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I think she's the one who was on earlier commercials, talking about "two" something No tricks, just me. This is definitely a bad example of of what their diet can do. I will be returning to your site for more soon! You are so right about your body becoming used to the smaller portions.

About Nutrisystem Turbo 13 TV Commercial, 'New for 2018' Featuring Marie Osmond

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But she was saying, "teeyou. Don't know if anyone else remembers this, but my wife says the "before" picture of Amy was when she was about 6 mos pregnant, and that they even mentioned that in a previous ad. So is that false advertising or what?!?! I usually spot this as I'm fast-forwarding and the thing that really stands out is how orange she is. I remembered reading that that was her second time on Nutrisystem which would make this her third ; that between the first two commercials she had had a baby.

I think that was put out there, because people wondered why, if Nutrisystem worked so well, she'd gained weight again. What kind of mom prances around in a bikinni at the pool? I guess I might be a bit old-fashioned, but once you squeeze out a kid, it's time to throw out the revealing stuff.

While that jig of hers is annoying, I really cant stand that "oooooooohhhhhh hot mama! At least it gives me a second or 2 to change the channel. That other woman who plugged Nutrisystem used a pregnant "before" picture. She was wearing a moomoo. Tiz you're thinking of Jillian Barberie. Anyhoo, I've actually done Nutrisystem twice. It worked the first time; I lost 25 lbs in only 21 days. Of course I was 22 years old then heh. I tried it again a couple years ago but it didn't work that time because I had developed then-undiagnosed hypothyroidism which made me gain weight no matter how much I dieted or exercised.

That ungodly shriek at the beginning of the commercial drives me crazy! She should be self-conscious at the pool. Her skin has the look and consistency of burnt leather, and Death has more meat on his bones than she does. Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. I do think this woman is the same Size Two Amy who was pregnant before. I think some of what makes her look odd is her long neck, which obviously isn't any basis for me to criticize her.

Kudos to anyone who has the self-discipline to stick to that diet and exercise program. I don't think I would. I could swear that "Amy" on the Nutrisystem commercial was the same person who was on a reality show.. I don't remember which one She has the exact same voice.. I don't think her name was Amy.. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Valool, that sounds familiar. I think they plucked her from some reality show.

Now they should put her back, so I can choose not to watch her. I see alot of "dieters" who say they lost weight on these things and its like they went from healthy to wafer thin. I absolutely agree with what everyone is saying. That's why I registered on this website just to post a reply. I hope that Amy lady actually see's what people really think of her. Man, she is butt-ugly. I was also thinking myself that she actually looked better with a little more weight on her.

And her face, man, she looks like a horse. If Nutrisystem wants people to buy their product, they should be a much better looking model. Welcome justamom to the forum. We here at CIH hate commercials and don't take ourselves so seriously, so please keep that in mind when you're reading our posts. I wish you best posting and hope you enjoy your stay here.

Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. LOL yeah, could be. Okay- ya gotta admit - the abs on this chic rock! Oh and by the way, if she looked like her before picture, and lost "28 pounds," she would still look like her before picture, not a piece of twig jerky on meth. Both could increase her risk of cancer and do nothing to promote health. They are done for appearance only. If Nutrisystem was really honest, we would be hearing a lot about the extensive exercise that is necessary to lose the weight and maintain the loss, and to look like those with "6 pack abs.

I don't find such toned bodies to be "amazing". Nor do I think they "rock". Abs just kind of exist. If Marie Osmond has one more facelift her eyes are going to be next to her ears. She just looks creepy. Why do celebs do that stuff to themselves? Yes, it makes the wrinkles disappear but it also makes you look freakish!!

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