money-saving tips. He loves stacking savings opportunities to get amazing deals, traveling for free using credit card rewards, and teaching others how to do the same.

Connect with Louis by visiting louisdenicola. The weight-loss industry is big business in the U. Among the millions of people searching for a fast and easy way to drop extra pounds, many are also intent on finding a cheap diet plan.

Fast and easy doesn't always mean success, and even the best cheap diet plan doesn't guarantee results. The key is committing to a program that's right for you -- one that helps you lose weight, maintain a target weight, and perhaps improve your overall fitness. The best cheap diet plans are designed to change the way you think about food and the amount and type of foods you eat. When researching cheap diet plans we assessed results as reported in online reviews, the level of support provided dieters, and whether the plans help keep the weight off.

We also looked at how restrictive they are in terms of food choice and, of course, the impact on your budget. The deciding factors are likely to involve your budget and what you know about yourself. Can you make healthy food choices with guidance from a book or informative articles, nudging from like-minded peers, interactive websites, recommended recipes and menu ideas?

Or, do you need to remove choice from your diet and eat only what's deposited at your doorstep? Once you settle on a broad category, you'll find dozens of diet plans, each with its own structure and attitude about weight loss.

Many companies behind these plans also produce a line of branded low-calorie food products sold in supermarkets.

Book-based diet plans, such as Atkins and South Beach, are comparatively cheap. You buy the book once, follow the game plan, and control your own food costs. I make meals over the weekend like quiche cups, chili, "pizza beans", soup, etc and put them in 1-serving gladware containers, freeze half, keep half in the fridge.

I keep fresh veggies on hand and even cut them up on the weekend and bring for snacks during the week. Also keep quick things like jello cups, yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, packages of nuts, small cans of tomato juice and sometimes the SB cereal bars on hand. I use my crockpot sometimes too- make a meal over the weekend, then have meals for almost the whole week!

If you're good about planning and researching recipes, you don't need something expensive like Nutrisystem and I've heard most of the food tastes horrible anyway. There are more books on SB than the GI diet anyway so that might make it a better choice too. KarenAylwood , Feb 19, Nov 16, Messages: I am on nutrisystem right now.

Yes it would be quite expensive for 2 people to do. They do discount it if you stay on the program. Yes it is the glycemic index approach. The reason to do nutrisystem , tho, is the conveinience. I mean thats basically why its expensive, you dont have to cook, its totally portable, and what they do it pack ALL the food with added protein. I dont know of any food you can purchase that has 13 grams of protein in your chocolate pudding for example.

That being said, it is still basically an "exchange" type diet. Just like WW they can call it points, its still an exchange Lean cuisine, and most of the diets used for diabetics. You could basically use any of those diets, and at each meal kind of evaluate how much protein is in it, and make the choices that can add some extra protein grams I'm a big fan of egg beaters myself.

And BTW, the foods not horrible at all. You just have to find which ones you like, same as everything else in life. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address:

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