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The purpose of this scientific information is to provide facts about Non Alcoholic wine or beer to every Muslims so that they can make decision to consume or not to consume Non Alcoholic wine or beer. With reference to the W. This is a physical law that mineral is resistance to water. The results have spurred a national impetus to adopt electronic medical records similar to VistA nationwide. Your field is computer engineering not food science or religious dietary field. If no pork or beef gelatin was used during processing of reconstitute apple juice and no Haram hidden ingredients are used and if it has a green dot on the package then it can be consider as Halal.

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Thank you for your interest in Nature's Bounty! The source of gelatin in the Fish Oil mg Prod No. This product is free of pork. Krispy Kreme do not have ingredients statements on their website and they refused to provide to MCG by e-mail.

Due to the fact that written information can be manipulated, we have chosen not to email out information regarding these specific ingredients. Because of the sensitivity of these questions, we would like to verbally communicate with each of our customers that are interested in finding out more information. With this, we also reduce the risk of modified versions of our information becoming available on social media websites. I have your answers finally, They came to me in two parts.

Here they are as follows: They are not free of animal by products. GlaxoSmithKline the maker of Sensydyne toothpaste has informed MCG that all Sensodyne toothpastes are made with alcohol containing flavors with reference number dated July 2, Recently many toothpaste companies is started to use Carrageenan in some of their toothpaste.

Carrageenan is a mashbuh ingredient and it is Halal only if Potassium Chloride is used to crystallized the Carrageen but if they use ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol then Carrageenan will not be Halal. Most toothpaste companies do not have this information they have to get it from their Carrageenan suppliers and it will takes times. MCG advises Muslims to avoid toothpaste containing Carrageenan unless the toothpaste companies informed that alcohol or isopropyl alcohol was not used during processing of Carrageenan.

MCG has reconfirmed with Dairy Queen with reference number dated June 11, that they do not use kosher certified ingredients. Each franchise buy their own raw material from different suppliers.

The products, including Dairy Queen soft serve, sold in Dairy Queen restaurants come from a variety vendors. As you may already know, most Dairy Queen restaurants are independently owned and operated franchises. IDQ recommends that you contact the Dairy Queen restaurants you frequently patronize and inquire whether their facility has been certified Kosher or if their products are Kosher certified.

Thank you again for contacting Dairy Queen. We appreciate your interest in our products, and I hope this information is helpful to you. This is a Indian product. AppFiz is a carbonated apple juice product manufactured by Parle Agro. These are ingredients of AppFiz in India:. If no pork or beef gelatin was used during processing of reconstitute apple juice and no Haram hidden ingredients are used and if it has a green dot on the package then it can be consider as Halal.

Muslim retail and consumer groups in Malaysia on Thursday called for a boycott of products made by Britain-based confectioner Cadbury and its parent Mondelez International Inc, after two chocolate varieties were found to have infringed Islamic rules by containing pork DNA. Cadbury Malaysia on Monday recalled the Dairy Milk chocolates after the finding by Malaysian authorities in a random test.

I want you to please test in your labs and tell if Cadbury here in Pakistan is halal or haram. Lactose is made from whey, whey is a by-product of cheese making. Whey from which the lactose obtained has to be sweet whey not acid whey where rennet enzyme is not used. Milk is curd by adding rennet enzyme to milk. Rennet enzyme can be made from pork or beef or microbial source. Some times Lipase fat breaking enzyme is also added to milk.

Again Lipase enzyme can be obttained from pork or beef or microbial source. It is possible that the lactose is obtained from a dairy plant where cheese is made with pork rennet, pork lipase and also microbial rennet and microbial lipase. Probably the line was not properly cleaned so cross contamination happened or finished microbial enzyme used whey may be contaminated with pork rennet whey.

Same above sitauation may have happened. Halal certification is not easy, you have to consider every possiblity, some Halal certifying organizations do not pay attention to details and possiblity of cross contamination. You have to be trained or have experience in working in cheese plants and other food plants. Similarly have very good Total Quality Management of cheese plant or other food plant. Majority of Cadbury products in USA and Canada are kosher certified and no pig derived ingredients are used.

If Cadbury do not use alcohol as a solvent or carrier in the flavors then they are Halal. But if alcohol is used as solvent or carrier in the flavors then all Cadbury products are considered as Not Halal. Beside flavor all other ingredients are Halal because it is under Orthodox Kosher certification which meets Halal requirements. No pig by product are used in US or Canadian made Cadbury products because they are kosher certified by orthodox Kosher organization.

Mondelez A old Nabisco Snack company is not telling Muslim consumers in USA and Canada whether their products are made with alcohol containing flavors or not while other food companies provide information about presence or absence of alcohol in flavors.

This news was brought to us by Br. Hasan Raza a Muslim consumer before the following news was published on www. The scandal over the ingredient banned under Islamic dietary laws has sparked outrage among some Muslim groups in Malaysia, who have called for a boycott on all products made by Cadbury and its parent Mondelez International Inc.

Concerns over halal food standards could jeopardize Mondelez's sales in Muslim markets that are larger than Malaysia, such as Indonesia, home to the world's largest Muslim population, and the Middle East. Sparingga said the tests would be done on the 10 varieties of Cadbury products that are certified in Indonesia as halal - or permissible according to Islamic law.

Those products did not include the two types of Dairy Milk chocolate that Cadbury Malaysia recalled this week after finding pork traces. Malaysian Islamic authorities tried to cool anger against Cadbury by saying it remained unclear if the contamination was the company's fault.

They have not been found guilty so this is just a suspension," he added. JAKIM, which is responsible for awarding halal certification in Malaysia, is conducting further tests on the suspect Cadbury products to confirm the initial findings by the health ministry.

Cadbury Malaysia said in a statement that it had withdrawn the two products as a precaution and that it had no reason to believe there was pork-related content in its other foods.

Products in Muslim nations are regularly checked to ensure they are halal. Besides pork, items considered non-halal by Muslims include alcohol and the meat of animals and birds that have not been slaughtered according to Islamic rites. Non-halal food scandals have erupted in Southeast Asia before. The then Indonesian president stepped in to try to defuse the row which had hit the company's share price. Ajinomoto's local company subsequently publicly apologized and withdrew some products from the Indonesian market.

On Thursday, a Malaysian Muslim retail group said it would ask the stores it represents to stop selling all products made by Cadbury, Mondelez and U. Together with a Muslim consumer group, it called on Malaysians to boycott all those companies' products.

Its brands include Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers. Malaysia's National Fatwa Council, which issues official guidance on Islamic issues, said on Friday it supported the withholding of halal status on the two Cadbury products but that the company should not be punished unless the breach was proven to be intentional.

Islam is not a rigid religion. Isopropyl Alcohol is not used in the processed food products but used in very few ingredients during its processing for crystallization. Ethyl Alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol help in attracting water molecule from food ingredients during its processing.

Then Ethyl Alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol is completely taken out from the ingredients. MCG received a question from a Washington D. C doctor and a professor from Istanbul Turkey providing medical research from text book and medical literature that Isopropyl alcohol causes intoxication.

MCG checked couple of medical literature to find out that Isopropyl alcohol causes intoxication among people. All the information about Isopropyl alcohol has been corrected on MCG 's www. Ingredients of Tuna Salad obtained from the tuna salad box from Dunkin Donut stores by two brothers:.

Please ask for ingredients and specially wine when you order Tuna Sandwich at any restaurant or any fast food chain. MCG is thankful to Br. Hasan Raza and his friend for providing above information which benefit to Muslims. MCG has tried to get the technical answers from Little Caesar Pizza regarding the Mozzarella cheese and they said to us and Muslims consumers that their cheese pizza is not Halal or Kosher certified.

Assalamu Alaikum, Pizza Hut recently changed their cheese blend. Do you know if it is still halal Also, they use Romano and other cheeses in their new "hand tossed" pizza as well as the "cheese lovers," "stuffed crust" and "cheese lover's" lines. I do not believe that their Romano or parmesan has been inspected, can you please note this for others Jazakallah Khairn for all of your efforts. May Allah make it easy for you. MCG went to a local Pizza Hut store and asked a store manager about cheese pizzas, as well as any additional sprays used on top of them.

He gave the following responses: Personal pan pizza crust is made in pan and they use only vegetable oil to lubricate it. All screens are sprayed with a food released spray named Gold N Sweet. This is made by Ventura Foods. He showed me the can and its ingredients: He mentioned also using Garlic Seasoning on hand tossed crust but did not give its ingredients.

He said all the vegetables used are fresh vegetables. He said that only Mozzarella cheese is applied on all crust. Additional Parmesan, Romano cheese and Alfredo Sauce are applied to only cheese lover's pizza. MCG then asked the Pizza Hut customer service department to provide the ingredient statements of the following: Anything spray or applied on personal pan pizza.

If you have a question on a specific ingredient for a specific dietary concern, we will be glad to help you with that question". It is possible for them to change their mind and provide ingredient statements. Until then, their cheese pizza is musbooh. This is because of lack of knowledge about the Halal status of those vitamins. MCG get every day a question from Muslims asking about the Halal status of xyz vitamins. MCG advises Muslims to check the Halal status of vitamins before consuming them.

Many major brand of vitamins are not Halal such as: They are not Halal because they are not Kosher certified or do not have a Kosher symbol on the package if Kosher certification meets the Halal requirements because not every Kosher certified food product is Halal. Even if they do not contain gelatin, they are still not Halal because they add without restriction any Haram hidden ingredient. MCG has a list of Halal multivitamins, individual vitamins, prenatal vitamins and fish oil or omega 3 on our website under "Vitamins".

Please use this list of Halal vitamins. How to search Halal vitamins on our website: Please write vitamins or prenatal vitamins or fish oil for Omega fish oil under the search box then click Food Product by Category then click Show Only Halal then click search. You will get a list of 45 Halal vitamins, 3 Halal prenatal vitamins, 6 Halal fish oil Omega fish oil and where to buy them.

There is no kosher symbol on the package of Cheetos and Doritos. This makes them Non Halal because they can add any Haram Hidden or Processing aid ingredients without mentioning under the ingredients statement. Cheese used in Cheetos and Doritos are not Kosher certified and not Halal. Sine these products are not under Halal or Kosher certification then Frito Lay can use non kosher certified flavors or colors.

There is no restriction for Frito Lay to make Cheetos or Doritos on their own lines or on co-packers line where pork containing products are made. This exposes a great possibility of cross contamination of pork containing ingredients. All these snacks are very attractive to adults and children but there is a Hadith which says that Allah will not accept your dua for 40 days if a Muslim eats intentionally a bit of Haram food.

So MCG recommend Muslims not consume above snacks. Lauren A dated March 05, The following article was from: In principle, it should be remembered that, alcohol extracted from grapes, dates and barley is decisively unlawful haram , both its oral intake as well as application, for it is considered to be impure najis. This type of alcohol is known as Khamr wine , and it will be unlawful to even consume one drop of such alcohol according to all the classical scholars.

Allah Most High says: However, if the alcohol is extracted and derived from other than grapes, dates and barley, then there is a difference of opinion between the scholars with regards to its ruling.

They base their view on the Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira Allah be pleased with him stated above. Also, the Messenger of Allah Allah bless him give him peace is reported to have said: However, the other three schools of thought, i. Sunan Abu Dawud, No. Thus, according to these scholars, all forms of alcohol beverages will be considered unlawful haram and impure najis. Once it is established that a given beverage intoxicates, it will be unlawful to consume even a small serving of that beverage.

Imam al-Haskafi Allah have mercy on him states: Imam Ibn Abidin Allah have mercy on him explains the above: The hanafi scholars have stated that the. Fatwa of prohibition given in our times is due to widespread Fitna…. The upshot of all of the foregoing is that the four Sunni schools of Islamic law are unanimous on the fact that all types of alcohols and beverages are unlawful haram and impure najis , even in small quantities.

Any beverage that intoxicates in a large amount, even a drop of it will be considered unlawful haram. Based on above article the Hanafi ulema from England, South Africa and some in USA says any alcohol obtained other than grape, date and barley is consider "Synthetic Alcohol" and can be consumed by Muslims.

Technically this is a complete wrong definition because if alcohol obtained from corn then it is consider as synthetic alcohol according above ulema. But the process to obtain alcohol from corn is all natural and it is not synthetic. The alcohol obtained from corn is a result of yeast fermentation of corn.

Where corn starch is breakdown to simple sugar then enzyme Zymase from yeast cells breaks the sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide and it is all natural process. There are two kind of ethanol or alcohol, one called chemical Ethanol and Other is Bio Ethanol.

The alcohol obtained from chemical ethanol process called synthetic alcohol in USA where ethanol or alcohol is obtained hydration of ethylene gas and Bio ethanol is obtained from fermentation of sugar by yeast. The source of sugar are many such from fruits grape, dates or nay fruits or from grain such as corn, wheat.

You cannot called source other than grape or date as or barley synthetic because if ethanol obtained from corn then corn is not a synthetic source it is a natural source. Hajrat Imam Abu Hanifia RA's main intension was to get energy to do Ibadah because there are not many energy providing food products are available at that time. Many ulema miss the ibadah point. Now a days there are Halal foods are available to provide source of energy to do Ibadah.

Although there is difference of opinion among ulema about alcohol being consider as wine but. The following information are obtained from internet regarding synthetic alcohol: Gasification produces a synthesis gas , sometimes called syngas from synthesis gas , which, after cleaned, consists mostly of molecular hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

The syngas is then passed over a catalyst, in a controlled environment, creating synthetic molecules, like the ethanol molecule pictured above left.

The actual type of molecule depends on the catalyst used in the process. Synthetic ethanol is chemically identical to bio-ethanol, the only difference is that bio-ethanol is made from the fermentation of carbohydrate derived sugars, followed by distillation, identical to the process used for making alcoholic beverages such as vodka or whisky; whereas synthetic alcohol is produced through a thermo-chemical process which begins with the creation of syngas from the gasification of a wide range of resources, and therefore not limited to grains and sugars.

Questions about the suitability of synthetic alcohol for use in manufacturing vinegar arose as early as l By Administration Information Letter No. Pharmacopeia, one of the official drug compendiums under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; consequently, ethyl alcohol intended for drug use must comply with the standards and tests laid down in the Pharmacopeia. Since the Pharmacopeia does not place any restrictions as to the method of manufacturing ethyl alcohol, synthetic alcohol which complies with the standards and tests set forth in the official monograph may legally be distributed for drug use.

This position, however, has not been the subject of any court review. Questions have been raised as to whether we can or should continue to consider synthetic alcohol unsuitable for food use. Their reply included the following paragraphs: It is our opinion that most of the distilled spirits used in the production of vinegar are derived from natural gas and petroleum. When such alcohol is used in the production of vinegar, we would consider any reference to 'grain alcohol' or 'neutral grain spirits' would be misleading for the alcohol and also the name 'grain vinegar' would be misleading, except for connoting strength, e.

Incidentally, I might add that most of the alcohol used in the production of medicinal preparations and flavors is synthetic. Any labeling reference to synthetic alcohol as "grain alcohol" or "neutral grain spirits" is considered false and misleading. They even never used word getting. There is no claim on their website that they do not use animal derived ingredients and alcohol. But in Europe and Australia following termeinology is used for flavors:. Flavoring substances obtained from plant or animal raw materials, by physical, microbiological or enzymatic processes.

They can be either used in their natural state or processed for human consumption, but cannot contain any nature-identical or artificial flavoring substances. They are only Halal if they obtained from Halal sources and alcohol was not used as a solvent.

Flavoring substances that are obtained by synthesis or isolated through chemical processes, which are chemically and organoleptically identical to flavoring substances naturally present in products intended for human consumption. They cannot contain any artificial flavoring substances. Flavoring substances not identified in a natural product intended for human consumption, whether or not the product is processed. These are typically produced by fractional distillation and additional chemical manipulation of naturally sourced chemicals, crude oil or coal tar.

Although they are chemically different, in sensory characteristics are the same as natural ones. They are only Halal if no alcohol is used as a solvent in the flavor. Amal from England has sent the following e-mail to inform our brothers and sisters in UK. Lansoprazole30 inhibits the production of gastric acid in stomach. Thank you for confirming this information.

This is a product licensed by another company called Krka. I have contacted Krka and they have confirmed the gelatine is sourced from a mixture of bovine and porcine. I have the following information for you sent to me by Nivea in regards to animal derived ingredients. Hydrolyzed Pearl - derived from Pearl protein fresh water pearls. We do not use any egg based ingredients in our products.

As formulations do change from time to time, we would recommend that you check the ingredients listing on the product that you wish to use for the ingredients listed above, prior to use. Please avoid all those Nivea products if they are made from above ingredients. Wal-Mart buy food and non food products from many differ rent suppliers throughout the country.

They do not specify the source of ingredients so the same Great Value food product without Kosher symbol on the package although all ingredients look Halal and Equate non food products are made with ingredients having different sources like some from animal source and other with plant source. So there is no guarantee that they are Halal.

Only those Great Value food product with kosher symbol if they meet Halal requirements are Halal. All Equate personal care products and on the counter medicine are not Halal for Muslims. Poultry slaughterhouses that employ a mechanical fixed blade mechanised killing to slaughter birds would no longer be accredited by the HFA for halal status with effect from 3RD MARCH ".

US and Canadian Halal meat certification organizations should follow the same so that US and Canadian Muslims consumers will not have to be worry about the Halal status of chicken.

MCG thinks this is due to a declaration by 40 British Islamic Scholars who declared in that machine slaughtering of chicken is not consider as Zabiha. Every package of Vegetarian Food shall bear the following Symbol in green color on the principal display panel just close in proximity to the name or brand name of food, namely.

All state food authorities in India have been instructed to take necessary action to ensure compliance of above wwe. Every package of Vegetarian Food shall bear the following Symbol in green colour on the principal display panel just close in proximity to the name or brand name of food, namely: Every package of Non-Vegetarian Food shall bear the following Symbol in red colour on the principal display panel just close in proximity to the name or brand name of food, namely.

If this occur then green dotted food product became non Halal for Muslims. For example if a green dotted food product was made with Carrageenan, a Mushbooh ingredient and also it is a vegetarian food gum but ethyl alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol or Potassium Chloride is used to crystallized the Carrageenan during its processing.

If ethyl alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol was used then carrageenan became non Halal. If Potassium Chloride was used then it will become a Halal ingredient.

The manufacturer of that product has informed the Muslim consumers that no animal derived ingredients were used as hidden or processing aid ingredients in that food product. Always write to them whether alcohol was used in any flavor for both Green or Red Dot containing food Products or alcohol was used in food product or in food ingredients. MCG has found during its investigation of Halal certification of dry beverage mixes that one of the dry ingredients mix was made by another company by using alcohol in flavor before spray drying the ingredients mix.

There are some food products at supermarkets with Halal symbols but they're made with alcohol containing flavors or alcohol was used during processing. Please investigate with Halal certifying organizations whether they Halal certify food products made with alcohol containing flavor or alcohol was used during processing.

MCG Ulema said that when Halal ingredients touch the alcohol before manufacturing then those Halal ingredients will lose their Halal status. Evaporating or drying of alcohol during processing does not make the food products Halal. There is no hadith which says that a certain amount or percentage of intoxicants is allowed in Halal foods.

This very minute amount of naturally produced alcohol is acceptable in Islam. Man added alcohol in flavors or foods is not acceptable. It is a fact that some flavor or food companies use alcohol as a solvent in liquid natural or artificial flavors before they spray dry the flavors or food products, or dry mixes. Many cake mix companies such as Betty Crocker use dry flavor where alcohol was used before drying. Some food or flavor companies claim that there is no alcohol in the finished product because alcohol is dried out or evaporated during spray drying or processing.

There are some exceptions. This includes non dairy coffee creamer, dry seasoning mixes, cake mixes, other spray dried food products, or ingredients mixes. Carrageenan is a mushbooh gum obtained from seaweeds but during its production it is crystallized either by Ethyl Alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol or Potassium Chloride KCl or none of all. If Potassium Chloride KCL or Isopropyl alcohol is used but taken out completley or none of any thing was used during the processing of Carrageenan then it will be Halal.

Only the manufacturer of Carrageenan know what they use to crystallized Carrageenan during its processing. So ask manufacturer of food product who used Carrageenan to find out from their Carrageenan supplier whether Ethyl Alcohol was used during the processing of Carrageenan.

Mon, Oct 21, at Reference - A To: It is always important to hear from our consumers, and we appreciate the time you have taken to contact us.

These are excellent questions Jamil. Firstly, we do in fact have an animal ingredient within the Stearate of Magnesium Stearate. We hope this information helps. Again Jamil, thank you for your interest in our company. Should you have any comments or questions in the future, please contact us via our website www.

Our specialists are available Monday through Friday, 8: EST and will be happy to assist you. Consumer Care Center A. A Muslim consumer has provided the following e-mail to MCG indicating alcohol is used in all flavor so all Entenmann Bakery Products made with flavors are not Halal.

Assalamualaikum, I have contacted entenmanns company bimbo bakeries usa consumer inquiry line and asked them if alcohol is used in there products in general and he said if flavors are used then yes alcohol is used but it gets evaporated after cooking the product so there is almost none left. There are lot of items which are Halal only if no hidden ingredients are used.

All ingredients used in the menu at Chipotle Restaurant are listed under Chain Restaurants subsection under Food Products section. We remind Muslim consumers that they should be aware that Haram items are served at Chipotle Restaurants. So it is their responsibility to avoid cross contamination with Haram items. Please forward these requirements to the person who is a technical in charge of your cheese.

Starter Bacterial culture are Halal if they obtained from milk source and not from meat source, usually in practice they obtained from milk. Milk Coagulating Enzyme, such as Microbial rennet used to coagulate milk or Rennet obtained from Zabiha slaughtered calves. Fat Hydrolyzing Enzyme, such as Microbial Lipases. Dairy ingredients such as Non Fat dry milk solid or cream or dry milk added.

Artificial color such as artificial blue or green color is added to neutralize natural yellow color in curd for Asiago or Blue cheese. Media to grow mold Penicillium roquefortti providing blue color in blue cheese. Harmless plant based enzyme is added for curing or flavor development and growth media for biological curing agent used on the surface of Brick cheese.

Ajmal and send to MCG the e-mail is listed below. Beside her, other sisters also requested to inquire about the Halal status of The Body Shop cosmetic. MCG did further investigation and asked The Body Shop whey their employee Milan Zivkovic wrote in reference number that they use gelatin. The company told MCG on August 30, that she wrote it wrong and she no longer with the company and said their company is supplying some vegetarian products since They use some non vegetarian ingredients such as beeswax, Honey, Silk and Cholesterol which could be from milk or animal fat.

The customer service is based in Slovenia in Europe. There is written contradiction of their claim that some of their products are made with gelatin which could be from pork or beef. Wed, Mar 6, at 4: The Body Shop; Ref: We aim to avoid the use of animal-derived ingredients wherever possible and specify non-animal ingredients whenever there is a choice. All our soaps, for example, use a vegetable base rather than the commonly used animal-fat base.

Where synthetic forms or derivatives of these materials are available, such as lactic acid, these are always specified for our formulations. We do not use the ingredient "carmine" in our product formulations. Should you need further assistance with this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you once again for contacting The Body Shop. I hope you find the level of service provided to you via this correspondence satisfactory.

If you are not satisfied or need immediate assistance, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Center at: MCG is receiving many inquiries about gelatin foods or ingredients or in vitamins whether it is Halal or not. The important point is none of the gelatin carrying food products or ingredients or vitamins are Halal unless it says fish gelatin under ingredients statement. The use of fish gelatin in foods in USA is on rise because of demand by Muslim consumers and Jewish consumers.

It is important to know the fish gelatin from cat fish is not consider Halal or Kosher. It was concluded that if same ingredients statement found on these soft drinks in any part of the world then results of alcohol presence or absence in soft drinks reported by MCG on its website will be same in any part of the world.

Carbonated water, sugar, color caramel Ed , phosphoric acid, natural flavorings including caffeine. During the processing of Steviol Glycosides ethyl alcohol is used to crystallized the Steviol Glycosides.

Carbonated water, sugar, colour D , UK: MCG requests Muslim consumers in Australia, France, England and India to write the ingredients list from Pepsi and 7Up containers and send to us through e-mail at halalfoods. Every soft drink company sells their product in the form of concentrates and bottlers add specific amount of carbonated water and sweetener to make final soft drink product.

They do not use a single natural flavor but multiple natural flavors. Since most natural flavors are made with ethyl alcohol as a solvent, so amount of alcohol in natural flavors is more than a single natural flavor.

Second the natural flavors is the second last ingredient of formula and caffeine is last one. It means the natural flavors is more than Caffeine. This is the reason the lab analysis of Cocoa Cola, Pepsi and 7 UP at a independent lab in Chicago area shows that Coca Cola has more alcohol compare to Pepsi which do not show any alcohol at all. Pepsi contains a single Natural Flavor and it is the last ingredient of the ingredients statement compared to Coca Cola and 7 UP.

It means the amount of natural flavor added to formula is less in Pepsi compared to Coca Cola and 7 UP. It means the amount of natural flavor is less in Pepsi because the citric acid is 2nd last ingredient and caffeine is third last ingredient.

Natural Flavor in Pepsi is last ingredient in ingredients statement. The highest the amount of a ingredient in a formula will be placed first under the ingredients statement of any product. In conclusion Coca Cola in any part of world will have alcohol in it. It was proved by a independent lab in Chicago area USA and also a lab in France by Le Monde Le Progres reported that 10 out of 19 sodas tested by the magazine contained alcohol, including Coke and Pepsi. Here is statement from Dr.

Pepper company who make Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry and 7 UP: March 23, Dear Ahmed: The Pepsi has showed less than 0. The source of alcohol in soft drinks comes only from natural flavor, all other ingredients do not posses any alcohol.

Gatorade is kosher certified but company is refusing to provide the information about presence or absence of alcohol in natural flavor. Gelatin listed under ingredients statement or part of the capsule makes vitamins. Only Fish gelatin is Halal and it should be mentioned under ingredients statement. Magnesium Stearate is helps in flowing the other ingredients and is a fat based emulsifier and it could be obtained either from pork fat or vegetable fat.

Only vegetable fat Magnesium Stearate is consider Halal. FDA also allows manufacturer not to mentioned under the ingredients statement. The hidden or processing aid ingredients must be from Halal sources. Pharmaceutical glaze, vegetable beet glaze, Shellac, Lac Resin are used to coat the vitamin tablets to protect them from breaking. All glazes are made by dissolving insect secretion Shellac in alcohol and applying the glaze on the tablets. So please do not buy the vitamins with coating.

They become Non Halal if alcohol was used as a solvent. It is better to avoid those vitamins with extract otherwise you have to call the manufacturer to find out whether alcohol was used as a solvent or not.

Most of the time alcohol is used for extraction from plants. Alcohol might be used as a solvent in natural flavor so it is better to avoid consuming vitamins with natural flavors. Majority of natural flavors are made with vanilla. If vanilla is used as a natural flavor then the natural flavor will not be Halal.

All chewable vitamins specially for kids are made with natural flavor. You have to contact the manufacturer whether alcohol was used as a solvent or not. Ingredients where alcohol was used during its processing and they are added to vitamins: Alcohol is used during the manufacturing of some ingredients such as Stevia which is a n atural sweetener called Steviol Glycol. It is extracted from Stevia plant by water but crystallized it by use of ethyl alcohol. Dart corporation is still using the animal by product based Zinc Stearte to molds for making foam cups.

Here are the correspondence with them:. We understand that you would like to have additional information regarding the specific Dart products where zinc stearate is involved in the manufacturing process. Those products are a. Those products are as follows: Thank you for your inquiry. Zinc stearate is used in the manufacturing process for Dart foam cups, foam dinnerware, foam hinged containers, and clear OPS containers.

Zinc stearate is not used to manufacture Dart impact plastic dinnerware, cutlery, translucent cups, clear PET cups, or clear Polypropylene cups. Zinc stearate is derived from a number of sources , including animal by-products. For additional information, please refer to the following Position Statement on Zinc Stearate. Many food companies and restaurants manufacture or serve beer battered fried fish or potatoes products in USA, Canada and Europe.

They use same fryers and same vegetable oil to fry both beer battered fish or potatoes and non beer battered fish or potatoes products. In seafood restaurants if you see beer battered under menu then please do not order any fried fish such as Red Lobster and other sea food restaurants.

Similarly frozen fried fish and frozen fried potato brands such as Gorton, Van De Kemps , McCain, Or-Ida make frozen beer battered fried fish and fried potato. So non beer battered frozen are contaminated with beer because beer cannot be removed from frying vegetable oil.

So all their non beer battered fried are contaminated with beer in the batter. The grilled or broiled frozen fish or potato products are not contaminated with beer. But make sure those products are Halal. A list of Halal frozen broiled or grilled frozen fish and potatoes are listed on our website.

Hello Abdulrahman, Thanks for reaching out to us about our products, and whether or not alcohol is used in our flavoring. All of our products that contain flavor also contain alcohol because it is one of only a few solvents approved by National Organic Standards.

Other solvents are often chemical based and not allowed in organic ingredients. Sincerely, The folks at Stonyfield. The ingredients listed on Maggi Noodle Soups look to be Halal but they do not report Hidden Haram Ingredients on the ingredients statement.

Then how a Muslim consumers know for sure that there is no pork by product or ethyl alcohol based ingredients are used as a processing aid or Hidden Ingredients. Uses of Dewaxed Bleached Shellac in Confectionery The main uses of Dewaxed Bleached Shellac in the confectionery industry are for the coating chocolate goods, such as extruded chocolates, chocolate covered nuts and resins, and similar products.

Solvents Pure ethyl alcohol is the usual solvent for shellac for confectionery glazes. But each country has its own special regulations for the denaturing of alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol is also widely used.

In the USA alcohol containing 35 percent of shellac is deemed to be denatured. The Body Shop products are not recommended to be use by Muslims. The Procter Gamble Company can not give guarantee that it will be pork free, they will use pork by product if other source are not available. The reference number is of March 4, The e-mail below is causing lot of confusion among our million Muslim consumers who do not consume any food product made with ethyl alcohol.

If you correct the e-mail this way then our consumer will not have any confusion: Our vanillin does not contain alcohol. Alcohol is used as a processing agent in flavors and is removed. MCG tried very hard to get the technical information from Giordano Pizza Company without any success because there is no technical person works for this pizza company and they always refer to store manager who have no knowledge.

He only says the their ingredients are natural and will not allow inside to look at ingredients cases. Probotics are friendly bacteria and yeast to our digestive system by improving imbalances in our digestive system and provide health benefit not nutrition. Certain species of Bifidobacterium or Lactobacillus bacteria are probiotic.

Starter culture bacteria for cheese and yogurt are Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. In addition Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus lactose are added to yogurts. Whereas during fermentation of yogurt lactic acid, acetic acid, diacetyl and acetaldehyde are formed and they are all Halal. Although probiotic bacteria and yeast are good bacteria and yeast providing health benefit but they perform alcoholic fermentation where as no alcoholic fermentation happened during yogurt processing.

So MCG recommend Halal yogurts over fermented dairy drinks using probiotic bacteria. The organisms are bacteria such as Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Lactococcus, Leuconstoc, Pediococcus, Propionibacterium, Streptococcus, Bacillus and yeast such as Saccharomyces, Schizosaccharomyces, Xantothophyllomyces. From Halal point of view, only probiotic bacteria which perform lactic acid fermentation by producing lactic acid are consider Halal.

The probiotic yeasts which perform alcoholic fermentation by producing alcohol are consider not Halal. Only manufacturers know what type of probiotic microorganism were used in probiotic foods. Then we have to contact them to verify the Halal status of probiotic microorganism used in the probiotic foods.

Unilever has informed MCG that Clear Shampoos and Conditioners are made with animal protein which could be pork or non zabiha beef.

Traces of pork" found in UK prison food served as halal http: Two very popular Post brand of cereals Alphabit and Honey Comb was reformulated and firs time in 30 years a natural flavor was added to them. Natural Flavor cereal is mostly natural vanilla base, then they are not considered Halal. Musfar Ahmed has provide this e-mail: The majority of artificial flavors do contain carriers which are chemically known as alcohols, however this information is also proprietary. But in the case of dry finished food ie.

Thank you again for contacting Post Foods. We hope this information is beneficial to you. Ashley Lambert Consumer Response Representative. McDonald's and Finley's Management Co. IOWA CITY, Iowa — The maker of a popular brand of food for observant Muslims says it is facing a potentially crippling investigation into whether it falsely labeled meat products as processed in compliance with Islamic law. No criminal or civil charges have been filed, and U. District Judge Linda Reade ruled that the government's affidavit supporting its search warrant can remain secret so as not to "compromise an ongoing investigation.

Department of Agriculture and Internal Revenue Service. Miramar said in court filings that the seizures relate to vague allegations that it improperly branded and sold meat products as meeting Muslim dietary requirements, called halal, when they did not. The privately held business, which has been in Cedar Rapids for 40 years, dismissed the allegations. And it claims federal investigators are trying to regulate something that must be left to religions under the U.

Constitution's separation of church and state. Midamar says it was the first major U. The company calls itself the leading U. It largely relies on third-party suppliers for meat that it packages. Reade ruled that she did not believe the company's constitutional argument was "an appropriate basis to quash a warrant" and is premature because no charges have been filed. Midamar, which has 70 employees, says it has been unable to access credit needed to maintain its operation and that some business partners have kept a distance since last month's raid became public.

It warned in one filing that it could soon have to close its doors. Reade ruled that Midamar failed to show that the money seizure amounted to shutting down the business.

Midamar failed to prove it could not obtain funding from other sources, such as by liquidating assets or taking out personal loans from its executives, she said.

The agents' seizure of documents and files also did not prevent the business from operating, Reade ruled, noting investigators returned seized computers within a week. Some companies label routinely processed "supermarket meat" as halal, he said. Ahmed said he was not aware of the investigation or Midamar's practices but that he would be interested in the case's outcome.

Midamar says the matter does not involve food safety. Still, its lawyers made public a letter from USDA that noted the agency stopped voluntary inspections at the firm in , after seizing what it called misbranded meat products, before resuming them last year. Such inspections are done at Midamar's request to ensure their products meet requirements for export.

Investigators seized thousands of pounds of beef products that came from an establishment not approved for export to a foreign country and found falsified export documents for shipments to Indonesia and Malaysia, among other problems, according to the letter.

If the artificial vanilla flavor is made in dry form then no alcohol is used but if it is made in liquid for then there is possibility of using ethyl alcohol as a solvent. So if you see Artificial Vanilla Flavor under ingredients then it needs to be further investigated for alcohol as a solvent.

Only Vanillin is consider as Halal. November 8, 4: The food maker said Thursday that the Nesquik involved was in Nestle says it is issuing the recall after its ingredient supplier, Omaya Inc.

The company says there are no reported illnesses associated with the product. Salmonella can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. It can be life-threatening in infants, the elderly, pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems. The affected products have a "Best if sold by" date of October The recall includes the following products and unit production codes, which are located on the bottom of the canister.

Food and Drug Administration says it's investigating reports of five deaths and a non-fatal heart attack linked to highly caffeinated Monster Energy Drinks. Monster Drink is not considered as Halal because it has no Halal or Kosher symbol on the package. Musfar Ahmed Email Address: Kuwait company's license revoked over imported sausages laced with pig fat. According to Gulf News, a Kuwaiti company that sold imported chicken sausages containing pig fat in Ramadan had its mandatory health license revoked, a municipality official has said.

However, Al Utaibi did not wish to name the company that came under fire from people for selling the pig fat-laced sausages. A Kuwaiti company that sold imported chicken sausages containing pig fat in Ramadan had its mandatory health license revoked, a municipality official has said.

Sister Sana a Muslim consumer has send us the following e-mail from Jelly Belly. Muslim Consumer Group was getting a lot of inquiries about the French study of finding the presence of alcohol in European Coke and Pepsi. This method can detect amount of alcohol at least 0.

But this method can't detect less than 0. The alcohol level in Coke was 0. The 7 UP has shown higher level of alcohol of 0. For any question about these tests, please contact Muslim Consumer Group at Please do not call the Northland Lab. The limit on that method is 0. The Northland Lab detected no alcohol above 0. When we found out that method than we will ask a US lab to perform the alcohol test on same instrument. This a scientific fact that if a flavor obtained from natural source such as fruits or vegetables, alcohol is naturally developed during ripening process of fruits and vegetables.

This minute of alcohol in ripe fruits and vegetables is consider Halal. There is a published in a book that birds get daisy when they consumed ripe grapes.

Since coke and Pepsi are made with Natural Flavor, so it is possible that alcohol detection may be due to presence of alcohol in natural products. The cola companies changed their recipes after the discovery in California but have no plans of doing so for Europe http: Coke and Pepsi companies sale only concentrates to bottling companies then those bottling companies add sweeteners and water.

These concentrates are slightly different from country to country compare to concentrates in USA. Muslim Consumer Group is educating Muslim consumers that whenever the word "Natural Flavor" attached to Vanilla food products, it means vanilla natural flavor is extracted with alcohol and water from vanilla beans. Here is their response: We welcome questions and comments from loyal consumers such as yourself and appreciate this opportunity to assist you. You are correct that natural vanilla is obtained by alcohol extraction.

In fact, there are FDA standards of identity for vanilla extract. However, all of the flavors used in Coffee-mate are dry flavors so any alcohol will be removed during the drying process. At Nestlé, we are dedicated to you and your family throughout every phase of your lives. Your feedback is valuable to us, as it helps us to improve our products and services. We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.

If they say no alcohol in flavor, we recommend Muslim consumers to ask to clarify whether it is originally made from liquid flavors then dried to make dry flavors. I myself exposed to this experience when I was working for Best Eaton Donut chain in Rhode Island when we are using dry flavor for vanilla donuts.

The flavor supplier told me it contained dried natural vanilla flavor. This means the alcohol is evaporated during spray drying processing. If vanillin or artificial vanilla flavor mentioned then there is no alcohol in it.

This is the reason we assign "Not Halal" status to all Coffee Mate dry powder or liquid products. We appreciate the time you have taken to pass your comments on to us. Several of our ice cream products contain alcohol.

The alcohol is used as an agent to carry the flavor. Vendors are not required to disclose the type of alcohol they use, they are only required to ensure that the alcohol is GRAS and food-grade. Also, we do not maintain a list of products and flavors that do not contain alcohol. Thank you again for contacting us. Zinc stearate is derived from a number of sources, including animal by-products.

They are are not consider vegetarian. They no information about alcohol in flavor. This information was obtained from consumer department of Kraft who bought Cadbury brand. We hope you found this information helpful. Thank you for contacting General Mills with your inquiry. We hope you find this information helpful.

Please let us know if we can help you again. Wed, 11 Aug Gatorade may contain traces amount of alcohol as a formulation aid for the flavorings. But in the processing, these trace amounts are evaporated off in the heating process. We hope this information is helpful. According to a Muslim consumer who contacted little brownie baker who made girls scout cookies with UD sign.

I asked which solvent they used in their natural and artificial flavor of all cookies. He confirmed from the manufacturer and told me that it is alcohol. Nucleotides are composed of nucleobase nitrogenous base , a five-carbon sugar either ribose or 2'- deoxyribose , and one to three phosphate groups.

Nucleotide is made of three functional groups: These nucleotides are obtained from Turula yeast cell's RNA. Ethyl Alcohol is provided as nutrients to Turula yeast cells to multiply in millions. MCG has asked this question to Nucleotides manufacturer company: Here is their answer we received today: As for in the actual powder there is very little residual.

If you have any other questions please let me know. Alcohol goes inside the cells of Torula yeast for its growth. The manufacturer of Nucleotide also has the opportunity to use Halal sugar can to grow the Torula yeast but they preferred to use alcohol. Nucleotides were not used in infant baby formulas 5 years back but due to a publication of a Harvard medical research indicating nucleotide in infant baby formulas is to help babies build a good immune, digestive system and decreased incident of diarrhea, increase the immune system of babies and prevent babies from diarrhea.

They are available at supermarkets and Wal-Mart: Walgreen Soy based Infant Formula with Iron. Enfamil Premium Next Step Lipil for months babies. Lipil Milk based with Iron for Spit up. Enfamil Rest Full months babies. Mom To Mom Toddler Formula. Meijer Toddler Formula with Iron. The following 8 Halal baby formulas are available in Canadian supermarkets: Advance Infant Formula with Omega Follow Up Transition Infant Formula.

Organic Infant Soy Formula. Soy Based Infant Formula. Soy Infant Formula months. This isn't a question, but i wanted to say that Wonka candies are not halal. I recently called them and asked if they have alcohol in their candy. They said they do add alcohol but its not detectable in the final product. She didn't have a list of candies that did and didn'. Hi Zayd, Thank you for your interest in our footwear. All of our shoes contain pig-leather unless it states otherwise.

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