The Lymphatic System: How to Make It Strong & Effective

Foods That Improve Lymphatic Flow and Keep the Body Balanced

The lymphatic system and your health
These include lemon, myrrh, oregano, cypress and frankincense oils. Recently I came across it at eBay and Amazon. After much research discovered it could be my lymphatic system. Now the gene pool has jumped a generation and my daughter 37 had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Just look up Dr Morse on breast cancer or lymphoma. Some foods steal energy and destroy your immune system.

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10 Ways to Improve Your Lymphatic System Function

This is a normal process that brings nutrients, water and proteins to cells. Tissues located around the body can become inflamed and painful when circulation slows and inflammation builds. A healthy lymphatic system nourishes muscle, joint and other tissue because lymph vessels have tiny openings that let gases, water and nutrients pass through to surrounding cells called interstitial fluid.

The thoracic duct dumps cleaned lymph fluid back into the blood, and on and on the cycle goes — which is why circulation is important for keeping the system running smoothly, otherwise tissue can become swollen with excess waste. The more nutrient-dense your diet, and the less chemicals entering your body, the better your lymphatic system can work. Anti-inflammatory foods , on the other hand, supply much-needed nutrients and antioxidants while also lowering free radical damage also called oxidation stress that ages the body and lowers immunity.

The lymphatic system works best when you move your body, which helps keep fluids circulating and nutrients reaching your cells. Rebounding is growing in popularity and involves jumping a small trampoline that you can keep inside your house. It only takes up a few feet, and just five to 10 minutes of jumping daily can really get your heart rate up and help keep your lymphatic system running smoothly.

Foam rolling and massage therapy are both usual for preventing swelling, pain and fluid buildup with tissue. Its purpose is to help tissue repair more easily and break up muscle and tissue adhesions that can cause tightness and injuries. Foam rolling also increases blood flow to your muscles and is used to help with quicker recovery and better performance.

Some massage therapists are specially trained in manual lymphatic drainage , but any type of deep tissue massage is also beneficial. You can even massage yourself to help reduce pain in swollen lymph nodes, muscles or joints. Never heard of infrared saunas? Infrared sauna therapy works by increasing sweat production so more toxins are removed from tissue. It can also improve blood flood and help with tissue healing, which is critical for lymphatic health.

Studies show that regular infrared sauna treatments can improve the quality of life for people living with chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and congestive heart failure. Infrared saunas use heat lamps that generate infrared light waves, which make their way into tissues and promote cell regeneration along with sweating. Certain essential oils can be beneficial for improving blood flow and reducing swelling in lymph nodes.

These include lemon, myrrh, oregano, cypress and frankincense oils. Omega-3 fish oils and turmeric are also beneficial for improving blood flow and lowering inflammation. Supplements that can further help lymphatic drainage and detoxification include burdock root, digestive enzymes , activated charcoal and milk thistle.

From the sound of it, you might think leaky gut only affects the digestive system, but in reality it can affect more. Click here to learn more about the webinar. Josh Axe is on a mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality nutrition tips and healthy recipes in the world Axe on Facebook 4 Dr. Axe on Twitter 2 Dr. Axe on Instagram Dr. Axe on Google Plus Dr.

Axe on Youtube Dr. Axe on Facebook Dr. Axe on Twitter 16 Dr. Axe on Facebook 6 Dr. Axe on Twitter 1 Dr. This is why keeping your lymphatic system functioning properly is directly related to the overall health of the body: The problem is that, unlike blood, lymph does not have a pump. It relies on the relaxation and the contraction of the muscles and joints to move it.

Your lymphatic system can easily become stagnant, especially when it becomes overwhelmed with toxic debris. This not only leads impaired immunity and disease, but the development of cellulite, edema fluid retention , chronic pain and fatty deposits.

A sluggish lymphatic flow can also be a root cause of chronic sinusitis; swollen glands, ankles and eyes; eczema; arthritis; upper respiratory, sinus and ear infections; throat problems; colds; tonsillitis; bronchitis and pneumonia. It is never too early to practice prevention, especially when it keeps our skin youthful and cellulite-free! Rebounding is one of the easiest ways to pump the lymph. Rebounding is the practice of jumping on a trampoline yes, remember when we did this for fun!?

This passively moves the lymph while stimulating the circulation of blood throughout the body. Numerous studies have proven its efficacy, and have even shown it to improve muscle tone. The Benefits of Rebounding. An inversion table is a padded table that allows one to invert upside down while strapped in by the feet. This brings blood and oxygen to the tissues, which helps to clear the muscles of toxic build-up. By inverting, gravity works with, not against, the body, encouraging the movement of the lymph.

It also improves spinal health by rehydrating the discs, reducing pressure on the nerves and relaxing tense muscles. Body Champ Inversion Table. Stay hydrated by drinking half your weight in ounces of water a day.

Without adequate water, lymphatic fluid cannot flow properly. And one of the most common causes of lymph congestion is dehydration. Water, and only water, can adequately rehydrate the body, but if you want to expedite the process, add lemon to your water.

Lemon is an alkaline fruit that helps to mineralize the body and lymph. Enzymes are produced by the body to break down food substances and to expedite countless metabolic processes. They are also utilized by the body to clear toxic-waste buildup in the lymph and blood, making their supplementation a key way to improve lymphatic health.

They also help to ease the burden of allergy-like compounds, freeing the immune fractions traveling in the lymph system for other work. Lymphatic massage is a special form of massage that specifically targets the flow of lymph in the body. It uses a specific amount of pressure and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate the lymph, encouraging its movement towards the heart for the drainage of fluid and waste.

Lymphatic massage has shown in studies to push up to 78 percent of stagnant lymph back into circulation. This mobilizes toxins for clearance, lessening the burden on the lymphatic system.

Many herbs have proven to be effective in improving lymphatic health, whether in their ability to increase lymphatic flow and drainage or in expediting the clearance of toxic substances. Red clover is a popular herb for the lymph, increasing flow, which helps to detoxify the body and reduce inflammation. Cleavers is another herb to try.

Also known as clivers or goosegrass, it has been used for centuries and considered one of the best tonics to stimulate and help drain the lymphatic system. Coming from the Ayurvedic tradition is manjistha. Manjistha is an herb that is primarily utilized for its ability to de-stagnate lymph. It does this by detoxifying the tissue and supporting lymph flow. Finally, bupleurum and rehmannia are herbal tonics known to treat lymphatic conditions in traditional Chinese medicine.

These herbs are famous in Asia for maintaining the cleanliness of the lymphatic system and thus for naturally removing toxins from deep within the body on an on-going basis.

Dry skin brushing is a favorite TCM practice. You simply take a dry brush with coarse bristle and brush the skin towards the heart. This stimulates the sweat glands, opens pores, and gets rid of dead skin cells. It also encourages the movement of lymph and blood in underlying organs and tissues of the body, which helps clear built-up toxins.

As a result, it can be beneficial in improving skin conditions and reducing cellulite. Kingsley Natural Bristle Body Brush. Incorporating raw foods into the diet is an easy way to keep the lymphatic system healthy on an ongoing basis.

Raw foods offer high levels of naturally occurring enzymes that break down toxic buildups and promote the clearance of harmful substances in the body. Eating foods raw, in particular fruits and vegetables, is also a great way to boost the water levels in the body. Finally, raw foods are primarily alkaline, which help neutralize harmful pathogens, lessening the burden on the lymph. Raw Fall Harvest Soup. Just like tight-fitting clothes, underwire bras can impede normal lymphatic flow. One of the largest clusters of lymph nodes is located in the armpit and upper chest area, and those nodes act as a source of drainage for the breast, arm, and upper chest.

If a bra is too tight, or if the underwire is too restrictive for most of us this is the case , the lymph is constricted, preventing normal drainage. Some researchers believe that over a period of time this can cause long-term impairment of the lymphatic function, and may contribute to an array of conditions including fibrocystic breast tissue, swollen lymph nodes and breast cancer. Yoga works in multiple ways to increase the flow of the lymph, relieving congestion and encouraging its detoxification.

To start, inversions such as handstands, headstands and shoulder stands, and even placing the legs up the wall, reverse the effect of gravity.

Twists are also a great way to stimulate lymphatic flow. Through the practice of twisting the abdomen, the organs and muscles are squeezed, forcing the lymph out of the tissues. Finally, the natural dynamic flow through the yoga poses cause the muscles in the body to contract and relax, which is the primary way lymph moves through the body. This allows for a free flow of lymph, which prevents its stagnation and accumulation of toxins.

Share the post "Detox your Lymph: I am a medical anthropologist breast cancer researcher, and co-author of Dressed To Kill: It is not just underwired bras that are the problem. Any bra that leaves red marks or indentations is too tight and can be interfering with lymphatic circulation.

Bra-free is the best, and women should try being bra-free for 30 days to see for themselves how much healthier they feel without the constriction. Bras also cause breasts to droop, as the natural suspensory ligaments within the breasts atrophy and weaken due to the artificial support. Women who eliminate the bra discover that their breasts tone and lift within a few months. For more, see my website KillerCulture dot com.

Wow God bless you because you confirmed my gifts and abilities to know my body and I feel a lot better knowing why I had chooses to stop wearing them. Sydney, I am 68 years old, and my breast size is 40C. If I take an aerobics class or if I am out doing a fast walk, my breasts are flopping up and down. So uncomfortable and embarassing. Can you give me the name of a bra that I can wear, since I have these issues. If I had smaller breasts, I would not be asking. Thank you for any suggestions.

Anita Active makes good sports bras that are not too constricting and are breathable. Also check out Fabletics sports bras; they have a great selection for comfort and control when exercising.

I have your book. I remember hearing someone speaking of this at Lupin, Los Gatos, years back. Finally, I got up and joined in: Thank you for all the great work. All we have to do is look at tribes where women have never worn bras to know that this is not true. The proof is very easy for us to find out. Such a great article! I appreciate that you gave us such a comprehensive look at lymph drainage.

I always knew that there must be something I should to do to compensate for the loss of such an important organ. Through trial and error and chronic illness , I discovered many of your suggestions inversion, rebounding, massage, enzymes and the highest quality food to be imperative to my well-being but the tip about the bra… this is a welcome epiphany.

Striking a match now! My brother had a hip replacement due to serious osteo-arthritis overtaking all his joints…. Great article, many thanks for posting.

What helps me is a simple exercise adapted from Katsuzo Nishi system. Then trying to relax them and shake vigorously, counting till 40, then small break to catch breath and repeat counting till 40 again.

I even experienced intoxication like symptoms, just drink water and sit down for a while. I obviously need lymph detox. So thanks a lot for great tips on the matter, I get some herbs now.

Wonderful article, thank you! I do have a question…How is lemon and alkaline fruit? It is a actually a very strong acid, citric acid. And how can citric acid mineralize anything? They help the body get to a Ph of about 7. Ph levels will vary throughout the day but 7. I too suffer from lymphnodes and have an enlarged spleen. Some days are better than others. I really would like to try the hanging upside down treatment. Thanks for all that you post and thank you to all of the others here that left a reply.

Knowing you are not a lone means a lot. I hope the best to all of you as well! Many women with breast implants have enlarged lymph nodes at some point. One of the problems is that all kedical,implants are know to form Biofilm, which is usually am undetectable low grade infection from mycotoxins and bacteria that hide behind the Biofilm.

This creates toxin overgrowth and affects the immune system lymph nodes etc. If possible, medical devices need to be removed, ot constantly replaced for the body to fight infection. Breast Implant Illness involves thousands of women who have removed implants filled with mold and mycotoxins. They are being trained in peddling industrial medicine. I have breast implant illness from 27 year old textured saline implants. My lymph nodes in the armpits were all removed due to silicone that flaked off from the toxic shell.

I am 5 months now from explant. These tips for my lymphatic system I will try. I will invest in the small trampoline and drink more water! I have a diagnosis of Merkel. Merkel is a skin cancer that spreads quickly and often described as deadly. My malignant was manifested on my right ear lobe after biopsy. The surgeon repaired and removed three lymph nodes in my neck. The report indicated only one LN has less than one percent of Cancer. Surgeon is recommending major surgery after results of all Tests.

Doing Nutri Bullet approach and Juicing. Is there anything more you could recommend. I thank you in advance. AAliyah Salaam…you are most surely on the right track! Research using apricot kernels, aka vitamin B17, for cancer.

Combine with the bromelain in raw pineapple. You can also purchase a bromelain supplement. The bromelain softens and weakens the outside of the cancer cell, allowing the B17 from the kernels to more effectively kill the cell. Chemo and radiation are both toxic to the body — killing your immune system. Chemo was derived from mustard gas!

God designed the immune system to tackle illnesses…why let it be destroyed because big-pharma wants to get rich off of people? If you had Malignant Tumours in 2 Lymph Nodes in the Mediastinum would Lymph drainage massage be useful or would it be a danger to stir them up,,,Thanks,,Pete.

Hi Pete, what did you find out? I just got diagnosed with cancerous lymph nodes in my medialstinal cavity. You can obtain absolute valuable information on YouTube, Dr. Robert Morse ND helped me tremendously.

He has hundreds of YouTube videos addressing everything you need to know! Please take a look. This was a revelation.

Take a teaspoon of organic coconut oil, hold it in your mouth until it melts, then swish it around in your mouth for a good minutes. The oil will draw toxic stuff out of your system and you do not want to swallow that. When done, spit the oil into a garbage pail not down the sink where it will coagulate and get stuck.

Have self- learned about natural health for years! Have all 4 valves in heart blocked now. Last year , i survived Hospice home-care. I was just reading through and wanted to let you know, you are inspiring.

Thank you for sharing your story. I have just been diagnosed with breastcancer for the second time. Had a previous mastectomy and reconstruction. Treatment 5 years of tamoxifen. They told me that they cannot operate because of the cancer in the lymphnodes Centre of chest.

They would like to do a biopsy on the cancer in the armpit to find out if that cancer is related to the breastcancer. They have prescribed Letrozole a Hormonetherapy to take daily. My left axillary lymphnodes were removed. Traditional medicine is not offerring much. Is It OK to have lymphmassage with my situation.

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