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Come to the website or store, receive your membership today, and take hold of limitless online shopping choices at BJ's Wholesale Club. Lisa Rinna blasted through the gift lounge a few hours before the show, picking up a big black leather bag from SL McFadin and a square faced Invicta watch. I prefer the squarish watch face. Thank you for the opportunity! Shop with BJs and really like the variety of items we use frequently. The pizza and drinks in the deli part are very good. My daughters still shop on line for most things.

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It is always hard to deal with change the older you are. I understand how you feel It's something that I noticed in my area and in articles regarding retail. Walmart isn't as brisk a business as it once was but the three hardware stores are jumping far more than ever.

To me it's all about customer service, available variety of goods, price and return policy. Speaking of K Mart, I'm surprised the chain didn't go bottoms up 20 years ago in my local store you couldn't even get 4 cans of paint in the same color and clothes were cheap and tacky. I am rural and do a lot of online shopping Amazon and Costco plus an occasional trip to Phoenix to fill in the gaps!

That idea went by the wayside. The land was bought and nothing has happened. The mayor said it was because of the economy.

If one primarily likes thrift stores, antique malls this is the place to be. Its downright depressing and I go out of the area to shop or order on line.

My son got married a few weeks ago, I ended up ordering 3 different outfits on line and wound up returning every one of them. I really need to try stuff on, just don't have good luck.

Our Sears closed too. I heard on the news the the toy business is really taking hit because of Toys R Us. Once I was able to figure out my size generally it became easy to order on line QVC entirely.

My point is I think it's easy to order on line if you understand the clothing line and they are consistent.

I think I'd have trouble though if I had something in particular I was looking for and it needed to be for a specific time or place. Teenagers still like to go shopping in stores at least my granddaughters do, as well as all of their friends. It's mostly a social thing though. My daughters still shop on line for most things. When I visit my youngest unmarried daughter she and I go shopping together just for her. Again, it's fun and something WE enjoy doing together. My youngest daughter I mentioned lives in the city Denver so she could shop anywhere but prefers otherwise to shop on line unless I'm there.

Even when she goes into the stores and I'm here in Va she'll still do face time with me WHILE she's trying on clothes try it, it's fun. I definitely think more and more people just aren't interested in shopping in stores. Clothes don't hold the value and interest they once did just look at the way people go out of the house these days.

I have 7 living grandchildren. Except for the youngest one's most of them want gift certificates for their birthday as opposed to opening actual gifts. They then use those gift certificates to order on line. Again, I guess it's the way of the future I don't like it, but then I don't think we have a choice just like everything that's happening What you get instead is food made with the highest-quality, peak-season ingredients cooked by actual chefs with standards set by Freshly nutritionists.

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