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Powdered Optilean Meal Replacement - 954g
Look i'm not saying it's horrible, i'm just saying you won't ever brag about it ever. Continue Shopping Go To Checkout. Add to Cart Loading …. From the raw materials we source to our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, no compromises are made. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. I just got the chocolate and the mocha and am really surprised about the previous review because I was in shock at how good both of the flavors are! Liquid Diets and Protein Shakes.

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True Strength Gets You Lean and Fit

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It is a shake that can be consumed at any time of day as a substitute for a main meal and thus help control weight. This shake should be consumed accompanied by a balanced and healthy diet.

It is a powder to achieve an exquisite shake that can be used as a meal replacement. Every serving of Optilean Meal Replacement from Optimum Nutrition provides calories, 25 grams of protein, 7. This nutritional product provides fast and slowly absorbed proteins and mixes easily. It comes in delicious flavors and contains high quality carbs of oats, flax seed and chickpeas. It improves the decrease of body weight or it also serves as a replacement for meals. It is recommended that the shake be consumed along with a balanced and healthy diet daily.

It is designed with a blend of proteins such as WHEY protein concentrate and micellar casein. It also contains oats fiber, oatmeal, chickpea powder, medium chain triglycerides, a blend of vitamins and minerals such as sodium-L-ascorbate and zinc oxide. Optilean Meal Replacement from Optimum Nutrition is the protein shake that helps your body achieve the figure you want. It also brings numerous nutrients to the body improving physical performance and energy. Optilean Meal Replacement from Optimum Nutrition is an exquisite shake that can be consumed at any time as a substitute for a main meal and help with weight control.

If you've found the lowest price please fill this form in and we will beat it or otherwise match. Specific offers or settlements not included. Web address of the company where you found this product cheaper. Please specify the product full URL. Optimum Nutrition sustitutive of meals. You need monitoring to avoid complications, notes MayoClinic.

The Optifast weight-loss program does incorporate medical monitoring. Product manufacturer Nestlé requires a thorough medical examination for people who want to subscribe to the Optifast program. You also have to visit an Optifast Clinic to participate. You receive medical monitoring as well as a personalized activity plan during the program.

You also may access counseling from a registered dietitian, physician or lifestyle councilor as well as discussion groups. Other products available at the grocery store offer advice on their websites but do not make medical monitoring a requirement. While you can lose weight rapidly on a liquid, low calorie diet, you are can expect to regain it when you halt the diet, according to MayoClinic. To prevent this, you need to learn how to change your behavior, activity level and overall diet.

Some grocery-store product plans ease you back into real life by advising you to start out with three meal replacement shakes a day before transitioning to two and then one. You replace the shakes with healthy meals as you go. Optifast purports to give you the lifestyle education, counseling and support you need to learn how to keep your weight off. Video of the Day.

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