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Nutrisystem 5-Day Jumpstart Kits Now Available at Walmart
ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Tell us if something is incorrect. Offer valid on first time plan order only. This is the best price anywhere! I would highly recommend this program to everyone! I know what a battle this is and I'm excited about this.

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I do have a sweet tooth so I appreciate the little bit of chocolate every day. Anyway, I'd recommend giving it a try. Easy Plan to Follow. If you've been on other diets, you can expect much of the same with this Nutrisystem 5-day plan. It's easy enough to add in some protein and veggies, the food isn't bad, and I wasn't hungry between meals. The bars taste like all the other bars, the dinners were okay Smelled bad, looked bad, tasted bad.

Haven't had the Rotini yet, and after last night, I'm a little afraid. I was disappointed to find, however, that the Nutrisystem D 5-day plan marketed to diabetics contained all but two of the same meal choices. I bought the Diabetic plan to try next week, hoping there would be different meals with lower carb content more like Atkins bars and meals.

In any case, it's a great jump start to get your eating under control, and I will do it next week, but skip the Chicken Alfredo! LifetimeDieter, September 13, Highly Recommend this Starter Program!! This five-day starter box was a great start to a great program. As with any diet, the first couple days are the hardest, but the meals are packaged wonderfully and are very convenient.

The five-day starter box has a variety of different food types to give an idea of the tastes. After completing my five-day starter program, I decided to order a month supply directly from Nutrisystem.

If you have never tried Nutrisystem, I think the starter box is a great way to get introduced. However, if you try the box and like some but not all the foods, then keep going and sign up for the service on-line to customize your food.

Everyone's tastes are different so being able to customize what foods you want is a very nice feature of ordering on-line after you've tried the starter program. This program has taught me portion control and I'm losing weight and feeling better.

I would highly recommend this program to everyone! Fluffyissofluffy, July 25, I have purchased this packet for 3 weeks. I have followed it almost to the letter. There have been a few slip ups and I have swapped out a vegetable they recommend for one I love. I have lost That is also buying it, using it for 5 days then my own food for 2 days then back on for the next 5, etc. I am pleased with the food. The only one I could live without and am not too fond of is the chicken alfredo.

I do add a tad bit of garlic powder to it and that makes a world of difference. The rest of the food is pretty darn good. I'm so thrilled with my overall outcome of this sample packet, I'm biting the bullet and joining NutriSystem next week. Good luck to everyone.

I lost 5lbs in a week. Have not done measurements at this writing but can tell some inches were lost. Just want to add I have done WeightWatchers and lost weight with them but for some reason always go off in the wrong direction. Nutrisystem was easier for me since the food was right there I did not have to make up my own meals or snacks. HLou, May 31, Lost 4 lbs In 5 days! I lost 4lbs using this box of food in 5 days I am so happy to lose weight but after 5 days of eating the oddly flavored food, some were just disgusting I forced some down , I was so relieved to get back to normal food on the weekend and the foods I ate lowered my weight I ate eggs for breakfast, yogurt in between meals, a nutrisystem peanut butter chocolate bar for lunch, and a lean cuisine meal for dinner.

Lost over a half pound a day on both types of diet but I prefer to do my own diet, the foods in the nutrisystem box werent all awful but a lot of them were.

Wont waste more money on it, I ended my nights hungry and with gross flavors in my mouth. I will still recommend it though because it does help you lose weight! Its just not very good tasting to me. HeatherMae, February 7, After having noticed the kit at my Walmart numerous times, I finally decided to give it a try when I hopped on the scaled post holiday season.

I read a lot of review before purchasing this kit, and so many people where complaining that they were hungry during the whole jumpstart; however, I did not find this to be true. Sure, the first day or two can be rough, as with any diet, but I found a schedule that keep me satisfied pretty quickly. The foods are pretty tasty considering they are "diet food.

Like many TV dinner style foods, they lunches and dinners can be a bit salty, but they aren't terrible. My biggest issues with weight loss is convenience. This kit really helped in that department. Shawna, January 21, I am writing hopping that somebody that is looking for a help to loose some extra pounds read it!!! I just finish my frist week with Nutrysistem and I lost 5 pounds!!!! The kit that I use to start ead the 5 days jumpstart red box. I am buying on line from wallmart around The food was not that bad.

The only one that I did not enjoy was the dinner chicken alfredo remaided me a GLUE that my mom use to make for us with water and white flour to be used on our homework from school All the snacks, the breakfast and the rest of lunch and dinner was super ok. Since I come home Taste like an ice-cream Salad on the side and a lot of hope for tomorrow when I starting my second box Sandrinha, June 19, See all 97 reviews See all 97 reviews.

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