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Magic 8-Ball
An ethereal creature can see and hear into the Material Plane in a foot radius, though material objects still block sight and sound. Alabe marketed and sold the cylinder as The Syco-Slate. Perfecting the performance and method for maximum impact. If no saving throw is mentioned, none is allowed. These effects usually work like the fear spell. Ethereal creatures do not fall or take falling damage. He also needs a supply of materials, the most obvious being the armor or the pieces of the armor to be assembled.

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Written by a customer while visiting walmart. Bought this product today and couldn't wait to try it out. The blades did not blend frozen fruit for sorbet. What I thought would take a minute or two took almost 20 minutes. Mona03, September 1, I have used my unit for awhile.

I have always expected the seal to give out or get old. Thank you for your time. SmithK, August 13, Awful, doesn't work on frozen anything. I bought this last year for college since I had to start "The Virgin Diet. So I finally got to using it this month and the first day it took me over an hour this is giving the bullet a break after 40 seconds of on usage because it cannot run for longer than a minute at a time after this time, my fruit was still not chopped up.

I had to eat my acai bowl with hard frozen fruit in it. I left my frozen fruit out for 2 hours while I ran hoping that may be the problem, still, my fruit does not chop up.

I can't do anything with it, it's just as loud as a blender, and the results are just basically what you started with with a little mush here and there. Extremely upset over this product. Magic Bullet Break Down Twice. My husband bought me the Magic Bullet for Christmas I have used it about 5 times this is the second one I have owned they both just stop working we spend alot of money to use this for a short time and when you call them they say they are sorry they can not help me after being on the line for over 30 min.

Dianaburton, July 16, Ehhhhh, doesn't chop well it all I've only used it a few times, but I'm not impressed, especially with it's chopping. I threw in half a red onion and still came out with huge pieces. Then the next day I wanted to make scrambled eggs, I threw in the onion, cherry tomatoes and eggs and milk.

The cherry tomatoes weren't chopped, only came out as big pieces clumped together. I can only imagine if I threw in parts of ham steak like it said I think the blades are too big, the reason I bought this is because I already have a big blender and figured the Magic Bullet, being smaller, would nicely chop, but the blades on the Magic Bullet are as big as on the big blender!

I could literally chop the onion faster than better than the Magic Bullet I bought this to make a paste out of various spices, garlic, olive oil etc. But I don't think it will work. Granted I've only had it a few days I'm on the verge of returning it Bought this for my son at college so he could save money making healthy smoothies to take to class.

I have owned 2, one for house one for cottage and knew it would be great for him. As time went by it did not go up by much. Then, a long time later, they started to report really large numbers, like This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when I was successfully raising Billions of Dollars to help rebuild Puerto Rico. If a person died for any reason, like old age, just add them onto the list.

I love Puerto Rico! All day every day I am incandescently angry that this man is president. Occasionally he says or does or tweets something so obscene that I briefly fear my anger will go supernova and tear a hole in the universe. Susan Sarandon was a complete asshole during the election — one of Bernie Sanders' most obnoxious surrogates, who splained at Dolores Huerta, asserted that Hillary Clinton was "more dangerous" than Donald Trump, said that a Trump presidency was "more likely" to usher in positive change than a Clinton presidency, and then voted for Jill Stein.

She has continued to disgorge stupid trash along the same vein post-election, in some contemptible bid to justify the stupid trash she said two years ago. We would be at war [if she was president]. Part 1 ; Part 2.

If you are in the areas for which evacuations have been ordered, and are a non-incarcerated person who is allowed to evacuate , please heed the evacuation orders for your own safety. It's chilling, even from space. Do not focus on the wind speed category of Hurricane Florence! Life-threatening storm surge flooding, catastrophic flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding are still expected. Hosted by a yellow sofa. Suggested by Shaker catvoncat: In every possible iteration. Although, as y'all have surely noticed, I like swearing generally and tend to be pretty diverse and creative about it!

Cute , The Dud Abides. Manafort , Robert Mueller , Russia , Trump. Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon said there were so many fires "you can't even see the sky. At least one person died and thousand of residents in three Merrimack Valley communities were urged to evacuate from their homes after a series of gas explosions ignited fires in the area.

The affected communities are Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover. Leonel Rondon, 18, of Lawrence, died after a chimney from a house explosion fell on the car he was in on Chickering Road, the Essex County district attorney's office said in a statement late Thursday.

About 20 other people, including at least one firefighter, were injured and being treated at local hospitals as a result of the explosions or fires. As of late Thursday, it remained unclear what exactly caused the blasts. The state fire marshal's office had said the fires followed a high pressure gas main explosion. State emergency management officials said that "possible gas line over-pressurization" could be the source of the explosions.

However, state police officials said in a tweet Thursday evening that it is "far too early to speculate on [a] cause. I fear that it was the first significant cyberattack on our utility grid. We know that Russia has been planning an attack on U. And we know that Russian diplomats, presumed to be Russian intelligence agents, have been "waging a quiet effort to map the United States' telecommunications infrastructure, perhaps preparing for an opportunity to disrupt it.

NATO is concerned enough to be closely monitoring the drills, which involve ", troops, over 1, military aircraft, and two naval fleets," and during which Vladimir Putin delivered a speech to soldiers, vowing "to strengthen the Russian army and supply it with new generation weapons and equipment.

And we also know, coincidentally, that Special Counsel Bob Mueller struck a plea deal with Paul Manafort late yesterday , and it is still unclear as of this writing whether he was given the deal without any promise of cooperation with the Russia probe. Hsu and Devlin Barrett at the Washington Post note: I also fear that, even if that is indeed the case, we may never get confirmation of it from officials, who feel obliged to conceal it out of some misplaced belief in maintaining public safety by lying to us.

It's frankly very concerning to me, as well, how little national coverage this story has gotten, even despite coverage of the hurricane. My condolences to the family and friends of Leonel Rondon. I'm so sorry for your loss.

My thoughts remain with the people who were injured; I hope they have access to the resources they need to recover. I also hope that people whose homes were damaged or destroyed will be treated well by their insurance companies, and get back to something resembling regular life with as few barriers as possible. We are not being governed by compassionate or decent people; we need more than ever to be compassionate and decent to each other in times of crisis.

So far, there are no reports of serious injuries or death. I desperately hope that will remain the case throughout the day, even as I know how unlikely that is. Hurricane Florence , hurricanes. Bezos , class warfare , privatization , public education. Cute , Legends of Zelda. Puerto Rico , Trump. Oh my god, I would tell him just start all over again. I mean, I don't think we can grade him. I think what he's done that is the most significant is that, by no — unintentionally, he has energized, um, you know, by making it so clear, the way governme— I mean, in all fairness to Trump, this stuff was all laid in place over the last 12 years.

I mean, this didn't just suddenly happen. Democrats were losing thousands and thousands of seats, then all these things were put in place, and refu— People were being deported, and there was many, many wars, and all of that was happening, but he is so bumbling, and he is so — he's like a character out of a cartoon or something — that you can't not be aware of what's going on now.

And — and Bernie Sanders proved that you could run without taking dark money, without taking PAC money, and so you're seeing an enormous amount of people that are using that and are running and winning.

And so many women in primaries, and now we've got, you know, more, uh, elections coming up, and those people — you never saw that population running.

So many women, I think like forty percent more women, are running for office and becoming elected. We're on the verge of having the governors of Florida, Georgia, and Maryland be people of color, and one woman of co— Now that, you know, this is a revolution. It may not seem like one. So things have gotten— What is it? The Leonard Cohen quote? You know, the cracks are where the light comes through? So maybe things had to get so bad before real change actually could happen.

So, uh, we just have to stay awake, and also the kids are on fire. I never heard millennials or kids in high school saying, "I can't wait to vote. And they're really doing a good job of, uh, of signing up kids. And that's what's gonna make the change. Take me down, you know? Get rid of all these old people and get that young blood in there. And they're gonna make the difference.

I'm very hopeful because of them. Where do I even begin with this horseshit? First, the answer to the question should have been "F. He gets a failing grade, because he is a vile human being whose chief governing principle is malice.

And isn't, for any decent person who doesn't have an agenda in which they want to retroactively justify their ludicrous comments about Hillary Clinton being more dangerous than Donald Trump by giving Trump credit for inadvertently inspiring a revolution. Second, to talk about what's happening right now as a "revolution," and further to imply that it will yield good things for marginalized people that they definitely want even if they are too stupid to know it , is just breathtaking privilege, for reasons I have previously explained.

Third, Sarandon literally just has no idea what the fuck she is talking about: Of course, a historically accurate picture of what got us here — and how long it took — undercuts Sarandon's execrable implication that the Democrats were complicit, as well as her evident belief that we can turn around decades of traitorous scheming by winning a few House seats. Fourth, crediting Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump for the burst of female candidates running for elected office, and failing to even utter the name Hillary Clinton, despite her history-making run as the first ever major-party female nominee in the nation's history, is just some full-tilt misogynist filth.

I'm sure there are women running for office who were inspired by Sanders. I'm sure there are women running for office who were moved by the prospect of holding Trump accountable. And I'm damn well sure that there are women running for office who would credit Hillary Clinton with inspiring them, with motivating them, with blazing a trail for them, with giving them the courage to take their first steps into the fray.

Fifth, I will never not ragescream when I hear people say crap like this: I don't even understand how a person says something like this. I guess we just needed a president who put babies in cages before we could get off our asses and pay minimal attention and start spouting a bunch of half-baked dross about a political system we haven't even put in any real effort to understand.

Sixth, she's never heard teenagers say they can't wait to vote? Well, there are a lot of nerds in the world who said that, like me. The fact that she thinks because she's never heard it, it's never happened, is a pretty good indication of why her thinking about a lot of stuff is total rubbish.

Sarandon isn't just saying ill-informed stuff with which I disagree although that, too. She's saying stuff that is dangerous, because it's dishonest in a way that serves a privileged agenda which is just as selectively dismissive of expertise and knowledge, just as disdainful of recognizing the individual needs of distinct populations, and just as hostile toward the essential tenets of a pluralistic democracy as the conservative movement consolidating its power behind Donald Trump.

That's why Sarandon can't bring herself to truly criticize him. She sees something familiar in him, and something in him she admires. Which brings us to why it's necessary to push back against this stuff: Sarandon and her compatriots aren't staging a revolution; they're staging a change in management.

That merely indicates a reduction in sustained windspeed, but the real threat of Florence has always been storm surges and flooding, predictions for which remain the same. Tropical-storm-force winds are between 39 and 73 mph. Florence's center will approach the North and South Carolina coasts late Thursday and Friday, but it's unclear exactly when and where and it will make landfall. As the storm moves inland, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland will also be in peril.

Strong winds will send rising water inland from the coastline of the Carolinas. The storm surge could rise up to 13 feet — that's water inundating homes up to the first-floor ceiling, the National Hurricane Center said. At least flights along the U.

East Coast have been canceled Thursday through Saturday ahead of the storm. I continue to hope fervently for the safety of everyone in the storm's path.

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