Dan Marino and Nutrisystem – The Secret Behind His 2018 Diet & Weight Loss?

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Quarterback Dan Marino on his NutriSystem Experience. Gives Weight Loss Tips.
Related Products Nutrisystem Fast 5. Athlete , Jim Stuckey. I play golf, work out when I can, and my family also keeps me pretty busy. After retiring from a career in professional football, Marino says he had started to gain some weight. Updates 9hr ago Look:

About Nutrisystem TV Commercial, 'Dan's Team' Featuring Dan Marino

Nutrisystem TV Commercial, 'Dan's Team' Featuring Dan Marino

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Access your Unlocked Analytics Sorry, we do not accept free email accounts. Want to completely disrupt work for an hour? Just ask who is the greatest quarterback of all time. You can easily reel off 10 QBs and get in a fistfight over the question within minutes. And they should be. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains region, I thought Elway was the savior.

Just like my friends in Florida were convinced that Marino was a living god. Do I think a more powerful wide-receiving corps would have consisted of Duper, Clayton and Orr? But I was overlooked sadly. In the meantime, I reached out to Nutrisystem to ask Marino some questions. Plus, I could ask him some football questions too. When did you first go on Nutrisystem? What made you decide to do it? My friend and former NFL defensive tackle Jim Stuckey lost weight on Nutrisystem and motivated me to want to lose the weight too.

I just made the commitment and believed in myself that I could do it. How many pounds did you lose? When did you hit your target weight? I hit my goal more than four years ago and have maintained ever since. With the weight loss came a new nickname now too -- my friends and family now call my "Skinny. Are you still on Nutrisystem? I still eat Nutrisystem today to help me maintain my weight loss and stay healthy.

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