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After a collegiate baseball and football career cut short by injuries, he began studying athletic training and nutrition at San Jose State University, where he worked with the football, soccer, baseball, and softball teams. But once you take a closer look, you will see we are building something that will revolutionize the fitness industry. Get access to more than 40 coaching tools we use with our own clients. Our goal is to make good coaches great and great coaches even better. Worldwide This is a New York based institution specialized in nutritional programs. The test for certification includes methods to evaluate nutritional needs of patients and assess nutrient requirements. Stay accountable and on-track with our simple 5-step process for each chapter:

The Precision Nutrition Certification has a single purpose:

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Additionally, employees must be trained on their area of animal care responsibilities and have the training documented example: Read more about employee training and training resources.

Ceased routine Tail Docking The practice of routine tail docking must have been phased out by January 1, If that area is not resolved within that timeframe, the farm will risk probation and eventual suspension from the FARM Animal Care Program. The group helps ensure that the FARM Animal Care Program fosters a culture of continuous improvement and that the best management practices, which are the cornerstone of the program, evolve with the latest research on animal welfare and humane handling.

She is married to Norman Jordan, Jr. Karen operates Large Animal Veterinary Services focusing on dairy production medicine.

Her practice concentrates on 14 dairy farm families whose average herd size is , but varies from cows in milk. He has been in Wisconsin since , teaching veterinary students, performing research and developing outreach to improve dairy cattle wellbeing. His interests include lameness prevention, cow comfort and improving facility design. He developed The Dairyland Initiative in , a resource to drive the creation of welfare-friendly cattle housing. He qualified as a veterinarian in and worked in a large food animal clinic in Southern England for four years before moving to the Royal Veterinary College-Hertfordshire, where he spent three years as lecturer and head of the Large Animal Ambulatory Clinic.

Though Chase was born and raised, in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, he was raised with deep family roots in the dairy industry. In his current role, Chase works on producer education programs that enable producers to continuously improve their operations through practical, science based cattle management practices. Chase is proud to work for an industry that he is passionate about and in a role that connects producers and consumers in an effort to grow and improve the beef industry.

In his free time he enjoys traveling, exploring the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. In recent years, she has also conducted research and outreach on precision dairy technologies, including individual cow behavior sensors, automated calf feeders and robotic milking systems. She also teaches two classes in dairy herd management. She is constantly striving to stay on top of the latest research or fitness trends by attending as many conferences and seminars throughout the year.

Hartmut is a trainer and therapist and has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area since Hartmut has inspired his clients for over 20 years, helping each adopt a healthy fitness life style addressing his or her fitness as well as post rehab needs. Contact Hartmut at hartmut evolutiontrainers. Fitness for seniors and mature adults Balance and fall prevention Post rehab Disease management through exercise.

Additionally, she is an experienced yoga instructor RYT, studying yoga postures and philosophy, meditation, and Reiki at the Yandara Yoga Institute. She trains using a unique blend of Pilates, Yoga, and functional strength exercises to help people improve their health and wellness through conscious body movement.

Jaimi has two young daughters, Emerson and Waverly, and enjoys living in the beautiful Bay Area. Jaimi enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time outdoors, especially in the mountains and at the beach. Contact Jaimi at jaimi evolutiontrainers. For over ten years, Jamii North has been a professional in the fitness and sports medicine fields.

Jamii has served as part of the medical staff for the Rochester Brigade, an Arena Football team in New York, during their inaugural season. She has also worked at several Division I-III schools, among which locals are, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, and UC Santa Cruz, where her focus was helping to rehabilitate injured athletes, as well as assisting with their performance training. With a deep passion for fitness, Jamii keeps very busy. Jamii often presents health and fitness seminars for local cycling clubs, organizations, and the general public on topics ranging from injury prevention, recognition, and care, to safe cycling techniques.

Contact Jamii at jamii evolutiontrainers. He takes great pride in educating and empowering his clients so that they can truly take control of their health and wellness inside and outside the gym. His professionalism and ability to be encouraging without being intimidating, drives his creative, results-driven style. Growing up in the Bay Area, Jeff has always had a passion for helping people. After a collegiate baseball and football career cut short by injuries, he began studying athletic training and nutrition at San Jose State University, where he worked with the football, soccer, baseball, and softball teams.

During this time, Jeff also gained valuable experience working with a more general population at Morgan Hill Physical Therapy. Since Jeff has worked as a master trainer and assistant manager at Axis Performance Center, before starting his own business Forefront Fitness, in Currently, Jeff works with all ages and levels of clients, ranging from athletes to seniors.

Jeff is a firm believer in practicing what he preaches, and maintains a healthy, active lifestyle. Some of his hobbies include hiking, camping, softball, football, music, going to concerts, playing guitar, and writing. Contact Jeff at jeff evolutiontrainers.

With his background as an athlete, coach, and academic exercise scientist; you can rest assured knowing that Jesse stays on the cutting edge of fitness science. Jesse has mentored with some of the best in the business with internships and experiences under Athletic Trainers, Strength Coaches, Registered Dieticians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Sport Psychologists.

Working as a team, he has helped overweight clients take back their health by working together to create sustainable pathways to longevity and freedom. He has lead beginner athletes to state championships within one year. Jesse accepts nothing less than greatness from himself and those who surround him.

He is on a non-stop, some would say obsessive, journey to bring others to their full potential. John Seaburg integrates his diverse education in the fields of health and fitness, delivering cutting-edge exercise science to clients of all levels of ability. He trains individuals and small groups with techniques such as; high-intensity intervals, Olympic lifts, indoor rowing, and agility movements.

John began his personal training career in and quickly developed a reputation for innovative program design. His unique background includes five years working in a clinical environment, where he helped patients reverse various metabolic diseases, including type-2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

He graduated from CSU, Chico with a degree in communications and a focus in film studies. Justine has a passion for people, athletics, and fitness. Justine enjoys working with many different types of individuals and personality types. Over the last 20 years she has helped working professionals, youth and adult athletes, as well as individuals with chronic pain accomplish their goals. She considers it a privilege when individuals put their trust in her and loves empowering her clients.

She believes everyone can become better, faster, and stronger and looks forward to helping YOU accomplish your goals. I am not your typical trainer or health professional. I am not a fitness fanatic. What I mean to say, is that I am just like you. And like you, everyday I am finding out more about myself and what works for me.

So as a health professional, my goal has always been, what are the practical ways for everyday people, like me, like you, to get the most out of our health and fitness that allows us to support the very things that we are most passionate about; the things that make life worth living. I think of health and fitness on a larger scale, in that it has become a means to support my experience.

If I can remain healthy, I can experience more, cultivate more relationships, spend more time with the people I care about, try more things, and take part in a variety of physical activities; like playing with my nieces and nephews, going on more challenging hikes, or just playing some recreational sports.

These are the things that are important to me, and after talking to and coaching many people, it seems that these things are important to you too.

My approach to health and fitness, may be different than what you are used to, or what you may be expecting, because it is a co active process. What I mean by that, is that my clients have just as much say as I do, in determining how the process will progress. It has to be this way, because while I may have expertise when it comes to eating and exercise only YOU know the life YOU live; therefore, only you can develop what is going to work for you.

I offer guidance and recommendations, but ultimately you and I will work through a number of strategies and options that we feel may work out best for you taking into account your personal and professional life as well as the priorities you have set in place.

This is the only way I have seen it work. And yes, this will take a some time, but time will pass by regardless of whether or not you choose to take action or if you choose not to, so if this is something you are ready to figure out, understand, and achieve there is no time like the present. She has worked with individuals and groups ranging in age and ability from teens to seniors and from post-rehabilitative clients to professional and recreational athletes. Her commitment to the profession of personal training is driven by her personal experiences overcoming obesity and chronic illness as a teen and young adult.

As a personal testament to how dramatically exercise and nutrition can impact both body and mind, she is passionate about helping others who seek to reach their potential. As a college swimmer in Tokyo, Megumi had minimum assistance with her injuries or physical conditioning. Recognizing the advantage of having a trainer in order to maximize athletic performance, Megumi grew her interest the profession and decided to pursue further education in the United States.

It is a big reward for her when she hears from her clients about how their training sessions have made a difference in their lives. Triathlon is not just training and competing for her.

She enjoys meeting with people from different background and always learning something new through the sport. Contact Megumi at megumi evolutiontrainers. Pete also specializes in sports performance training and has coached competitive athletes of many levels and backgrounds, including: The IFS methodology utilizes a progression from movement assessments with corrective exercise strategies to integrated strength and power training, culminating in specific performance training, whether clients are training for sport, or the sport of life.

Incorporating complex movement patterns, stability training and core strength and stability into all training programs, the result is a diverse and engaging workout program that produces maximum results no matter what the goal. Rob believes that everyone can perform at his or her best, and he strives to make every workout fun and effective—whether this means competing at an elite level or having the stamina to take on the challenge of everyday family life.

As a health and fitness professional his personal goal is to help my clients understand the importance of a complete lifestyle while focusing on training smart.

He takes pride in motivating others to achieve their goals. His training style includes a balanced combination of strength training, interval training, functional movement, core stability and injury prevention. He utilizes a multitude of training techniques to create a positive, challenging environment to reach your fitness goals.

Rob has worked as a personal trainer for more than 10 years in the Bay Area with a variety of clients with all sorts of health and fitness goals. Originally from England, Rob has been involved in Weightlifting for the last 25 years. He trained as a full-time athlete at the National Training Centre for Weightlifting from to , where he held coaching certifications from the British Amateur Weightlifting Association.

During his athletic career he competed at many National and International competitions. His competitive background and passion for all sports lead led him to Personal Training and Coaching, including developing his own Weightlifting Program.

He has always been involved with athletics and outdoor activities, such as soccer, rugby, football, mountain biking, backpacking and snow boarding.

When he finished high school, Sean joined the United States Navy as a rescue swimmer. As a graduate assistant in the HSU training room, he had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of athletes ranging from cross-country to football. It became apparent to Sean that personal training was his passion. As a certified Athletic Trainer he has helped his clients attain their goals through hard work and dedication. His belief is that anyone can do anything as long as they work hard and never give up.

While pursuing his Masters Degree in Biomechanics, he gained invaluable experience training world-class athletes as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Stanford University. Evolution has been the ideal environment to train the high level of people Steve works with and houses an excellent team of professional Trainers, Coaches, and Therapists.

There he has built a niche as a Trainer to the Executive Athlete, striving to improve the fitness and performance of some of the Bay Areas top executives.

An enthusiast in a variety of different sports throughout his life, Steve gained the actual experience of what it takes to compete as a high level athlete.

He now applies knowledge gained from industry leaders like Gray Cook, Mel Siff, and Martin Rooney to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. The book deals with over problems and includes information on over 35 healing practices. Authored by Marie Mulligan, Richard Geggie and nearly 40 specialist contributors, this book is the perfect resource for families seeking Information about healing practices that are available to help their kids live with or in some cases overcome the challenges they face.

The Information in this book has been organized in a way that helps busy parents find the Information they need quickly and easily. Each Healing Practice chapter is arranged in an easy-to-read, bulleted format and each chapter follows the same accessible style. This will be one of the most important resources any household with a child in it can have on hand. Aikido by Isaiah Wisdom. Aromatherapy by Julia Fischer. Biofeedback by William Barton, PhD. Chiropractic Care by Dr. Environmentally Healthy Homes by Susan Bahl.

Herbology by Karyn Sanders. Meditation by Heather Sundberg.

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