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The Fat Smash Diet
I hope I can keep it up like my last go round! The overall goal with the Detox phase is to help you get rid of any toxins and impurities in your body that could be standing in your way of losing weight and improving your health. But got through it. The Fat Smash Diet book by Dr. Judging from information available on the internet, he certainly has a loyal following, as does his best-selling book, The Fat Smash diet.

Fat Smash Diet – Product Description

What Is the First Phase of the Fat Smash Diet?

This phase rids the body of toxins and impurities, developing a good basis for the following phases. Yet more additional foods are allowed from a given list such as pasta and bread , portion sizes may be increased maintaining plenty of fruit and vegetables as before, with at least 4 daily meals stipulated. Most foods previously denied may now be included in limited quantities, and physical activity set at 1 hour for each of 5 days weekly.

If your goal weight has not been reached by the end of the 90 days, phase 1 may be repeated. The Fat Smash Diet book by Dr. The book has four appendices of useful information:. The Fat Smash Diet program has a growing following, especially given the exposure through Dr. Many testimonials are positive about the results achieved, and the relative simplicity of the approach to weight loss as set out in the Fat Smash Diet.

I got the book today i finished reading it. The book is very short; clear and easy to follow. I will start tomorrow. I hope to lose about 30 pounds. I have to stay strong! I am on day 7 of phase I and hope to lose up to 30lbs. It is very difficult as I am married to a personal trainer who looks great and eats whatever he wants without weight gain. It has nothing to do with any product ratings or rankings. It's our internal auditing tool to measure the quality of the on the page content.

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Plan on having four to five meals each day. Arrange your schedule so that you eat a meal every three to four hours. Eat any amount and any type of fruits or vegetables at your meals as you want, with the exception of avocados and red or white potatoes. Consume the produce raw, lightly steamed or lightly grilled with up to 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil per day. Obtain your daily protein from your choice of low- or nonfat yogurt, milk and soy milk; cooked beans and legumes; up to four egg whites; tofu; or up to 2 tablespoons of sesame seed paste.

Combine high-protein foods with 2 cups of cooked brown rice and 1 cup of cooked grits, farina, cream of wheat or oatmeal on each day of the detox phase.

Drink water and 2 cups of herbal or green tea every day. Have 1 cup of freshly prepared vegetable or fruit juice daily. Limit your condiments to herbs and spices, no more than two pickles a day and up to 3 tablespoons of low-fat dressing daily.