What causes heart disease part forty-five B – An addendum

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Physicians should report any suspected cases of Zika virus, or related vector-borne infections such as dengue fever or chikungunya, to the ESU on An increasing resting heart rate correlates with increased CVD and overall morbidity.. Even then, our work will not be finished. Ratios are equally important. This is almost unknown if you do not take an acid lowering drug such as omeprazole, or lansoprazole both proton pump inhibitors PPIs. I think I do, but I have changed diet, lifestyle and added supplements all at the same time, so who knows what is beneficial, anymore than the belief that it is doing some good.

One thought is the stem cells also included endothelial progenitor cells EPCs about which I have written quite a lot. So, there may be something here. A quick search about CHIP. Also medications like statins are mitochondrial and microbiome poisons. Dr Kendrick Thanks for the quick reply. I suspected that it would not be more than a quick reply at this stage without more research.

Maybe your interest therein is pricked? Any rate if you do follow up at some stage would be keen to read your fuller response. Appreciated for all the amazing health stuff and other commentary that you so willing share to a wide audience of health addicts nuts?

A new study conducted by Ohio University scientists suggests that a little more sunlight might help restore damage to your cardiovascular system. The study shows that Vitamin D3 — which is made by the body naturally when skin is exposed to the sun — can significantly restore the damage to the cardiovascular system caused by several diseases, including hypertension, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Vitamin D3 supplements are also available over-the-counter. However, in recent years, in clinical settings people recognize that many patients who have a heart attack will have a deficiency of D3.

A major discovery from these studies is that vitamin D3 is a powerful stimulator of nitric oxide NO , which is a major signaling molecule in the regulation of blood flow and the prevention of the formation of clots in the cardiovasculature. Additionally, vitamin D3 significantly reduced the level of oxidative stress in the cardiovascular system.

Most importantly, these studies show that treatment with vitamin D3 can significantly restore the damage to the cardiovascular system caused by several diseases, including hypertension, atherosclerosis, and diabetes, while also reducing the risk of heart attack. These studies, performed on cells from Caucasian Americans and African Americans, yielded similar results for both ethnic groups.

We already have it. These studies, performed at Ohio University, are the first to identify the molecular mechanism of vitamin D3-triggered restoration of the function of damaged endothelium in the cardiovasculature. While these studies were performed using a cellular model of hypertension, the implication of vitamin D3 on dysfunctional endothelium is much broader. The dysfunction of endothelium is a common denominator of several cardiovascular diseases, particularly those associated with ischemic events.

Therefore, the authors suggest that vitamin D3 may be of clinical importance in the restoration of dysfunctional cardiac endothelium after heart attack, capillary endothelium after brain ischemia stroke , hypovolemia, vasculopathy, diabetes and atherosclerosis. This suggestion is strongly supported by several clinical studies which indicate that vitamin D3 at doses higher than those currently used for the treatment of bone diseases, may be highly beneficial for the treatment of the dysfunctional cardiovascular system.

Thanks for this information. I suppose it confirms much of what I have been saying for some time about vitamin D. Bottom line for entries into my box is that all indications are that i might be good for your heart, with no known side effects and reasonably cheap.

If this is too strong and stings, add more water. Apparently 8 sprays is equivalent to one supplement of mg and should absorb in 20 min. I had an MI five years ago and ever since have been an avid user of multiple supps.

My favourites for want of a better word because they seem to be the ones most universally regarded as possibly beneficial for people with a dodgy ticker are Co Q10, turmeric, fish oil, lycopene, garlic, grape seed extract, hawthorn extract, vitamin K2 this only a recent discovery and yes, magnesium. A few others I tried and have discarded. Vitamin K2 I have started taking in hope as Dr K mentions that it might reduce or at least help stabilise the calcium deposits.

I posted the above incorrectly — thought I was reading posts answering Blog About 3 months ago I started taking one or two crushed cloves of fresh garlic with my breakfast, which may be more efficacious. Also thinking of dropping the hawthorn and grape seed. I am really curious as to how you measure the effect of any of those supplements on yourself — I mean testing a whole population is in principle easy — you record how many people fall ill or die off, but what signs do you, as one individual, use to decide these things?

It would be instructive to have input and analysis from a trustworthy health authority, but as yet it seems we must rely on as hoc opinion and research.

Mark, David, and others Fascinating discussion. All these indirect IR markers, except for ApoB, are sort of ok but not good enough. Therefore, as an answer to your question: I will give them a try. I think I do, but I have changed diet, lifestyle and added supplements all at the same time, so who knows what is beneficial, anymore than the belief that it is doing some good. I read, and see if what I read is plausible. If it is, then I go with it. How late is too late? I am about to test one of myThyroid markers T3 If memory serves me I dont have the readings in front of me, after 2 months of Iodine supping.

So what has the test told you? For any of the tests, you could be in line for a battering from medics because the figures were outside the current defined limits of what is considered correct. As the limits were changed in the past few days, what joy, there is now a wonder pill to fix the problem. So for example if you want to know if there is any benefit in Vit C then you could check Lp a before and after and if like me you see a reduction then you have at least had positive result in that one area.

Vit D would be another easy and accurate item to measure. Maybe I am a numbers guy but when I see numbers change I am more inclined to stick with the regime. By all means have your blood tests and be comforted by the numbers.

Thanks smartersig and AH. Yes agreed, measure before and after to see if the numbers change significantly in the right direction. In my case, what I have tried so far, the numbers have not moved significantly.

Forgive me Robert if you have already gone over this but have you read the magnesium article put forward the other day. Gives encouragement on all those markers with references, worth a read. It is almost universal knowledge that magnesium loosens the bowels.

That is why most laxatives contain magnesium. The most common is Milk of Magnesia, or is that just in America?

That product is probably 50 to years old. I think if you took enough, eventually you would get diarrhea. Yes Anna, Milk of Magnesia is indeed used for constipation and has been for ages. Magnesium oxide is often sold to help prevent muscles spasms in athletes. But it is also laxative. For example a local supermarket has it on half price special this week: So I will buy up this week.

I take three a day. I take magnesium taurate which has the least effect for loose stools and IMO the best of all the different types of magnesium. A few details here:. The blog ties in with CVD — it discusses c-reactive protein an inflammatory marker and the effect of magnesium on inflammation. Lots of other good stuff on magnesium — type of supplement to look for, dosages. The FDA has reviewed the available data and does not believe the evidence supports the general use of aspirin for primary prevention of a heart attack or stroke.

In fact, there are serious risks associated with the use of aspirin, https: Randal I looked at that link. Very interesting and useful. But I have just checked the magnesium level in our local mains water supply. This is a good writeup on mg http: Bill in Oz, I have four water sources here on the farm, 3 deep wells and one cistern that collects spring water. Interesting Science Daily article today on Vitamin D3 — https: Frederica, re adding d3 to fix endothelium. I would like to know what the authors believe caused the endothelial dysfunction in the first place.

This happened just now to my wife who has been troubled by aching joints in her hands destroying her sound night sleep. So I asked her yesterday evening. This morning she was just exited by joy. She had been sleeping like a log. I had the same amazing experience but with a small amount of mag citrate powder.

Several months of the best sleeps ever — albeit with some pretty vivid dreams! Also, the restless legs that I thought had become history have returned.

Thinking maybe I need to stop taking my nightly magnesium. As someone mentioned earlier — maybe once replete the magic wears off? Incidentally, I also make up my own mag citrate spray. I read somewhere that underarm absorption is very effective. As a bonus, it makes an effective and safe deodorant. Hi Rosie, for great restful sleep try a tablespoon of honey 20 minutes before you want to be asleep. It works like a charm every single time.

When you fall asleep the brain shuts off your insulin response in order to keep its fuel from being stored. The honey provides the much needed fuel. If your brain runs out of fuel during the night it releases stress hormones which, through a long process, provides more energy to the brain. My suspicion is that during this flood of stress hormones we experience nightmares, stressful and uneven sleep. The honey prevents this. No more stress, no nightmares, just restful sleep. Brush teeth, go to bed in dark room, and fall asleep within a couple of minutes.

Try to get local raw unheated honey. Let me know how it goes. Will give this a try Doug many thanks. If it works I will suggest it to my 91 year old mother who has some sleep problems. It is not improbable that the effect of magnesium wears of with time — as with getting used to alcohol. You need higher doses to achieve the same pleasant? This may be regarded as simple as the ubiquitous homeostasis.

I am taking high doses of natural vitamin E which evidently keeps my unstable angina at bay. However I started at IU and this worked fine for about three years when the angina came back. Consulting the book from Dr. Shute the wear of effect was mentioned and the advice was to increase the dose. Goran, I think you make a good point.

I must test this theory out not on a honey night! You might find this interesting: Well well, you learn something new every day. Thanks for the link John. Excuse me while I get some nuts. A note about nuts, Stephen, apparently Brazil nuts are such a good source of Selenium that you should not have too many, or you may get too much. John, one could try jumping up and down to strengthen bladder muscles. Might work for other organs as well.

That is what I use the mini trampoline for. And also Dr Suzanne Humphries. Essentially, they both I think are singing from the same hymn sheet on how important vitamin C is. Also going to boost my D3 intake. More is not always better.

Keep it around mg. See The recommendation by the Linus Pauling Institute: Why is mg enough? What are the supposed problems with higher doses? That is simply not true. At least that is the case with most substances. And even if you would adjust this mg dose to the weight of a person, you would never get a megadose. Most mammals can produce their own vitamin C, so you cannot compare the intake of humans with that of animals.

Besides, in humans their is a mechanism that can recycle oxidized vitamin C. There are several studies documenting negative effects at higher intakes. Do a search, I am sure you will find them. Quite a difference indeed. The concern of kidney stone formation with vitamin C supplementation is discussed below. A UL of 2 grams 2, milligrams daily was recommended in order to prevent most adults from experiencing diarrhea and gastrointestinal disturbances Such symptoms are not generally serious, especially if they resolve with temporary discontinuation or reduction of high-dose vitamin C supplementation.

So the mg appears to be a bit of a red herring. Messrs Humphries, Cathcart, Pauling, Rath, Levy, Klenner et al all agree that the biggest problem with taking vitamin C is taking too little. That is we should have more and they go on to say 10g per day would not be a problem, So sorry I will be continuing with my reckless doses.

Dr Cannell, who oversees the website you mention, recommends starting D3 at 5, IU per day for a month or so. The idea is that 1, to 2, IU is probably not enough to bring the average Joe up to a sufficiency level. The danger of overdosing is exaggerated. If you take 20, IU a day you should probably monitor regularly. Seems taking 1 g of Vitamin C per day over 11 years will double your risk of kidney stones. Absolut risk from taking this amount is 1 in roughly , so not very high.

I searched for magnesium citrate powder on iherb and randomly chose the Now product. But it all seemed very complex in mixing it up — the water had to be a certain temperature and also involved measuring out 8 fluid ounces of water in relation to the amount of powder. I lost interest at that point but I am convinced after this and the previous blog and fantastic comments that I should be adding magnesium to my supplementation. Just as you did.

So I prefer tablets, capsules etc. So more or less the same.. But maybe for you it would work? Funded by the egg marketing board, see bottom of reprt http: We might just swap them for research done by those with an idealogic axe to grind, and their idealogies are not always benign. Eggs are only as good as the feed they get. And feed pellets used for caged chooks and chooks locked up in shed do not cut the mustard.

We feed our chickens cracked corn, multigrain, and sometimes even the pellets because they have higher protein. We also sometimes cut up scraps for them and they even beg for deer meat and scraps on the occasion when my husband shoots a deer.

There is a natural competition for food between chickens and dogs…But they run around all day scratching and pecking for food all over the place, living their soap opera lives. My husband pays more attention to them than I do and he fills me in on the gossip. I recently learned that Himalayan salt contains about 0. Anyway spraying on your skin with any? Göran, can you explain the maths please?

Is this the recommended daily dose? Himalayan salt seems though to be good but does not solve any magnesium deficiency issues. Sounds like the spray is a better way to go, 27 mg per spray according to what I read on the spray bottle. With 10 — 20 sprays you are safe? Himalayan salt is really expensive here Goran. Goran, Hamalayan salt is not available for sale in any local supermarkets.. Only in one expensive health food store.

Every place is different I guess. On thing I have noticed and which I may have mentioned before is that when ever I have a chick pea curry with mushrooms and spinach included I sleep like a baby, thats is no toilet breaks in the night. I assumed this was perhaps the fiber but it strikes me that it may be the salt.

Dont know how much they put in but based on my morning thirst its probably more than my usual whole food pant based meal. Could salt be a night time remedy for people with enlarged prostrate? No mention of refrigeration. For those who want to know more about krill oil supplementation, visit his website and put krill oil into the search engine — there are about 8 posts specifically on krill oil.

Off Topic or On? Dr Kendrick, I have just been reading rereading? I find myself perplexed by the near universal prescription of statins.

And come to the conclusion it is designed to make us older folk into zombies before we all kark it. Which makes me wonder: As I remember, he gave up on statins after getting a taste of his own medicine.

Perhaps someone here can supply the link! David, was that Dr Aseem Malhotra maybe? Or maybe Dr Rangan Chatterjee — https: Bill, you are not the only one perplexed. I see that pre-diabetics are advised to get HbA1c below 48, and total cholesterol below 4. In order to achieve these targets, the Eatwell Plate should do the trick.

I can hardly believe I am reading such tommy-rot in I know I have told my tale of woe here over the years, and how I ultimately left all the medications behind, but to think that nothing has changed in the advice being handed out today, makes me wonder if there is an under-current to get us oldies off this mortal coil.

I heard this week that a 78 year old female is still being prescribed statins, despite having constant muscle pain. When she previously questioned their use in relation to raised glucose levels, she was tested for type II, and when the results came back OK, she was told to continue with the statins. NO history of CVD, smoking or drinking. This takes courage especially when statin consumption is near universal in folk over Now that you are have refused to take statins, has the pre Type2 Diabetes also also disappeared?

The role was so stressful, but the gem has stayed with me since….. However, it took me some years to realise that the medical treatment I was receiving for well over 10 years was actually causing me a slow death.

I spent 3 months researching all the meds I was taking, then the penny dropped: I felt that I had never needed any of them in the first place. I discussed it with my GP, and the response was rude and dismissive….. I look back now and feel that I ought never to have been prescribed any of them in the first place…. I have not looked back since. My excess weight dropped off perfectly naturally, to a BMI of I have an excellent Ophthalmic Optician, who assures me my eye health is very good, with no aging problems needed specs due to measles at 4 years of age.

I had intended not to respond on this blog, as my story has been told so many times, and I have very little else to contribute…. I just could not resist letting off steam here, after reading the garbage in the NHS pre-diabetes pamphlets, so thanks for reading my story. Hi did you have any problems coming off the BNP meds.

Keep trying to come off mine but my body jumps up. Firstly, I never suggest that anyone should copy what I have done. It was not until I discussed the situation with a GP, who also displayed white coat hypertension, then ultimately being advised by the endocrinologist, that the drugs I had been taking for years were inappropriate.

I must reiterate what I have constantly said….. I merely tell my tale, and never advise anyone to copy my method of turning my back on Big Pharma. We are all different, and I can only think I was able to safely come off all meds, because I actually never needed them in the first place. During the first couple of years I was concerned that I might take a turn for the worst, and that stressed me out a bit. I am more relaxed about that now, but I feel that modern medicine is a bit like crystal ball gazing, and based on frightening us into submission to Big Pharma.

Modern medicine is based on the complete opposite to personalized medicine. When we are told that it might be dangerous to allow AI to diagnose and suggest treatments because they are too rigid and rule based, you have to realise that is what we have already. Its a one size fits all approach.

Secondly you are assumed to have the will power of a child in a sweet shop. There is no way you could possibly make radical lifestyle changes because the average person could not, mind you the average person is also never given the full lowdown on what lifestyle changes are needed because they are children in sweet shops.

Its a circular argument which is refuted by the likes of Dr Esseltyn who maintains that when people have had life threatening events they are, in the majority, very willing to do anything, adopt everything. Finally the reson for the heart attack is singular, even when there is little evidence to support it. What I mean by that is that if you are found to have little or no blockages they still proceed on this basis.

I know I will get attacked for not being a GP but I am motivated by the knowledge that if I knew then what I know now things would be different. Apologies starting to ramble a bit.

A woman I know, late 60s, healthy, never had a heart problem, was put on statins on the basis of a cholesterol test incidentally, she was not told to fast before doing the test, which is the correct procedure. Hearing from her friends about the dangers of statins, she asked the doctor whether she could stop taking the statins. Thank you Jennifer for telling your own story….

Maybe it is worth while mentioning that magnesium deficiency aggravates hypokalemia and renders it refractory to treatment by potassium.

The associations differed by gender. In the same group, intake of Ca was associated with a reduced risk of mortality due to cancer. SUMMARY The widespread assumption that the average daily intake of magnesium is sufficient to maintain equilibrium in the normal adult has been questioned. Analysis of published me tabolic data indicates that the minimal daily requirement is not to mg.

The available clinical metabolic data provide evidence that at intakes below 6 mg. Women seem to retain more magnesium than men at low and marginal magnesium intakes. At intakes above 10 mg.

High protein, calcium and vitamin D intakes, and alcohol all function to impede retention or to increase the requirement of magnesium, particularly in those on low magnesium intakes. On magnesium intakes above 6 mg. The diet in the Orient apparently provides 6 to 10 mg. The Occidental diet, however, provides an average of to 30 mg. Because the Western diet is often also rich in protein, calcium and vitamin D, and alcohol ingestion is common, it is suggested that the optimal daily intake of magnesium should be 7 to 10 mg.

The existence of subacute or chronic mag nesium deficiency is difficult to diagnose. Because the tissues damaged by magnesium depletion are those of the cardiovascular, renal and the neuromuscular systems, early damage is not readily detectable. It is postulated that long-term suboptimal intakes of magnesium may participate in the pathogenesis of chronic diseases of these systems. MPS The effects of long-term enriched potassium salt consumption on urinary protein and occult blood in Chinese living in nursing houses.

That's a very big difference in blood pressure, much more than just salt reduction can do. However, as to salt, it depends on your genetics:. Lifestyle intervention might easily improve blood pressure in hypertensive men with the C genotype of angiotensin II type 2 receptor gene.

No significant change was observed in systolic blood pressure SBP mmHg in the A genotype, but a significant decrease was observed in the C genotype Amyloid is a general term for protein fragments that the body produces normally. Beta amyloid is a protein fragment snipped from an amyloid precursor protein APP. Here, we provided the first evidence that elevated Mg levels significantly reduced the blood-brain barrier BBB permeability and regulated its function in vitro.

The Magnesium Online Library http: Her problem with frequent visits to the bathroom seems now to be gone too early to judge? Watch this video by a cardiologist that uses it in his practice — very important for the heart. He takes patients off statins and gets them taking Q10 and preformed studies on his patients. Q10 lowers oxLDL etc. Please listen to the above video more than once, too much info. What to kill a house plant: Dar Dobs — many thanks for the link to the Magnesium Library.

I guess no surprise to followers of Dr Kendrick. Exactly as Dr Kendrick wrote above: For those self experimenters who do cortisol stress tests, checking magnesium serum levels might be another option especially when the neighbours are noisy or you live next to a busy main road. Busy main roads…reminds me of a BBC documentary a few years back on sleep disorders on this topic.

The residents were interviewed and some said the noise was an issue and some said they slept like a log. Our study revealed significant associations between serum Mg and 25 OH D levels.

IMO vitamin K2 is required in order to have your calcium metabolism work correctly if taking D3. I bumped into https: The link is related in good part to this very blog page. I appreciated landing in https: The other 99p book mentioned here somewhere by Verner Wheelock turned out to be already bought on my kindle?

I have mentioned Dr. Dean and her liquid supplements here a few times but no one ever responded so I assumed no one was interested.

But her information is good, and so is the information provided by Dr. Sircus regarding all types of natural medicine. Being a researcher myself I have trouble ignoring a solid paper of this kind.

In the natural science I am familiar with metallurgy we never see any needs for placebo controlled experiments although we often argue about cause and effect in actual experiments. And Epson foot bath are really relaxing even if the magnesium you may get from it is very small.

The Epson paper seems to be on thin ice if I should believe the paper I linked to. Goran I skimmed through the article you gave the link for.. Which is the most popular way especially for people wanting to relax muscles etc. I always thought it was impossible in the Dead Sea. In other words that study is not a reliable one. When you are on a good thing mate, stick to it! Göran, the truth of their findings is hard to judge but I found a part of their preamble deeply interesting.

The layers of dead corneocytes, skin cells, that form the outer layer of skin: Firstly that makes it obvious why fatty acids are so useful for skin restoration but also it is another example of the way cholesterol lowering drugs can cause harm. I have had two friends taking the recommended mixture of aspirin and statins who have mentioned that their skin was easily damaged.

They both thought it was due to the aspirin but it seems much more likely that it was down to the statins. Happy to see you are coming around. I use borax water 1 rounded tsp borax in 1 litre water as a supplement. This edited extract from http: Muscles contract when calcium moves into the cells, and they relax when calcium is again pumped out and magnesium moves in.

The problem gets worse the more calcium moves from bones into soft tissue. With boron deficiency too much calcium moves into the cell while magnesium cannot move inside to displace it. This is the condition of old age and of the boron-deficiency diseases leading up to it. For boron to be fully effective in reversing tissue calcification ample magnesium is required.

For elderly individuals I recommend to mg of magnesium together with the daily borax supplementation spaced out during the day. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Martin. I have never heard of Boron being needed to be healthy. Newham here in Oz. So I was interested to see what he has written himself, especially as he was a soil scientist in West Australia when he made this discovery, though originally from New Zealand. Here is something he wrote himself on the subject. Unfortunately it is not dated.

But it does state he was then living in the UK. All in all an interesting thought provoking article. This pdf by Newham was published in the USA in It is also interesting. There is an interesting aspect to this Boron issue. Boron is taken up from the soil and available in well grown fruits and vegetables. So hypothetically we can get what we need from these foods. However chemical fertilisers like superphosphate, block plant uptake and thus the crops are deficient which then generates human deficiency and arthritis..

Yes another way that farming organically yields better food I guess.. I did not know about it. There is so many areas here with high calcium soils with very high ph soil levels and so many areas with soil consisting of deep sand, that trace elements like cobalt, copper, manganese and molybdenum are often completely missing or present in inadequate levels. And I noted the section on boron toxicity too much in many close to sea level areas of South Australia due to sea inundation in the geologic past….

This is such an interesting discussion. Thank you everyone — and thank you Malcolm for bringing this to our attention. Off topic but interesting, I think it was George Henderson or someone else who had been dredging up papers and books from the past. Things were very different then. Chris C, yes very very interesting! By the way here is another Dropbox article from the past. It was written by Dr Lester Morrison in Morrison experimented with Chondroitin Sulfate for about 30 years.

One group were prescribed CS. The other were not but took the standard CVD medications. The trial lasted 5 years. It made an astonishing difference in the survival rate. In fact I suspect now the trial would have bene called off for ethical reasons because the survival rate of the CS group was so much better than the other. Thank you for this great reference! How could anyone argue against these facts? Chondroitin sulfate has been ignored for decades Goran. Unfortunately it is a natural substance and therefore cannot be patented by pharmaceutical companies….

And on the other hand it is mostly sourced from the ligaments of cattle sent to slaughter in abatoirs. So no one of vegetarian or vegan inclination approves of it either. Bone broth where cartilage joints are essential is a stable in our kitchen 24 hr of slow cooking! It is also recommended as the most nutritious food achievable, not least if you have gut problems. Is Chondroitin Sulfate involved in this — I have never heard of it —? And vegetarians are in my present world view locked into a religious dogmatic world view encouraged by the political correctness.

Goran, I agree completely. Bone broth is a way to go. Also unfortunately here in Oz many of us cannot afford to slow cook for 24 hours…. Yes a lot of stuff dredged up from the past is interesting and well presented. People post papers there which would otherwise be paywalled or which are only found on real old fashioned paper. Actually I suspect the CS trial would never be done today because who would finance it? This was a well known and much published worker in the field.

Thought some of you might be interested in this information. I used them a couple of years ago and when I ran out I simply forgot to reorder them, I guess. They have a wonderful profile. A superfood, as it were. Opinions on dietary intake of omega 6 differ. There are a lot of people on this forum who keep posting links to dot gov sites. Other than PubMed, I avoid dot gov sites for several reasons but the main being that I do not want my information from the gubmint!

Abstract The trace mineral boron is a micronutrient with diverse and vitally important roles in metabolism that render it necessary for plant, animal, and human health, and as recent research suggests, possibly for the evolution of life on Earth.

Randall, I still do not trust anything that Davis says. Tooooo much scaremongering without any real research to back it up…. All are critical of his remarks. And he has not replied to a single one. Some useful information here http: I was particularly interested to read their opinion on mag oxide. It generally gets a bad press but may be a viable alternative to the citrate form after all.

The amount of citric acid in mag citrate bothers me slightly.. Doug I tried the honey a couple of times so far. I definitely think this is worth further experimentation and am interested to know if anyone else has tried it. Also make sure the room is completely dark, none of those little red lights that are on every type of electronic.

I use a power bar to eliminate power to my tv and receiver to achieve this effect and blackout curtains. A full tablespoon seems daunting but is doable, I have a little glass of water with me and swallow big chunks with a little sip to wash it down.

I actually had to start off with 2 tablespoons until my body made the necessary adjustments. Rosie why are you concerned about the citric acid in Magnesium citrate? Citric acid is present in all citrus fruit like lemons, oraanges, limes, mandarins, tangellos, grapefruit, cumquats etc.

And it is usually broken down naturally in the gut fairly rapidly anyway. Also the author of the link you provided, acknowledges that MgO Magnesium Oxide causes diarreha in most people. So best to avoid it unless you have constipation maybe. But of course by adding it to a hot drink the acid is diluted. I know tablets may be better for this reason but my thinking was to avoid the fillers they contain. One of the things I love about this website is that you find that are not alone with obscure symptoms, such as skin damage.

I have always wet shaved until I came out of hospital laden down with meds. Wet shaving became a nightmare — nicks and cuts all the time. No matter how gently I shaved, how carefully, following the stubble grain, no matter how much gel or foam or type of blade. Cuts, nicks and scabs. Suffered the indignity of being in a shopping centre on one occasion and getting the comment about being in public with the area around my mouth being covered in chocolate i.

Also, and just once, somewhere in the comments in a previous blog, someone mentioned they could hear the pumping sound of blood in their ears. Me too — that never used to happen until recently. The only thing I can put it down to, having had a high CAC score, is it is some side effect of the blocked artery.

Hopefully this is not some harbinger of imminent doom! Charles, I am certainly not diagnosing, heaven forbid, I have the blood flow sound at times, I assume it is pulsating tinnitus. Blocked ears are a picture also, again, comes and goes. It does not distress and the rest of me is functioning. But of course there are other causes and I keep away from doctors, rightly or wrongly.

I am not suggesting you do not investigate Living in harmony, thinking positive, well, life gets in the way does it not. Charles I am a long term victim of tinnitus from aspirin use as a child in the days before Panadol etc. Aspirin damages hairs in the inner ear. Nowadays I get the squealing plus crunching gurgling and throbbing. It is my embedded sphygmomanometer. High insulin is supposed to make it worse and some people get worse tinnitis from nitrates in toothpaste and all sorts of things.

Mine is often worse after eating so the insulin theory is plausible. Yes I started to develop tinnitus from aspirin so stopped using it. I was conned into starting low dose aspirin and the tinnitus became permanent. Patients often get a false impression that a discharge, just because it is in the works, can happen quickly.

They are a lot more bogged down in red tape than they used to be. Then I could have gone to the shops, and avoided the rush hour traffic nightmare. I suspect the lions led by donkeys syndrome, none of them were singing off the same hymn sheet.

Here one of the three available hospitals is pretty good, one is really crap and the third used to be well regarded but has taken a serious nose dive in the last few years. A nurse I knew once gave me the dates when the number of non-medical staff exceeded the number of medics, and the number of managers exceeded that of nurses, both back in the eighties.

Wunsch also has an interview with Mercola about the downside of LED lighting. Most of the mercury lines are filtered out by the phosphor these days. Proline enables the walls to release fat buildup into the bloodstream, decreasing the size of the blockages to the heart and surrounding vessels.

Proline, therefore, decreases the pressure built up by these blockages, decreasing the risk of heart disease. If it were true perhaps call a plumber to fix? Randall I suspect that Chondroitin sulfate also works because it supplies collagen to the arteries…And maybe L proline does as well.

Also the key question is what causes the build up of blockages in the coronary arteries. In this way of explaining things, Cholesterol is not a cause. It is part of the process whereby the body tries to repair the damage done to the arterial inner wall and endothinnial layer of the arteries by stress etc.

Our study has found that lower mitochondrial CoQ enhanced oxidant formation by mitochondria. Published in eLife today, the research provides a missing link in our understanding of how changes in our diet can trigger insulin resistance, said co-lead author Professor David James, Leonard P.

Co-lead author Professor Roland Stocker from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and the University of New South Wales added that the findings provide direction for potential future treatments for insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. If not an external supplement, perhaps we can stimulate the body to form more of the coenzyme itself — or find ways to prevent levels from lowering in the first place. Mitochondrial CoQ deficiency is a common driver of mitochondrial oxidants and insulin resistance.

Errett, I like seeing Australian research scientists being published. And this easily absorbed form has been available for purchase for years.. I get it from Iherb as that is reasonably priced. Off topic, but interesting: Asparagus is considered very healthy in Germany, and a true cult develops during the six weeks of asparagus season. Why would this protein have an this kind of an action?

The only similar thing I am aware of is that fish oils have an angiogentic effect and promote age related macula degeneration AMD and spread of prostrate cancer.

On a side note, both whether you can degenerate L-asparagine which will give you smelly urine and whether you can smell it are determined by genetics. On the other hand, those fish oils are probably even more delicate than the seed oils, and there are a few studies out there that show that many fish oil capsules contain oil that is rancid. Those oxidation products are probably nastier than the pure oils. My take is the same as for seed oils: I believe I have suggested you read this before?

This is another attempt to fix a problem that continues to be deliberately misunderstood by the pharmaceutical funded researchers — see this by Seyfried and Huysentruyt in ; https: Very interesting paper, thanks.

After quick perusal it does not seem contrary to the idea that angiogenesis promotes metastasis. Eric, The article points out the problems that current thinking about metastasis has in the light of what is actually known about how cells can move around the body.

From what I understand, when e. Interesting point is that plants, while having cancers, do not have metastatic cancers since they have no macrophage equivalent to fuse with cancer cells and transport cancer around. This is slightly off the Magnesium focus of this post.

But it is about the role of stress in aging in general, not just CVD! Published last year in September. Eric, please read this http: Good short video on how to repair arteries with supplements https: Ascorbic acid and Vitamin C are different. Ascorbic acid does not repair arteries as in this video. Randall, I think Darren Schmitt does no favours for the chiropractors. His presentation style is poor, and when at 5: He started off by saying he has never said any of this before.

Is that something about vitamin C, or something about toothpaste. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, just make sure you get the L version and not the D. If ascorbic acid is not vitamin C, it is a damn good placebo because I feel better through taking this non-vitamin C. I get it from Pure Source Nutrition in St.

They sell on ebay. However , … , the mixture that man is hawking in his videos would contain a lot of rutin as well as vitamin C plus some other flavonoids. Tabouli salad is a good way to consume it. I also have this growing in my backyard which is a real powerhouse of nutrients: My lady grows it for the flowers lots of different bright colours but o far no fruits..

As for parsley, yes I love it in salads and grow it every year. In fact I just seed saved about grams of parsley seed yesterday.. Not good for seed germination as the soil dries out so fast. Putting prejudice aside, this guy uses powerful imagery asc. Seems we may have been taking far too little Vit D, well some of us, anyway.

I have been acting on this for the past 5 years, even since reading Jeff T Bowles books on Vitamin D. He is scathing about pharmaceutical companies attempting to deter people from taking it with fake warnings of toxicity.. John — I have read that 20 minutes of full sunshine when it contains adequate uvb is enough to generate between iu up to iu of vit D which seems to be a limiting amount. Phytate in cereal and legume foods however locks up calcium and phosphorous in insoluble forms which opposes the operation of vitamin d and can cause rickets more easily than low sun exposure , also very relevant to the topic of this blog post it locks up magnesium.

Those who eat those kinds of foods would need to supplement even more magnesium and vit D plus other minerals. We soak our porridge oats overnight in kefir whey and make all our breads with sourdough to reduce phytic acid and phytate.

I also understand that soaking or sprouting beans, legumes and nuts has the same effect. Craig, I suggest that before coming to conclusions about cereals in food and phytates, it might be useful to read the link posted by Eric some days ago. Cereals have beenn a constant in the British diet for many centuries whether as breads, biscuits, porridge etc..

He also suggests that the key drivers of CVD have been increased per capita sugar consumption and up to , vastly increased cigarette smoking…. This has involved using other related wild species of grasses.

Finally there is good reason to think that the adoption of modern quick dough making methods by use of added chemicals is also important. So sticking to breads that use the traditional sourdough starter method of making bread etc crucial. In a sense this means avoiding almost all cereal breads available for sale in our modern shopping centers. It means being extremely picky! But the lesson is that it is not cereals which are CVD causing.

It is what we as humans have done to them and how we prepare them as food in our modern societies. In fact I think we are not evolved for such food.

Life expectancy in London, labourer 17 years, middle class gentlemen 38 years. Leading causes of death middle class in Victorian era: No ill effects observed from wheat consumption.

We are told to eat a low fat diet and stay out of the sun. Add statins and D3 goes down the toilet, probably along with NO. Producing an increased yield from the same size rootstock diminishes the amount of minerals and other micronutrients picked up from the soil. The draft version of the AC master plan was introduced to the public as part of an environmental assessment, at meetings in Hamilton and Dockyard. Bermuda Environmental Consulting, acting on behalf of the ACBDA, went through the required elements and proposed layouts for the event village, including the team bases, media centre, race management, berthing for visiting yachts and public access and viewing areas.

The feedback from these meetings will be collated and become part of a scoping report which directs the work for the Environmental Impact Statement that will accompany the planning application. People are encouraged to view the relevant documents at www. A clone company using the name of a legitimate Bermuda-based firm is suspected to be operating.

Kuva Limited, which is found at kuvaltd. The BMA said that there is a company called Kuva Ltd, which operates an authorized investment fund and is listed with the authority, but it is not connected to the company using its name or the aforementioned website.

A spokesman for the BMA said that clone company uses the details of a genuine firm to convince potential investors they work for that entity when they do not. He said the BMA has added the bogus Kuva Ltd to its warning list of unauthorized firms and individuals, which can be found at www. The cargo container ship The Bermuda Islander has not sustained any damage after a mechanical failure occurred while the vessel was being moved from her dry dock in the United States.

She had been undergoing routine maintenance in Jacksonville, Florida, when the rail system she was mounted on failed to operate at the end of last week. Although no one was injured and the ship escaped unscathed, it is not known when the Bermuda Islander will be able to return to service.

The accident could not have come at a worse time after blizzards of the US East Coast left the Amstel Trader and the Somers Isles several days behind schedule this week leaving supermarket shelves empty. We are still assessing the situation with the ship and we are working expeditiously to undock her.

A company spokesman said: Our normal schedule will resume next week, however, we may be a little late due to this week's late arrival. The week following, we will be back on schedule. It will sail on February 5 and arrive in Bermuda on February 9. Once the Bermuda Islander is re-launched, the Somers Isles and Bermuda Islander will return to their respective service. Commercial properties sold at their fastest rate in eight years in , according to industry experts.

Bermudian buyers have accounted for about half of the total number of luxury homes sold over the past eight years. The firm said that both dollar volume and transaction volume had increased for the third year in a row after the recession hit sales on the island hard, with the market bottoming out four years ago. Ms MacIntyre said that, although the figures remained much the same over the two years, it was a signal that the market was recovering.

We have people coming to Bermuda, looking around and evaluating the benefits. What will hold remains to be seen, but people are probably cautiously optimistic. The Coral Beach and Tennis Club has reported business growth across the board in , with hopes that renovations will provide a further boost going forward.

When we look at our revenues, they are stronger than they were in Our occupancy was up, our rate was up, revenue from food and beverage as well as the room revenue was stronger than If we look at our membership, there were about new members we were able to gain in The engagement in activity at the club has been significantly stronger. For us at the club, we really looked at it as a great year. We definitely think the tide has turned. I think the momentum is behind us. In , it briefly went into receivership before being bought by New York-based boutique hotel investment company Three Wall Capital.

Since then, Mr Bhola said that the team has made a conscious effort to rebuild the product, including introducing a five-year, five-phase renovation project. This year, we are now focused on the room part. This winter we hope to get about 12 units done, and next year it will continue with more rooms, and we will keep on adding additional components along the way.

Last March, the hotel hosted a jobs fair, which was attended by people seeking to fill 30 vacant positions. While Mr Bhola said some of those positions were seasonal, he said that the hotel has been working to extend its busy season to keep those staff members employed longer.

By extending our busy period we have been able to keep people employed longer. In certain areas we have also increased staffing. For example, we now have a preventive maintenance team in place seven days a week year round. In food and beverage, again by extending the season, we have been able to keep team members employed longer than we have in the past.

Asked about the status of the tourism industry, Mr Bhola said he believed the island is moving in the right direction, giving some credit to the Bermuda Tourism Authority. We have to market the destination as a whole, and I have seen that.

I have seen that collaboration in marketing efforts through the BTA, so I am encouraged by that. I will wait and see. If we are to adequately prepare our students for tomorrow, then we must be willing to ensure that best practices recommended for a 21st century education system are implemented. As well as advocating smaller class sizes and making improvements to the physical condition of schools, they must embrace technology or see their students suffer the consequences.

It will not prepare our children to be key players in the 21st century. Technology has greatly impacted instructional methods and the learning environment. Consequently, teaching techniques have to be modified to meet the learning styles and needs of our modern-day students. We must have the appropriate infrastructure and resources so that our children can excel in class. Our youth are a gem that we must invest in, and their futures deserve nothing less than per cent of our combined commitment.

The ministry announced on January 13 that the School Reorganization Advisory Committee had delivered its final report to Wayne Scott, the Minister of Education, who will decide which schools to close or consolidate following further consultation.

Mr Charles told this newspaper: Government did say they were going to close schools so you have parents in a quandary at the moment because if you register a child at a school and then they close it then what happens? What are your choices?

Nobody knows what the government is planning so they need to say something. This government campaigned on the mantra that education was in crisis. Where did they get the information from? They have all the data and figures and some very bright people got together and put it together. I would hope to have a couple of months after reading the report to decide. It takes a fair amount of time to choose at the best of times and if you have two parents who are working full-time, that makes a big difference.

Why tell us the deadline is going to be the beginning of February and then not give us enough information to make a decision? We had our open house recently which was well received. There are so many wonderful things going on. I would advise parents to register their child at their first choice no matter what school that is. I am a parent as well and I would register my child where I want them to go. East End is open for business. A policy for dealing with urgent medical scans was only put in place at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital after a patient with a burst appendix suffered life-threatening damage to his heart and lungs owing to avoidable delays.

Bermuda Hospitals Board revealed yesterday that procedures for ordering and processing emergency CT scans came into force in , after Kamal Williams suffered his ordeal on May 30 that year. According to the judgment, a scan was probably not ordered by Dean Okereke, the doctor who examined him, until almost two hours later. The scan took place at 5. Mr Williams went into surgery for suspected acute appendicitis at 9. He was found to have a ruptured appendix and widespread pus throughout his pelvis.

He suffered septic shock, a heart attack and lung complications, requiring life support in the intensive care unit. Mr Williams eventually made a full recovery. After regular business hours, staff monitor for CT reports for emergency cases and, if they are not received within 30 minutes, they follow up as a matter of urgency and escalate as required to ensure a timely result is provided.

I want them to be accountable. The board paid the compensation but appealed the decision on a point of law to the Privy Council, on the advice of its medical malpractice insurers. BHB has been asked but has not shared the name of the insurers.

Wollmann is believed to be the youngest Bermuda sailor to qualify for the Olympics. The two sailors were level on points, with Wollmann just ahead on a tiebreaker in 37th place overall. A police officer could be awarded substantial damages after he suffered chronic health problems from being exposed to toxic mould at Hamilton and Somerset police stations.

This week Mr Donald took the stand at Supreme Court as Chief Justice Ian Kawaley heard arguments from both sides on how much damages the Jamaican national should be awarded in medical expenses and loss of earnings. The year-old, who still undergoes dialysis three times a week for his health problems, maintained he could have be promoted through the ranks all the way up to superintendent by had it not been for his medical condition. I understand that the defendants Government will try to reduce my claim.

Mr Cooper questioned Mr Donald on this saying: You must know more money is coming. He said it was difficult to say how Mr Donald might have risen through the ranks had he not fallen ill in but he acknowledged that Mr Donald was a first-rate officer with very good investigative skills.

He is extremely proactive with a deep spirit of dedication. He is a calming influence on his colleagues and has had no sick days. Patrick Singleton has been named to an influential commission within the International Olympic Committee.

Singleton, a three-time winter Olympian, who represented the island in luge in and , and in skeleton in , was the sole representative for Bermuda at the Nagano, Japan, Salt Lake City and Torino Olympic Games, and was the first Bermudian to win medals in any winter event. We have rebuilt their finances and now the WOA is in an extremely strong position where they are full integrated with the International Olympic Committee.

I think we are now a shining example to other international sports organisations on how to get it right, do good administration and do good governance. Most were the best athletes in the world, because they have that drive and desire to play by the rules and to get things done.

His message was clear: You can help your clients move their fortunes to the United States, free of taxes and hidden from their governments. Some are calling it the new Switzerland.

After years of lambasting other countries for helping rich Americans hide their money offshore, the US is emerging as a leading tax and secrecy haven for rich foreigners. By resisting new global disclosure standards, the US is creating a hot new market, becoming the go-to place to stash foreign wealth.

It is the sound of money rushing to the USA. It is now moving the fortunes of wealthy foreign clients out of offshore havens such as Bermuda, subject to the new international disclosure requirements, and into Rothschild-run trusts in Nevada, which are exempt. Others are also jumping in: The rich also often feel safer parking their money in the US rather than some other location perceived as less sure.

Nor is it clear how many of the almost countries and other jurisdictions that have signed on will actually enforce the new disclosure standards, issued by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD , a government-funded international policy group.

Still, the US is one of the few places left where advisers are actively promoting accounts that will remain secret from overseas authorities. If you were going to shoot a film set in Las Vegas circa , you would film it in Reno.

Yet the lobby directory does not list Rothschild. The trust company was set up in to cater to international families, particularly those with a mix of assets and relatives in the US and abroad, according to Rothschild. Cripps explained that moving money out of traditional offshore secrecy jurisdictions and into Nevada is a brisk new line of business for Rothschild.

Another Rothschild client, a family from Asia, is moving assets from Bermuda into Nevada. He said customers are often international families with offspring in the US. For decades, Switzerland has been the global capital of secret bank accounts. That may be changing. Swiss banks eventually paid a price. The US was determined to put an end to such practices. That led to a law, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or Fatca, that requires financial firms to disclose foreign accounts held by US citizens and report them to the IRS or face steep penalties.

Inspired by Fatca, the OECD drew up even stiffer standards to help other countries ferret out tax dodgers. Since , 97 jurisdictions have agreed to impose new disclosure requirements for bank accounts, trusts, and some other investments held by international customers. Of the nations the OECD asked to sign on, only a handful have declined: For financial advisers, the current state of play is simply a good business opportunity.

Bolton Global Capital, a Boston-area financial advisory firm, recently circulated this hypothetical example in an e-mail: But similar proposals in the past have stalled in the face of opposition from the Republican-controlled Congress and the banking industry.

Treasury also is concerned that massive inflows of capital into secret accounts could become a new channel for criminal money laundering. Penney offered a disclaimer: Rothschild said the PowerPoint was subsequently revised before Penney delivered his presentation.

The firm provided what it said was the final version of the talk, which this time excluded several potentially controversial passages. They were therefore removed. The launch of the wing-sail foiling catamaran the team took delivery of from Oracle Team USA, the defender, last month marks another milestone in the design race for the team. It features hydraulics and control systems that allow the sailors greater command of the wing sail and foils that help the yacht reach speeds of over 40mph.

As with all cup teams at this juncture, daggerboard-foil design will be a top priority in the development phase as Team Japan narrows down which shapes will go into production for their future AC Prospective vendors for the weekly festival, which hits Front Street every Wednesday during the summer, can attend an information session on Thursday February 4. The meeting, from 5. Stephanie Lee from the Chamber said: Nicole Haziza aided the Premier in his correspondence with President Francois Hollande in the wake of a coordinated terrorist attack on the capital.

The perpetrators opened fire at a concert by rock band The Eagles of Death Metal, as well as in several restaurants. Meanwhile, Mr Hollande was evacuated from the Stade de France sports stadium, after three bombs exploded outside the venue during a friendly football match between France and Germany. The inflation rate rose to 1.

Fuel and power sector costs plunged The sector saw a 1. The downward trend has continued since November, as the rate has fallen a further By way of comparison, the fuel adjustment rate averaged The health and personal care sector was the biggest driver of inflation and was 7 per cent higher than in November , according to government statistics.

Inflation climbed to 1. Food prices were up 1. However, food prices fell 0. A block of ultra-high frequency bandwidth in Bermuda has been freed up, paving the way for it to be used by mobile service providers to improve the delivery of mobile services.

It was asked by the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda RAB to relinquish the frequencies and migrate its services to UHF , a lower level on the ultra-high frequency spectrum. By doing so, it would free radio wavelengths in the MHz group that have been increasingly in demand by mobile service companies.

The authority is currently carrying out the final round of public consultation regarding the assignment and licensing of high demand spectrum. Kyle Masters, interim chief executive for the RAB, said: The Amstel Trader, which was scheduled to arrive on Monday, is travelling to Bermuda, and could arrive as early as this evening.

However, anticipated heavy rain in the North Atlantic could yet affect the progress of both ships, which both endured knot winds and foot waves on their previous voyages from Bermuda to New Jersey. It creates a whole new set of challenges because you miss those selling days. I think by Monday everything will be back to normal. It remains unclear when the vessel will resume its normal service to Bermuda. A statement released yesterday by Meyer Freight, which operates the Bermuda Islander, said: The Islander is high and dry, unable to refloat because of the shipyard mechanical failure.

The bad weather always interferes with the sailing. We know that the local agents have communicated with their clients, but that local consumers may be unaware of the circumstances that have led to the delays.

By Marie-Sophie Brackstone Year They are in Bermuda to compete in the M32 races this year. They discussed their journey towards this race, what they are training for and how they got into sailing.

We had the opportunity to ask questions on their influences on the sport, fitness tests and how they apply them into their training, the principles of training so their training programme is effective, SMART targets in order to achieve and maintain motivation and their training methods.

Annie and Sally gave me a better insight on what we are learning, but they also gave me real-life examples of this and how it can be applied to their athletic lives. They also showed me that women have the capability to do anything and everything. I might not have the ambition to sail around the world, but I do have the ambition to do things in my sporting life and regular life that show that everyone can do the impossible.

A young Bermudian businesswoman has been honored by prestige business magazine Forbes after launching a modern take on muesli in the UK. The two, who met at school in England, won the retail and e-commerce category. Ms Mackenzie, 27, said: We have worked really hard to establish Cuckoo as an exciting new food brand in the UK and it is always good to get recognition. There are a number of young Bermudians making their mark on the international stage and I would encourage all young Bermudians to pursue their dreams and aspirations as we have done.

They have since struck deals with major UK supermarket chains Tesco, Waitrose and the Co-op to stock their products, which come in a variety of flavors, like apple and cinnamon spice and mango and coconut. Cuckoo mueslis are now in 30 Tesco supermarkets, 30 Waitrose ones, and Co-op stores across the UK, as well as in upmarket department store Selfridges in London. Cuckoo products also feature in Dayleford Organic shops and in coffee chain AMT Coffee, as well as other independent delicatessens and cafés.

The duo this month completed a deal with UK online grocery store Ocado to stock Cuckoo. Ms Mackenzie and Ms Wright tried Bircher muesli, originally created by Swiss doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner in , to get patients eating more fresh fruit and grains.

Ms Mackenzie and her mother Lorna worked together to create a new recipe that she and Ms Wright decided to market in the UK. Other legal amendments to be tackled cover the definitions of what constitutes a public place, and discrimination with the written word.

The HRC, which will move next month to a new home at Milner Place on Victoria Street, is also to gain greater independence as a non-ministerial department. We believe that marriage is a right that should be available to everybody regardless of their sexual orientation. The Supreme Court decision in the Bermuda Bred case, which comes into effect on February 29, is an important step to ensuring parity for all people.

Ms Tannock is one of four commissioners who has stayed on to maintain continuity for the new board, which she described as highly diverse. Preliminary studies on the bridge have been done and the results are expected to be received by the Ministry of Public Works by the end of next week.

Craig Cannonier, the Minister of Public Works, said he had been alarmed by the level of rust on the traverse beams under the bridge. Having said that, the bridge is absolutely safe for single traffic. It is the traverse beams that are rusting. The East End crossing has been reduced to a single lane since December due to serious corrosion, which has also meant vehicles heavier than ten tonnes are off limits. Mr Cannonier said that the department had not ruled out the idea of a completely new bridge.

We want to move towards a long-term solution. We want to see it swing again and we need it up and running so that we can get the concrete in for the marina project and obviously the new hotel. On the issue of guns and ammunition smuggled into the Island, she said the facility was highly effective in keeping the Island secure. The Premier said it was the third annual open house, and that as the minister responsible he always came to support it.

Members of the public are invited to share their views on the L. Wade International Airport redevelopment.

The three meetings will seek feedback on the issues that need to be considered in the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. Graeme Smith, technical manager of LAS, said: The Ministry of Public Works has identified 30 Government-owned properties that it will look to sell off in the coming months. The move, which was initially unveiled in the Throne Speech, is part of a policy that will also involve moving civil servants back in Government-owned properties to reduce rent payments and the overall deficit.

The ministry, which is responsible for about properties including residential and commercial space as well as forts, will look to sell off the land in a piecemeal fashion to avoid flooding the market, Craig Cannonier, the Minister for Public Works, revealed. We have some valuable real estate here and if it does not fit within the asset management plan then we need to ask why are we holding on to them when they could be well used by the public, non-profit organisations, first-time homeowners or even new hotel development.

We have now identified 30 properties and lots of land that we should be putting out on the market. The disposals if approved by the legislature will be staggered and take place over a period of time.

But it is important to get moving on this and we would like to accomplish it this year. We are moving our people back into real estate that we own and renovations are going on. The refurbishment plans for the old police station make sense. It is going to be a capital project and we are looking to get the building done this year. It is the second market review of the industry. The Authority is the watchdog organization that oversees the sector. Shortly after the RAB was created it oversaw the arrival of integrated licences that allowed providers to offer multiple telecoms services, rather than be restricted to one.

That change resulted in a number of consolidations among telecommunication service providers and the introduction of bundled package deals for consumers. It is anticipated a report will be published in the second quarter of the financial year. In a statement, the RAB said it might modify existing or develop new safeguards to address market conditions. Is the market more or less competitive as a result of liberalization?

Hamilton Parish residents filled the Francis Patton School hall last night to voice their concerns about plans for Shelly Bay.

The plans have yet to be considered by the Development Applications Board, and members of the public can file objections to the Department of Planning this week. Last night around people attended a town-hall meeting on the topic, raising a host of concerns about the project. During the meeting the crowd heard that environmental groups are planning objections to the proposal and have requested copies of a petition to protest the project.

At that time, he said the developer wanted to place even more parking in the area near the playground and that he had raised concerns. The next he heard of the plans, they had been submitted to planning. If they come down here with bulldozers, we will lay down.

We are not going to have this in Hamilton Parish. Mr Burgess also expressed some concern about the use of the beach by the facility, which would also reportedly include tables on the beach itself. Mr Furbert, meanwhile, questioned the need for a parking lot in the area, saying that the existing parking lot could be used, even if it had to be slightly expanded. While the developers have said a fence would be erected to separate the parking area from the playground, Ms Griffin said that children would inevitably climb the fence while playing.

She also argued that the existing parking would be sufficient to handle the restaurant, saying issues would likely only arise on a few Saturdays in the summer when the nearby field is used for sports. Other residents also voiced concerns about the project, questioning how the increased waste from the restaurant would be handled without impacting neighbors or those using the beach and about the noise. Worries were also expressed about the use of public land for the project, with one attendee expressing concern that further areas of the park would be lost to the public over time.

Meanwhile, one resident argued against allowing kayaking at the beach, saying it would be a matter of time before a child is injured. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has defended the deal UK authorities have struck with Bermuda-registered Google over tax, saying the Conservatives have done more than any other government.

The PM told the Commons the tax "should have been collected under [the last] Labour government". Mr Cameron was challenged during Prime Minister's Questions about the amount of tax paid by the US tech giant, which has made billions of pounds of sales in Britain. Former Business Secretary Vince Cable said Google had "got off very, very lightly", and the chancellor had "made a fool of himself" by hailing the deal as a victory.

She said MEPs would call George Osborne to appear before them, and criticised the attempt to "make publicity out of it" by talking about large-sounding figures which she said were a fraction of what should be paid.

The Ace name has been replaced by the new identity of Chubb Limited. The company also has a new logo. The Listing Committee of the BSX waived the normally required day notice period in consideration of the specific circumstances of the acquisition and the subsequent immediate listing of Chubb Limited on the New York Stock Exchange.

The announcement came yesterday from the Bermuda Police Service, who said that they are conducting a criminal investigation into the allegation.

The suspect is said to be assisting police in the inquiry, which is being headed by Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro. The loan was guaranteed by the Corporation of Hamilton after legislative amendments by the Bermuda Government that allowed the municipality to use the parking lot property as collateral.

The funds were placed in a New York escrow account and subsequently withdrawn in , but the developers defaulted on the loan, sparking legal action between MIF and the developers. Michael Fahy, Minister of Home Affairs, said last year that a criminal complaint had been made to the police, and that efforts had been launched to locate the funds, much of which were reportedly sent to Gibraltar-based Argyle Ltd.

However, MIF threatened this month to claim several corporation properties, including the Hamilton Fire Station, the Chamber of Commerce building and the Custom House, if the loan was not repaid with the interest due by January Mr Gosling said yesterday that the corporation is still working to secure a loan to allow it to repay MIF. We have had numerous further meetings with lawyers to review the lending agreement and are trying to be proactive in this process, seeking assignments rather than waiting for requests.

This is not a process that happens overnight, especially with a sum of this magnitude. The Well Bermuda health promotion strategy will be reviewed and updated today. The overall goals will be the same because they are very relevant to what is happening now. It is themed around healthy people, healthy families and healthy communities, and aims to achieve these through 18 goals. These include improving awareness of and reducing chronic diseases, promoting positive parenting and better quality of life for seniors and the disabled, managing food and vector-borne diseases, increasing road safety and stopping violence before it begins.

Through the Health Promotion Office, Dr Lewin has been encouraging maintenance of a healthy body weight for height. She has also been promoting healthy eating through the dietary guidelines and EatWell Plate, the annual school lunch competition and a partnership with grocery stores and wholesalers. At the meeting, each action group will report on the progress towards their objectives, to what extent they have achieved these and whether they are still relevant or need updating.

The Steps to a Well Bermuda survey results will also be presented. Age Concern has teamed up with a local physician to help seniors with medical expenses. JJ Soares, who runs Hamilton Medical Centre, is offering free consultations to uninsured or underinsured seniors referred to him by the charity.

In order to assist, he has arranged to see a few patients per week for a free consultation. We will check to see that it is a legitimate hardship and then we will refer the patient on.

And in a time of rising medical costs and more people seeking specialist treatment, Ms Fleming said it provides an opportunity to use local resources and help those who may not be able to take advantage of them without cost being an issue.

Ms Fleming added that Age Concern also has a hardship fund and will work with other organisations if there is a dire need for medical assistance.

The first of two public meetings soliciting feedback for its environmental impact assessment, held last night in the Anglican Cathedral, heard a strong argument in favour of putting a sailing academy on the site. BEC is the agency carrying out the consultation for the assessment. The meeting, attended by about 30 members of the public, heard that while the village would be the best spot to watch the races, there would be good viewing through Dockyard and from vantages such as Spanish Point.

Planners hope to make heavy use of water transport, as well as shuttles from peripheral parking sites. While private boats will not be able to congregate at the village, locations such as Mangrove Bay may be used. The landmark Lemon Tree Café is set to bloom again under new ownership and a new name.

Mr Roberts said the recipe for the new restaurant was still under wraps. Mr Roberts said he had known Mr Nearon for five years, after he stopped by Bolero looking for a part-time job. This is the next step up for me. Bolero fans will get it once the concept is publicized. The delayed arrival of both the Amstel Trader and the Somers Isles this week could have a significant impact on supermarkets as well as other customers.

Captain Hendrik Basynya reported: Vessel endured 20ft to 24ft seas, with individual waves closer to 30ft at times. Peak sustained winds of 55 knots, while gusts were observed by crew of 65 to 70 knots.

During the worst of the storm the vessel made a minimum speed ahead, just enough to keep a safe heading into seas and swell. Crew is completely exhausted as sleeping was extremely difficult.

The captain has been 36 hours continuously on the bridge and is happy to finally get some sleep now that weather has improved. She is then scheduled to sail on Wednesday morning and arrive in Bermuda on Saturday. They take their role very seriously and always go the extra mile to get the vessels here as close to schedule as possible. We are also fortunate to have great stevedores who quickly discharge the vessels, customs officers who work late to keep the gate and X-ray machine manned, trucking companies who deliver the containers and the suppliers who many times have to bring crews in overnight to get the shelves stocked.

The Amstel Trader was one of the last vessels to berth in New York before snowstorm Jonas began and the port was closed. The port received nearly 30 inches of snow on Saturday, which is just short of an all-time record accumulation. The cleanup effort required for the Port of New York is significant. The vessel will depart for Bermuda at full speed to possibly arrive on Thursday late afternoon, weather permitting.

The team are third in the overall World Series standings. No major problems and we had a great sail. All systems on the new foot foiling catamarans are manual as outside power is prohibited, which places a heavy burden on the grinders on board, who are tasked with providing sufficient energy to charge the hydraulic system through every maneuver around the racetrack. Bermuda-based Axis Capital Holdings Ltd has launched a new insurance policy to cover hospitals against deadly pandemics.

Pandemics represent an especially serious risk for healthcare providers. Mr Lantry said, however, that using data the frequency of pandemics could be estimated, with bubonic plague, the Black Death of the Middle Ages, breaking out every 10 to 30 years since it first surfaced around until modern medicine found a cure. Similarly, serious outbreaks of influenza have occurred 31 times over the last years.

Hospitals which want coverage will also have to undergo an Axis assessment of their pandemic preparedness, carried out by an Axis expert in the field. Other insurers had offered more limited products in the past, but that the Axis coverage was the most comprehensive.

Talking to doctors and healthcare professionals, there is a view that pandemics will become more prevalent. The logistics and transportation service is vital for many businesses in our international and local business community given our island location. We are committed to working closely with IBC Inc to execute a seamless transition for customers and employees. The board's insurers will foot the bill.

The patient suffered damage to his heart and lungs owing to avoidable delays in operating at the hospital to remove the appendix. Acting on the advice of medical malpractice lawyers, it took the case to the Privy Council in London, Bermuda's highest appeals court where a panel of Britain's top judges ruled in favour of the patient yesterday.

Any intelligent person would have seen that it would come to this conclusion. People should challenge the hospital or any large entity when they feel like they have been wronged. They [the BHB] gambled and lost as a result of what I believe was bad advice from their insurer.

This could have been settled early on, yet they continued to challenge me. I feel like I have been bullied, but they picked the wrong person to pick a fight with, as I don't like bullies and I stood up for what I believe in.

He now plans to use the rest towards his children's education. As The Royal Gazette has previously reported, Mr Williams spent an agonizing 12 hours waiting for surgery, after being taken ill with crippling stomach pains. His operation was delayed for hours because of a string of problems at the hospital, including delays in running tests and obtaining results.

In the meantime, toxins spread throughout Mr Williams's body, triggering a heart attack and breathing difficulties. He spent a week in the intensive care unit on a life-support machine, but has since made a full recovery. It did not ask that the patient should be stripped of his compensation.

It is a testament of Mr Williams's strength of principle and character that he has persevered with this case for a period of nearly four years. It is also unfortunate that the hospital, which is subsidized by the people of Bermuda and its insurers, are so intent on contesting such obvious claims instead of considering them on an objective basis and achieving a fair and reasonable resolution.

Britain's publicly funded National Health Service also wrote to the Privy Council judges, urging them to heed that concern. At a press conference in Hamilton Police Station yesterday, Acting Inspector Jason Smith from the Serious Crime Unit said that officers were investigating whether the two incidents were linked. We have to recognise that, in some instances, this is a new reality.

We in Bermuda have allowed to get to a certain point, rather than taking the bull by the horns years ago. The first incident took place at about The two men responsible for the attack then sped away on a black motorcycle east on North Shore Road.

The victim was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital with serious injuries, before being taken off the Island via air ambulance for further treatment. The second incident took place at about 7.

No one was harmed in this incident, and everyone involved fled the scene before police arrived. If you know something, you should say something. The first is for anyone who may have seen two men on a black motorcycle between 11am and The second appeal is for anyone who was in the Court Street, Ewing Street, Angle Street and Middletown areas, who may have witnessed the incident as it unfolded between 6.

Acting Inspector Smith said: It may be a girlfriend, family member or friend. You may have overheard the planning of the event or you know where these males retreated to after the event. We need you to be bold and come forward. The information that you possess, even though it may seem insignificant to you, may be the small tip that helps in solving these crimes. There is a family that is now in pain, as they deal with the new reality of a loved one dealing with serious injuries.

Author and pastor Tony Evans is set to return to the Island this week to speak about marriage and family. Dr Evans, the first African-American to graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary with a doctoral degree, is the author of several Christian books including Kingdom Agenda: What a Way to Live! The speech is scheduled to take place at the Heritage Hall Worship Centre on Wednesday, starting at 7pm. A public meeting at 6. He suggested an alternative site elsewhere in the park where an old access road is blocked off.

What people seem to be missing is that there is a process by which people can object to a planning application. The closing date for objections for this application is not until Friday, January 29, so there is still plenty of time for people to go in to the planning office in Hamilton and register opposition to the plan. The planning system has been in place for many years, and has stood the test of time.

So I urge people not to waste time complaining about it: The father, grandfather and great-grandfather, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 86, was praised yesterday for his contributions to the Island by those closest to him.

The father and son team notably handled the funeral of the late Governor, Sir Richard Sharples, after his assassination in They also dealt with the burial of his Great Dane, which was killed alongside him. He was always there for me, rain, blow or shine. We had a lot of interesting stories. I can recall I received an e-mail from someone abroad. Right away Louis was able to tell me which church it was, what cemetery it was and where to find the grave.

But his horses were his life. He would also moonlight as a taxi driver, and at 15 he operated the train on the Ferry Reach route. Terry Lamb, who sold him the horses, told how Mr Perinchief grinned from ear to ear the first time they triumphed at the show. Mr Perinchief was devastated when Kip died on January 23 of last year.

He then made the tough decision to put down Cody in the summer. His niece, Joanne Hollis, whom he lived with for the last five years of his life, said that in his final days he would often ask her the date. We could not believe it. There are about health service providers on the Island and 2, registered health professionals.

Jeanne Atherden, the Minister of Health, said: This gives an excellent start to the process of registering all healthcare businesses to give stronger assurance to the public that measures are in place to assure safety and improve patient experience. But registering health service providers allows the BHeC to improve patient protection by sharing more information about services. The process will also potentially assist the BHeC with managing financially vested self-referrals, and monitoring the entry of high-risk health technology, specifically medical equipment.

Registration involves submitting information such as demographic facility information, declaration of financial interests, identifying information for the business owner, a list of medical equipment and maintenance dates, a description of services performed, and the names and qualifications of staff.

The BHeC checks for complaints about the provider, reviews the application and provides a compliance report. The details are then published on the BHeC website. Tawanna Wedderburn, acting chief executive of the BHeC, said: We recognise there are some opportunities for improvement. In collaboration with providers and with the support of many health agencies, we are working towards empowering patients to be more involved in the care they receive as we enhance health system planning and accountability.

The registration of health service providers will enhance the health system by facilitating health system planning, promoting safe and ethical clinical practice environments, and advancing patient rights and care. The names and compliance reports of the providers who have registered with the BHeC can be found on our website, www. The Mediterranean island of Malta is set to challenge Bermuda for its captive insurance crown.

The country is to launch a drive to attract the captive industry to its shores, instead of Bermuda. However, since captives have been left out of the equivalence project, this could provide an edge to European domiciles at some point in the future.

This is because such companies do not suffer additional financial costs associated with both the establishing and running of a fronting insurance company, therefore remaining an attractive vehicle to explore investment opportunities.

It was innovation to a certain extent because it did something some people did not think possible. I think we have the best of both worlds. Dr Ramella is deputy director, policy and research, with the BMA. Some constituents told us that, as Bermuda continues to battle its way out of an economic crisis, the most likely winner will be the candidate who can best deliver on employment hopes.

One year-old Vesey Street resident, who will be voting for the first time, told this newspaper: I really need a job. About extra voters are listed there now, up from the 1, on the electoral roll in , when Mr Blakeney won by 19 votes.

The selection, widely seen as a litmus test for the OBA midway through its administration, lies mainly with voters clustered in a handful of close-knit neighborhoods. One such estate surrounds Alexandra Road in Prospect, where a year-old construction worker, giving his name as Forrest, said he had voted for the OBA in but would support Mr Rabain next month.

I got to make sure I put food on the table. I will be taking older people to vote too. A few doors down, a wheelchair-bound woman in her 40s said her decision would rest on a thorough assessment of both candidates, neither of whom she had seen yet. Winning is determined by who shows their face the most. The only time you see these guys is during an election.

With healthcare his top priority, he was waiting to discuss the issue in detail with both candidates. Lookout Lane, another close-knit community, lies at the northwest corner of Constituency 13 near the old Winton property, where a year-old new voter said she would be excited to take part for the first time.

Although she has a job, she said she wanted something more and was finding it difficult. His vote would be determined by healthcare. FutureCare would settle her vote when she got to know the candidates better.

In the southeastern corner of the constituency, on Upland Street, the PLP was solidly endorsed by another senior who said: The historic Queen of the East was torn down yesterday, disappointing campaigners who fought for years to save the building. The East Broadway building, which was first built in the s, is set to be replaced with a six-storey residential block.

Sallie Singleton, who had been part of campaigns to save the building, said yesterday she was devastated when she discovered that the building had been demolished. The cost to save it was too high. Bayfield Clark, a well-known architect, rented and restored the house in the s and during his tenure the property was a Bermudian showplace.

However, the property was controversially stripped of its listed building status in after falling into disrepair and efforts to save the property in recent years have failed.

They have my word that I will look into it and get back to them. What will happen is they will be turned away until they get rid of their car and lose their house until they become a bigger burden. They just need a little assistance right now. He is married, with a five-year-old daughter now in Elliot Primary School, where he is head of the parent teacher association. With a background in electronic engineering, he worked for six years in the Department of Works and Engineering, then became a founding partner of Compu-CAD, a company specializing in architectural drafting, land surveying and project management.

Mr Rabain is now the community service chairman for the Outstanding Teen Awards. Sometimes you have to pass new legislation, improve existing legislation, and hold people accountable. The couple are now renovating a home on Mary Victoria Road. In , he was commissioned as an officer, and has served on response teams in the past two hurricane seasons.

The subject that initially drew him to politics was health policy. I have now spent four years working on health policy issues in Bermuda. I am a huge believer in the principles of openness in civil society and government: Mr Simons said his canvassing had been based on hearing their concerns.

The groundbreaking Mental Health Court is saving lives and giving participants fresh hope for the future. This according to the men and women who have taken part in the treatment programme as well as the team of lawyers, probation officers, court services staff and judges that work to provide the service.

I n the past two years, dozens of men and women have successfully completed the Mental Health Treatment Court Programme MHTCP with many gaining employment and pursuing further education.

This success has even preceded the Bermuda Government providing a legislative framework for the programme, which is expected to be tabled in the upcoming Parliamentary session. The DTC has a 75 per cent success rate and MHTCP reflects the same, meaning that where a person successfully completes the programme 75 per cent will never reoffend.

Clearly the therapeutic approach is having more of an effect than just punishment and means a safer society. The programme does not just improve the lives of the participants. The sessions are often very emotional and you cannot fail to be moved by what you see and hear. Like all the professionals who appear regularly before that court, the clients have had a profound effect on me.

Most clients on the programme have been dual diagnosed as suffering from both mental illness and substance dependence. Russ Ford, senior probation officer, said: We provide hope to individuals that they can change their life.

We have seen a remarkable decrease in the number of mental health clients going to prison. They are spending more time in the community with their families and potential employers. That is a very good and significant knock-on effect. The most important relationship within the system that seems to affect the most change has been with the magistrate. The clients who have had many years of feeling disempowered finally feel as though they are being heard.

The assistance from the MHTCP of navigating through a disjointed system has assisted clients get food, basic health insurance, access to school, volunteer and employment placements as well as access to mental healthcare. The success of the court has not been without numerous community partners and charities. This confirmation is an excellent way to begin Several flights between Bermuda and New York have been cancelled as a result of a fierce winter storm in the United States. A near-record winter storm buried New York and Washington DC in more than two feet of snow this weekend.

At least 14 people have died as a result of the storm, while around , homes have been left without power. The payment covers money owed since and follows a six-year inquiry by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

George Osborne hailed it as "a victory" for the government, but Labour's John McDonnell said the sums were "trivial. The tax agreement comes after years of criticism of Google and other multinational firms over their tax arrangement in the UK and across Europe. Mr Osborne told the BBC the agreement was "a real vindication of this government's approach", but he added that details of the deal were "confidential.

These are taxes paid on profits when there was a Labour government," the chancellor said. HMRC seems to have settled for a relatively small amount in comparison with the overall profits that are made by the company in this country.